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The Greatest Fairy Tale: The Amazing Life and Story of Hans Christian Andersen Autostadt Azzurro Theater

The Greatest Fairy Tale: The Amazing Life and Story of Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen Venue Rosenborg Castle October 2005

The Orientation Theater. Eight book-shaped projection screens introduce visitors to Hans Christian Andersen as he tells his story in his own words. Under the projection screens are 9 book-shaped light boxes with text, photographs, quotes, and examples of Andersen’s collages and cutouts.

Bookshelves. As a backdrop to the Orientation Theater, six oversized book clusters lie stand atop a giant bookshelf. At right is the Ugly Duckling’s Egg Icon, an emblematic centerpiece for the Orientation Theater.

Detail of The Ugly Duckling’s Egg Icon. A video of skittering clouds racing across a blue sky is projected onto the egg. From speakers imbedded in each of the Icon frames, strains of a specially-commissioned musical score can be heard.

The Young Artist. The Treasure Coins Icon lies central to an area which discusses Andersen’s early years. Beyond to the left is the Coin-Rubbing Interactive, and at right is the Book/Case Unit; these three types of components comprise the building blocks for the exhibition.

Treasure Coins Interactive. At each of the interactive stations, visitors are invited to use an Activity Booklet given upon entering the exhibition. In this interactive, visitors rub words and images into their booklet from the faces of the treasure coins.

The Young Artist Book/Case Unit. A glowing photomural creates a backdrop to graphic and audiovisual media discussing stages of Andersen’s life.

Journeys and Passions. The Flying Trunk Icon with ďŹ reworks projections is central to chapter discussing Andersen’s inspiring travels. Beyond to the left is the Book/Case Unit. Visitors continue their experience upstairs on the mezzanine level.

Mezzanine Level. Ascending to the next oor, visitors see the Shadow Icon, the Papercutting Activity and the Mermaid’s Tail Icon.

The Storytelling Alcove. Here visitors can relax and listen to nine of Andersen’s tales narrated in both in both English and Danish. At right stands The Shadow Icon with ame projections.

Mezzanine Overlooks. A view from the mezzanine level to the Orientation Theater and Egg Icon below.

From right: the Shadow Icon, the Papercutting Activity with the Dreamwall projections beyond.

Detail of the Papercutting Activity with Dreamwall projections beyond

A storyboard illustrating a sequence in the Dreamwall

Mermaid’s Tail Icon. Shimmering water is projected onto the surface of the mermaid’s tail. From this point, visitors return to the ground floor.

Fame Book/Case Unit. The ďŹ nal chapter in the exhibition discusses Andersen’s later years and his growing international reputation.

The Emperor’s New Clothes Icon. At the emblematic center of the Fame chapter, a crown with gold glitter video projections.

A Happy Ending Interactive. To conclude their activity experience, visitors insert their booklet into the mouths of these whimsical cutout faces, which record the time and location of the visit.

Legacy Theater. To conclude the experience, three book-shaped projection screens discuss Andersen’s continuing inuences on future generations.

Project Awards & Honors: 2006 APPLIED ARTS, Design & Advertising Awards Annual Design Review 2006 COMMUNICATION ARTS, Design Annual 47 2006 GOOD DESIGN Award from the Chicago Athenaeum

Autostadt Azzurro Wolfsburg, Germany September 2006 Located in the Volkswagen manufacturing headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, the Autostadt is a collection of visitor experiences intended to build brand awareness. The Azzuro Theater is the latest addition to these experiences.

The Azzurro Thearter experience examines the topic of mobility by taking visitors on a virtual tour of the world as seen through the windows of an oversized virtual car.


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Brook Anderson  

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