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by Tanthony Raeshawn Last December the Skin of Color Society (SOCS) put together a media day luncheon to discuss skin and scalp issues that people of color experience and how they are tackling these issues while bringing about breakthroughs and real results. As the Beauty and Fashion editor for Bronze, I had the pleasure of speaking with mostly every expert there, and each conversation was enlightening, valuable and most importantly, informative. When I spoke with Dr. Amy McMichael, MD, she was very informative and thorough as she educated me on skin

From left: Crystal Harrell (Proctor & Gamble), Dr. Susan C. Taylor, MD & Tanthony Raeshawn 34

Dr. Susan C. Taylor, MD & Tanthony Raeshawn

and hair care. One of many things we discussed that I felt was very important was how women are shaving hair from under their chin and face, as well as plucking hair out with tweezers, which, according to Dr. McMichael is an absolute “No, No.” “Doing so causes hyper pigmentation and dark marks in the skin,” says Dr. McMichael. She explains, “The best thing to do if you are having unwanted hair grow in is to see a dermatologist.” She also mentioned that laser hair removal treatment or waxing are sources that could be used. We also spoke about women of color and what contributed to damaged, thinning hair and women with male pattern baldness. Dr. Amy explained that she knows so many women that are ashamed of their hair and scalp conditions that they keep it covered by hairstyles that keep hair even more deprived, such as sew in weaves, which could cause traction alopecia, tight hair braiding practices that causes hair thinning, and over processed hair with chemicals, such as a relaxer and color. Next I spoke to Dr. Andrew F. Alexis MD, MPH. In our conversation, I asked the question, “What age is sufficient for males to start shaving?” He informed me, “It is not necessarily the age that is the issue as it is the technique in which men and young men alike are shaving.” He goes on to say that one should never shave going against the grain, or dig into their skin to get ingrown hair out. With these concerns, one should see a dermatologist that specializes in their

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