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Positivity in Action Bronson Health Foundation Impact Report

As we look at our accomplishments over the past year and the many projects now underway, we are humbled by the dramatic impact of your generosity. Thanks to donor support, the Bronson Health Foundation raised $5.8 million in 2016 for programs, projects and services to benefit patients, families and communities all across the Bronson Healthcare system. In this, our third annual report, we highlight several stories of giving that showcase the positive impact of your support. From cameras that bring comfort to families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to invaluable services that offer support to survivors of sexual assault, your gifts are making a lasting difference. Bronson’s mission is “Together, we advance the health of our communities.” There is no stronger evidence of what we can collectively achieve than to review the accomplishments in this report and to look ahead to the impact of new projects launched in partnership with other community organizations. Through the FUSE (Frequent User System Engagement) program in Kalamazoo County, we’re providing housing and a guided healthcare pathway for the homeless. In Calhoun County, we’re introducing a family medicine residency program that will bring more primary care doctors to the area for training and to go into practice here when they graduate. These initiatives would only be ideas if not for the support of community members like you. The Bronson Health Foundation is grateful to those who have generously supported us this past year. We hope these stories will inspire others to join us so that, together, we can do even more in the years ahead. The healing power of kindness is present in every gift. It is our privilege to pass it on.

Dennis DeHaan Board Chair Bronson Health Foundation

Terry Morrow Vice President of Development and Community Health, Bronson Healthcare Executive Director, Bronson Health Foundation

Each day we are inspired by our patients who courageously face challenges, our employees who overcome hurdles and our donors who generously give. Every story provides a window into the true impact of giving.

An Unstoppable Smile William McPherson was just a baby when his parents discovered he had hemophilia, a blood clotting disorder. “We had no idea what that was,” says William’s mom Whisper. William spent several days in Bronson Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit while doctors treated his bleeding. It wasn’t until William learned to crawl that the McPherson’s began to see the reality of what living with hemophilia would be like. Now 6 years old, William is happy and active, but even everyday play time can be challenging. “Recently at school, he stubbed his toe. His toe was hemorrhaging. He ended up missing three days of school.” William undergoes at-home treatment three times a week and goes for regular care at the Bronson Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic. He also visits the clinic whenever he gets injured. Because these visits for William and others are frequent and often lengthy, the Bronson Health Foundation has invested in making the space more comforting for children. Donors to the Foundation helped provide new furniture for the group infusion room, exam rooms and waiting room as well as child-friendly artwork, toys and activities. They also support the presence of a child life specialist at the clinic to enhance care for young patients. “The clinic is very homey. We feel very comfortable here,” says Whisper. She notes how the staff makes William’s sisters feel special, too. “They are generous with the whole family.” She appreciates how donors have ensured that her children can actually look forward to trips to the clinic. “There aren’t enough ‘thank-yous’ in the world to say what a difference it makes for families.”

Dan Kucab, with his mom Penny (left), wife Melissa and daughter Carly

Playing with a Purpose Dan Kucab remembers when he was just 7 years old, he and his dad, Karl, first started playing golf together. “I wanted to do whatever he was doing. We picked up golf at the same time.” Their love of the game and, more significantly, their love of spending time together, drew them to the golf course countless times. “No matter where we were, we would find a way to sneak off and get in a round of golf.” In late 2009, Karl received devastating news. A pancreatic cancer diagnosis would give him only a few months more with his son and the rest of his loving family. A year after Karl died, Dan decided he wanted to pay tribute to his dad by giving to others in his name. Of course, the most fitting place to honor him was on the golf course. For the last six years, family and friends have gathered in Portage for the Karl Kucab Memorial Golf Outing. “It feels great,” says Dan. “We do a lot of reminiscing. There are a lot of emotions, too.” By taking part in the outing, golfers are helping cancer patients through the Bronson Health Foundation. They have donated more than $70,000 for programs and services. The signature item they support is the Cancer Care Comfort Bag, which is provided to breast cancer patients after surgery. The pink tote includes a pillow, lint roller, blanket, tumbler, journal, lip balm and medical supplies. Funds raised also help cancer patients with transportation to appointments and educational materials. “People suffer mentally, physically and financially. Any little bit helps, and that’s what we are striving for.” Dan says he knows his dad is watching down during the golf outing – enjoying not just the camaraderie, but the spirit of giving he inspired.

Giving Guidance Dr. Mahesh Karamchandani knows no matter what the illness or injury, each person comes with a unique story. It could be one of his patients at the Bronson Center for Colon and Rectal Diseases, or a patient visiting one of dozens of other medical practices throughout the Bronson Healthcare system. “In this community, there are a lot of needs surrounding health care issues,” says Dr. Karamchandani. For his part, he has made a commitment to help beyond the care he provides patients each day. In 2016, he established the first Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) through the Bronson Health Foundation. DAFs enable donors to make a contribution to the Foundation, without deciding right away how the money will be distributed. “It gives you a sense of ownership and control over what services you want to support. You might choose a cancer care project and later a pediatrics program. You are able to select something that piques your interest.” DAFs allow donors to receive an immediate income tax deduction. Twice a year, the Bronson Health Foundation gathers those who have made donoradvised gifts to discuss new projects or areas they may want to support. This gives donors an opportunity to become deeply engaged in the work of the Bronson Health Foundation. “It makes me feel good,” Dr. Karamchandani says. “It gives me a chance to give back to the community which has supported me for the last 30 years.”

Bronson Health Foundation Funds and Endowments Bronson’s Greatest Needs

Employee in Crisis Fund

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment Fund

Heart and Vascular Fund

Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Fund

Margaret H. Varney Scholarship Endowment

Bronson Battle Creek Cardiopulmonary Rehab Fund

Mothers’ Milk Bank Fund

Bronson Battle Creek Employee in Crisis Fund

Pastoral Care Endowment

Bronson Battle Creek Little Angel Rest Fund

Patients in Need Fund

Bronson Battle Creek Mammogram Fund

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fund

Bronson Battle Creek Patients in Need Fund

Pediatric Specialists Endowment

Bronson Commons Fund

Radiology Fund

Bronson South Haven Fund (as of January 2017)

Robert S. Doud Arts in Healthcare Fund

Bronson Veterans Fund

Robert A. Fabi Neurosciences Fund

Cancer Treatment Endowment

Sexual Assault Services Fund

Children’s Hospital Fund

Starbuck Guardianship Endowment

DiMarino Healing Through Culture Endowment

Trauma and Emergency Services Fund

When it comes to Positivity, Linda Estelle defines it. She’s faced one cancer challenge after the other, but still wakes up each day looking at the positive. “Attitude is 99 percent of it,” says Linda. She’s currently undergoing chemotherapy at Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center. She credits donors to Bronson Health Foundation’s Cancer Care Fund for helping her pay for needed medication. “They are angels. I appreciate them so much. I’m sure other cancer patients do, too.”

2016 Fundraising Total Amount raised

Number of Gifts



Campaign Spotlights

Signature Projects

Little Help, Big Difference Employee giving campaign

FUSE — Frequent User System Engagement Funds were raised for a pilot program designed to stabilize and engage this high-risk, highcost population to improve quality of life, optimize care, align treatment and reduce cost.

Total Raised

$168,216 Good Neighbor Campaign Annual community appeal


$200,000 Total Raised

$169,421 Bronson Children’s Hospital 5k Run & Walk Participants

Total Raised

2,005 $153,987 18% increase over 2015

Family Medicine Residency Grant money will help us bring a residency program to Bronson Battle Creek. It will house 18 residents in training across a three year program. Total Grants


Number of Donors


“ I give to Bronson because the Employee in Crisis fund was the one ‘yes’ my family received while facing an emergency this winter. Being in a crisis situation influenced my decision to begin donating to Little Help, Big Difference to show my gratitude, as well as contribute to someone else in need.” — Kisha Schrad, RN, Oncology, Bronson Battle Creek

2016 Direct Impact Spotlights

Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Assistance




patients assisted

prescriptions filled

gas cards provided

242 round trip taxi rides

184 156

mobility transport trips

assistance with dietary supplies

Bronson Children’s Hospital Children’s Hospital Fund

Inpatients in 2016

604 1,583 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

13,565 6,756 4,808 1,929 1,686 335

Interactions with child life specialists in pediatrics, PICU and NICU Interactions with child life specialists in surgery, radiology, and emergency departments Interactions with pediatric and neonatal music therapists Interactions with child life specialist at Bronson Battle Creek Interactions with pediatric art therapist Interactions with child life specialists in pediatric hematology/oncology and pediatric subspecialties

The Pictures of Hope display, sponsored by the Bronson Health Foundation, features photos of former Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patients who spent days, weeks or months in the NICU at Bronson Children’s Hospital in Kalamazoo. The pictures show how the former patients have now grown into healthy toddlers, teens or adults. The artwork is installed in the halls of the NICU as a meaningful way to provide hope and encouragement to the families of current and future patients.

2016 Distributions

Total: $2,688,294

Healing Arts $17,502 Women’s Health $35,125

Children’s Health $615,384

Sexual Assault Services $1,275,098

Employees in Crisis $48,044

Heart & Vascular Services $4,593

Interpreter Services $2,308

Patients in Need $63,721

Bronson Commons $279,600

Pastoral Care, Bereavement Services and various additional areas $33,315 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Treatment $4,480

Community Health Needs $160,907 Cancer Care $93,406

Trauma & Emergency Fund $6,900

Employee Education Scholarships $41,252

Diabetes Health $1,661

Brenda Hunt, president and CEO of the Battle Creek Community Foundation, was presented with the John and Kay Polzin Ambassador for Healthcare Award. The award honors those who work tirelessly to make our region a better place to live, and do so with no expectation of recognition. Hunt was instrumental in securing nearly $200,000 worth of funding to provide a new neonatal ambulance for patients across the nine counties Bronson serves. “Brenda’s support and visionary pursuit of regionalization makes her a deserving recipient for this honor,” says Dennis DeHaan, board chair, Bronson Health Foundation.

Committed to Caring Along with making a commitment to raising a family in Battle Creek, Chris and Betty Christ also pledged to make a difference in the community. Chris says his immigrant parents were a big influence. “My parents were so proud of being in Battle Creek. They showed us the importance of building relationships.” Among the countless charitable work the Christs have been involved in, Betty helped in the development and growth of Sexual Assault Services (SAS) beginning in 1996. SAS provides comprehensive services, counseling, support and advocacy for sexual assault survivors, and is partly funded by the Bronson Health Foundation. Betty says one of the organization’s milestones was the addition of a sexual assault nurse examiner program. The registered nurses provide physical and emotional assessment, collection of forensic samples, emotional support and resources. “It makes me feel proud to know that the victims are getting the help they need,” says Betty. Chris, who was an assistant prosecuting attorney early in his career, knows the difference a program like this makes. “It’s very significant in changing lives,” says Chris, noting that “it provides a supportive influence for people who have experienced sexual assault.” Recently, SAS expanded to provide services not only in Calhoun County, but also Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties. The Christs encourage others to get involved and assure this valuable work continues. “There are still so many things to do,” says Betty. “People need to plug in and try to help.”

Closer to Home Nearly four months after his birth, Kyle Knapp’s parents were still waiting for the day they could take him home. Born 16 weeks early, Kyle was a patient at Bronson Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). With each day he would get bigger and stronger, and he was growing closer to going home. Still, the waiting was tough. Kearn Knapp spent most days with him at the hospital, but had to say goodbye every night. Kyle’s dad could only visit a few times a week due to work. But the separation was made easier thanks to caring donors to the Bronson Health Foundation. “I just logged in on my phone,” says Kearn, explaining how the newly installed NicView cameras allowed the parents to see a video view of their baby boy, even when they couldn’t be at his bedside. Cameras are installed over each isolette in the NICU and are on nearly 24/7. “I could check in on him late at night, just to see if he was sleeping,” says Kearn. She says before the cameras “I used to call the nurses’ station just so they could reassure me he was doing ok. With the cameras I could see for myself.” A total of 50 cameras were purchased through generous donations from individuals and organizations and from proceeds from the Bronson Children’s Hospital 5K Run and Walk. “The cameras have made a significant difference for our NICU families– not just parents, but siblings and grandparents too,” says Wendy Finsterwald-Watts, manager of nursing in the NICU. Kearn says it was nice to connect with Kyle from home as they waited for his first true homecoming. “It brought me peace of mind.”

Giving Societies The Bronson Health Foundation Giving Societies are a way to honor our generous donors. The giving societies currently live online at Please visit our website for a complete list of donors. Good Neighbor Annual Giving Society The Good Neighbor Annual Giving Society honors all donors who make a gift to the Bronson Health Foundation throughout the previous calendar year. Friends: Donors who give any amount annually to support Bronson up to $999. Guardians: Donors who give between $1,000 – $4,999 annually to support Bronson. Champions: Donors who give between $5,000 – $9,999 annually to support Bronson. President’s Circle: Honors individual, corporate and foundation donors who have made cumulative gifts in a fiscal year of $10,000 or more. Donors in this group help fund specific capital projects and/or provide unrestricted funds to serve the greatest needs of the patients. Lifetime Giving Society The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes individual, corporate and foundation donors who have made cumulative gifts at the levels listed below. The Partners Society: Donors who have given between $100,000 – $249,999 to support Bronson. The Leaders Society: Donors who have given between $250,000 – $499,999 to support Bronson. The Founders Society: Donors who have given between $500,000 – $999,999 to support Bronson. The 1901 Society: Donors who have given $1,000,000 or more to support Bronson. Margaret Varney Legacy Society The Margaret Varney Legacy Society recognizes individual donors who provide a lasting legacy to advance the mission of Bronson Healthcare at any level. This includes bequests and life income gifts. Little Help, Big Difference Employee Giving Campaign Employees who give to the annual employee giving campaign at any level are recognized in the Little Help, Big Difference Employee Giving Circle.

2016 Board of Directors


Dennis DeHaan, Chair Community Leader

Donald Hixson, Director Community Leader

Marcy Burnham Database Coordinator

Von Washington, Jr., Vice Chair Executive Director, The Kalamazoo Promise

Ben Ipema, Director Managing Director, Level Data

Carmen Foljahn Development Coordinator

Barbara James, Director Community Leader

Theresa Hazard Executive Assistant

Judy Jolliffe, Director Community Leader

Christopher Moffat Major Gift Officer

Gary Kushner, Treasurer President and CEO, Kushner & Company

Mahesh Karamchandani, MD, Director Physician, Bronson Center for Colon & Rectal Diseases

William DeNooyer, Director President, DeNooyer Chevrolet

Corey La Gro, Director Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.

Terry Morrow Vice President of Development & Community Health, Bronson Healthcare Executive Director, Bronson Health Foundation

Michele Marquardt, Esq. Immediate Past Chair Founding Member, DeMent and Marquardt, P.L.C.

Becky East, Director Chief Financial Officer, Bronson Healthcare Steve East, Director Chief Executive Officer, CSM Group Kristine Gibson, MD, Director Assistant Dean for Clinical Applications, WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine Norman Hamann, Jr., Director Principle, Diekema Hamann Katharine Werme Hermsen, Director Director of Agent Development, Jaqua Realtors, Inc.

Carole Harroun Ritcey, Director President, B. L. Harroun & Son, Inc. Frank J. Sardone, Director President and CEO, Bronson Healthcare Donald Williamson, Director Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Rachel Worgess, Director Community Leader

Heather Oestrike Major Gift Officer John Risley Grant Writer Liz Semaan System Director of Development Julie Taylor Events & Stewardship Coordinator

About Bronson Health Foundation Established in 1983, Bronson Health Foundation was created as a means for the generosity and kindness of the community to connect with Bronson Healthcare and support its healing mission. The healing power of kindness is present in every gift. It is our privilege to pass it on.

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Bronson Health Foundation Impact Report 2016  
Bronson Health Foundation Impact Report 2016