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NEW INTAKE WELCOME BOOKLET Academic Year 2011-2012

ABOUT THIS WELCOME PACK In this pack you will find a range of forms and information to assist you in registering your child as a student at the Academy. If you need any assistance with the forms, please contact the Finance and General Office.

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Forms The following should be included with this pack:

Home Agreement

Data Protection Act

Acceptable Use of ICT

Ethnicity & First Language form

Use of images

Fairthorne Manor letter & form

Transport form

Activity Evening letter & form

Student Data Sheet

Please ensure that the enclosed forms are completed and returned in the enclosed pre-paid envelope as soon as possible in order that we are able to register your child‘s details correctly.

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Girls‘ Uniform

Boys‘ Uniform

White shirt (standard not fitted)

White shirt

Academy tie

Academy tie

Black skirt/trousers

Black trousers

Black shoes and black socks/tights

Black shoes and black socks

Academy Jumpers

Academy Jumpers

Please ensure that all uniform is marked with your child’s name. There is always a great deal of sports uniform that ends up in lost property and most could be reclaimed if the items were labelled clearly.

Girls‘ Sports Uniform

Boys’ Sports Uniform

Tracksuit trousers

Tracksuit trousers


Rugby shirt (sweatshirt optional)

Polo shirt

Polo shirt

Jeans, cord trousers and training shoes are not part of the Academy uniform and should not be worn. Belts, if worn, should be plain, black with no studs.

Skorts (skirt/short)

Sports shorts



Replacement sports uniform items and ties can be purchased during the year by completing an order form that is available from the Finance and General Office and on the Academy website. Most sizes are held in stock at the Academy and are available for collection within 24 hours. Payment, in full, should be made when placing your order.

Appropriate outdoor footwear (not plimsoles)

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Underwear worn beneath white shirts should be plain white or flesh coloured. Hair should be neat, tidy and natural in colour, extreme styles must be avoided. Any jewellery worn should be in moderation and should not present a health and safety hazard. Earrings may be worn but body piercing jewellery should not be visible. Ties are kept in stock at the Academy and may be purchased from the Finance and General Office they are priced at ÂŁ5.50.

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Diary Dates



Kettering Primary School transfer day

Monday, 11th July

Corby Primary School transfer day

Friday, 15th July

Year 7 Intake Start Date

Monday, 5th September

End of Term 1

Friday, 14th October

Start of Term 2

Monday, 31st October

End of Term 2

Friday, 23rd December

Start of Term 3

Monday, 9th January

End of Term 3

Friday, 2nd March

Start of Term 4

Monday, 19th March

Good Friday

Friday, 6th April

Easter Monday

Monday, 9th April

May Day

Monday, 7th May

End of Term 4

Friday, 11 May

Start of Term 5

Monday, 28th May

Diamond Jubilee Bank Holidays

Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th June

End of Term 5

Friday 20th July

The Academy Calendar, which contains dates for parents‘ evenings and information on reports for the Academy year, will be published during July of each year and is also available on the web site.

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The Academy Day Students should arrive at Brooke Weston before 8.30 am and be ready for a prompt start to lessons at 8.35 am. Those students arriving after 8.30 am will be registered as late. The student‘s day is split into 5 lessons of 1 hour and 15 minutes with 15 minutes for breakfast and 30 minutes for lunch. The Academy is open from 7.30 am daily, closing at 6.00 pm from Monday to Thursday and 4.05 pm on Friday. Students wishing to remain after 4.05 pm for organised or self-study are expected to log in on the Brooke Weston website to register their presence in case of emergency or parental enquiry. Student supervision before 8.15 am and after 5.00 pm is informal and students are expected to behave responsibly. Those students unable to behave appropriately will be refused access during these times. Please ensure that a written message is sent to the student’s tutor when students have to leave Brooke Weston for medical or dental appointments during the day.

The Academy Day Lesson 1 08:35 am – 10:05 am Includes 15 minute breakfast taken in rotation by different classes Lower School Assembly / Upper School Tutor Time 10:05 am – 10:20 am Lesson 2 10:20 am – 11:35 am Upper School Assembly / Lower School Tutor Time 11:35 am – 11:50 am Lesson 3 11:50 am – 1:35 pm Includes 30 minute lunch taken in rotation by different classes Lesson 4 1:35 pm – 2:50 pm Lesson 5 2:50 pm – 4:05 pm After 4 :05 pm (Mon – Thu) 4:05 pm – 6:00 pm Private study time. Extra curricular activities

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Residential Trips

Although the Academy provides an affordable and extensive bus service for its students, parents are of course, free to make their own arrangements. The cost of the bus service is at present £385.00 per student per year. This cost is charged termly in advance and may be paid termly either by cheque, cash or monthly standing order. We are unable to accept debit or credit card payments.

At Brooke Weston we believe that time spent away from home with other students and with members of staff is an important way of building relationships that make the Academy a good place to study and work. With this in mind, the Academy has offered trips to places such as Paris, Berlin, Madrid and New York to name but a few, with Year 7 students attending a residential centre for outdoor pursuits at Fairthorne Manor in Hampshire from:

Please note that costs are revised on a yearly basis and parents will be advised of any increase as soon as possible.

Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th October 2011.

Lockers Lockers are allocated to new students when they join the Academy. Keys and padlocks must be provided by the students and remain the students‘ responsibility.

Destinations and dates for 2012 will be advised well in advance and information and a payment plan will be available to all students.

Smart Cards The Academy uses a smart card system to enable a secure and safe environment for its students and staff. The card is used to register students when entering the

building, as a bus pass, for the purchase of meals in the restaurant and for borrowing books and laptops from the library. It is therefore, required for daily use by students and they are expected to bring their cards with them each day. The first issue of a card is supplied by Brooke Weston, with any replacement cards charged at £5.00 per card. Replacement cards may be ordered from the Finance and General Office. Card holders, with clips, are available from reception at a cost of 50p. When new year students attend the transfer day during the summer term they will have their photographs taken for their ID card. Parents are, therefore, requested to ensure that their child wears a white shirt.

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Financial Information Please note that all students have two separate financial accounts, a Brooke Weston account for general charges and a separate Partnership Catering account for meal purchases.

Brooke Weston Account Students‘ accounts enable parents and students to purchase items from the Academy. All of these items will appear on the statement sent to you at the end of each term. Items charged for: ƒ Transport ƒ Residential trips ƒ Tutor trips ƒ Sports uniform

ƒ Calculators ƒ Text books ƒ Replacement smart cards ƒ Ties Payment Received ƒ All cheques or cash payments ƒ Standing order payments ƒ Internet payments ƒ Any credit against cancelled charges If parents have not elected to settle the account by standing order, cheques or cash may be paid into the Finance and General Office by students or sent in by post. Alternatively we are able to accept payments via internet banking, please contact the Finance and General Office to confirm details. Cheques should be made payable to: Brooke Weston

Please supply the following information on the back of the cheque: ƒ Student‘s ID Number ƒ Student‘s Name ƒ Description of payment e.g. trip deposit, account payment Accounts should be settled within 14 days of receiving a statement. If you have any queries concerning your child‘s account, please notify the Finance and General Office immediately so that they may be resolved as quickly as possible.

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Sales Statement Please note that details of students‘ catering accounts are not shown on the statement as this is a separate account and we are unable to transfer between them. Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.

Student Number To identify each student a unique Academy roll number is printed on their card. Debit The charge made for an item. Reference The number used by the finance department to identify the transaction. Description Refers to the type of transaction e.g. transport, new ID card or payment received.

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Mr & Mrs A Parent 1 The Street Student Number 29000 CORBY Student Name Your Child Northants Date 25/01/11 NN18 0XX Page 1


Date Reference Description Debit Credit 14/03/2010 TO1 Transport 10.01.05 - 03.03.08 42.00 04/04/2010 FM1 1st Charge Fairthorne Manor 33.00 06/04/2010 Manor Payment on Account 33.00 05/05/2010 FM2 2nd Charge Fairthorne Manor 33.00 10/05/2010 Account Payment on Account 75.00 18/05/2010 TO1 Transport 10.01.08 - 03.03.08 42.00 01/06/2010 Uniform Sports Uniform 94.50 01/06/2010 Uniform Payment on Account 35.00 01/07/2010 Account Payment on Account 134.50 21/07/2010 FM3 Final Charge Fairthorne Manor 33.00 25/11/2010 TIE1 Non returned tie 12/11/2010 5.00 12/12/2010 Card1 New ID Card 5.00 21/01/2011 FB1 French Dictionary Charge 7.20

Balance 42.00 75.00 42.00 75.00 0.00 42.00 136.50 101.50 -33.00 0.00 5.00 10.00 17.20

Please ensure that you settle this account within 14 days. Total Balance Outstanding 17.20 Please contact the Finance and General Office if you have any queries regarding this statement.

Credit Payment received or refund of previous charges. Total Balance outstanding The amount due for payment on the account. A minus in front of the figure signifies that the account is in credit. This may happen from time to time when payments are made by standing order and will balance out over the year. You can choose to make a payment even if your account is in credit with any over payment set against future charges.

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Partnership Catering The in-house catering is provided by Partnership Catering. Students are able to purchase meals using their smart card. Each card is individual to the student and contains a memory chip that enables payments to be recorded and credited to the account and for the cost of meals to be deducted from it. Students are able to credit their smart card for meal purchases at the Finance and General Office and may do so using cash or a cheque made payable to: Partnership Catering

cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurts and cooked breakfasts available in the morning and salads, sandwiches, filled rolls and a choice of hot meals for lunch. Menus and price lists giving examples of the cost of meals and snacks available are on display in the restaurant and on the Academy web site. Those students who wish to bring their own packed lunch are also able to use the restaurant and coffee lounge. Please note that we are unable to provide meals for students unless they are purchased using the smart card so please ensure that your child has their card with them at all times.

The price list below is an example of the cost of meals as at January 2011: Example: cost of meal, January 2011

Standard breakfast with juice


Full English breakfast


Standard two-course lunch with drink


Buffet lunch


Minimum payment acceptable is £5.00. A variety of meals for both breakfast and lunch are available from the restaurant or coffee lounge. There is a selection of

The examples given may be subject to price increases during each academic year.

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Finance and General Office Students are able to make payments to their Brooke Weston or Partnership Catering accounts at the following times: Payment times at the Finance and General Office Before the start of lesson one

8.15 am – 8.30 am

During breakfast

8.35 am – 10.00 am

During lunch

11.45 am – 1.30 pm

After school

4.05 pm – 4.30 pm (Monday to Thursday only)

The Finance and General Office is open for all parental enquiries from 8.15 am until 4.45 pm daily. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require information on any Academy financial matters.

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Financial Assistance

Sports Uniform and Academy Jumper and Tie

The Academy is able to offer financial assistance to those students whose parents or guardians are in receipt of certain benefits. The use of the smart card system for meals ensures total confidentiality for those students receiving meal credits.

The following items of sportswear will be supplied by the Academy in Years 7 and 9 for those receiving financial support:

The type of assistance available is as follows: ƒƒTransport ƒƒSports Uniform – Years 7 and 9 ƒƒAcademy Jumper and Tie ƒƒFree Meals

Transport Credits to cover the full cost of Brooke Weston transport charges will be placed on the accounts of those students in receipt of benefits.



Tracksuit trousers

Tracksuit trousers


Rugby shirt (Sweatshirt optional)

Polo shirt

Polo shirt


Sports shorts



Academy Jumper and Tie

Academy Jumper and Tie

In addition a credit of £10.00 will be made to the student’s account towards the cost of trousers, shirt etc. upon production of the appropriate receipt to the Finance and General Office.

Music Tuition Assistance for the cost of music tuition may also be available. Please contact the Finance and General Office.

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Free School Meals

To register for financial assistance please contact the finance office. You will receive a claim form that should be completed and returned to the finance office, which will then be forwarded to Northants County Council for processing.

The use of the smart card system for meals ensures total confidentiality for those students receiving meal credits. Breakfast and Lunch credits amounting to £3.50 will be credited daily to the student’s account at the first transaction of the day in the restaurant or coffee lounge (please note that any unused credit is removed from the account daily). Should your child require any extras, such as additional drinks, extra dessert etc. which will be over and above the amount of credit issued then you will need to ensure that extra payment is made to their card. Financial assistance is presently available to students whose parents are in receipt of the following benefits.:

1. Income Support 2. Income Based Job Seekers Allowance 3. Child Tax Credit – Provided that you do not also receive Working Tax credits and that you have a family annual income, as assessed by the Inland Revenue that does not exceed* £16,190 per year as of 6th April 2010 4. Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit 5. Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related only) 6. National Asylum Seekers Support

All eligible benefits are checked using the online checking system provided by the Department for Education which connects with your benefit providers and informs us of your eligibility for financial assistance. Eligibility for financial assistance is confirmed by the Northants County Council on a regular basis and we request that you inform Brooke Weston should your circumstances change and you no longer are in receipt of benefits. The Academy reserves the right to reclaim any Academy benefits that are overpaid as a result of any financial misinformation received.

* Please note that these thresholds change each year. Please contact the Finance and General Office for up to date figures

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Tutors Each student‘s care is organised through a personal tutor who is the advocate on behalf of that student in Brooke Weston. The tutor‘s role is to maintain a positive attitude towards the student and develop a relationship that enables them to monitor, support and influence the student‘s progress, performance and good behaviour. To this end, both tutors and tutor groups meet at assembly and at tutor time each day. Students are able to seek help and guidance from their personal tutor and parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with them. A consultation week and parents‘ evening is arranged for each year group during the academic year when parents are able to visit the Academy to speak to staff during the Academy day and also on specific consultation evenings. Should you need to speak to your child‘s tutor at any other time, please leave a message at reception

and the tutor will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. Tutor representatives from each tutor group meet termly with the Principal and these meetings provide valuable feedback from students.

Tutor Trips These trips are organised by tutors and have in the past included trips to restaurants, Alton Towers, Ice Skating and Ten Pin Bowling. The trips normally take place during the last few weeks of a term either after the end of the Academy day or at weekends. A charge is made for these activities determined by transport and entry costs etc.

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Communication Reports Website Reports Support information will now be available via the Academy website. Individual reports will continue to be sent out on paper with the students. Interim Report Student reports are issued to students at the end of each term and summarise the following areas of their performance. Current Performance (Att) This indicates a student‘s level of achievement in relation to national norms. Target (Tgt) This is a level for the student to aim for; it is reached from analysis of their previous performance in that subject. The overall performance category combines the student‘s current performance and target grade to show what progress is being made towards the target.

Under Target

Homework (Hwk)

The student is unlikely to achieve their target grade at the end of the Key Stage.

Good, Satisfactory or Cause for Concern indicate whether homework is completed and handed in on time.

On Target The student is likely to achieve their target grade at the end of the Key Stage. Exceeding Target The student is likely to achieve higher than their target grade at the end of the Key Stage. Effort (Effort) Good, Satisfactory or Cause for Concern are used to show a student‘s attitude to a subject and covers issues such as punctuality to lessons, being well-prepared and working in a focused way. Quality of Work (Quality) Good, Satisfactory or Cause for Concern are used to indicate the quality of class work, homework and coursework produced relative to the student‘s ability.

Coursework (Cwk) Good, Satisfactory or Cause for Concern indicate whether coursework is handed in on time, if applicable. Tutor Report A tutor report is issued yearly which gives more detailed information about your child‘s progress including targets, extracurricular involvement and other aspects of their life at the Academy. The Academy is able to provide copies of termly reports to those parents/guardians who are not resident at a student‘s home address. Please contact the Finance and General Office for further details.

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Contacting Students during the Academy Day In an emergency, please contact reception if it is necessary for you to inform your child of a change or delay of pick-up times etc. Although we always try to deliver these messages in time, we are unable to guarantee this after 3.30 pm and ask that this service be used for emergencies only. Student Absences Please contact reception on 01536 396366 before 8.35 am to notify an absence through illness. Parents of students who are absent and have not notified the Academy will be contacted either by telephone or letter seeking an explanation for their absence.

Payphones There are two payphones in the Academy for students to use during breakfast and lunch and these are situated next to the library and the Weston Theatre. Mobile Phones Please note that should it be necessary for students to bring their mobile phones into Brooke Weston, they must be switched off and left locked in their lockers at all times during the day. We take no responsibility for mobile phones which are brought into the Academy and would advise you not to allow your child to do so.

Parents in Partnership Working with Parents in Partnership, the Academy is able to provide students, parents and the wider community with additional services and activities such as: ƒ Providing refreshments during parents‘ evenings ƒ Social events such as quiz nights ƒ Fundraising for local charities ƒ Supporting Brooke Weston events such as prize giving For further information, please contact reception.

Brooke Weston Coomb Road Corby Northants NN18 8LA

Any further questions please contact us on: 01536 396366

For more information please visit:

Brooke Weston Academy New Intake 2011  

Brooke Weston Academy's New Intake document 2011 edition.

Brooke Weston Academy New Intake 2011  

Brooke Weston Academy's New Intake document 2011 edition.