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Strategic Web and Print Marketing - with muscle.

Po w e r I m a g e s

Enhance Integrate Enlighten Educate E = MPowerment





It’s been said:

“Images are worth a thousand words” - What does your image say? Images can make or break your marketing efforts. Images convey what consumers won’t read. In an instant your point is made, your brand recognized, and you have a new client.

Why not Mpower your image?

Effective In

marketing communications You strive to get the client, you work toward goals, deadlines, first impressions, leads, sales, and the list goes on. Allow us to empower you with effective marketing communications tools that will help you can tackle your sales objectives with confidence and ease. Excellent marketing materials help build a recognizable brand, communicate more clearly with clients, increase market share, help compete in tough environments, and build business credibility.


Effective Integration

web development Not only will your site help establish who you are and what you do, but you’ll experience the ease of a website without the hassles of HTML. You’ll be able to update your website with a few clicks of a button and without the huge expense of a developer. A well blended marketing mix with a cost efficient website is one key to smart business success.



web and print advertising You have just a few seconds to hold a potential client’s attention. Then, you either have their attention or you don’t. Screaming at customers simply doesn’t work (unless you’re in the used car business). Persuasion, enlightening design, and honesty are more likely to win over potential, lifelong, and quality clients. If your company can convey a simple and attractive message to many people, then it has higher potential for increased profits and market share. We can help more people see your message with Search Engine Marketing, strategically placed print advertisements, and effective direct marketing materials. Make sure your few seconds count.

Educate Educate

knowlege Education goes way beyond the classroom. If you own your own business, you know that knowledge comes with research and application. We have decided to dive into the world of creative print advertising, Content Management Systems web development, branding, and strategic marketing communications. You’ll experience every novel and seasoned bit of knowledge that we can offer.

E = MPowe

To start, we use a Content-Management-System (CMS) that enables us to generate a fast loading website with incredible capabilities in a relatively short amount of time. Parts of this CMS are extremely advanced and can only be created by an experienced web developer. Other parts of this CMS can be learned within a few short hours. The great part about our CMS is that no knowledge of HMTL, CSS, or XML or PHP is necessary for maintenance or content updates. You simply log in, change what you need to, save it, and log out! Simple. Effective. Easy on the wallet. For the Domain Name System (DNS) and hosting we use only the top of the line company to entrust with our client’s websites. Many companies offer hosting and DNS for a great price, but do not offer support or the right type of support. It is imperative that you have the right hosting company for your site; without it, you will surely run into a website nightmare.



E = MPowerment

Our CMS helps search engines find your website with built in Search Engine Optimization. By rewriting URLs, naming pictures, and placing search strings within the content, we go the extra step to ensure Google, MSN, and others find your site. Some of the most successful companies on the web are those found within the first page of a search engine. Mpower Images can help ensure that your website is noticed by the spiders of the top search engine companies. We also enable visitors on your website to see the main message you are trying to portray as soon as possible. It is imperative to capture your viewer’s attention! Proper content planning and a fast loading site promote a lower bounce-rate and a higher rating of clicks per page. A novel could be written on how websites work and why they are the best, most cost effective choice for advertising. If you’re interested please feel free to call or shoot an email to inquire. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.


Po w e r I m a g e s Strategic Web and Print Marketing - with muscle.

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MPower Images Corporate  

MPower Images Corporate

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