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Anti-microbial Coating Technology

Anti-microbial Coating Technology

Our ground breaking coating technology with anti-microbial qualities, is developed together by Bromoco and BioCote®. This virtually invisible coating is suitable for application on-site or in the factory applied This makes Touch Anti-microbial coating systems the first of its kind providing high levels of long term anti-microbial protection. Anti-microbial is simply the term used to describe something that has the ability to resist the growth of microbes. While the term ‘antibacterial’ refers only to bacteria, Anti-microbial refers to a wider range of organisms including bacteria, moulds, fungi and others. The anti-microbial technology is incorporated into our coating at the time of manufacture. Once incorporated, the anti-microbial additives provides continuous, built-in, anti-microbial protection for the expected lifetime of the product. The silver ions on the surface of a material treated with the coating bind with microbes that come into contact with the surface, disrupting their normal cell function, which stops them from reproducing and results in the death of the cell.



BROMOCO Systems provide a worldwide service and solution for the restoration and maintenance of all metal and coated substrates. A pioneer in the industry, we offer a complete range of architectural and maintenance services that help extend the life, increase the value, and enhance the beauty of exterior and interior architectural surfaces. We specialize in the restoration and upkeep of stainless steel, aluminium, anodised, powder coating, windows, curtain walling and cladding, as well as brass, copper and glass treatments for our clients buildings, swimming pools, industrial and retail units. Our commitment is to provide a high quality service, so we develop the most advanced technologies and bespoke systems along with a commitment to research and development programs coupled with rigorous training programs to ensure that our employees provide exceptional and unrivalled long lasting results. The BioCote® team includes trained microbiologists and chemists with extensive experience working with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents. They are leading professionals in the field of anti-microbial technology and are dedicated to increasing awareness of the danger of harmful microbes and speeding the uptake of microbe-preventative technology across the globe.

An anti-microbial is something that prevents the growth and survival of microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi

Tested Microbes BioCote anti-microbial additives have been tested and found to perform against a wide range of microbes including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Some of the most common are listed below:

Bacteria ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Acinetobacter baumanii Bacillus subtilis Campylobacter coli Campylobacter jejuni Clostridium difficile E.coli E.coli O157 Enterobacter aerogenes Enterococcus faecalis Legionella pneumophila Listeria monocytogenes Pseudomonas aeruginosa Salmonella enteritidis Salmonella typhimurium

● ● ● ●

Shigella sp. Staph aureus Staph epidermidis Streptococcus faecalis

Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria ● ESBL Escherichia coli ● RE Klebsiella pneumoniae ● MRSA Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ● VRE Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus Fungi

Efficacy against all of these microbes can vary and specific data are available on request.

Anti-microbial Coating Technology

As the graph below shows, on a product treated with BROMOCO Anti-microbial coating systems the level of bacteria is reduced by up to 99% in two hours, with an 80% reduction in the first 15 minutes compared to an unprotected surface where they can proliferate at dramatic rates.

Bromoco Systems Coating Data

EPC-7460 AB STAINLESS STEEL PROTECTION This ultra thin coating is virtually invisible with an average thickness of only 5 microns is the hardest of our coating range with a scratch resistance of H7 to H8 on the HB Pencil Scale, for comparison granite is H6, making it 2 two points harder. Despite this it still remains flexible enough to cope with the expansion and contraction of the substrate. Our Anti-microbial technology will: ● Make a product more hygienic, if it is likely to host microbes harmful to human health. ● Keep a product fresher for longer, if it is likely to host odour-causing or staining microbes. ● Extend the lifetime of a product, if it is likely to host microbes which might degrade the surface.

The healing properties of silver have been known for a long time and the Touch Antibacterial coatings use these pure silver properties conferred to control microbial growth in an ideal manner: ● Silver is anti microbial

● Silver is non-allergenic

● Silver is anti-odour

● Silver reduces mite growth

● Silver is fungicidal


Coated and protected



Provides protection from:

Other properties:


Electrical insulation (Eliminates Static-Shock)


Thermal Insulation (Reduces condensation


Scratch resistant (7H on pencil scale)


Enhances finish (Virtually invisible)


Anti-microbial (See previous page)

Sanitary ware

Door furniture


EPC-7460AB is self levelling and self annealing making it maintainable indefinably. Perfect for areas that may subjected to damage. There are countless areas and items that could benefit from being treated. We have listed but a few below: Hospitals



Swimming Pools



Reception Areas





Public Transport

Stainless Steel Applications

Stainless steel is being used extensively in our world both internally and externally. Most common is the brushed finish used for its sparkle. The down side is that these is that these items are high maintenance whilst also having the ability to harbour germs and bacteria. Once treated with EPC-7460AB the items will be protected and will require little or no maintenance depending on the location.

Anti-microbial Coating Technology

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Touch Anti-microbial Coating Systems  

Anti-microbial coating for stainless steel Anti-bacterial coating for stainless steel Stop fingerprints and germs from stainless steel surfa...

Touch Anti-microbial Coating Systems  

Anti-microbial coating for stainless steel Anti-bacterial coating for stainless steel Stop fingerprints and germs from stainless steel surfa...