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One third of married couples suffer from worries in their sexual life. Large numbers of couples report that they have sex once a month or less! A few years after marriage, sex has a tendency to become passionless, even mechanical. Eroticism, passion, and generosity can quickly begin to fade from the relationship. The frequency of sex naturally declines through time. Help For Sexless Marriage Emotional pain naturally follows from a marriage devoid of sex. Here are a few sexless marriage tips to help those who find themselves in a sexless marriage. The first tip for you if you suffer from a sexless marriage is to avoid may feel naturally inclined to seek sympathy from a trusted friend or family member, but remember that such self-pity will not help the situation, and might actually worsen it.The first step is to accept the fact that your marriage needs to change, and then move forward with the necessary changes. A vital tip for improving your sexless marriage is to not only consider your feelings and desires.It is natural to feel guilty for the lack of sexual desire in your spouse. Although one spouse will certainly feel hurt, confused, and rejected, the true source is probably deeper within the relationship. You must also avoid the impression to try to blame your spouse for the lack of intimacy. When a marriage struggles regardless of the cause, it becomes almost instinctive to start place the blame for the situation to their partner.Trying to accuse each other will hurt, rather than improve, the situation.Liability for strengthening the marriage lies equally between both spouses.You must work with rather than your spouse if you want to improve your sexless marriage. The last of our sexless marriage tips is to remain optimistic. Time can change our priorities.You may move, change jobs, or find new obligations outside of the family.It is vital that you remember to create private time for you and your spouse to spend together.Find time to re-spark your marriage by taking time off from other responsibilities at regular intervals. Check out our list of romantic dates to help you get started. Don't give up, and don't stop trying. Other Resources You Might Find Helpful

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tips for improving sex in marriage  
tips for improving sex in marriage  

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