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Smarter Workplace Safety |

Term 2, 2019

DANGEROUS GOODS IN SCHOOLS: Are you doing everything possible to ensure compliance?

Top five industries identified for unsafe storage of flammable goods: Hospitals and aged care


Primary and secondary schools


Botanical gardens and parks

18% 13% 23%

Manufacturing Shopping centre operators

*Based on Bronson Safety customer reports.

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Smarter Workplace Safety |

Critical points

Term 2, 2019


• The volume of individual containers

The Justrite brand of cabinets are designed in the United States and imported to Australia. These world-class cabinets are FM Certified (a worldwide insurance standard), making Justrite the only Cabinet brand in Australia with this certification.

• Fuel storage containers should be

• • • •

for you to check

storing fuel should not exceed 30 litres. (Controlled volumes reduce the risk of manual handling injuries that may result from lifting and moving heavy objects). contained within storage cabinets with bunding and should not be stored with incompatible substances (e.g. fertilisers and combustible materials).

Why choose Justrite Dangerous Goods cabinets?

Justrite are the ONLY cabinet brand in Australia with FM Certification Comply with and exceed Australian Standard AS1940. Cabinets come with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY. Meet requirements of OSHA, NFPA 30, NFPA 1 and the International Fire Code Requirements. Every cabinet is fire tested and fully fire resistant.

• Mower fuels are not compatible with

almost all other classes of dangerous goods and MUST be stored within FM approved Flammable Goods Cabinets or at least 5 metres away from any other dangerous good.

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets These cabinets safely store: • • • • • •

Safety Cabinets check list

‰‰ Cabinet size appropriate for current and future storage needs.

‰‰ Chemicals properly segregated and

Lawn mower fuel Petrol Diesel Paint and paint thinners Solvents Aerosols and aerosol cans

Item #A0814

stored in correct color cabinet.

‰‰ Chemicals inventoried and SDS sheets readily available.

‰‰ Bungs installed on dual vents (unless

Item #A1127

Available in a huge range of sizes, from 30L to 350L.

venting is required by the authority having jurisdiction).

From $980.00*

‰‰ Antistatic wires attached from ground lug to earth source.

‰‰ Cabinet anchored with seismic bracket as needed.

‰‰ Cabinet contents secured with

padlock on built-in handle – (drilling into cabinet walls will negate fire resistance approval).

‰‰ Cabinet is fully operational: fusible

links on self close doors, doors close fully and engage 3-point latching system, leak proof sills intact, shelving stable and not overloaded.

See why Justrite is the global leader in Dangerous Goods Cabinets.


Small 30L under bench cabinet means you can safely store your chemicals in the class room!

SDS Documentation and Storage Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Documentation provides critical information about hazardous chemicals. A SDS may include: ¾¾Identification of chemical present and their ingredients. ¾¾Any present health and physical hazards. ¾¾Safe handling and storage procedures. Item #A0810 ¾¾Emergency procedures. ¾¾Disposal information and considerations. Store your SDS documents in one central location with a Justrite Storage Box. They are attachable to the side of any Justrite Storage Cabinet and are made of weatherresistant polyethylene, to protect your SDS documentation from moisture and dirt. A label pack is included with the purchase of all Storage Boxes, containing blank and printed (“SDS” and “Instructional Manual”) labels.

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SDS Holder Medium Top Load

318(H) X 260(W) X 57(D)mm

From $98.00*

Your trusted source for workplace safety supplies ALL Justrite Storage Cabinets feature: • • • • • • • •

Full welded double 1.2mm steel walls, with 40mm insulated thermal Electrostatic high gloss powder coat paint. Dual vents with built in flash arresters. Close fitting, sequential self-closing and latching doors with 3-point locking mechanism. 150mm deep leak-proof, fully welded sump. Shelves with built in troughs to contain any spills. Adjustable shelf height to maximise storage space. Adjustable, levelling feet to prevent doors from binding. Doors open a full 180 degrees for ease of handling.

These cabinets safely store: Pesticides Herbicides Fertilizers Flammables Other turf chemicals


The Chemicals in these areas must be stored in an appropriate Cabinet. A locking mechanism should be applied to ensure the chemicals are safely secured and accessable only by appropriate personnel. It is the duty of the PCBU to know which products in their workplace are classed as ‘dangerous goods’ and store them appropriately.

Pesticides Storage Cabinets • • • • •

What to look out for in your School or

Item #A1132



Available in a huge range of sizes, from 100L to 350L.

Pool Shed Areas

From $1,464.00*

• • •

Fuel is highly flammable and can be dangerous to users – careful storage is recommended. Individual Storage Containers storing fuel MUST NOT exceed a volume of 30 litres. This controlled volume reduces the risk of manual handling injuries that result from lifting or moving of heavy objects. Fuel MUST be contained inside storage cabinets with bunding. Fuel MUST NOT be stored with incompatible substances such as fertilisers and combustible materials.

Mower fuels ARE NOT compatible with other classes of dangerous goods.

Mower fuels MUST be stored within FM approved Flammable Goods Cabinets, or positioned at least 5 metres away from any other dangerous good.

Corrosives Storage Cabinets These cabinets safely store: • • • • • • •

Item #A1175

Chlorine is highly dangerous, and contains various chemical classes that react to heat, moisture and other chemicals:

Oxidizing Pool Chemicals –

Examples: Calcium hypochlorite or Sodium hypochlorite.

Fuel Storage – What You Need To Know •

Maintenance Workshop Areas Engine fuel: Highly flammable, Paints and Aerosols

Pool chemicals Laboratory chemicals Hydrochloric acid Ammonium hydroxide Potassium hydroxide Sodium hydrochlorite Most other corrosive chemicals

Available in a huge range of sizes, from 30L to 350L.

From $1,180.00*

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Corrosive Pool Chemicals –

3 4

Examples: Hydrochloric acid or Sulphuric acid.

Science Room and Lab Areas A wide range of flammable and combustible liquids are used in school science areas.

Janitor’s Cupboard

Chemicals such as antimicrobials, solvents, fragrances and surfactants are stored in cleaning cupboards.

Do you have these stored correctly in your facility? ¾¾Turpentine


¾¾Petrol jerry cans

¾¾Diesel fuel

¾¾Paint and paint thinners

¾¾Aerosol cans

¾¾Cleaning chemicals ¾¾Pool chemicals

¾¾Laboratory chemicals

Smarter Workplace Safety |

Term 2, 2019


Make sure you’re covered when dealing with dangerous goods Item # A5209 Eye Wash Station Wall Mounted

In Case Of An Emergency… Emergency Eye Wash Stations are essential when dangerous goods are present in a School or Workplace. Dangerous chemicals and vapours can cause serious damage to the eyes and face. Wall mounted Eye Wash stations are ideal for short term emergency response. The small size and wall mounting mechanism allow it to be positioned less than 10m from any Dangerous Goods Cabinets.


Shop the complete range of Emergency Eye Wash Stations at Item # A1097 General Purpose Spill Kits 120L


Item # A4243 Premium Nitrile Gloves


Item # BS1390 Hazchem Sign POLY 600 x 150mm


Item # A1113 Premier Safety Glasses


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DANGEROUS GOODS IN SCHOOLS: Are you doing everything possible to ensure compliance?  

DANGEROUS GOODS IN SCHOOLS: Are you doing everything possible to ensure compliance?