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Class Three     Communica0on  &  Image  

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company name   How  to  decide  what  it  should  be   What  other  companies/organisa0ons  are  using  this  name?  

company name   Can  you  get  a  good  domain  name?  

company name   Do  market  research,  what  do  others  think  of  it   Wait,  and  use  a  working  name.    

website -­‐  how  it  works  

purchase a  domain   Register  the  domain.  MANY  choices.  

set up  email  

set up  other  details   Skype   Phone   Address   Linked  in   AND   Use  every  outgoing  piece  of  paper,  and  every  electronic   document  as  business  promo7on.  

website Sta7c  Website   Think  of  it  as  your  online  brochure   Dynamic  Website   If  you  have  a  lot  to  say  and  want  to  make  changes  as  o9en  as  possible.   Combina7on  of  the  two  

types of  websites   Blog  Site:  sites  generally  used  to  post  online  diaries,  comments  or  views  that  may  include   discussion  forums   Content  Site:  these  sites  create  and  sell  of  original  content  to  end-­‐user.     Corporate  website:  used  to  provide  informa0on  regarding  business,  organiza0on,  or  service.   Commerce  site  (or  eCommerce  site):  these  sites  are  designed  for  purchasing  or  selling  goods.   Community  site:  sites  where  persons  with  similar  interests  communicate  to  each  other  through   chaYng  and  messaging  or  through  social  media.   Informa7on  site:  contains  content  that  is  intended  to  inform  visitors,  but  not  necessarily  for   commercial  purposes.   Personal  homepage:  run  by  an  individual  or  a  small  group  such  as  a  family  that  contains   informa0on  or  any  content  that  the  individual  wishes  to  include.    

also consider   Password  Pages:  Do  I  need  parts  to  be  password  protected?   Members:  Will  I  have  members  and  do  I  need  to  have  a  member  directory?   Selling:  Do  I  need  to  be  able  to  sell  online?   Other  Administrators:  Do  I  want  others  to  be  able  to  edit  the  site?  

seYng up  your  website   HTML:  No  Way!   Dreamweaver:  Hard  and  only  one  person  can  access   Open  Source:  Wordpress,  Joomla,  Drupal…   CMS  Online  SoIware:  Content  Management  Systems  

seYng up  your  website   Ques0on:   How  o]en  do  you  want  to  make  edits?   How  technical  are  you?   Do  you  need  support  if  there  is  a  problem?   Do  you  want  to  host  yourself  or  include  hos0ng?  

a look  inside  

a look  inside  

what will  it  look  like?   Start  Collec0ng     • websites  you  like   • marke0ng  you  like   Look  at  great  sites  for  ideas  

what will  it  look  like?   Photos  and  images   • iStockphoto   • Ge;y  

what will  it  look  like?   Wordpress  Themes   h;p://  

website sandbox   Play!     Two  types  of  sites  for  you  to  go  in  and  mess  around.   Homework:   Pick  one  and  let  me  know  which  one.  You  will  then  create  one   page,  text  and  images.   • Name  company  ( just  make  this  up  for  now)   • Your  tag  line   • 1-­‐2  paragraphs  about  you   • 2-­‐3  images  

Class Three - Stating a New Venture  

BU class April 2012

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