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No Broken Drips Burks Spring Distillery, T.W. Samuels Distillery and Makers Mark Distillery share some of the same blood lines. Finding the different labels and bottles that each distillery produced is not an easy task and something we’re still researching. If you have a label that should be listed send us a email.

No Broken Drips To the knowledgeable enthusiast there is no better collection of words than these. When combing websites, trade fairs and scouring the countryside in the search of the Holy Grail du jour of Maker’s bottles, your ears perk and palms sweat with the notion that the bottle you seek is perfect. None of the legendary wax drips have aged too far with too little care and have fallen away with time. In this game—No Broken Drips signifies nothing less than excellence. Thus this site was born

Makers Mark Bottles The front of the label has “MINNESOTA” printed under the Maker’s Mark logo, and the back of the label has a quote “Bourbon is to American history what hockey is to Minnesota and should be enjoyed on ice” PROOF Magazine 2007 “The Year of Bourbon” Author: Merideth May Quote by: Will Arend The bottom of the bottle is stamped 08 the same year the Republican Convention was held in Minneapolis 2008 Republican National Convention Maker’s Mark bottle I asked the seller what the story is with the bottle and his guess was this bottle has something to do with the convention? If you have any information on this bottle please leave a comment.

Makers Mark Collecting We have gathered some information that will help you get the most out of this hobby so you can enjoy the quest to its fullest. We hope you will explore the History of the bottles, the timeline of the Maker’s Mark bloodline and make use of the collecting tips. We have also included information that will help you date your bottles. New/Old Maker's Mark bottle found I purchased this Maker's Mark Minnesota bottle on eBay recently and it's something I'd never seen before.

Makers Mark Bottle Collecting Collecting anything becomes a passion. When you have reached a certain level you beam at the opportunity to share your passion with the world. And so it is with collecting the rarest of Maker’s Mark bottles. The juice will never be tasted, the glass too majestic to handle too often, and the wax . For more information visit to our website:

Makers mark bottles The bottom of the bottle is stamped 08 the same year the Republican Convention was held in Minneapolis 2008 Republ...