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Providing team sports   for children   in Brussels   for over 50 years   

900 Children   45 Schools   25 Nationalities  200 Volunteers

Our sponsors and partners range from   large international companies to   international schools to   local businesses serving our community 

You do it because you love children and you want to give them the  rich experience associated with participating in team sports.   ‐ James Sidgwick, Founder of BSA     

Who We Are 

Established  in  1958,  the  Brussels  Sports  Association  (BSA)  has  been  providing  recreational  sports  for  children  in  and  around  Brussels for over 50 years. Today, our sports programs include  4 sports over 3 seasons, attracting close to 900 children ages 4‐ 14. Often BSA is the first team experience for our athletes, who  come  from  over  45  Schools,  including  European  Commission  schools, Belgian Schools and many of the International Schools.     One  of  our  primary  goals  at  the  BSA  is  to  continue  to  help  families integrate to a new community. Our programs promote  health and well being for both kids and their parents, as well as  creating a strong community. As a volunteer organization, BSA  has  over  200  volunteers  helping  to  ensure  our  program  continues to run successfully.  



September through November

October through November

WINTER Basketball


December to March

January to March

SPRING Baseball & Softball


March to June

May though June

BSA is really a wonderful organization and offers so much. So many  kids think they are "past it" at such young ages. In the BSA kids can  have a go at a new sport in a friendly supportive atmosphere.   ‐ Steve Cassidy, BSA Girls Soccer Coach  


The BSA  programs  are  often  the  first  team  experience  for  young  athletes in Brussels. We emphasize developing athletic abilities along  with a sense of fair play and team spirit.      BSA  is  open  to  everyone.  Our  activities  are  carried  out  at  facilities  made avaialble by our partner schools. Including:    The British School of Brussels  The International School of Brussels  St. John’s International School  

BSA is a phenomenal organization, which really gives children from all walks of life an excellent opportunity to get started and introduced sports and a healthy lifestyle. In many ways, we feel BSA is part of our ISB family. A large number of students have joined BSA over the years and continue to do so today.

‐ Jason Baseden, Athletic Director, International School Brussels


Outreach  The BSA works closely with companies and organizations in Belgium.  Proceeds  from  BSA  partners  are  used  to  purchase  equipment  and  uniforms, recognition awards, provide certified referees and officials,  as well as improve and maintain sports facilities at the various school  locations.  BSA  depends  on  the  generosity  of  our  sponsors  and  partners  to  help  us  underwrite  the  costs  of  proving  quality  sports  programs  for  our  families.  In  return,  these  partners  enjoy  widespread access to our increasingly diverse community.    The Benefits of Sponsorship & Partnership  Our  partners  range  from  local  businesses,  to  schools  and  organizations  serving  our  community.  Opportunities  to  reach  our  community are included on the next page. 



Sponsor & Partner Benefits Uniform Front  Fall Soccer: 300–330 shirts  Basketball: 200–225 shirts  Baseball: 180–220 shirts   

Website As our main communication tool, our  website is used by all members and is  often viewed by families before they  move to Belgium.    Visit the website at   

Uniform Back  Fall Soccer: 300–330 shirts  Basketball: 200–225 shirts  Baseball: 180–220 shirts   

New to Belgium

Sponsor or partner logo will be featured in this section of our public website, which provides helpful information to families both before and after they arrive in Belgium. 

Banners & Tables  Tournaments  Opening Day 

Member Newsletters  Sponsor or partner logo placement in  BSA Members email to all BSA families.  Each season, each sport.   

Sponsorship & Partnership Levels Amount in euro

Logo in Primary location on shirts*

Logo in Secondary location on shirts**

BSA Website

Email & Newsletter

Sponsors €20.000 and above

All sports


Top Home Page Sponsor Page New to Belgium Page

All BSA Members email & Newsletter for all sports

Sponsors €10.000 and above

2 Sports

1 Sport

Top Home Page Sponsor Page New to Belgium Page

All BSA Members email & Newsletter for all sports

Sponsors €5.000 and above

1 Sport

2 Sports

Bottom Home Page Sponsor Page New to Belgium Page

All BSA Members email & Newsletter for all sports

Sponsors €3.000 and above


All Sports

Bottom Home Page Sponsor Page New to Belgium Page

All BSA Members email & Newsletter for all sports

Partners €1.500 and above



Partner Page & New to Belgium Page

Newsletter for all sports

*Primary location is the front of the shirt.  **Secondary location is either the back or sleeves of the shirt    These are rates for 2010‐2011 only. They serve as guideline, however BSA is committed to work with each sponsor to meet your individual needs.  

Kids and parents from all over the world come together to   form BSA teams. We are proud to sponsor this fantastic   youth sports  program in Brussels.       ‐ David Anderson, Berwin Leighton Paisner    

Contact Us  Would you like more information on BSA, our programs and how to   become a sponsor or partner?       Please contact:    Brooke Peterson    Director of Partnerships & Sponsorship    +32 (0)4 72 85 7876       

  For more information on BSA  please see our website: 

Partner with BSA  

Opportunities to Partner with Brussels Sports Association

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