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Would you be interested in seeing a psychological film about an Oujia board?

As you can tell by the left the majority of the people we asked would be interested in a ‘psychological Ouija Yes No

board’ which is good because this is our idea which is one of the reasons we asked it.

Does it spoil the film if you know who the villian is during the trailer?

As you can see by the pie chart the most common answer was ‘no’ for this question which is good because we Yes

reveal our villain in our trailer and


wouldn’t want out audience to be put off by us revealing the villain.

As you can see by the table Films Last House on the Left Hannibal Rising Shaun of the Dead Woman in Black Saw Hostel Orphan The Exorcist

Villain Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal Rising) Ester (Orphan) Jigsaw (Saw) Voldemort (Harry Potter) Joker (Batman) Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

towards the left I have organised people’s favourite films and villains to give me and my group some kind of understanding. This is also helps us recreate themes and events

that have happened in these movies for us to include in our trailer.


Questionnaire Analysis