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Creative Brief Concept Statement:

Learning languages is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake for many individuals, despite the desire many have to do so. Those who wish to speak another language find it hard to implement a device that is entertain ing and recognizable. Though many language books and tutorial movies are able to teach the foundation, it is clear that colloquialisms and culture idiosyncracies are the key to truly mastering a spoken language.

Project Description:

We intend to implement a mobile app that will be a repository of videos with multiple dialogues and cultures. This is not meant to be another viewing device for movies such as Netflix or Hulu, but rather an education tool used for students learning a new language, or individuals wishing to broaden their horizon. People will be able to truly grasp the uniquness of languages through the recognizable media of movies and film.

Target Audience:

20 years of age to 55. Though there is a 35-year gap in the spectrum for age, the educational level and aspi rations of our target audience is much more focused. Our intended audience will have a college-level educa tion or higher, or they will be in the midst of completing their degree. Those who wish to travel will be our high est priority. People who enjoy movies and film over books and tutorials will also be a high priority.

Style and Tone:

To maintain the theme of movies is necessary. Though we are wanting to differentiate our application from products such as Neflix and Hulu, however, we want to keep the interface similar, so our audience can recog nize the aspect of our product.


Making sure that we have obtain talented interpretors and language specialists. We must also acquire specific movie rights to be able to have a vast library of digital movies at our audiences’ fingertips. We cannot settle for loose translations for our movies, as our mission is to immerse people in the culture.

Target Completion:

Q4 2014


Competitive Analysis Languages supported: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. This is not an application; It is a software program that downloads subtitles for movies. There is no cost. Supports any video Format.


Competitive Analysis GMTSubtitles This software makes it easy to download movies or tv shows subtitles on your phone, your tablet or any device connected to the network. Manual download of subtitles from and Search subtitles and share subtitles (bluetooth, email, ...) Videos details from are embedded in the application. Multiple languages available Launch the video from the application to your favorite video player Designed for tablets and mobiles phones Totally free, no-ads. Available only for Android 4.0 and more.


Competitive Analysis Subloader Description Search and download subtitles for your movies and TV shows. This application scans your phone for video files and allows you to search and download subtitles for any selected video. List the videos found in your phone Multiple video formats supported Search for subtitles on and 45 languages supported) Download subtitles and pair them with the video file Launch the video with the downloaded subtitles in one click Cost is $1.99


Persona One Age: 51 years old

Ulitimate Goal: Retirement is in four years and he is looking very forward to it. His wife, Margaret, insists on going abroad. He wants to be able to retire comfortably and to be able to continue their adventurous lifestyle..

Occupation: Municiple Court Judge Located in Gig Harbor, WA. Salary = 110k annual

WIth five grandchildren, he is a busy man on the weekends, as he loves to spend time with his kids and his grandkids. As he owns a large plot of land, his kids and grandkids often come to his and Margaret’s home to enjoy their time and let their kids play out in the yard.

Education: J.D. from Seattle University Home Life: Married Two children / Five grandchildren Activities: Loves to travel. Finds himself wanting to be able to read more, but does not have the time to do so. He finds it easier to watch documentaries to keep up with current affairs and the scientific community. He and his wife have been talking about traveling to Europe for a month, but neither of them speak a different language other than their first. They want to learn a new language, but find it hard to sit down and read.

NAME: Roy Cadmen

Web Usage: Likes to use the internet and just recently, he bought an iPad to have as a means of entertainment. He recently subscribed to Netflix and loves being able to watch movies during his lunch breaks and downtime. Web Competency: Intermediate. Frustrations with web: As he lives in a rural area and not an urban area, bandwidth and good internet service is hard to find. He is especially frustrated with not being able to connect to sites that require plug-ins. He is paranoid about some new technology, and often calls his son to double-check before he actually loads something into his computer. Quote: “I’ve worked hard all my life. It’s time now to relax.”


Persona Two Age: 31 years old

Ulitimate Goal: Hoping to be able to save up a good deal of money to be able to travel a great deal, even before retirement. Her husband has a well-paying job and they already own their own house and have started a college fund for their son. At this point, their extra money goes to a savings account in which to dip for future trips.

Occupation: Personal Trainer Salary = 54k annual

Web Usage: Loves to use the internet and loves to watch Hulu and Netflix when she has the chance. She even has a little bit of self-taught HTML scripting, but that was due to an elective she took in college.

Education: Bachelor’s Home Life: Married One child Activities: Likes to go riding on her motorcycle with her husband. Their son is 3 years old and is quite precocious and is already understanding maps. Julie and her husband have been planning on traveling more than just around their state. They are very accustomed to the outdoors, but have yet to travel abroad. They have done a few road trips with their son and he is doing well with long trips. They want to take him abroad, as well.

UseS social media on a daily basis, which is not only a way for her to keep in touch with friends, but also to showcase her business as a trainer.

NAME: Julie Saris

Web Competency: Intermediate to advanced. Frustrations with web: Does not have any frustrations that she can list, as she feels very confident with being able to navigate. However, when looking for tutorials, she can’t seem to find the right kind of app that can be used as an educational tool. What kind of info is hard to find: Educational websites that don’t act like a dictionary or an encyclopedia. Quote: “My life is wonderful and I intend to keep it that way!”


Persona Three Age: 34 years old

Ulitimate Goal: Hopes to retire in before he’s 50. With all of his reading, he wants to be able to experience as much culture as he possible can. His wife is an instructor for ESL and has told him several times how much she wants to teach English in a different country.

Occupation: Software Developer Works at Studio 343, WA. Salary = 150k annual

Web Usage: Daily. He is incredibly adept at learning new things and knows several computer languages and scripting formats.

Education: Masters in Computer Science Home Life: Married One child Activities: Despite his job being ultra-demanding to be in front of the computer for all of his studio’s big hits, his truest love is to read history books and learn of past cultures. He and his wife have been avid readers for some time and now that they have a son, they are wanting to travel a little bit. They are both multi-lingual, but still have other languages they wish to learn. They love movies and entertainment.

Web Competency: Advanced to Master. Has no problem working with the web and the programming that is used to develop many new sites.

NAME: Corey Nguyen

Frustrations with web: Can be impatient sometimes, and hates sites or apps that cause him to wait a long time or don’t even work half the time. As he can program many things, he expects the same level of compentancy in developers elsewhere. What kind of info is hard to find: Nothing really, he feels very confident with searching the net for necessary information. He is a hand’s on, visual learner, but is very quick to learn something on his own. He enjoys the Rosetta Stone library for different languages, but sometimes finds himself getting board with the lessons. He’s looking for something more entertaining. Quote: “I program video games...of course I’m happy!”


Persona Four Age: 51 years old

Ulitimate Goal: Hopes to retire in 10 years, and wants to be able to stay in the nearby area with her husband. Her oldest is in college and will be graduating soon. Her youngest is a Junior in high school. She wants to be able to travel and see the world.

Occupation: Electrical Engineer Works at Boeing in Renton, WA. Salary = 74k annual

Web Usage: Uses the web on a daily basis, mostly for social media, as she has a few friends that she keeps in touch with, as well, as her son in college. She also likes to go on to some online tutorials for 3D modeling, as she is getting trained to use the Rapid-Prototyper at her work. She owns a smart-phone and an Ipad to be able to work when she is riding the bus.

Education: Masters in Engineering Home Life: Married Three children Activities: Loves to be able to work with her hands, being an engineer. Very much into Industrial Design, An artist first and foremost, she loves to create models in her freetime. Lately, she has been making globes and has found a new love for different cultures in doing so. Though she would love to travel, she is nervous to do so without having a second language under her belt. She has tried to learn a new language since high school, but has had difficulty in doing so through educational standards. She is looking for something

NAME: Natalie Craig

Web Competency: Advanced. Feels very confident with using a computer, as well as the internet. She relies a great deal on connectivity and considers herself a savvy-user. Frustrations with web: Hates web-ads. She appreciates good navigation and site-mapping, as she can get easily annoyed with a convoluted website. What kind of info is hard to find: Nothing, as she feels very confident with searching the net for necessary information. Being an electrical engineer, she has always felt comfortable with computers and does not see them as a difficult tool to use. She is wanting to find tutorials, she can’t seem to find a good site that truly has a comfortable interface for her. Quote: “As long as I have my shop, I’m a happy woman!”


Research Inspiration


Mood Board


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Concept Design


Concept Design


Concept Design


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