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Vassar College, Poughkeepsie ​hi everyone welcome back to my channel as you can see here I have something a little different I'm going to be doing a quick little flip through of this planner that I just got well I see quick but who knows if it will actually be quick if you've been watching me for a while then you know that I tend to have longer videos because I can't stop talking so anyway um this is the Webster's pages color crush planner this is the mint floral one it's an a5 size as you can see it's pretty big this is the back um I picked this up at Joanne's on Saturday today is Monday when I'm filming I really wanted to sum this yesterday but I didn't have the time um yeah and I just want to let you know that this came out in September if I'm correct and I first thought on the Webster's pages Instagram um immediately fell in love because if you know me then you know I love florals and pastels mint green is my favorite color in the whole world so I had to get this I knew I had to get my hands on it um where I live I don't have a Joanne's which is kind of weird because I have literally everything else I have Hobby Lobby Michaels any other store you could ask for it but not a Joanne's and the nearest one to me was a half hour away which I wasn't sure if that was worth the drive but on Saturday I met my grandma for lunch and we did some shopping and there was a Johanns nearby and I had a 50% off coupon so I decided to use that and get this planner um this oh and another thing you should know is this only sold at Joanns stores not on their website not on the Webster's pages website and I believe this is limited edition so if you can find it buy it um I found this at the store it was the last one there and the lady who because I asked someone wait to find them because I did not find though I couldn't find the Webster's pages play in our section anywhere and I asked someone she told me oh it's all half off it's all on sale but this wasn't I was kind of a disaster area but I found this under a bunch of mess I've got my receipt here which I'm not gonna show I don't I don't know it has some personal information on it oh it actually has my first and last name okay um so the planner retails for $54.99 and I got it for 2749 with tax where I live state county and local tax it came out to 29:56 so basically $30 for this a5 size planner it's gorgeous there I'm really excited to take you through it um kind of like an unboxing but I'm not actually unboxing I'm just gonna do a little flip through um I haven't looked at all of the pages inside I have at the store I just opened it up to make sure nothing was damaged and ignore my chipped nails okay so let's just get started pop this open I left the plastic on for you guys to see cookie I love the cute little gold hello detailing so they put on their packaging and then in the back it just says color crush personal planner the sticker says a5 Navy floral miss submit florals though I don't know why it says maybe okay so that's a good some noisy I'm sorry I don't know how well it'll pick up on camera but I don't know if you can see like the the gold detailing on the cover it's kind of like metallic so snaps off we open it up and I hope you could see all this okay good good let's make sure your son friend so obviously on this side you have pockets plenty of pocket space I'm not in love with this design because this isn't going to hold things in very well if this were so down I think that would be a lot better but anyway this will be great for credit cards membership cards you know whatever whatever you need it for I this I should tear it out maybe watch me mess this up gonna flip it to the other side okay there we go so it's pretty this little okay I'll start with this actually um I guess you can use this as a page marker bookmark or whatever you want to call it um you can move this around if you're unfamiliar with the a5 binders you just you know pop open the pages you can move stuff around which I think I'll have to do I haven't looked at all of these detailed pages in here oh yeah so pockets and then over here I forgot to mention you also have a pocket here and a bucket here this little pen loop thing I've got two of them you don't have to leave this on I may or may not it just says grow with grace on it that's cute so we put this little is it do you think perhaps that one don't tell them I've never known how to say that but this little whatever it is take a paper sheet she designed a life she loved and this okay it has a little place to put out or fill out my information name address phone email I will probably do that I did that in my happy planner as well and any other planner I've had over the years just because if I ever lose it I would love for someone to return it to me but really who loses their planner I mean how could you do that I don't know like if you have I'm just not the type of person to leave something sitting somewhere it's not like I'm gonna take this with me to the mall and lose it oh well okay all of these dividers are really really pretty I love this one match the cover this one's cute this one's kind of blah this one says you are my sunshine oh it's not a divider what are these okay forces so I guess these are just decorative pages if you know what these are for please let me know this is my first oh that's so cute my first Webster's pages planner so I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm gonna figure out where I want to put everything I'm not gonna do that in this video and then this little this is the other divider mint green it's pretty okay so did I know okay so at the bottom of these pages this does make today amazing these are just note

pages but that's what all of us are mine that's fun to have and you can also buy or purchase refills for your planners at Joanns and on the Webster's pages website so I believe this is undated right yeah okay I love that because if I want to start unit now in October I can I could make this October 2016 and I can go back and make this January 2017 and then I can just buy more refills as needed we'll go back to here so okay this is a week in the life and then this says week of and then here's a little place to put sketches um little what would you call this like a memory journaling section or something like that like a not a gratitude box what is probably with me today a place to write down little memories from the day I guess is that what everyone's like okay yeah let's keep um so it says blank said this and there's a place to fill out where they said what and I think that would be really cute if you have kids um so and so said this cuz kids they hilarious things um and then remember this so space to write it down with the month day in the year and these little boxes say week of I'm not sure what I'll use these for again give me your ideas I had no idea what Jesus for but I'm really excited I love the design of all these pages that details just the floral it's so gorgeous so those are nice to have I guess you could use this as gratitude basis maybe okay this looks like any to-do list it says plan and do so it has a numbered list where you can write down your tasks a due date and a little check box so you could check off when it's completed it says close your eyes and imagine unlimited possibilities and then this looks like this is a menu planning list which is beautiful I love this my only concern is these boxes are a little small but I could still fill them in I mean if you're just if you're just planning one meal a day you'll have room but if you wanted to play in like three meals a day which I really know who does that I guess if you have really tiny handwriting if you can succeed at that then there's room so that's that lists up to five weeks out on every stage nice nice nice okay and then there's a little shopping list area down here and I've been thinking that I may try to start menu planning I've mentioned before in previous videos that I hate cooking and I don't really menu plan we just kind of well my husband if he has time he does the cooking and I do I'm good at cooking for some reason I just don't enjoy it but I was thinking I need to start at least planning three dinners a week right now I really just make one or two and then we'll have leftovers or we'll just kind of fend for ourselves and I'll stand which is cereal not very healthy my husband he always eats healthy meals okay we already flipped through these see I'm a mess I didn't really go in order but you don't mind do you okay so I'll just start with a blank month obviously this is January and then it's a blank monthly overview I like that it's updated and fill in the dates and this that's quick list which is nice nice to write to write things down maybe like monthly goals or something or maybe that's what I'll use these boxes for and then on the back it says this and that little notes and daily memories very well plans like okay actual planner okay here we go weekly week planner to a page per week view I love this so it says this week up here and then it's Monday through Sunday plenty of space to write things down I really really really like the layout of these pages I'm not usually a horizontal girl for two or three years in a row I used horizontal planners but when I finally decided to make the jump and use vertical I fell in love but this if I haven't mentioned already I will be using this as a pre planner and I know in my last video I mentioned that I was going to use the mini happy planner as the pre planner but I will talk about that later with the mini happy planner because this video is probably already getting really long but anyway so I don't need anything fancy I probably won't decorate this I'm just going to write in like appointments things I have scheduled and then daily tasks that I want to fill in and then I will take the sheets out with my for my plan with me videos with the happy planner which they are now calling the medium happy planner because there are three sizes um I'll take these pages out and that will hopefully make my planning videos a little faster because then I will be able to just reference these quickly reference these and see what I want to put in on each day and yeah it's probably gonna look sloppy and I probably won't film my pre-planning unless you guys would really like see that I mean I imagine it will be pretty boring there won't be any decorating or beautiful thing under hiding I'm just gonna quickly scribbling you know laundry dishes this I don't know just a lot of different stuff and you know dinner at so-and-so's meat so and so on this day but if you want to see that I'm happy to do it and so the rest of this is just a huge stack full of all of these and on the back it also again says she designed a wife she loved Webster's pages that is a obviously clear plastic and this is okay the back of this last one here so I'm really thrilled with this I think it was a great Buy especially for $30 getting that 50% off well it should have been 20 I mean without tax it was $27 but technically I paid $30 and I lived taxes are crazy high so yeah I like that there are the two pen loot and maybe this isn't a pen loop I mean is this it's it's big enough if anyone would like to see a planner set up after I get this organized and maybe I'll be filling in the pockets with stuff let me know I can do video not as well but that was just a quick little flip through I will probably be doing a review I don't know how much you'll see of this in my weekly plan with me videos because like I said it's mr. cook it's just gonna be like a to-do list basically and I'm not gonna have the planner with me but maybe I will but I'm really really really really really happy with it I can't even talk I'm so happy I love that this does grow with grace that's just so cute um if you can't tell this says Webster's pages around the little button there but yeah um I would say definitely get your hands on it I really like the a5 size the a6 I do like those

but I like having a bit more space to write those are just a little smaller and I know I'm always just going off on these rabbit trails when talking about whatever but I had to mention that the mini happy cleaner which I did see at Hobby Lobby I saw the two that everyone's been saying the black-and-white one and then the watercolor one those two are undated which I would like to get because then I could start them now but I know that I really really want to wait and get the other ones that come out if you want to look on Michaels website um which I can link below they have all the mini planners many happy planners listed they're just not available to purchase yet but you can go look at all the covers that are coming out and everything they're so cute I can already think of three or four that I want not that I need them and they are $19.99 so I will definitely be using those coupons at Hobby Lobby and Michaels to buy them and I think that's pretty overpriced Phil's little planners I'm just looking around my office trying to see if I have anything to compare yet the mini the mini happy planner was smaller than this little notebook like it was basically the size of my hand I have very small hands by the way um yeah I just wanted to throw that out there because I know in my last video I had mentioned that I wanted to get one but now I'm just gonna wait until the end of the month when the rest of them come out so anyway off-topic but I had to throw that out there thank you for watching this video let me know if there's anything else you want to see like the stuff I mentioned seeing the pre-planning or a review I will probably be well I will do a review I think and I'll just do a little flip through of my setup in that video okay so thank you so much for watching I hope you guys have a great week and I'll see you on Saturday New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

sample cover letter university student  
sample cover letter university student