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Holiday Fundraising Campaigns


Overview The Fundraising Program and Products The Simple Process Giving Back

“Every child deserves to be treated like royalty.� King Cooper Kids, Inc. was founded on the belief that a company can offer high quality personalized products for people of all ages while giving back to various organizations who help develop the academic, athletic, emotional/spiritual well being of children.

This season, you can spread the good news and help fund your church. We can help you meet your group’s financial goals with a fundraiser that gets everyone involved. It’s a very simple process for a great cause. Our fundraising plan is an excellent way to increase your organization’s budget. The Plan: From a selection of products available, you decide which product best meets the need of your community. Once determined, we prepare a detailed plan based on your financial goals. The Process: From beginning to end, King Cooper Kids, Inc.will direct you and your team every step of the way. We will coach the project leader on when and how to make it happen! We supply all the communication tools, administrative documents and a step by step guide on how to conduct the fundraiser. We become an extension of your organization to help achieve maximum results. The Profit: With a unit profit among the best in the industry, a targeted profit of $5.00 per unit is the goal. Consider this:

If youths sell 2000 units which equals $10,000 profit. - That’s new uniforms AND equipment! Incentive Program: If the youths sell over 2000 units, we will give the organization $1000.00 in student incentive funds to be used to involve more youths.

The organization will also receive an additional $1,000.00!

The Fundraising Program and Products Fundraising Program To any organization whose focus is the development of children, King Cooper Kids, Inc.can assist in raising over $11,000.00. The program is an 8 week process from the initial meeting between the client and King Cooper Kids, Inc.until the final delivery of the products. A carefully documented program, marketing materials, order forms, and task management steps will be given to each organization to ensure their fundraising program is an extreme success. We coach the fundraiser leaders every step of the way. The Ornament The initial product to be used for the fundraiser will be a holiday ornament with the organization’s design imprinted onto the product. The ornaments are made of an extremely durable, non toxic, high gloss plastic. This product can be handled through high or low temperatures, it can be stacked, does not require refrigeration, it has an unlimited shelf life and does not scratch or fade. With a suggested retail price of $15.00, the organization gets a profit of $5.00 per unit. King Cooper Kids, Inc.covers all shipping, administrative, and production costs. Other Products Some organizations may not want to partake in a holiday fundraiser using the ornaments. Therefore, King Cooper Kids, Inc.also offers baseballs, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, hockey pucks, softballs and soccer balls to imprint a message or logo upon. The Designs Each organization will work with King Cooper Kids, develop different designs and messages from which patrons may choose. The designs can be the organization’s logo, season schedule, message, or customized graphic. The design possibilities are endless.

The Simple Process 1. The first week we will assist you in making the best choice for your organization’s fundraising needs. We can meet face to face (if needed) to ensure you’re getting the most out of the campaign. The logo/messages and products will be determined. 2. The next week will be needed to print and deliver all the brochures, order forms, documents. A note to parents should be sent home notifying them of the fundraiser and incentive program. 3. The following week, the administrators (teachers, coaches, youth leaders) will hand out the forms and go over the details of the plan to the youths. The incentive plan will be discussed again. 4. The children begin asking parents, family members, family friends, and church members to help support the fundraising efforts. 5. At the end of this week, the children turn in the order forms with money made payable to the organization. (The organization is responsible for the handling of the funds and will pay King Cooper Kids, Inc. before the products can be delivered.) 6. The next week will be needed to count the orders and begin production. 7. Before the products are shipped, a representative will ensure the funds are readily available. Once the funds are verified, the products will be shipped. 8. The orders will be delivered to the school and will be checked for accuracy and then delivered to the appropriate youths.

Giving Back We recognize the importance of the funding, protection and development of youths and youth organizations. Not only do we plan to help schools, churches and other organizations raise money to help meet their financial goals, we intend to continue to donate our time, support, and monetary assets to help ensure every child has the opportunity to be treated like royalty. As an organization, King Cooper Kids will continue to search for ways to give back to our community.

King Cooper Kids, Inc. Fundraising  

King Cooper Kids, Inc. Fundraising

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