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Volume 1, Issue 2

October 1st, 2010

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My Secret to Work & Life Balance 60 Hour Work Weeks

What I mean by Balance

Most of you that know me well, know that I work very hard, usually minimum 60 hours per week to make sure that you, my clients are taken care of. It is important to me to make sure that I get you the right staff in the right timing and that I am available when you need me most. And I bet that many of you are in the same boat as I am. Companies are constantly trying to figure out how to do more with less because they are not quite sure where the economy is going to take them. The unfortunate part of this is that it can create a stressed out and sometimes burnt out employee. So the question is, how do we fix that? The key for me is BALANCE!

There are many ways that you can achieve balance in your life… Some people jog to relieve stress, some people escape into good books, some people do yoga, or ________ fill in the blank for whatever you do to relieve stress. Some people even employ the old saying, “Work hard, then play hard!” The only problem with that philosophy is what happens when you just get worn out and can’t do it anymore?


What exactly are the benefits of staffing?


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Fu, I was always tired (I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep and had to drink coffee daily), my neck and shoulders were always tense, and questions of, “how much longer can I really keep this up,” constantly popped into my head. Now, through the implementation of special meditations, great work-outs and stress relieving forms, I have attained balance and harmony in my life

How it all began…

Inside this issue: My Secret to Work & Life Balance

12 hour day at work and then still go and do 1-2 hours of Kung Fu. That is simply because this type martial art actually provides me with more energy after class than when I started. There are even teas and herbal supplements that provide me with increased energy and help keep me healthy. The classes are taught in a fun and dynamic way that keeps you engaged and smiling throughout the entire class. I liked them so much I am even a part time assistant instructor now!

My Secret: Martial Arts The way that I have found balance in my life, is through the Martial Arts. I have been studying Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu for about 5 ½ years now and attained my Black Sash June of last year. Kung Fu is a full work out for not only the body but for the mind and the spirit as well. I find that all of my problems and stress disappear when focusing on a new technique or when I am getting my endorphins raised from a good work out. People have asked me how I can have a

I was originally very intimidated to enter into Kung Fu. Being a woman, I always wanted to learn a martial art for self defense purposes but whenever I walked past one, I only saw men training, it smelled funny inside, and they seemed like they were just getting yelled at all the time. Not really an environment that I wanted to be in. My husband, Noris, is actually the reason that I finally got involved with a martial art and found White Tiger Kung Fu. He found the school, spoke with an instructor and told me that I had to come down and check it out. I was hesitant at first but the instructors and students were welcoming and after I started training, my life just seemed to start to fall into place. Before Kung

Now go find your own balance! When you are stressed, tired, angry or burnt out, it is difficult to take care of yourself and those around you, including your customers and your family. So for me, there is a light at the end of my tunnel and an outlet to balance my life so that I can bring greater value to everyone around me. So I highly recommend that, if you are at all like I was and burning the candle at both ends, find an outlet... any outlet that reduces your stress and balances out your life, so your flame stays lit forever!

Volume 1, Issue 2

What exactly are the benefits of staffing? “We handle all of our hiring on our own” “Our HR department handles that” “There are so many people looking for jobs right now, they are pounding down my door” “With such low margins and the need to keep our overhead down we just can’t afford to bring on any new staff.” These are just some of the

responses that I have received when I talk to companies about using a staffing service such as Go-Staff. Being in the staffing business for almost 7 years now, what I have found is that most of these responses come from lack of knowledge about how a staffing service works and how one can really benefit you. That being said, I will be sharing with you a different benefit of staffing each month. So whether you are already using our service, considering it, or at the moment do not even

think it is an option, please enjoy this month’s featured benefit of staffing.

#1. Reduce Costs Temporary staff can provide the help when it is needed. What this means to you is that you do not have to be concerned about what to do with the employees when the short term rush or timing sensitive project is finished. You have no obligation to keep the employee for a certain period of time and of course are not responsible to pay for their benefits, worry

about or pay for their worker’s compensation, and of course once they leave there is not additional time or money that has to go towards their unemployment claims. Imagine being able to focus your time and energy on growing your business instead of hiring and firing employees. Not only will you save money on the tangible side of reduced employee costs but also on the intangible side of saving your own personal time. And what is your time really worth? To be Continued next month...

Best client networking tip of the month "You should write a book about how to meet people by standing in their personal space!..We've seen it work!" - Wil Pinaroc I know this might seem like a strange tip but this actually happened to me at a BIA networking event. I was trying to throw some trash away and had to squeeze by two people talking. I ended up

standing next to them, pretty close by for a minute while trying to squeeze by and not disturb them, when Wil turned to me and said hi. I ended up having a great conversation with them and will hopefully do some business with them in the future. Never underestimate the power of accidental encounters!

Go-Staff Sponsors ABC Spring Golf’s Longest Drive Contest Congratulations to

Allison Beall with Pacific Building Group who won the women's longest drive and Chris McConnell with

Communication Wiring Specialists who won the men's longest drive at the recent ABC golf tournament. We had a lot of fun sponsoring the contest and for those of you that were out on the course, it was great to see you! Page 2

Golfers at the 2010 ABC Spring Golf Tournament.

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Go-Staff Stars of the Month Skilled Trades Division

Labor Division

Administration Division

Wayne has been working through GoStaff for a little over 3 years. He has remodeling and new construction background with experience in commercial and residential projects. Wayne was once a superintendent for some of the largest home builders and has worked through Go-Staff as hands on and paper superintendent. Wayne has great customer service skills and has worked as a customer service representative and is able to handle any task set forth. He also carries numerous certifications that include OSHA Safety Training, CPR and 30 Hour IICRC. He is available immediately upon request!

Don has 10 years of construction experience including drywall, tile setting and restoration, and roofing. Due to limited skilled trades employment in the industry he is willing to start at entry level and work his way to the top. He has worked for 14 of our clients doing general labor work and has done great. He is looking for a steady assignment where he can hopefully get to use his skills and be an asset to our clients!

Joan has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Finance and Accounting and is an Intuit Certified QuickBooks advisor. She recently worked for a small plumbing company and organized the accounting side of the business for them. Previous to that she worked for a medical group as an accountant but had other duties such as helping administer their 401k. She has spent one evening per month at a family health center since 2000 - she takes her commitments seriously! Joan has a great professional personality and is looking for a company she can commit to!


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San Diego October 2010 Events Sun

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Diego Asian Film Festival with San Diego Asian Film

Iglesias at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites

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and the Fairground Boys w/ Amy Correria at Belly Up Tavern

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Detective Interactive Murder Mystery -Halloween Costume Show www.TheDinnerDetect

Brooke / Go-Staff, Thank you for assisting PRAVA with our temporary manpower needs during our heavy workload periods. It's a big relief to us not having to source and hire people when we have short term needs. We'd also like to thank you for filling our full time employee carpenter / superintendent needs, Jorge has become a great addition to our company. We look forward to using your service in the future. — Glenn Torrez You guys are awesome as always! Thank you!! — Lorena Cabrera

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