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work better organised. We are also in the process of drafting out a homework timetable for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. This will also be available on the website after half term.

Over the last half term, all students have been set an aspirational target to introduce stretch and challenge and raise expectations for both staff and students. These targets are based on your child’s’ KS2 achievement but with an extra level of challenge built in.

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BREAKFAST HELPS YOUR LEARN! National studies consistently confirm that breakfast helps students concentrate, think, behave and learn. To support this, for the next half term we are offering our students a 50% reduction on a range of foods offered at breakfast in ‘Café B’. Just to remind students that the school is open for breakfast from 7.45am to 8.30am.

We really value your positive feedback via Parent view

HOW TO CONTACT US—If you need to enquire about something that is happening in school please contact us either by email or by phone 01268 471201.

GOOD ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY We take attendance and punctuality very seriously and we are working hard to help our students achieve 100% attendance but we need your help! A first class education requires full attendance. What does your child’s percentage attendance mean? Attendance %

Days missed over a school year


0 Days missed


10 Days missed


20 Days missed


30 Days missed


40 Days missed

Research has shown that 17 days absence in a year results in a drop of one grade at GCSE Being on time is also essential.

Lateness=Lost Learning = Minutes amount to days Lateness=Lost Learning = Minutes amount to days Minutes lost each day

Days lost per year

5 minutes

3 days

10 minutes

6.5 days

15 minutes

10 days

20 minutes

13 days

30 minutes

19 days

Being late 10 minutes every day for one year is equal to 33 hours - approximately 6 days!

Have a great half term—students return on Monday 4th November 2013.

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Newsflash 24 10 13