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WM Promus Assessment Services Not sure where to start or how to approach the next improvement cycle? WM Promus have developed an innovative range of assessment services, to provide you with an independent and objective view of your organisation's effectiveness, leading to a road map for service improvement. These assessments used a structured approach to gather and analyse relevant information and then to produce the output in a format that meets your business need. Each assessment also draws upon many years of proven experience, combined with industry best practice guidelines and frameworks.

Service Improvement Manager (SIM) is a comprehensive management system your whole team can use. Conduct assessments, manage improvements, track your performance‌ simply and effectively!

Audits & Assessments Perform an extensive range of readiness, compliance, capability and maturity assessments.

Improvements & Risks Registers Never miss an opportunity again. Capture and manage all improvements and risks in one central location.

Improvement Initiative Manager Rapidly build and manage improvement plans, complete with business case, costs, savings and benefits.

Management System Explorer Centrally define and share policies, procedures, roles and reports, including metrics and KPI reporting.

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Who Uses SIM? Service Improvement Manager is a flexible process assessment and management system solution used extensively by consultants, small teams/workgroups and larger businesses alike. Typical uses include the ability to measure and improve virtually anything, such as processes, people, tools and systems.

Quality Managers: Service Improvement Manager is perfectly suited to those involved in establishing and maintaining a quality management system. Features include performing evidence-based assessments, capturing improvement opportunities, assigning tasks to others, tracking process compliance, capability and maturity improvements.

Business & IT Managers: Service Improvement Manager is used by business and IT managers responsible for reviewing, monitoring and tracking a range of fully costed and scored improvement initiatives, and for those seeking to benchmark their capability and maturity across a range of industry sectors.

Process Owners & Managers: Process owners and managers find SIM useful for easily documenting and sharing policies, processes and procedures, defining roles, monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Process documentation is simplified using best practice templates, with reports and charts made widely accessible to the whole team.

Risk Managers: Service Improvement Manager offers risk managers an effective means of capturing, reviewing, assigning, managing and tracking risks through the use of a central risk register. New risks can be added quickly and easily using the ‘quick entry’ feature available on every user’s personal dashboard

General Staff: Service Improvement Manager is used by a wide range and variety of standard users that complete tasks assigned to them, register improvement opportunities and risks, or simply explore the management system reviewing policies, procedures, plans and process performance reports.

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Baseline Compliance, Capability & Maturity Measure process readiness, compliance, capability and maturity with ease. We’ve taken the complexity out of performing assessments and process audits. Service Improvement Manager provides simple means for doing everything from gathering evidence and answering questions, through to processing and reviewing your findings.

Readiness: Perform a basic assessment of each process area or category

Compliance: Measure compliance to various governance frameworks or standards

Capability: A comprehensive analysis that leverages standards such as ISO/IEC 15504

Maturity: Analysis of maturity levels as defined by models such as CMMI and COBIT

Quality: Standards-based assessment view of the Plan-Do-Check-Act quality cycle Service Improvement Manager can be used to undertake a full compliance assessment in preparation for your next standards certification audit, or to explore a broader range of improvement opportunities. This is achieved by accurately measuring your current and future levels of process compliance, capability and maturity.

Industry Benchmarking Do you know how you compare in maturity with your industry peers? Enterprise level customers have access to automated benchmarking capability across a select range of assessment library modules. Benchmark reports show current state compliance, capability and maturity scores across a range of industry sectors and geographical regions.

Automated Improvement Generation

Service Improvement Manager contains a sophisticated processing engine that automates the generation of improvement activities that are fully aligned to your business priorities. SIM gives you greater control by letting you influence the distribution of improvements across a specific category or process areas, or reaching the next level of maturity by applying a greater weighting to weaker areas.

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Service Improvement Manager’s comprehensive reporting capabilities clearly map out your improvement activities and reveal your path to maturity over time. Sign up today to begin accurately measuring and improving your business processes in a clear and consistent way.

Improvements & Risk Registers Service Improvement Manager provides a powerful, yet simple, central repository for recording, managing and tracking all of your improvement opportunities, activities and risks.

Improvements Register The improvements register incorporates all tasks and activities taken from a variety of sources, including those automatically generated from your assessments, plus improvement opportunities identified and recorded by your team members via their personal dashboard. 

Review accept or reject improvement opportunities

Set a priority level for each improvement opportunity or task

Assign individual owners or manage tasks through an improvement initiative

Monitor progress as improvement activities are completed Service Improvement Manager’s easy to use interface offers detailed status reporting, with the ability to search and filter on all improvements.

Risk Register Why restrict yourself to using complex spreadsheets to manage risks, when you can leverage a comprehensive solution such as SIM to manage the lifecycle of all risks for you. 

Record and assess any identified type of risk

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Assess the likelihood and impact to determine the resulting risk score and priority

Document your planned risk mitigation steps and countermeasures

Assign the risk to an owner or track progress through an improvement initiative

Review and record the residual risk score upon implementation Service Improvement Manager provides you with the flexibility to modify a full range of configurable options to meet your needs, including the requirements for setting risk weightings, risk types, levels and labels.

Improvement Initiative Manager Service Improvement Manager provides a comprehensive and powerful solution for developing and managing a diverse range of improvement initiatives.

Define or import your improvements and risk management activities, assign and allocate resources, quickly calculate the initiative costs and savings, determine your overall score. Developing and executing an improvement plan has never been this easy!

Import Improvement Tasks & Risks SIM allows you to create individual improvement activities, or to automatically import a full list of tasks from the improvement and risk registers. Where improvement opportunities have been automatically generated through an assessment, each task will already have been tagged with details including: 

Activity Title & Description: outlining what needs to be achieved

Priority Level: perfectly matched to your business objectives and maturity targets

Estimated Effort: the number of hours expected to complete the task or activity

Reference Data: best practice guidance to complete each task

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Service Improvement Manager lets you quickly and easily select a range of activities and modify settings including start dates, due dates, priorities and the assigned owner. Once the initiative has been launched, progress against each activity can be easily monitored and tracked.

Rapid Business Case Development

Many people often have great difficulty in gathering the necessary information to build a solid business case to support their projects, plans and initiatives. Service Improvement Manager makes this incredibly simple by allowing the necessary financial data to be easily captured and analysed, such as: 

Employee and Contractor Costs: Roll up and apportion improvement activity costs based on project time, effort and the availability of resources to support the initiative.

Other Costs: Capture and record a range of additional project cost, including items such as general goods, computer software, hardware, maintenance and suppliers.

Savings: Set your project baselines and determine improvements that will be achieved as a result of the initiative, such as process improvement gains or a reduction in operating costs or resources.

Financial Analysis: Calculates a full range of values such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Return on Investment (ROI), Profitability Index and the Payback Period.

Benefits & Lessons Learned: Record and share the benefits to be achieved and lessons learned from each initiative and use these as the basis for ongoing improvement planning.

Improvement Initiative Scoring

Each improvement initiative can be weighted and scored according to a range of criteria that extends beyond a simple financial analysis. Each initiative is assessed and scored according to the following evaluation criteria: 

Strategic Fit: How well this initiative supports the business strategy

Value Provided: The value this initiative will offer to the business

Impact of No Action: The business impact if no action is taken

Time to Implement: The expected duration of this initiative

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 

Project Resources: Availability of internal and external resources Scope of Change: The amount of change required by this initiative As a result, each initiative is given a score that allows business managers to evaluate and approve each initiative. An added benefit is that staff at all levels can quickly and easily learn the skills they need to put together a comprehensive business case to support their improvement initiatives and projects.

Developing and executing an improvement plan has never been this easy! Take your team to the next level with Service Improvement Manager.

Management System Explorer Capture and define your policies and processes. Map out your functions and roles. Create and share metrics and KPI reports. Service Improvement Manager offers a practical yet simple way of mapping out your entire management system for you and your whole team to explore.

Policies, Processes & Procedures Service Improvement Manager offers a simplified interface for documenting and sharing your policies, processes and procedures. Rather than replacing your existing Document Management System, Service Improvement Manager complements it. We provide an interface to mapping out and presenting your policies and processes in a structured manner, while providing references to external documentation repositories for further reference as required.

Roles & Functions For each process area or business group, roles and functions may be defined that clearly outline the objectives, outcomes, Key Result Areas (KRAs), skills and capabilities expected for that area. Your staff are given a simplified view of how their role supports the broader activities and practices across a range of process areas.

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KPIs and Metrics Service Improvement Manager provides the ability for process managers to upload, present and share important metrics and Key Performance Indicators with the team. For example, the benefits of a process improvement initiative may be measured in the following way: 1. The IT Manager publishes KPI charts for the total volume of Incidents and Requests handled by the Service Desk each month 2. A process assessment is performed to baseline a range of Service Management process and identify opportunities for improvement 3. An initiative is launched to document and improve the department’s Incident, Problem and Change Management processes 4. KPI reports depict a significant drop in Incident and Request volumes each month, saving the business over £1 million in six months 5. The business is impressed with the improvement in service quality and everyone receives a big pat on the back!!!

Service Improvement Manager provides a fully integrated approach to defining, assessing, measuring and continually improving your business on an ongoing basis.

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