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T h e e Wors r A s e l c i t... ub

Here’s some facts about cubicles..

Don’t be square.. So... You’re stuck in a boring cube... all day. You sit there, day in and day out. Cubicles can become very, well... bland. By simply adding some color, any color, your cube will become a wonderful place to be. A better and more creative work space will lead to better work. Keep on a reading to find out how to make your cubicle less sucky!

And why they SUCK


Co-Workers have




Well, well, well. It’s no surprise that coworkers have germs, yes.. yes they do. It just so happens that your fellow co-worker Zack, is sick. Oh, and he has no boundraries, he sneezes... and never covers his mouth. Heres what you can do about it!

Solution Solustion one is the best and simplests of all, simply purchace a disenfectant spray, any brand will do and upon your coworker sneezing, shake said can and spray your co-worker directly in the face. This will A. stop their sneeze mid sneeze but it will also disenfect the surrounding area, thus, protecting you from all of the germs! Problem solved, You’re very welcome.

Noisy Co-Workers


Noise Some people have no cares, and think its acceptable to blast their music... with NO headphones, But it’s okay... rest easy. There is a solution...


Canceling phones End of story...


Solution ta e G

wool blankets, and f o h bun bunc


Because apparently you cant have space heaters.

Nosey co- workers


All you have to do is put up a screen, a barrior of sorts. Just enough to cover someones line of sight... Nudge Nudge, that means you Sharon.

Some co-workers don’t understand what the sole puropose of a wall is. They like to snoop in on your buisness, See what you’re clicking on... Here’s the solution..

People notice when you’re gone

You’re out for the day... everyone will gossip. Wonder where you are. There is a simple solution to this...


Easy solution, Get a life size print made of you... place it in your office while youre away. Boom, problem solved.

Cube Jealousy


Decor tips 101

Well... you could just pintrest these things. Buttt, I guess this makes it easier... somehow. Heres some tips-

- Hang things, anything! (office appropiate) - Use carpet samples to add some pizzaz - Hang paintings of landscapes, It will make you seem like you’re ouside - Get some fun, colorful things to put your office supplies in! - Put cute pillows on your chair! comfort and decorative Your co-worker must have of gotten out book, Look how great their cube looks... It looks amazing, you cant help but to want to reach out and touch it. But you know by the time you’re done reading this book... your desk will look exactly like this!

Bored At Work?

Solution Step 1- Get on all fours Step 2- Every cube wall is made of lava Step 3- Crawl around, careful not to touch any walls, you will be burnt to a crisp

Step 4- When other co- workers question you, or look at you funny... dont say a word. You’re a spy, no one can know what you are doing, or what mission you are on.

Step 5- Avoid crawling in front of bosses office, he is the only one to avoid during this game.

Step 6- Crawl back to your desk, your mission is complete. Congratulations. Falling asleep at your desk, Typing in “aaaaaa” repedidly... Does this sound like you. Heres some instructions for a cube farm frendly game.

S s U e l CK c i b u C

Get back to work!

How to Make Your Cubicle Not Suck