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QUINCY’S QUIZ NIGHT The Quiz 1. How many strings would you find on a Ukulele? (4) 2. In Peter Pan, what is the name of Captain Hook’s ship? (The Jolly Roger) 3. In which country was Florence Nightingale born? (Italy) 4. Sicily is the largest island in which sea? (Mediterranean) 5. Which of Major, Captain or Colonel is the highest? (Colonel) 6. Which poker hand has all cards of the same suit, but not in running order? (Flush) 7. Which American president gave the order to withdraw from the Vietnam War? (Nixon) 8. What is the world’s largest man-made structure? (Great Wall of China) 9. Which of Africa, South America or Europe was the inventor of hot chocolate? (South America) 10. What was the first name of the fictional detective Miss Marple? (Jane) 11. Who did Red Indian Sitting Bull call ‘little sure shot’? (Annie Oakley) 12. What was the previous portfolio of our new finance minister? (Head of SARS) 13. In which country would you find the Barossa Valley? (Australia, wine region) 14. Which Tretchikoff painting from the Brett Kebble collection was sold on auction? (Lost Orchid) 15. What is trichology the study of, hair, bones or fingernails? (Hair) 16. Which team is currently at the top of the IPL standings? (Delhi Daredevils) 17. What is the capital city of Turkey? (Ankara) 18. Who is the pilot poised to break a 70 year old London to CT record? (Charles Stobbart) 19. Who was SA Prime Minister during the Sharpeville massacre? (Hendrik Verwoerd) 20. Who was the first Roman Catholic to become American President? (JFK) 21. (Gauguin) 22. (Klimt) 23. (Cezanne) 24. (Botticelli) 25. (Raphael) 26. (Renoir) 27. (Tretchikoff) 28. (Rembrandt) 29. (Dali) 30. (Degas)

The Quiz

(Part 2)

1. What is the sum of all the numbers round a dartboard? (210) 2. If Monday’s child is fair of face then what is Tuesday’s child? (Full of grace) th

3. In which century did the building of the Panama Canal begin? (19 ) 4. On which island is the world’s oldest motorcycle race held? (Isle of Man) 5. What nationality was pop artist Andy Warhol? (American) 6. What does the word ‘forte’ mean in music, soft, fast or loud? (Loud) 7. Which human organ regulates the water in the blood and aids waste removal? (Kidney) 8. Which common fruit is also known by the scientific name of ‘Malus pumila’? (Apple) 9. Who composed the ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’? (Tchaikovsky) 10. What was the title of Steven Spielberg’s first full length movie? (Duel) 11. Which country borders Sweden and Russia? (Finland) 12. Which Madagascan primate has an extended skeletal middle finger? (Aye-aye) 13. What is capital of Hong Kong? (Victoria) 14. Which country is Pope Benedict visiting to try and spread the gospel? (Jordan) 15. By what name is Brian Warner better known in the music world? (Marilyn Manson) 16. Where have there been recent huge fires in the USA? (Santa Barbara, California) 17. The cryptic clue: Gratuities about right for journeys. (5) (Trips) 18. What is the name of the space shuttle due to be launched today? (Atlantis) 19. Who did Hendrik Verwoerd replace as SA Prime Minister? (Johannes Strydom) 20. Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola are all part of which island group in the West Indies? (Greater

Antilles) 21. (Short) 22. (Down) 23. (L, the last letter of Hotel, the next in the phonetic alphabet) 24. (There is no letter A in the entire paragraph) 25. (4 percent, or 1 in 25 as 9 / (114 + 35 + 67 + 9) = 0.04)

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8. What is the world’s largest man-made structure? (Great Wall of China) 3. In which country was Florence Nightingale born? (Italy) 16. Whic...