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Mission Statement To provide a stimulating learning environment, with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum, which maximises individual potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life. We are determined to ensure that a handful of years spent at Brooke Weston Academy will open the door to a lifetime of opportunity… This will be achieved by:

 designing a curriculum to promote a full range of learning, thinking and life skills;  providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum with emphasis on science, mathematics and technology and learning the importance of doing and understanding;  devising flexible and responsive learning styles, particularly those which take into account the impact of technology on learning itself;  equipping students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed as individuals and as responsible and valued members of society, in a world coping with the ever increasing pace of change;  developing a close partnership with the whole community, particularly parents and local employers;  ensuring that the quality of the service offered to our students, their parents and to our employees through their training will be of the highest order in the belief that quality service produces quality responses.

Welcome I am immensely proud of Brooke

the only goal we strive to achieve.

Weston, its students, the staff and

We also focus on developing the

the many achievements since we

whole person and

opened in 1991. I hope that in

seek to offer many

reading our prospectus you will

experiences both

begin to discover what makes us

in and beyond the


classroom. These opportunities help

Brooke Weston is an exceptional

us to instil in our

place to study and work. We have

students qualities

a proud history of educating young

of confidence,

people from Corby and Kettering

respect, compassion,

and the ideas and ethos pioneered

determination, teamwork and pride;

here have been recognised at a

all of which are essential in life and

national level. Our examination

will stand them in good stead for

results demonstrate our unswerving

the years ahead.

commitment to providing the best quality education that we possibly

To equip a young person with such


skills is no mean feat. However, it is a challenge that we have risen to

Academic achievement is obviously

thousands of times over the past

very important, however, it is not

two decades.

Trish Stringer - Principal

Being the best Basically we expect the best from

support all the way through the

both our students and staff. Our

process. From revision sessions

Year 7 and new Year 12 students

to study skills tips and careers

are given very clear guidance on

interviews with our own on-site

what is expected of them in terms

adviser, we are here to support

of behaviour and attitude. We

your child in working out what

are here to work, to co-operate,

options, career path and university

to respect our school and to

courses are best suited to them.

form a strong, active and healthy community that we can all be

We recognise the achievements of

proud of. It is a simple expectation,

our students at our annual Prize

but it is one that we strive for

Giving and invite special guests to

and achieve, and one which pays

inspire and motivate our students.

dividends when it comes to the

Speakers have included Olympians

academic results that we see just a

Sally Gunnell and Amy Williams,

few years later.

broadcaster Bill Turnbull and Arctic adventurer Ben Saunders,

Although it may seem a long way off as your child is about to enter Year 7, or if you are joining us in Year 12, rest assured that we offer

all of

whom have given gripping

presenting hundreds of awards

nominated and it is an evening of

accounts of their achievements,

to our students. Those who have

celebration for students, staff and


worked exceptionally hard in all year groups are

parents alike.

Relevant study Relevance and understanding is

to the level they are working at,

key to learning. We offer a full

and their results are tracked and

curriculum to students in Year 7


and 8, providing tuition in core subjects such as English, maths and

Whatever level the student is

science, PE and a modern foreign

working at, we always encourage

language (either Spanish, French or

them to try that little bit harder;

German). Students choose which options to

often they surprise themselves at what they can achieve.

focus on in Year 9 when they

Students learn by ‘doing’ and

start their GCSE

we broaden the curriculum by

studies and

inviting professionals in to talk

they undertake

about their specialism. Our latest


visitors have included actors,

with their tutors

authors and performance poets, as

and subject teachers to determine

well as mechanics and engineers

the best path for them.

who oversee some of our Design Technology projects. These visits

Students can choose to work at

give our students an insight into

one of four levels (basic, standard,

the world beyond Brooke Weston.

extended or advanced) in each lesson according to their ability.

We have a dedicated team of staff

Students will be expected to

(and Sixth Form students who have

complete differing tasks according

trained as “Reader Leaders”). They

Advanced Extended Standard Basic

all work closely with students who may need a little more one-toone tuition in order to build their confidence in literacy or numeracy. These sessions prove invaluable and are a helpful and nonthreatening way of boosting younger students’ understanding. We also cater for our gifted and talented students by running trips to university campuses to give them a chance to see higher education in action. Other events have included trips to destinations such as Bletchley Park, writing workshops with visiting authors and whole days of experiments.

Our origins Our original mission statement

Garry Weston was chairman of

when we opened in 1991 was “to

Associated British Foods. He

provide a stimulating learning

died in February 2002 and is

environment which maximises

remembered for his unfailing

individual potential�. This is still

support for Brooke Weston,

relevant and one of our core values

of which he was always very

to this day.

proud. His generosity extended beyond the initial sponsorship; he

Hugh de Capell Brooke is a local

supported the initial construction

landowner who donated the

of the astro-turf, the mathematics

site and substantial

and ICT block and the Newman

cash underwriting to

library. The Weston family

ensure the building

continues to be strong supporters

began. He has, with

of all that we do.

his family, committed more land to complete the environmental developments around the site, including the Newman library. A strong supporter of Brooke Hugh de Capell Brooke

Weston, Hugh and his family continue to take a very active interest in the achievements of all our students.

Garry Weston

The Brooke Weston Trust was established in 2007

also many primary schools now in the Brooke Weston

and Brooke Weston Academy provides the model

Trust which is headed up by Dr Andrew Campbell.

and ethos for the other Trust schools, the secondary cohort of which comprises Corby Business Academy,

There is professional collaboration between all of the

Corby Technical School, Kettering Science Academy,

schools in the Trust.

and Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech. There are

Brooke Weston is passionate

Brooke Weston was also granted

from Northamptonshire,

about attaining and maintaining

Teaching School Status that

Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire

the best working standards for

has enabled it to develop and

and Rutland.

both students and staff. We hold

deliver courses for teachers at

the Investors in People Gold

every stage of their profession.

Award, the Healthy Schools

This is a growing sector and so

Award and the Every Child

far we have delivered courses

Matters Gold Award.

to hundreds of teachers

Our working day Our term structure and working

a business-like atmosphere. No

day is unusual, but very simple.

playtimes mean an uninterrupted

Brooke Weston has five terms per

school day, greater concentration

academic year. Each lasts for eight

and fewer opportunities for

weeks, followed by a two-week

problems, such as behavioural

break, with the exception of the

issues or bullying to arise.

summer holiday, which lasts for four weeks. As we do not shut for

Students are allowed on-site to use

training days our students have 40

the facilities from 7.00 am daily

weeks of uninterrupted study each

until 6.00 pm Monday to Thursday


and 4.15 pm on a Friday. This extra time enables them to take part in

Each day consists of five lessons.

the numerous clubs and activities

The school day starts at 08.35 am

that operate beyond the formal

and runs until 04.05 pm. There is

taught day. It also means that

a 15-minute break for breakfast

students can stay and continue

and a 30-minute lunch break plus

with their own private study, taking

an assembly and tutor time. Our

full advantage of the facilities

students do not have ‘playtimes’


as the emphasis is on creating

Our longer school day means that, over the course of five years, our students have the equivalent of a whole extra year of tuition, compared with the timetables of other schools. That makes a massive difference to their educational outcomes.

The Academy day




Period 1

08:35 - 10:05

Includes 15 minute breakfast

Tutor 1

10:05 - 10:20

Tutor time / Lower school assembly

Period 2

10:20 - 11:35

Tutor 2

11:35 - 11:50

Tutor time / Upper school assembly

Period 3

11:50 - 13:35

Includes 30 minute lunch

Period 4

13:35 - 14:50

Period 5

14:50 - 16:05

Post 16:05

16:05 - 18:00

Private study time / Extra curricular activities

Kit and equipment Key to creating a corporate

own trainers. More information

atmosphere is appropriate uniform

on uniform and its cost will be

and behaviour.

available on the ‘uniform and new intake’ evenings, which are held in

We expect that every student

the spring. At other times, uniform

will come to Brooke Weston

order forms can be obtained from

appropriately dressed and

the Finance and General OďŹƒce.

equipped with basic black

Uniform is compulsory for students

trousers/skirts and shoes, teamed

in Years 7 to 11. In Years 12 and 13

with plain white shirts, Brooke

students are required to dress in

Weston ties and jumpers.

formal business-like attire.

Each student should wear Brooke

All students are expected

Weston sports kit and provide their

to maintain a neat and tidy

appearance with no extreme

Students will be issued with a

piercings, tattoos or hairstyles.

multi-functional ‘smart card’

Hair dye, if used, should be of a

which will include an information

natural tone.

chip and their photograph. This is required to register attendance

Students will need to supply their

and it also acts as a bus pass, a

own stationery. Each student will

payment card for the restaurant

be allocated their own locker and

and a library card. Payment can

they will have to supply their

be loaded onto the card either via

own padlock for security. No

standing order, through the on-line

valuables should be brought to

“WisePay” facility or by cheque

Brooke Weston as we can take no

or cash presented at our Finance

responsibility if they are mislaid.

Office. Students cannot use each

Mobile phones are not allowed to

other’s cards and, if the card is lost,

be used inside the school and, if

any balance can be reloaded onto

brought, should be switched off

a replacement card (which can be

and placed in lockers until the end

purchased at a current cost of £5).

of the school day.

Enriched learning Every student learns best when

update our website with stories

they are fully engaged and on

of sporting success. There are

task. We enrich their learning by

weekly sports clubs that take place

providing a range of opportunities,

after school. Details of these can

including lectures from visiting

be found on the screens around

professionals, educational

Brooke Weston. In addition to our

challenges, projects and

normal timetabled lessons, we


have also run taster events where students can try sports including

Brooke Weston students are

goalball, judo, archery and

encouraged to take an active


part in community life. Whether performing at dance or musical

Our students have visited the

events, visiting residential homes,

home grounds of Northampton

assisting at animal shelters or

Saints, Tigers Rugby Football Club

helping local primary children with

and Leicester Football Club as part

sports activities, our students act

of their Sixth Form studies.

as ambassadors for Brooke Weston. Sports Day takes place during the We also give to charity with mufti-

summer term and it is a fun-packed

day collections being donated to

day where tutor groups compete

good causes. Charity speakers are

for trophies and glory.

often invited in and tutor groups and individuals raise further funds.

From the moment they join us, we

Over the years we have donated

offer schemes of work to develop

many thousands of pounds to local

our students’ entrepreneurial

and national causes.

skills. Lower School students take part in Young Enterprise projects

We love sports of all sorts, and

that boost teamwork skills and

celebrate the achievements of our

get them thinking about business

students and staff, whether they

issues in an easy to understand

take part individually, as a tutor


group or school team. We regularly

In Year 8 they take part in an election where they have to come up with a manifesto and canvass support from their peers. Business and enterprise continues in the Sixth Form where students can join the Engineering Education scheme, coming up with solutions to authentic engineering problems or take part in a more advanced Young Enterprise scheme to form and run their own companies under the guidance of a business mentor. Each year, talented students have many opportunities to perform in concerts and dance shows organised by our Performing Arts department. These give our students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Our Parents in Partnership organisation also stages the fiercely contested BW Factor talent show.

Welcoming new students We know that it is a big step

helps to allay children’s fears and

starting a new school, especially in

gets them used to the building and

Year 7. Students will be assigned

school day.

to a tutor group of around 20 – 24 students, and they will quickly

Our tutor group system is also

develop friendships and form a

designed to allow students to

close-knit team.

make friends and get to know their tutors. Tutors meet with their

The transition to

tutees daily. This is an opportunity

Brooke Weston has

to get to know each other, talk

been designed to

about issues, set targets and

be as smooth as

discuss progress.

possible. If your child is allocated

Tutors often arrange trips and

a place here, he or

outings to theme parks, the cinema

she (and you) will

or restaurants, it is a chance for

be invited to a new intake evening,

the students to enjoy each other’s

where they will take part in a fun

company in a relaxed environment.

activity while you learn more about the school and can order the

The tutor system works well and

uniform. In addition there will be

your child’s tutor will be your first

the normal ‘transfer’ day in June/

point of contact if you have any

July when our incoming students


visit for a whole day. We find that by visiting a couple of times before starting full time, it

Exceptional facilities Environment is all important and

The same goes for our Design

Brooke Weston is set in acres of

Technology department which

well-maintained grounds that are

is equipped with an electronics

invaluable for both sports and

studio, wood and metal workshops,

nature study. However, it is when

a dedicated textiles area plus

you are within the building that

computer suite.

you realise how exceptional it really is.

Our Performing Arts block which was built about five years ago

Brooke Weston is built in a

with a dedicated dance and drama

pentagon around a central

studio, music technology suite and

courtyard. Each two-storey section

practice rooms. There is also a food

is connected by a glass link block.

technology section that has proved

Departments each contain a study

very popular.

area with computers and soft seating. Our science department

The Newman Library is well

is housed over two floors and

stocked with the latest books,

has been recently refurbished.

DVDs, and audio recordings. It is

equipped with a bank of computers that are used both for lessons and for self study, either during free periods (for students in the Sixth Form) or after school. Our indoors sports hall has all the usual facilities and equipment that you would expect and we also have a 300-seater theatre, smaller lecture theatre, boardroom and restaurant. The emphasis is on maintaining a very clean school and visitors are often amazed that most of the building is more than 20 years old as it is kept so spotless.

Supportive staff Supportive and dedicated staff are

who each have a passion for their

central to the running of Brooke

subject and the entire teaching

Weston. Under the leadership of

staff is underpinned by the support

the Principal, the members of the

staff who provide administrative,

Senior Management Team have

financial, logistical and practical

individual responsibilities for

help at all levels of the operation.

key areas such as pastoral care, the Sixth Form or data handling.

All staff are responsible for the

Together they form a strong

health, safety and well-being of

leadership team that directs

our students and it is a role that

the focus of Brooke

is taken exceptionally seriously.


We are a community of individuals with a common goal; to operate

Other managers

and maintain the very best school

consist of Senior

we can, to give students the best

Assistant Principals,

life chances possible and to foster

Assistant Principals

an atmosphere of mutual co-

and Heads of

operation and respect.

Departments. Again these have separate specialisms

Our productive and calm

and there is a constant dialogue

atmosphere is a tangible feature

between departments to ensure

of our day-to-day life and is often

that the school operates as a

remarked upon by visitors.

cohesive unit. Each department is made up of well-qualified subject teachers

Travel Trips and visits are a regular

will experience in Year 7 at

feature of life at Brooke Weston.

Brooke Weston will be a four-day

Some, like those to museums

trip to Fairthorne Manor near

such as Duxford and the Galleries

Southampton where challenges

of Justice, bring the curriculum

comprise kayaking, canoeing,

to life and underpin work in the

abseiling and camping.

classroom. Students have visited universities, sporting venues, the

Other residentials have included

Houses of Parliament and language

trips to Berlin, Madrid, New

schools or work experience abroad.

York, Paris and Prague as well as

There are always opportunities

adventure experiences in France

to extend learning beyond the

and Spain. Residential Week

traditional classroom setting.

normally takes place during Week 6 of Term 5.

Outings to theatre and dance productions are a highlight for our Performing Arts students. The first residential your child

Angel Falls, Venezuela

World Challenge

Older students have also taken part in month-long expeditions to far-flung destinations including Botswana, Peru and Venezuela.

Costa Brava


Berlin World Challenge

Ofsted report Ofsted Inspectors judged Brooke

of 31 categories. Their main

Weston as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted

findings included: ‘Students are

in their report in February 2011.

exceptionally well behaved and

They praised every aspect of the

highly motivated. Classrooms

Academy including its leadership,

are stimulating places to learn;

teaching and ‘can-do’ culture.

lessons have a buzz of activity

Their report said: ‘Brooke Weston

that reflects students’ excellent

Academy provides students

attitudes and teachers’ high level

with an outstanding education.

of commitment.’

This is because the outstanding leadership of the academy knows

Inspectors praised the ‘outstanding

precisely what needs to be done

curriculum’ and noted the

to ensure students get the best

teachers’ ‘excellent subject

possible start.’

knowledge and their very good relationships with students.’

The report, compiled after a two-day inspection, awarded

Students ‘rise to the challenge of

outstanding grades in 30 out

high expectations. They behave

exceptionally well and work very hard … The academy is a harmonious community where students from all backgrounds get on very well together and feel completely safe … students immensely enjoy attending the academy and this is reflected in their outstanding attendance.’ In the Sixth Form it was noted that ‘students make outstanding progress’. The ‘vast majority of parents were overwhelmingly supportive of the academy’s work, praising the care,

Students are exceptionally well behaved and highly motivated. Classrooms are stimulating places to learn; lessons have a buzz of activity that reflects students’ excellent attitudes and teachers’ high level of commitment.

guidance and support offered to them and their children.’

You can read the full report on our website:

- Ofsted Report 2011

Now over to you Now’s the chance for some of our students to have their say on what makes Brooke Weston special.

Tareeq Manji: ‘I like the food, there is a good variety, it is very nice and not too expensive.’

Connor Morrice: ‘I like the support you get from teachers, you get challenged to do work.’

Ryan Perkins: ‘I think the facilities here are really good and my favourite subjects are DT and PE.’

Sam Bristow: ‘I like the fact that you can choose triple science as an option. It is friendly here and because you are in a tutor group it is quite easy to make friends. My favourite subject is photography.’

Jack Crane: ‘I like the relationship you have with the staff. I think they challenge you and push you to work hard and get the best out of you.

Emily Stubbins: ‘I like the structure of the day. As we have to be here I actually get work done.’

Emily King: ‘I like the support you get from the teachers so you can stay on and they will help you if you need extra help with coursework.’

Megan McClymont: ‘I feel safe here and I like to spend time with my friends and get on with my work as well.’

Harry Underwood: ‘I like Brooke Weston because it has got a lot of big opportunities and it will help me get further in my career when I am older.’

Nathan ParekhDownes: ‘I like the teachers, they are quite kind and supportive.’

Sasha Thompson: ‘I like spending time with my friends and doing work. It is more fun than I used to have in primary.’

How to find us

Brooke Weston Academy Coomb Road Corby Northants NN18 8LA tel: 01536 396366

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Prospectus 2014  

Brooke Weston Academy's prospectus for 2013-14 academic year.

Prospectus 2014  

Brooke Weston Academy's prospectus for 2013-14 academic year.