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Berkeley College ​everyone is the notorious ki a welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm gonna be doing a much-needed spring cleaning I'm gonna be cleaning out and organized in my closet I'm also gonna be giving you guys some tips and tricks on how to get your closet all the way together okay today's video is in collaboration with Poshmark if you guys aren't familiar with Poshmark they're a mobile app where you can sell your clothes you can also shop other people's closets they have brands like Nike Adidas leave it on etc should definitely follow me at the notorious keg and come shop my closet you guys haven't downloaded the app already I will leave a link in the description box where you can download the app for free we like free things don't we so without further ado let's hop right into this video alright guys welcome to my closet this is where the magic happens like for real yeah this is pretty much what my closet looks like majority of the time most days out of the week I didn't try to clean it up make it look pretty for you guys because we're gonna get this closet all the way together in this video this is the before one of the reasons why I love cleaning out my closet other than just getting rid of clutter is that I fall back in love with my wardrobe I rediscover my personal style and it's fun getting dressed again so yeah that's the goal for this video hopefully you guys you know are inspired by your wardrobe and you kind of like have a clear-cut sense of like what your personal style is and just in case you need to go shop in you know exactly what you need so before you start the tedious task of reorganizing your closet and getting rid of clutter you must have like a clear like understanding the direction you want your closet to go in you must know your personal style and I do plan on actually doing a video on how to discover your personal style but just for the purposes of this video really quickly I like to create like visual mood boards of what my style is so I'll go on Pinterest and just like anything that catches my eye or add it to like a real secret board like my personal style and I just pay attention to the things I'm constantly repenting and that pretty much tells you what your personal style is so just have a collection of images that inspire you or a collection of images that tell you what your personal style is so just so it's a lot easier getting dressed one and also a lot easier too clean out your closet so if you look at items so say for instance this this romper right here this doesn't fit within you know my personal style mood board on Pinterest then guess what girl it has to go so I either put this in a donate pile or I put this in a pile to sell on Poshmark and you can actually have physical mood boards as well that she can like place in your closet so when you're getting dressed or when you're organizing your closet you have something to look at constantly to make sure you're getting dressed within that current vision also when you're creating these mood boards keep in mind your lifestyle like what's your occupation you know if you're a student your wardrobe would look vastly different than somebody who's you know working in corporate America as a banker or lawyer I'm so definitely keep that in mind we have you know visions of what we want our style to be but they're just not realistic to our lifestyle so that's just how you make the most of your closet you're not just out there buying things that you're never going to wear you're just making sure you stay true to your lifestyle in your occupation as well so that's why it's good to have like actual physical smooth boards in your closet like set it here or somewhere where you can constantly look at it so once you've created your mood board you have a clear sense of vision of what you want your personal style to be or what your personal style is now it's time to start cleaning out your closet so what I like to do is remove everything everything including the shoes and any accessories that's in here I just start with it clean slate so everything has to go order for an items make it back into the closet it must fit within certain parameters I'm so one you must have one item within the last year if you didn't wear it last spring guess what girl you not gonna wear it this spring okay sue it fits you well I think that's another big thing we love the clothes but we don't actually love ourselves in the clothes so we keep items that we know don't look really good on us but you just love the item no we have to purge let go of that because guess what new blessings are gonna come into your life clothes that actually flatter you and fit and make you feel like a million bucks like if you don't feel good and confident in an item it has to go okay three something that holds sentimental value so say your grandmother gave you a cardigan or your mother's old wedding dress or maybe it's a really good vintage item that you thrifted but you don't really wear it you don't want to keep it in your main closet but you do want to keep it so like pack it away and keep it under your bed or in other closet the only items that should be in your closet are items that you wear consistently and that you plan on wearing for recent purchases but you do have to re-evaluate those recent purchases to make sure they actually fit within your current wardrobe if they don't if you can return them return them if not put them in a pile to sell and Poshmark maybe it's an item that you want to DIY so don't put it back in the closet put it in a bin for DIY and just market DIY projects or maybe it's something that needs

alterations like I have a few items in here that I know the zipper broke and it's just chillin collecting dust over here so I'm gonna put that in a pile for alterations that go to the cleaners and get it altered so then it can make it back into the closet so that's pretty much the criteria that I stick with you can add your own and if it doesn't stick within any of these criteria guess what girl she's not coming back in here so that's why it's ideal to just remove everything from your closet and just one by one bring items back I prefer that method over life you know just going to randomly because let me tell you you play yourself or I play myself all the time when I try to like one by one things because things end up saying that shouldn't stay so you could admit you have to fully commit to just getting rid of things and just purge all right so here are all the shoes that were in my main closet I actually have a few more closets add like shoes and stuff that I'm going to do separately but these are the items that are in my main wardrobe [Music] whoa this is exhausting so I just wrapped up the shoes I pretty much organized by brand so we have Nike Puma adidas fans converse and then just randomness just spread throughout yeah I probably knocked it down about 10% I'm pretty satisfied right now now let's move on to the hard part which is clothes girl I'm gonna need another hot cheeto break all the clothes have been removed and it's looking a little empty in here and dusty Oh am I ready for this task I have to be you can't turn back now so here's my handy little clothing rack everything that's going back into my closet will be on here first I'm gonna organize it on here and then transfer it into my closet everything else is gonna go into a trash bag and then later on I'll sort whether I'm gonna donate or sell it on Poshmark so what's my rack it's pretty much at capacity then I just go back to just double-check that the items that are here I'm like 100% certain okay I got this like a year ago and I didn't wear this past winter so you've got it all wrong sorry I love the color gray I love neutral colors but not all pieces are created equal I don't remember the last time I wore this and it's kind of like dingy around the collar so yeah you better go Beach yeah this I don't remember the last time I were you you have to go - I love sweatshirts I love hoodies cardigans definitely this one I've worn yeah we're gonna keep you gonna keep you know I knew when I put this here that I wasn't didn't want to keep you because it doesn't doesn't fit remember like key key key it fits you good I should have got that sweater and a small but it's a medium so oh well this no this time too do you guys see why it's imperative to just double-check yourself but then oh you can stay this is a champion hoodie that's like very oversized but it's dingy so I don't know maybe I could just wash this one so you're gonna throw this into the wash keys keep keep keep keep ski ski keeps so once I've completed the second like cut down for garments then I go back and organize it while it's still in this rack I just find that it's just a lot easier just do it before I put it in the closet so there's pretty much two ways to organize you can go buy a garment and then buy color or pattern or you can go by color or pattern and then buy garment for me the easiest way is just to go buy a garment type and then organize from light to dark as far as colors and patterns go so that's pretty much what I did here I have cardigans regular sweaters sweatshirts hoodies and blazers right here now it's time to bring it back into my closet as far as hangars I want everything to be uniform so I'm switching over everything to these black velvet hangers it's just personal preference it just looks better and also the garments are gonna stay on they're not going to slip off I picked these up from TJ Maxx and it's 25 for only $9.99 to definitely check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls for devot hangers it just creates a nice cohesion amongst your clothes i'ma definitely no wire hangers all right so I previously added in my bottoms I have my skirts here and then the pants over here how I organized it's pretty much by color or pattern because how I get dressed is I have like something in a my knob like hmm I need a pair of colorful pattern bottoms so now I can just zero in on all my bottoms with patterns right here and then we have the greens reds blues and then blacks right here you pretty much have to think about like how you get dressed and kind of like organize your closet so it makes sense for you just so it's just a lot easier to get dressed so if you know you love patterned shirts too just keep all your pattern blouses just together like this or you know all your light colors are all like your spaghetti strapp stuff just however you get dressed just like make there a method to your madness but make it specifically for you I can just give you a template on how I do it but of course I want you guys to cater it to how you like it as far as determining what to donate versus what to sell for selling you will pretty much want to keep it fresh and trendy definitely items that still have the tags on them are great to sell items that are gently gently worn meeting like one or two times they're not dirty they're not torn or have any damages whatsoever those are great items to sell you definitely want to keep it in season so save all your outerwear that's super heavy and chunky for the winner save it for the fall time you know put those things aside cuz they're not gonna sell right now people are spring writing and getting summer ready so you want to make sure you're selling summer and spring clothes right now just pack away all the sweaters and heavy outerwear and save that for later if I can go in the store and get it right now that's a good item to sell because you're probably gonna sell it a lot cheaper then you can get it in the store also like for our your vintage lovers your thrift lovers like I love buying and selling items from the thrift store there's something that's like super unique one-of-a-kind those are great items to sell for me personally I think about the items that I've bought from Poshmark and they definitely were outerwear or shoes so definitely you

know think about that before you start selling other great items to sell are basics and staples so denim jackets is a staple right so this will always sell oughta wear something that you know is going to stay with you for a couple of years hopefully and so a denim jacket like this distress one is a really great item to sell and also still have the tag on it also this you know white denim jacket which still has a tag one as well and it's lacing up which is really trendy so this is a really great item to sell as well dresses occasional dresses is another great item to sell because I wore this to the toy wedding and I'll never wear it again so it's great I'm a toss this onto the Poshmark app and hopefully somebody else can wear this and you know wear to a wedding and then next thing you know they put it on the posh Mart hat it's like The Sisterhood of the Traveling dresses okay alright guys so I'm finally done it took me two days but all that matters that I got it done so take the time that you need two days a week whatever it is but get it done have a goal in mind and just tackle it okay do what you have to do but get it done so here are the bag of clothes that I'm gonna donate I have about five so far and here are the bins of clothes that I'm either going to sell on my Poshmark or giveaway so that completes this video guys thank you so much for watching you know if we get to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven't done so already comment down below with your posh Tamar candle you know ain't nothing wrong a little shameless plug okay and once again follow me at the notorious ki a and come shop my closet hopefully this video inspired you guys to want to clean out and organize your closet and hopefully you fall back in love with your clothes and realize why you enjoy getting dressed in the first place cuz that's the goal dressing is supposed to be fun it's an expression is how you communicate with the world and it should be fun you shouldn't dread it so ya clean out that closet get it together you know so you could be out here slaying less time worrying about what you want to wear and more time slaying okay thank you again and I'll see you guys in my next video so until next time peace [Music] St. John Fisher College.