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Recce Report:

Above are some of the locations we thought of that may be good places to go to film our horror trailer there are also some general ideas we had that we wrote down also. As you can see from the ‘locations’ part of the sheet me and Scott thought it would be a good idea to film in a dark street because darkness signifies danger and an abandoned street would leave your audience feeling on edge. House: we thought a house may be a good place to film as it takes people away from their comfort zones. We thought that if something happened in a house it would scare people more because it’s not stereotypical to have bad things happen in a house. Graveyard: This is a stereotypical place to film a horror trailer. Everyone knows that bad things always happen here, which is one of the reasons we wrote it down as one of our possible

locations. We didn’t want our trailer to be stereotypical in the fact that everyone would be able to predict what was going to happen which is later why we decided to go against this location. Picture reference: Children’s park: we thought that at night a children’s park would look scary, and we thought about shots we could film of the swing, swinging on its own to try and create a scary/isolated image. Picture reference: Corridor: We thought that the corridor at college could be good to use because it would look scary. We decided against this idea because in previous horror trailers we watched from last year they all filmed either in college or used the college corridor so we wanted to use a different approach. We also wanted to go out of our way for locations so that our ideas were not easily copied. Picture reference: Attic: Attics are quite scary and we thought that this would be a good location to have, because attics are old and they normally hold a bit of history about the house. I, Scott, Sam and Abigail all decided that the two locations we would use are the house and the attic because they are both linked and because they are not stereotypical locations to use. Picture reference: House_Attic_West.JPG Woods: One of the locations we didn’t think of was the woods, but is one we used in our trailer. We thought the seclusion of someone on their own in the woods would disorientate the audience and would also scare them and feel anxious for the character involved. Picture reference: