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We continually look for ways to improve our income which in turn improves our lifestyle, what better way to work at earning a passive income than by talking to other business owners about BBX! You win by having a new member to trade with and by picking up a trailing income!


There is nothing better than earning a residual/passive income, money that continues to generate long after the initial work has been done! You have a unique opportunity to earn this type of income through the BBX licensee program, first established in 1998. Isn’t it time you looked at how the program can benefit you?

How? •

The BBX licensee program has proved itself over a long period of time as a genuine proven residual income model.

As a current BBX member you have a unique opportunity to be a part of this program simply by doing what you do best, and that is talking to other business owners on a day to day basis.

BREAKTHROUGH HELP/EMPOWERMENT The knowledge you have of the BBX system and the further education received via the networking and licensing seminars will empower you with the ability to sign other business owners under your BBX Ambassador-ship and begin to receive your residual income.

MAKING MONEY How much will I get?

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ •

BBX will pay licensees a total of 10% commission on performance based fees paid by the member under the license to begin with.


This figures rises to 15% upon certain levels being reached and continues to rise beyond.

Payment & conditions How do I get paid? •

• •

Once a member has paid their fee’s in any particular month your commission will be paid into your nominated bank account providing: Your own fee’s are up to date. If not they will be credited against your current outstanding fees. Either way you are in front!

Other conditions •

To maintain your status as a BBX Ambassador you must continue to introduce members to the BBX system as per licensing program at the ratio of just a minimum of six per year! This is the platform that ensures your residual income continues on. Business owners must remain a member of BBX for residual income to continue.

What works for you ? • You have an option of what type of Ambassador you want to be; • Referring Ambassador or; • Selling Ambassador • A referring Ambassador works with his database and contacts and refers ‘qualified leads’ to a BBX BDM. Once signed, the new member is attached to your license and you then begin to receive your residual income based on the trading activity and the fees generated.

Selling Ambassador • As a selling Ambassador, you will be educated and conversant with the BBX concept. • You will be able to present the BBX concept and close a deal yourself. • You will receive a commission of the sign up fee which varies dependant on the style of contract applied for (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black). • You receive your minimum 10% residual income on fees generated.

REFERRING AMBASSADOR • A referring has an opportunity to grow a business by pro-actively introducing new members to a broker or BBX Business Development manager. • By ensuring the referral has been legitimately qualified, the chances of a new business owner recognizing the value of BBX and joining is greatly heightened. • This process allows you license to remain active and increases your own cash revenue stream.

Commitment • • • • •

Your broker will in conjunct work closely with you. There will be regular Ambassador functions. You will receive educational/motivational support to enable you to grow a passive income stream. We ask that you attend all functions to better understand how you can become better at being a BBX Ambassador. You will be able to participate in exclusive promotions as well as national promotions, all designed to create a win-win for all in BBX. We are committed to your BBX success!

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BBX a ‘B ‘ etter Business eX e perience’


How to earn cash simply by referral!


How to earn cash simply by referral!