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POSITIVITY IN ACTION Bronson Health Foundation Impact Report

2018 was another year of humbling generosity for the Bronson Health Foundation. More than $5 million was raised through the kindness of friends and neighbors served by the Foundation and the Bronson Healthcare system. This has provided immeasurable support to much needed programs, projects and services across our region. As turbulence in the healthcare industry continues to apply financial pressure to hospitals across the country, we are grateful that our donors have been a constant beacon for Bronson during these challenging times. In the pages ahead, you will read about the expanding reach of the Bronson Health Foundation as we serve patients and families from South Haven to Battle Creek and beyond. You’ll see how we continue to broaden our collective impact through our work to address the health disparities associated with infant mortality. And, you’ll learn how Bronson employees are advancing care and finding ways to leave a lasting legacy. Donors never cease to amaze us in both their creativity and kindness. We are excited for the year ahead and the many opportunities we will have, including this one, to share stories with our friends and donors. None of our achievements would be possible without your commitment to Bronson and the communities we serve. The healing power of kindness is present in every gift. It is our privilege to pass it on.

Each day, we are inspired by our patients who courageously face challenges, our employees who overcome hurdles and our donors who generously give. Every story provides a window into the true impact of giving.

Von Washington, Jr. Board Chair Bronson Health Foundation

Terry Morrow Vice President of Development and Community Health Bronson Healthcare

Read how our community health workers are fighting infant mortality

Get a close-up look at how our youngest patients benefit from your generosity

See how our Battle Creek Cancer Care Fund impacts patients

Hear how new technology is saving the lives of stroke patients




14 See a list of the many funds and endowments available for gift giving

Take a look at our fundraising efforts by the numbers




Meet an RN who has made a planned giving pledge to help future nurses


From tiny babies, to young adults — read how the VanDam’s NICU experience inspired them to give


Get a breakdown of the many ways Foundation funds helped in 2018


Learn how Safe Kids teaches parents how to make safe choices




Monique Austell and Katrina Stacy

Caring for Community The disparity between black and white infant mortality in Kalamazoo County is one of the highest in Michigan. Babies of color are four times more likely to die before their first birthday. Monique Austell and Katrina Stacy are focused on the human lives behind those statistics. “These are our community’s babies. They can be anybody’s babies.” Monique and Katrina are Bronson community health workers. These new positions are funded by the Bronson Health Foundation and were created to help combat the high infant mortality rate. “We looked at what steps other communties are taking that are successful,” says Monique. “We found having help for moms-to-be from the start is really important.”

“We want to be able to help these women, to advocate for them and to show them it can be done.”

“We try to get women seen earlier, schedule follow-up prenatal care, social work, and provide them education and resources for after the baby is born,” explains Katrina. “We teach them about everything from safe sleep to how to properly install a car seat.” Building relationships and being open to conversations is an important part of what Monique and Katrina do. “We let them know they have resources and help right here,” says Monique. Hiring community health workers is one of the ways that the Cradle Kalamazoo collaborative is working proactively to reduce the infant mortality disparity. Bronson is the operational partner of Cradle Kalamazoo and one of 30 agencies working together to address this important health issue in our community.

“We want to be able to help these women, to advocate for them and to show them it can be done,” says Katrina. And, Monique adds, “We want to provide reassurance that we as a community are about helping them be the best parents they can be.”


Securing the Future When Rob Germain started working at Bronson 39 years ago, he was a respiratory therapist just getting his start. While working, he received his associate’s degree in nursing through Kalamazoo Valley Community College. He then decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Over the years, Rob appreciated receiving tuition reimbursement from Bronson and a scholarship from the wife of Bronson’s late CEO, Patric Ludwig. “I remember I was very emotional. It meant a lot for someone to come forward and offer to help me pay for school. It was a very thoughtful thing,” Rob says.

“It meant a lot for someone to come forward and offer to help me pay for school. It was a very thoughtful thing.”


Nine years into his career at Bronson he started working in Bronson Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he

continues his career today, caring for young patients who are experiencing serious injury or illness. When Rob lost his dad a few years ago, he started to consider his own future. He wanted to honor his dad, also named Robert, and help the next generation of aspiring nurses. Rob approached the Bronson Health Foundation to create a planned gift which would establish the Robert Germain Nursing Scholarship. “I think it’s important to help people out. There may be someone working here at Bronson now who is passionate about being a nurse, and is dynamic and bright, but maybe doesn’t have the financial means,” says Rob. “This will decrease the financial burden.” Rob says it’s fulfilling to know he can help those who will continue to care for patients at Bronson for years to come. “It’s been a rewarding career here at Bronson. This is my place, and these are my people. I’m happy to give back.”

Rob Germain




number of gifts

| $5,160,423

| 27,205

number of donors

| 4,016


Little Help, Big Difference Employee Appeal Our system-wide employee giving campaign brings out the generosity and caring spirit of Bronson’s workforce.

Good Neighbor Community Appeal New and returning donors once again generously supported our annual community appeal.

Bronson Children’s Hospital 5k Run & Walk




Total Raised


Total Raised


Total Raised


Making sure babies have the safest start possible is a priority. The Bronson BirthPlace – Battle Creek provides new sleep sacks for Sleep Sacks each newborn, Help Keep thanks to Babies Safe funding from the Bronson Health Foundation. These one-piece sleepers are designed so no blankets are needed in the crib. Loose blankets, sheets, bumper pads and toys can create a sleeping hazard for babies before their first birthday. “Sending each family home with a sleep sack for their infant allows us to help parents right from the start,” says Tammy Strandberg, manager of nursing. “These cozy wearable blankets provide comfort and are a tool to help prevent crib death. We hope Bronson babies enjoy many peaceful nights and naps in them.”


Bronson Children’s Hospital INPATIENTS IN 2018








Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Bronson Battle Creek Child Life

Bronson Methodist Hospital Child Life

Music Therapy

Art Therapy

From the first ultrasound, Sam and Justin Breithaupt had a close connection to Bronson. The expectant, first-time parents learned their baby might be born with a genetic disorder. They received care from Bronson Maternal-Fetal Medicine, knowing Sam had a 50 percent chance of miscarriage. When beautiful little Emery came into the world, it was confirmed she had Down syndrome and also a heart defect. Now a joyful 2½ year old, Emery has received care from many specialists at Bronson Children’s Hospital -— from pediatric cardiologists to pediatric intensive care teams, as well as child life and art and music therapists supported by the Foundation’s Children’s Hospital Fund. “They’ve helped calm me down during extra scary times,” says Sam. “They have specialized care for Emery while focusing on everything she can or will eventually be able to do.” “Receiving the majority of Emery’s care at Bronson has been a huge blessing. We are forever grateful to Bronson for always having Emery’s best interests in mind.” 9

An Expression of Gratitude Today, twin brothers Jackson and Nicholas VanDam are healthy, thriving college students. Twenty years ago, however, the boys’ parents, Kevin and Sherry VanDam, were uncertain as to what the future would hold. Born more than 15 weeks early, Jackson and Nicholas were tiny patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Bronson Children’s Hospital. Both boys faced numerous health challenges. They underwent heart surgery, which resulted in life-threatening complications for Jackson. For their dad, Jackson and Nicholas’ early arrival was uniquely difficult. As a professional champion bass fisherman, Kevin’s work brought him to tournaments across the country. He would

call the NICU frequently for updates. “The nurses, doctors and staff are really special people. They were so calm and reassuring,” says Kevin. “They know they are not only treating the babies, they are treating the families, too,” adds Sherry. After 91 days in the NICU, Sherry and Kevin were finally able to bring Jackson and Nicholas home. The VanDams have never forgotten that experience. Over the years they have helped fund several projects for the NICU, including the NicView web camera system, and most recently new vein visualization technology. The ultrasound system helps staff more easily locate veins on the tiniest of babies to allow for accurate IV placement. The VanDams say as their boys grow older, their gratitude for Bronson also grows, which is why they continue to give to the Bronson Health Foundation Children’s Hospital Fund. “We have a world-class facility and people right here in Kalamazoo. It is such a positive environment and we understand that doesn’t happen by accident,” says Kevin. “We are so appreciative of the time and care Bronson gave to our two miracles.”


‌as their boys grow older, their gratitude for Bronson also grows‌

Jackson, Kevin, Sherry and Nicholas VanDam



Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Fund patients assisted

prescriptions filled

gas cards provided

round trip taxi rides

mobility transport trips

assists with dietary supplies


| 196 | 279 | 45 | 295 | 291 | 124

In 2018, after a CT scan of her lungs, Val Fulmer’s pulmonologist discovered lung cancer. “It was a small mass that had metastasized to a small lymph node,” Val explains. “Treatment went very well.” Not long after however, an MRI showed brain cancer. “I went through very powerful radiation treatment, but I survived it.” Fulmer says family support and the “It gives me every wonderful care from chance to carry so many special staff out my dreams members at the Battle Creek Cancer Care and plans.” Center helped her get through it. She was also relieved to have help paying for costly cancer medication thanks to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Fund. “There is no way I could have gotten the medication without the Foundation,” says Val. “It means the world to me. It gives me every chance to carry out my dreams and plans. I want to have special time with each of my grandboys. Having that opportunity really means a lot.”

2018 Distributions

Total: $3,745,963

Children’s and Women’s Health $725,925

Sexual Assault Services $1,227,258

Heart and Vascular Services $223,429

Interpreter Services $6,671

BBC Family Medicine Residency Program $298,141

Direct Patient Support $70,115 BSH Wellness Center Scholarships $50,000

Employee Support & Education $156,434

Neurosciences $63,619

Healing Arts $11,708

Advanced Illness Management, Diabetes Support, Capital Equipment Needs and various other areas $455,064

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services $12,147

Community Health Initiatives $327,337

Cancer Care $95,041 Trauma & Emergency Services $23,074


“RAPID allows us to help patients who may be beyond the six-hour window.”


Jamie Warner, BSN, RN; Anita Buitenwerf, NP; Taka Higashimori, MD; and Martinson Arnan, MD

Better Technology, Better Outcomes Time is crucial when someone suffers a stroke. The faster a patient can be treated, the better the outcome. But it’s not always clear when a patient arrives at a hospital how long it’s been since the stroke occurred. Was it two hours ago? Five hours ago? Traditionally, treatment options close as time approaches the six-hour mark. Now, doctors at Bronson’s Comprehensive Stroke Center at Bronson Methodist Hospital have a potentially lifesaving new tool available for patients who are having a stroke. That technology was purchased thanks to funding through the Bronson Health Foundation’s Robert A. Fabi, MD, Neurosciences Fund. It’s called RAPID technology and it opens up more treatment opportunities for patients even if the time the stroke began is unknown. “RAPID tells us the amount of brain that is about to die, but still can potentially be saved,” explains Dr. Martinson Arnan, vascular neurologist and medical director of stroke at Bronson. “We can now see if it is still safe to take the clot out that caused the stroke and it allows us to help patients who may be beyond the six-hour window. “Strokes can have a devastating impact. RAPID allows us to be able to bring more people back to their families, their work and back to a meaningful life in our community,” adds Dr. Arnan. “The Foundation’s support has gone a long way to make a difference in many lives in southwest Michigan.” 15

Bronson Health Foundation Funds and Endowments Bronson’s Greatest Needs Advanced Illness Management Fund Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment Fund Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Fund Bronson Battle Creek Cardiopulmonary Rehab Fund Bronson Battle Creek Little Angel Rest Fund Bronson Battle Creek Mammogram Fund Bronson Commons Fund Bronson South Haven Fund Cancer Treatment Endowment Children’s Hospital Fund Community Health Fund DeNooyer Patients in Need Endowment DiMarino Healing Through Culture Endowment Employee in Crisis Fund Healthy Living and Sustainability Fund Heart and Vascular Fund Margaret H. Varney Endowment Mothers’ Milk Bank Fund Nattaly Brown Child Life and Expressive Arts Endowment Pastoral Care Endowment Patients in Need Fund Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fund Pediatric Specialists Endowment Radiology Fund Robert S. Doud Arts in Healthcare Fund Robert A. Fabi Neurosciences Fund Sexual Assault Services Fund Starbuck Guardianship Endowment Trauma and Emergency Services Fund Veterans Fund 16

In 2018, the Bronson Health Foundation presented Judy Jolliffe with the John and Kay Polzin Ambassador for Healthcare Award. Jolliffe has been a part of the Bronson Health Foundation Board of Directors since 1992. As an emeritus, she remains active as the Foundation grows and evolves in its role in the community. Jolliffe also recently made a long-term “We appreciate commitment to her dedication to Bronson through helping make our a planned giving donation, deeding her region better …” home to the Bronson Health Foundation as part of her estate plan. This gift will continue to touch lives for many years ahead. “Judy’s instrumental leadership, generosity and advocacy makes her incredibly deserving of this honor,” shares Dennis DeHaan, board immediate past chair. “We appreciate her dedication to helping make our region better, which is what this award is all about.”

Making Safety a Priority While expecting her second child, Haven Fulford contacted Safe Kids Greater South Haven knowing she needed another car seat. “I was concerned that with a newborn, I wouldn’t have the correct head support,” Haven says. “I want to keep my kids safe.”

area. The program does more than making sure children’s car seats are safe. Ford and volunteers work with the school system and community partners to prevent childhood injuries in many areas including bicycle safety, winter sports safety, fire safety and water safety.

Haven met Safe Kids coordinator, Pam Ford, who helped the family with a car seat for the baby on the way, then took a look at the car seat Haven’s son was using. “I found out that the seat was expired, and I needed a new one for him too. I had no idea.”

“The well-being of the children in our community is important to all of us at Bronson,” says Ford. “Preventable injuries are the number one killer of kids in the United States. I’m passionate about teaching children and parents how to make choices to stay safe.”

Helping moms like Haven is why the Bronson Health Foundation funded the launch of the Safe Kids program in the South Haven

“It means everything,” says Haven. “If something was to happen to my children, I would feel terrible, because I know there are ways to keep them safe.“

“I’m passionate about teaching children and parents how to make choices to stay safe.” Haven Fulford and son Ryker Borah; Pam Ford


Giving Societies The Bronson Health Foundation Giving Societies are a way to honor our generous donors. The giving societies currently live online at bronsonfoundation.com/donors. Please visit our website for a complete list of donors. Good Neighbor Annual Giving Society The Good Neighbor Annual Giving Society honors all donors who make a gift to the Bronson Health Foundation throughout the previous calendar year. Friends: Donors who give any amount annually to support Bronson up to $999. Guardians: Donors who give between $1,000 – $4,999 annually to support Bronson. Champions: Donors who give between $5,000 – $9,999 annually to support Bronson. President’s Circle: Honors individual, corporate and foundation donors who have made a cumulative annual gift of $10,000 or more to support Bronson. Lifetime Giving Society The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes individual, corporate and foundation donors who have made cumulative gifts at the levels listed below. The Partners Society: Donors who have given between $100,000 – $249,999 to support Bronson. The Leaders Society: Donors who have given between $250,000 – $499,999 to support Bronson. The Founders Society: Donors who have given between $500,000 – $999,999 to support Bronson. The 1901 Society: Donors who have given $1,000,000 or more to support Bronson. Margaret Varney Legacy Society The Margaret Varney Legacy Society recognizes individual donors who provide a lasting legacy to advance the mission of Bronson Healthcare at any level. This includes bequests and life income gifts. Little Help, Big Difference Employee Giving Campaign Employees who give to the annual employee giving campaign at any level are recognized in the Little Help, Big Difference Employee Giving Circle.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Von Washington, Jr., Chair Executive Director, The Kalamazoo Promise Rachel Worgess, Vice Chair Community Leader Dennis DeHaan, Past Chair Community Leader Donald Williamson, Treasurer Vice President of Finance & Treasurer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Stanford Compton President, Compton, Inc.

STAFF Kristine Gibson, MD Assistant Dean for Clinical Applications, WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine Norman Hamann, Jr. Principal, Diekema Hamann Katharine Werme Hermsen Realtor, Jaqua Realtors, Inc. Barbara James Community Leader Judy Jolliffe Community Leader

William DeNooyer President, DeNooyer Chevrolet

Mahesh Karamchandani, M.D. Physician, Bronson Center for Colon & Rectal Diseases

Denese Doyle Director of Surgical Services, Bronson Battle Creek

Corey La Gro Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.

Becky East Chief Financial Officer, Bronson Healthcare

Michele Marquardt, Esq. Founding Member, DeMent and Marquardt, P.L.C.

Steve East Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, CSM Group of Companies

Anita Mehta Director of Social Responsibility, Stryker Corporation

Ron Foor Community President, Fifth Third Bank

Rebecca Bobadilla Gift Processor Marcy Burnham Database and Prospect Research Coordinator Carmen Foljahn Event Specialist Theresa Hazard Executive Assistant Christopher Moffat Major Gift Officer Terry Morrow Vice President of Development and Community Health Bronson Healthcare Heather Oestrike Schripsema Major Gift Officer John Risley Grant Writer Liz Semaan Executive Director Julie Taylor Development Coordinator

Frank J. Sardone President and CEO, Bronson Healthcare


About Bronson Health Foundation Established in 1983, Bronson Health Foundation was created as a means for the generosity and kindness of the community to connect with Bronson Healthcare and support its healing mission. The healing power of kindness is present in every gift. It is our privilege to pass it on.

Health Foundation 301 John St., Box C Kalamazoo, MI 49007-9988 (269) 341-8100 healthfoundation@bronsonhg.org

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Impact Report 2018 - Bronson Health Foundation  

Impact Report 2018 - Bronson Health Foundation