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A part of Digital Art I enjoy the most is being able to make a rough sketch or a rough idea and bring it to life using things like photoshop and high quality images.

In these class projects I was really forced to think about what I enoy aesthetically and what sort of things I find interesting in my day to day.

It took me a while to figure out how to use parts of images and arrange them using selections.

The process of working on monsters was lengthy, but it was a good way to use and learn about the tools. During the process of making the monsters I learned about selections, blend modes, and being able work with layers.

I enjoy finding pictures and textures that play to my particular choice of aesthetics and incorporating that into my own drawings. It was new for me but I like the look of the juxtaposition.

It was difficult to get used to drawing on the computer but once I got used to it it was fun. Something I learned quickly in the class was how to work with expressions to imply a narrative withot using words or captions. It was fun to exaggerate those parts when working on making comics.

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