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Introduction by the Principal Welcome to Brooke Weston. I am immensely proud of Brooke

graded A* – C, with many students

pride; all of which are essential in

Weston, its students, the staff

securing 12+ A* – C grade GCSEs.


and the many achievements since

Over 60% of all grades achieved

we opened in 1991. I hope that in

by students in the Sixth Form are

Our aim is that every child joining

reading our prospectus you will

A*/A and B, year on year 95% of

our family in Year 7 or in Year

begin to discover what makes us so

students leave Brooke Weston

12, makes the very best of the


and go on to study at University or

opportunities we provide. We

secure employment with further

then put our best efforts into

We have a proud history of

training opportunities. We have

educating, socialising, engaging,

educating young people from

a proud tradition of academic

challenging and enthusing them

Corby and Kettering and have

success born out of successful

so they emerge from their time

built up an enviable reputation;

teaching methods and of course

at Brooke Weston as responsible,

so impressive that the ideas and

students working hard throughout

happy, confident and competent

ethos pioneered here have been

their time with us.

individuals, ready to make their way in the world.

recognised at a national level and adopted at our two sister schools,

Academic achievement is

Corby Business Academy and

obviously very important, however,

Achieving this is a big task, but

Kettering Science Academy.

it is not the only goal we strive

it is a challenge we have risen to

to achieve. We also focus on

thousands of times over the past

Our reputation is built on

developing the whole person and

20 years.

achieving results; and our success

seek to offer many experiences

is irrefutable. Year on year our

both in and beyond the classroom.

students perform well above the

These opportunities help us to

national average. For the past

instil in our students qualities of

Trish Stringer

seven years all students in Year

confidence, respect, compassion,

Principal, Brooke Weston

11 have achieved at least 5 GCSEs

determination, teamwork and

What makes us different? We can whole-heartedly say

We operate a ‘business-like’

The system we operate at Brooke

that Brooke Weston is proud to

environment where there are no

Weston encourages co-operation

be ‘different’. We have different

playtimes. We find that having an

between students and staff and

term times, different school times

uninterrupted school day means

our caring, supportive learning

and a different way of doing

that students remain focused on

environment is a key feature that is

things. We have no staff room so

their studies and go on to achieve

often commented on by students,

students and staff work, learn,

excellent qualifications. Students

education professionals and

talk, dine and socialise together.

socialise during breakfast and

Government Inspectors.

lunch breaks which are spent in our restaurant, surrounded by peers and Academy staff.

What are we proud of? First and foremost our students

Our library is a joy to study in with

make us incredibly proud. Daily

constantly updated stock, banks

life is never dull and our students

of computers and our supportive

step up to the mark; achieving in

librarians are always on hand to

the classroom, on the sports field,

deal with any queries.

in musical performances, social and community arenas. We expect

As well as our academic record,

great things of our students and

Brooke Weston is also proud

they rarely disappoint.

of the extra experiences that students benefit from. We arrange

Likewise, our staff are

a number of curriculum trips and

exceptionally committed,

residentials, all of which give

competent, enthusiastic and

our students a wider view of the

supportive, always going the extra


mile in a professional manner. Being a member of the Brooke We have an excellent working

Weston Family is a special

environment which includes our

experience. The relationships

new purpose built Performing Arts

between students and staff, the

and Creative Media annexe. The

opportunities offered and the

Academy is set in acres of grounds

inspirational learning environment

which boast sports pitches, a lake

all combine to transform

and a conservation area.

individuals into confident, business-like, well qualified young

Our restaurant serves top quality

adults with excellent social and

nutritious food and has recently

academic skills that will last them

won awards for its healthy eating

a lifetime.

menus and its hygiene standards, which are second to none.

Brooke Weston students successfully completed the Corus “Kids of Steel� triathlon.

Working wonders Our exam results day is a really special time; when we celebrate with our students. Although it may seem a long way off as your child is about to enter Year 7, or if you are joining us in Year 12, rest assured that we offer support all the way through the process. From revision sessions to study skills tips and careers interviews with our own on-site adviser we are here to support your child in working out what options, career paths and university courses are best suited for them. Our students have been accepted at many renowned universities and colleges, from Oxbridge, to art schools, music conservatoires to medical establishments and many of them still keep in touch years after they have left.

Working day Our working day is divided up into

tutor will be the first point of contact

ďŹ ve lessons, two meal breaks, an

with Brooke Weston, if you have

assembly time and tutor time. The

concerns you wish to raise.

assembly times and tutor times give students a chance to gather

Students are allowed on site to use

with their peers. Each assembly has

the facilities from 7.00 am daily

a focus on personal development.

until 6.00 pm Monday to Thursday

It is also a time to share news and

and 4.15 pm on a Friday. This extra

notices and celebrate our successes.

time enables them to take part in

Tutor times are when tutors and

the many clubs and activities which

tutees meet to set targets and

operate beyond the formal taught

discuss progress against these

day. It also means that students can

targets, discuss issues and generally

stay and continue with their own

form a close-knit bond. The tutor

private study taking full advantage

system works well and your child’s

of the facilities available.




Period 1

08:35 - 10:05

Includes 15 minute breakfast

Tutor 1

10:05 - 10:20

Tutor time / Lower school assembly

Period 2

10:20 - 11:35

Tutor 2

11:35 - 11:50

Tutor time / Upper school assembly

Period 3

11:50 - 13:35

Includes 30 minute lunch

Period 4

13:35 - 14:50

Period 5

14:50 - 16:05

Post 16:05 16:05 - 18:00

Private study time / Extra curriculum activities

Working habits We expect that every student

Uniform is compulsory for students

will come to Brooke Weston

in Years 7 to 11. In Years 12 and 13

appropriately dressed and

students are required to dress in

equipped. Our uniform

formal business-like attire.

requirements are simple; basic black trousers/skirts and shoes

Students will need to supply their

are teamed with plain white shirts,

own stationery. Each student will

Brooke Weston ties and jumpers.

be allocated their own locker and they will have to supply their

Each student should wear Brooke

own padlock for security. No

Weston sports kit and provide their

valuables should be brought to

own trainers. More information

Brooke Weston as we can take no

on uniform and its cost will be

responsibility if they are mislaid.

available on the ‘uniform and new

Mobiles are not allowed inside the

intake’ evenings, which are held in

school and if brought, should be

April. At other times, uniform order

switched off and placed in lockers

forms can be obtained from the

until the end of the school day.

Finance and General OďŹƒce.

Working capital On arrival students will be issued

cannot use each other’s cards

with a multi-functional ‘smart

and any money on the card, if

card’ with a microchip and their

lost, can be reloaded onto a

photograph on it. This is required

replacement card (which

to register attendance, use as

can be purchased

a bus pass, a payment card for

at a current

the restaurant and library card.

cost of

Payment can be loaded onto the


card either via standing order, cheque or cash presented at our Finance Office. It means that students

Working lunch Students can choose from a range of healthy snacks and meals in our restaurant and present their smart cards for payment. If preferred, they can bring their own packed lunches. Food and drink can only be purchased and consumed in the restaurant.

Our website has the complete weekly menu listing.

Working curriculum Art

Business Studies


Our thriving art department is

Our business studies department

During citizenship lessons our

staffed by teachers who each have

offers a wide variety of both

students learn about morals,

their own specialism. So whether

academic and applied learning

ethics, politics and warfare.

students want to try ceramics,

courses and also supports Sixth

They are sensitively introduced

graphics, painting, photography,

Form students in the completion

to these ‘big’ subjects, tackling

3D work or any of the other artistic

of an undergraduate module in

them from multiple viewpoints.

disciplines, they will always get

enterprise, delivered in a series

Our citizenship and humanities

the relevant tuition. Students

of workshops at the University of

departments run mock elections

are given ‘taster’ sessions in


so the students get a taste of

mixed media so they can decide

democracy in action and there are

which artistic discipline they

Our teachers have experience in

also trips to places such as the

wish to follow. Brooke Weston

both industry and education and

Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial

also has its own darkroom so

other business experts, especially

Centre which form the basis for

budding photographers can

those from Young Enterprise, are

meaningful classroom discussions.

experience the ‘traditional’ roots

frequent visitors to the school to

of photography alongside the more

guide our students in projects to

modern methods of digital photo

give them an insight into starting

manipulation and editing.

up and running a successful business.

Our art department stages an exhibition each year showcasing artwork from the GCSE and A Level students.

Design Technology



Our design technology facilities

Our English teaching encompasses

Our humanities department

consist of a large and small

the canon of English literature

delivers a range of subjects namely

workshop, a dedicated textiles

as well as modern authors,

history, geography, religious

and fashion base, a computerised

playwrights and poets. In the early

studies, psychology and sociology.

design studio and an electronics

years we focus on the necessity of

As you would expect from a

workshop. Students get to work

good spelling and grammar in our

department with its wide-ranging

on our laser cutting machine and

English language lessons, whilst

remit, there are many curriculum

the latest CAD computer programs.

the literature syllabus introduces

based trips and residential

As well as the traditional areas

students to a wide breadth of


of design technology, the food

reading material. The work of our

and catering suite is proving very

English department is underpinned

popular with students who learn

by trips out to theatre productions

how to cook a variety of nutritious

and also visits from renowned

healthy dishes. Our focus in this

children’s authors such as Pete

department is on the practical

Johnson and John Townsend. The

application of knowledge. Students

English department is particularly

also work closely with teachers

supported by the Library who

and professionals from industry

organise dedicated reading groups

on projects like the Engineering in

during tutor times.

Education scheme.



As computer technology forms the

Maths is a core skill and our

Modern Foreign Languages

basis of modern life, we make sure

teachers cater for all ability levels.

With students learning French,

that our students are computer

There is a weekly maths problem

German or Spanish from beginner

literate and familiar with all the

posted on screen around the

up to A Level, our languages

standard software they will

Academy for those who like their

department has a key role to

encounter in the working world.

brains teased while improving

play, not only in making sure

All students will be introduced to

mathematicians enjoy the newly-

they pick up the language, but

a range of software applications

introduced Mathletics programme

also in learning a little about

and the skills gained will be used

where they can hone their skills in

others’ culture and customs. The

in their studies in other curriculum

a fast-paced and fun way.

department runs trips to all three


countries and students are ably assisted not only by our teachers, but also by our language assistants.

Performing Arts


Our performing arts department

Personal Health and Fitness

consists of music suites, practice

Our PH&F department offers

built laboratories, all of which

rooms, a dance studio and ‘black

many opportunities for sport

have been enhanced to provide

box’ drama studio. As well as

and teamwork, both in and out

excellent facilities including built-

a range of courses in music

of lessons. Our indoor facilities

in video and Internet access and

technology, dance and drama,

include a purpose-built sports hall

interactive white boards. As part

the department also offers extra-

with a sprung floor marked out for

of their work in this department

curricular activities and peripatetic

basketball, volleyball, badminton,

students get the chance to

music provision. Students also

football and netball. Outside

work outside in the grounds,

have the chance to take part in

we have full size and five-a-side

investigating scientific principles

dance, music and drama shows

floodlit Astroturf pitches, three

in action. The department offers

throughout the academic year, as

netball courts, five tennis courts,

many off-site visits and residential

well as trips to productions and

and high quality football and

field trips to enhance the topics

in-house workshops led by visiting

rugby pitches with a large floodlit

that students encounter in the


training area.


We also use local facilities at Rockingham Triangle Athletics stadium and Corby swimming pool. Our department is committed to an extensive extra-curricular programme involving all the major games and a large number of minor activities at town, district, county and national level.

We have ten modern purpose-

Working well As you can see, at Brooke Weston

complete differing tasks according

we want our students to achieve

to the level they are working at,

their best and we give them every

and their results are tracked and

opportunity to do so. We have an

reported on.

individualised approach where students can choose to work at

Whatever the level the student is

one of four levels according to

working at, we always encourage

their ability. These are basic,

them to try that little bit harder;

standard, extended or advanced

often they surprise themselves at

level. Students will be expected to

what they can achieve.

Students are encouraged to realise their potential Advanced Extended Standard Basic

Working partnership In order to make the learning

have also had the pleasure of

mentor students either here or at

experience as relevant and

inspirational guests such as Simon

other schools or do community

practical as possible, we

Weston, Sally Gunnell and Bill

work, such as helping out at the

encourage professionals to visit

Turnbull to give a presentation

Green Patch project in Kettering.

Brooke Weston to talk to our

at our annual Prize Giving

students about their experiences.


Over the past couple of years these

Such ‘applied learning’ also takes place on our diploma

have included; actors, architects,

Sixth Formers on the IEC

courses where students are

artists, astrophysicists, authors,

(Innovation, Endeavour and

currently involved in art and

car designers, construction

Community) programme devote

design, construction and

professionals, councillors, dancers,

one afternoon a week to service

motoring diplomas and more

microbiologists, motorsport

in the community. They may

programmes of Applied Learning

experts, MPs, poets, scientists,

undertake extended work

are being developed as an ongoing

study skills specialists and

experience at local businesses,

curriculum improvement.

university undergraduates. We

Working world As is evident throughout the

of some great memories and we

have also travelled to China,

prospectus, we place great

urge your child to sign up if they

Poland and Peru. At present we

emphasis on trips and visits.

are allocated a place in Year 7 at

have students raising funds to

One of the first is a four-day trip

Brooke Weston.

go to Botswana with the World

to Fairthorne Manor. It acts as a

Challenge organisation. We find

great ‘ice-breaker’ for the new

We offer a full range of trips and

that, whatever the destination, our

Year 7s, and it is a chance to take

residentials, many taking place in

residentials give the students the

part in fun adventure activities

Term 5. Destinations have included

chance for a little independence

and get to know their year group

Paris, New York, Berlin and Madrid

and self-reliance in a safe and

and teachers. It forms the basis

while some more intrepid students

supervised atmosphere.

Students explore Peru as part of World Challenge

Working together There are often many chances for

Education works if parents, students

students to get together to enjoy

and a school work together for

each other’s company. Tutor trips

the benefit of the young learner.

have included visits to the cinema,

Together we can transform ordinary

restaurants, theme parks and paint-

young people into extraordinary

balling. There is also a Christmas

talented young adults.

disco at the end of Term 2. The Year 11 Prom and the Year 13 Ball are important social events where we celebrate together the end of examinations.

Working forwards If you like what we can offer you at Brooke Weston then please

For more information please visit:

feel free to visit us. We have an

Here you can access detailed

Open Week in the autumn when

news items, Academy policies

you can tour our facilities and ask

and procedures, further details

any questions. Please check our

regarding our admissions process

website for this year’s dates.

and our photo galleries.– The Principal

Applications to come to Brooke Weston must be made by completing the Academy Application Form and using the Common Preference Form which your child’s junior school will supply.

Any further questions please contact us on: 01536 396366

Brooke Weston Prospectus  

Prospectus for academic year 2010-11