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THE BROMFORDS SCHOOL and Sixth Form College

Physical Education Dept At Bromfords School and Sixth Form College every student will experience a wide range of activities including outwitting opponents, accurate replication ,identifying & solving problems, exploring & communicating ideas, performing at maximum levels and exercising safely & effectively. This broad and varied curriculum ensures that all students have an opportunity to discover a physical activity that suits their own needs and ability. Our aim is to enable students to progress to the best of their ability in all areas of practical activity. Students are then placed into groups so that they can be taught at a level suited to them, in order for them to achieve their Why PE? • Social Skills PE activities help you to develop important social skills. • Practical Skills You will develop a range of practical skill that you can use throughout your school life. • Health and Fitness PE helps you to develop and improve your fitness. Fitness levels and exercise are very important to your health. • Competition Competitive activities are important in PE. Students take part in a range of competitive activities ranging from small games to full matches. • Cooperation Students experience a range of roles in lessons. On some occasions they may be part of the team, in others they may be a leader. • Analysis and Evaluation PE students continually evaluate their own and others’ performances. They will be expected to comment fairly on what has happened and what they have to do to progress to the next level. At Key Stage 4 students can follow GCSE PE at Short Course Level. A number of students also opt to study GCSE PE at Full Course Level. This is a popular choice among our students. In Year 10 there is also the opportunity to undertake a Level 2 course in Sports Leadership, which develops an individuals organisational, motivational, communication and students also have the opportunity to continue these skills in the sixth form and opt for Community Sports leadership. A number of our GCSE students then opt to study PE at level 3 with our BTEC Sport course. This year 100% of students passed the course. Some students have also continued on to higher education to study Sport Science, Sports Studies or PE teaching courses.

PE Curriculum 2012