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The general purpose of a Wheel Stop is to limit how far a vehicle is able to advance into a parking space. A Wheel Stop is commonly required to: • Prevent vehicles from overhanging onto a kerb or pedestrian footpath, as this is considered a hazard. • Protect a company’s property by inhibiting contact with an end barrier, high kerb or wall. • Protect customers’ property by inhibiting encroachment into an opposing parking space or vehicle.

The use of a Wheel Stop should be avoided when: • It is likely to block or obstruct the path of pedestrians when moving to and from their vehicles. • Pedestrians are likely to be crossing the area for any other foreseen purpose

Product Specifications and Requirements All Australian business owners must meet the WHS requirements for Wheel Stops, as set out in the Acts and Regulations of their State or Territory. Australian Standards outline reasonable practices necessary for a business owner to perform their minimum duty and eliminate or minimise risk in the workplace under WHS law. Australian Standard AS2890.1-2004 outlines the strict specifications and procedures for Wheel Stops in Australia. Wheel Stops in Australia must be between 90mm and 100mm in height, and 1650mm ± 50mm in width. All Bronson Safety Wheel Stops are 100mm high. The following diagram outlines these specifications.

The highest quality and best performing Wheel Stops are those made of plastic (linear low density polyethylene) or rubber material, respectively. Best practice indicates that Wheel Stops should consist of bright and/or reflective surfaces, so as to increase visibility and decrease wear and tear. Wheel Stops may also be used in conjunction with other protective devices, such as bollards, to further protect assets. Ensure that these are highly visible. The positioning of a Wheel Stop in a parking space is dependent on three factors: 1.

The purpose of the car park. Will the car park be used for front-in or rear-in parking? If a car park allows both, it is required that the Wheel Stop be placed further from the wall or kerb (as indicated in the below diagram).


The height of the kerb or wall that is in front of the parking space. If the wall or kerb is higher than 150mm, more space must be given than for a wall or kerb that is equal to or less than 150mm high (see below diagram).


The height of the Wheel Stop that is used. Whether a Wheel Stop is 90mm or 100mm high will affect its position in a parking space. The below diagram is set to Bronson Safety’s recommended height of 100mm.

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Bronson Explains: Wheel Stops  

Bronson Explains: Wheel Stops