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THEY ARE HIGHLY FAVORED Santa appeared out of nowhere! John and I were shocked to see the

present the mothers with a good working

camera crew as we pulled up to the Scott

van for their house . On another day

Mitchell House for women and children

Santa showed up with several huge bags

one evening. We have a homeless

of very nice gifts for every child. Oh

family that was separated with seven

how their little faces lit up as their very

children who now reside with us. They

own name was called out and given that

have been followed by a talk show from

special gift from Santa himself. Wow!


Germany for the past two years. Two of

No eye has seen, no ear heard what God


the children were reunited that


night with their mother for the


first time since they became

Portland, Oregon 97225 John Liebertz Cell: (503) 995-9023 Candace Liebertz Cell: (503) 619-6716 WEBSITE:

OUR MENTORS: John Liebertz, Sr. Mentor Candace Liebertz, Sr. Women’s Mentor


homeless. It was a moment to behold. We also shared how


Fairhaven came to be. Then, on


another day, some wonderful fans came to visit including the


Palau family and their friends,


Regional Mentor

the Mitchells and the Froode’s.

Marilyn Crunelle,

They made Christmas cookies


Women & Children’s Mentor

with all the kids and passed out


Brenda Baze, Women’s Mentor

stockings stuffed with gifts and


Todd Andrews, Mentor

goodies of great joy. On

Robert Gott, Mentor

another day more fans came

has laid up for those who he loves. Truly

Patrick Stewart,

bearing gifts to put under the tree. They

peace on earth and good will towards

Accountability Partner

stayed long enough to take pictures and

Michael Comfort,

men came and visited The Scott

to tell the kids the story of Jesus. The

Accountability Partner

Mitchell House this season. We want to

wrappers were flying, faces were

Fairhaven Board:

give a special thanks to all of you who

smiling, and mothers felt the hope come

made this season such a wonderful

John Liebertz, Exec. Director

into their hearts once again that all will


Candace Liebertz, Vice-President

be well. To add to this, John and I were

David Greenidge, President

given a generous gift by a wonderful

Terry Jenkins, Secretary

Christian couple in our son’s small

Marilyn Crunelle, Treasurer

group from Georgia, so we were able to

Terry Jenkins, Sr. Mentor Shannon Scoggins

Connie Mitchell, Director Dave Froode, Director January 2012, Edition 2

“Live a New life”


SEASONS WE CAN’T ESCAPE Candace Liebertz There is a season and a time for

always in the forefront of my thoughts

A&P Appliance

everything in our lives, says the author

and deeply embedded in my heart, so

Carefree Property Management

of Ecc 3:1-8.There is a time to be born

much so that nothing could separate me


and to die, to kill, to heal, to weep, to

from his love. No weakness, no

Columbia County Corrections

laugh, to rend, to sew, to keep silent, to

addiction, no other relationship, and

DHS, Oregon

speak, to love, and to hate, to say just a

certainly not the enemy that pointed the

Gutters & More

few. I have come to understand that

finger could separate me from Christ. I

Jubilee Transition Homes

while I am on this earth my body, soul,

never trusted in my strength because

Lazarus Project

and spirit are not designed to exist in a

when I was yet without strength, he died

LifeWorks NW

good, healthy, strong, and happy

for me. I needed a savior. God has put

Luis Palau Association

condition without a serious relationship

the day of adversity up against the day

Mult. County Corrections

with Jesus Christ. God’s word is sown in

of prosperity so that we put nothing

Prison Fellowship Ministries

us in our weakness. It then raises us up

before him. Blessed is he whose mind is

Project Network

in power. While in my younger years I

fixed on God for God will keep him in


found that when I was worried about

perfect peace. I have learned how to be

Sequoia Mental Health

something I could ask God to help me

content in many situations in my life,

Solid Rock Church

and every time I would pick up his bible

which makes me a pleasant and a safe

St. Vincent’s Hospital

he would talk to me. Oh how it would

person to be around. I can say that today

Tigard Covenant Church

bring such joy that he heard me and that

thanks to Jesus Christ.

Trinity Church

he thought enough of me to answer me.

Vasquez Catering Inc.

Everything he ever told me in those

Wash. County Corrections

times I cherished in my heart. I never

Wash. County Reentry Council

forgot any of it. His promises were


WE CALL HIM OUR GIFT FROM GOD Shannon Scoggins About two years ago my life was

with the chaplain. I had two

living environment, becoming part of

turned upside down by my addiction.

directions to choose from upon my

the family at Fairhaven. John and

I found myself involved with the

release. I could go back out and use

Candace Liebertz, who I choose to

courts and DHS. I was lost, had

or get right with God and change my

call Mom and Dad, and other

nowhere to turn, no home to go to, no

life. Not long after my release I was

Fairhaven mentors saw things in me

job, and I was running from the law.

given the number to Fairhaven

that I had never seen before. Being in

I found myself in jail during the

Recovery Homes and within several

Gods loving arms in these homes has

death of my son, Klayton Joe. I

hours I was safe and had a place to

allowed me the success I have today.

remember it like it was yesterday

call home. Fairhaven gave me the

Now I am working with men in

when the chaplain brought me the

chance I needed to succeed, and

recovery as the regional mentor of

news about my son. What a mess I

succeed I did. I completed all my

the Fairhaven men’s homes and I

was. Over the next week or so, before

court requirements and probation

personally mentor Fairhaven Six in

my release, I had several meetings

obligations. I excelled in my new

Multnomah County. Page | 2

January 2012, Edition 2

“Live a New life”

Executive Director’s Corner: Revelation 21:5


what we were up to. During the

Behold I make all things new!!

out of diapers. She was a good friend

course of munching on snacks,

On behalf of my wife and myself,

of my mother’s. I went to see Vivian;

gaining new friends and toasting with

as the new year is upon us, we

she is 91 and sharp as a tack. My

bubbly juice, the ladies were

would just like to encourage

mother has been gone for nineteen

surprised with special gifts. That

years, but during that visit I could

night I witnessed the Christ- like love

sense and feel that part of my mother

that Vivian had all those years for my

was still living on in Vivian’s heart.

mother shining through on the faces

be for you than who can be

After we left, I received a call from

of those women. The joy and smiles

against you? Know that all things

Lisa, Vivian’s daughter. She said she

of the little girl inside all of them

work together for the good for

and her small group wanted to do

came out. Thank you Vivian, Lisa,

those who are in Christ Jesus. We

something for the women at our

and the small group that came and

are excited to see what God has

women’s house for Christmas, and

shared the love that we all so deeply

in store for all of us this year.

did they ever. We invited Lisa and

long for. God bless you.

We look forward to the growth

her small group from the City Bible

everyone to stand strong in the grace of God knowing that if God

of our relationships with one another, the new ones to come, and of course the growth of

Church over. Our ladies had no idea


ourselves as we continue in our

The new year brought a new home

spiritual growth. We believe Todd

work here at Fairhaven. This truly

to the Fairhaven family. Effective

will be an excellent example and


has been the most exciting time

January 1 we opened the doors to

leader for those newest members that

in our lives. We love the days we

Fairhaven House Eight located in

are quickly filling this home. He is

are working here at Fairhaven,

Aloha. This is another men’s home

rooted in recovery, has a tender heart,

and the people we have come to

and will be led by our newest mentor,

and will do great things for those in

know and love. Thank you all for

Mr. Todd Andrews. Both are

need We thank God for these newest

welcome additions to our ministry

blessings He has bestowed upon

and continued mission. This newest

us…a new home to help more

home is a beautiful two story, newer

people, new leaders to guide them,

home on a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice

and His love to protect them!! God

family neighborhood. It’s a great new

continues to raise us up in His

environment for recovery and


your partnership with us and we look forward to the years to come. John Liebertz

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FAIRHAVEN’S ANNUAL FUNDRAISER Please join us April 21, 2012 for our annual fundraiser. Keep this in your prayers. Also, anyone who would like to share ideas or volunteer, please e-mail or call us. Thank you! Page | 3 January 2012, Edition 2

“Live a New life”

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Fairhaven Recovery Homes Ed. 2  
Fairhaven Recovery Homes Ed. 2  

Fairhaven Recovery Homes Ed. 2