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BrontĂŤ Mutukistna Recent Work

Table of Contents 1 Student Housing

2 House for Two Inhabitants

3 An Abstract Model

4 Wrap

5 Exploring my Home

6 Project Guyana

Student Housing integrated throughout the building inducing

north west corner of Spadina and Sussex.

sociability and collectivity within the complex.

The building is designed as a space enclosing

The cutting in of social spaces and consequent

structure. The interior space opens to the quieter

punch out of social spaces on the adjacent

alleyway adjacent to Spadina, with the hope of

faรงade speaks to the notion of reciprocity. A

creating an interior space distinct from the

bright red colour is used to highlight the

streetscape.The building sits upon a glass base,

staircase and add a certain playfulness to the

enabling the large structure to gain a light quality

residence. Soft and light colours are used to

and openess to the public. Social spaces are

project the simplicity of residence living.

Student Housing April 2019

This student housing project sits at the

Student Housing April 2019

House for Two Inhabitants

Located in the neigbourhood of Rathanelly, positioned at a T-intersection with a curving railroad in the rear, the house works to respond to these two moments of irregularity within a predominantely rectinlinear site. The concept for this house is based on agularity and is a response to the orientation of planes and forms in the streetscape. As a result, the

to take on a number of angles. The house not

‘responsive’ house is the inextricable

only responds to the physical features of the

connection between site and architecture,

streetscape but, the angular faces also

and the importance this relationship plays

acknowledge the different outward lines of sight

in the experience of space.

house gains a shifting quality as it attempts

to greater street views. The premise of this

from the house. The angled façades of the house and angled detailing on the windows provide

House for Two Inhabitants December 2018

outward views away from nearby homes and open

North Elevation

East Elevation

House for Two Inhabitants December 2018

West Elevation

House for Two Inhabitants December 2018

An Abstract Model the second floor by creating a series of repeating walls parallel to the outline of the house, displaying a greater uniformity. Different levels of enclosed space are further explored through the separation of walls.The model works to conceptualize the living experience within the house, describing the directionality and level of enclosure of space, and works to understand Pointi’s core approach to wall placement.

An Abstract Model October 2018

This model is based on the study of an architectural precedent, Villa Planchart designed by Gio Ponti. The model is an abstraction of the house and specifically explores the influence of different wall orientations on one’s experience of space. Villa Planchart is a unique house that displays two different approaches to wall orientations on each of the two floors. The model highlights this distinction between the first and second floor by contrasting the erratic character of the first floor with the consistency and uniformity of the second floor. This is acheived by maintaining the original wall placement of the first floor, displaying an arbitrary organization of the walls, and abstracting

An Abstract Model October 2018


This conceptual design of a series of study spaces explores the manipulation of the size and use of a single material in designating the type and function of an enclosed space. Referencing a treehouse like design, the structure takes on

Wrap April 2018

a certain playfulness and openess, working to create a friendly and collaborative environment.

The level of enclosed space presribes the type of study area. Sections that have greater wall

Silent Study

Group Study

coverage denote spaces alocated for quiet or silent study. Whereas, areas with less wall

Open Lounge

wrapping around the space are areas for collaboration and connectivity. Wrap April 2018

Quiet Study

Exploring my Home

This short project is an exploration

Exploring my Home January 2019

of the interior of my home.

1’ 9” 6’ 3” x 4’ 5”

1’ 10”

3’ 9”

3’ 9”

6’ 5” x 4’ 4”

1’ 3” x 1’ 4” 12’ 2”

4’ 2” 4’ x 2’

11’ 3”

12’ 2”

2’ 6” x 1’ 3”

2’ 1”

1’ 9”


2’ 1”

5’ 7”


7’ 7”

3’ 6”

3’ 11”

1’ 3”

3’ 9”

2’ 11” x 1’ 11” 2’ 9”

7’ 1”

4’ 7” x 1’ 7” 1’ 7” x 1’ 8”

Second Floor 1:30

7’ 11”

8’ 2”

4’ 3”

5’ 9”

9’ 4” x 5’ 8” 8’ x 3’ 2”

3’ 9” x 1’ 6”

2’ 3”

10’ 8”

3’ 6” x 2’ 3”


6’ 7”

12’ 4”

21’ 2”

3’ 1”

These plans are a study of a portion of house. Carrying through the focus of

1’ 7”


both the first and second floor of my

11’ 2”

material in my drawing of the photograph, I continued to highlight material and fabric within the two plans.

Exploring my Home January 2019

First Floor 1:30

Project Guyana

Project Guyana March 2019

This drawing was made for Project Guyana, an initiative taken on by Future Living Lab. This organization is a student-run innovation committee focused on creating affordable and sustainable built form. This design is for a community orphanage in Guyana and I completed a render for the design. I wanted to present a certain playfulness in the design that would reflect the children that would occupy the space. Thus, colour was emphasized in the drawing, from the bed linens to the staircase, to create a cheerful scene.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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