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Illustration Explanation: When I was surfing the images looking for a picture I could use for this project, I came across a picture of some goats around a tree. To me, this represented conserving them, kind of like people chaining themselves to a big tree so that it cannot be cut down. I thought that the mentality of these goats was funny and what I was looking for, so I used it.

Table of Contents: 1: Setting 2: Character 3: Plot 4: Authour 5: Random 6: Random 7: Random

Novel Study: Operation Redwood – Setting: Change the setting of the novel. Explain your choices.

In the book, Operation Redwood takes place in Mendocino County, California. This is a great setting, since nearby in real life, as well as the book, there is an incredible forest of ancient, old-growth California Redwood trees. The name is Operation Redwood as well, and so any other setting change might be a little strange, however, in my opinion, another appropriate setting would be Avatar Grove, located in Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island. It is a great spot, with beautiful old-growth trees. It’s hard to describe with words the setting, so here’s a picture of one of its more iconic trees:

These are very beautiful trees, and I wouldn’t hesitate to protect them with everything I have, much like the Redwood trees in California that are talked about in the book. In many ways, this setting and the setting in the book are the same. For example, both are old-growth forests, and both are in jeapordy. The Avatar Grove is in danger of being logged at any second now and these Red Cedars and Douglas Firs will be lost. Much like the Redwood forest, which Sibley is doing his very best to cut down for lumber. Avatar Grove and the California Redwoods are very different as well. For one, they are completely different trees. The California Redwoods are also significantly more popular then the Avatar Grove, with the Grove barely known by the Islanders, let alone the rest of the province. Despite the differences in settings, both are majestic settings, and I think that Operation Redwood would do fine in Avatar Grove.

Character: Diary entry – pretend you are a character in the novel

Dear book that I write stuff in,

Today, I got really sick in school. No one could pick me up, so I was picked up by some taxi. The taxi driver was definitely an ex-convict, and I think he wanted to skip-rope with my spinal cord, or maybe go double Dutch with my spine and my intestines. He had a creepy tattoo, which may as well have been yelling; I ENJOY VIOLENT CRIMES!!!

But he didn’t do anything, just dropped me off at Sibley’s house. He must have been on the run or something, trying to keep a low profile.

When I woke up in Sibley’s place, my uncle wasn’t even there. He’s pretty rich I guess, and busy. And when I saw the email pop up on his computer, from my Aunt Daphne, with the subject: Julian. I mean, they had my name on them, they must be for me!

Maybe not, I don’t know. This was unlike me, because sometimes I hesitate to pick up the phone.

Anyway, apparently I get to go to Math Camp. Math Camp! Who goes to Math Camp for the Summer?! My aunt Daphne is going on and on about how I have no discipline or manners in this email… Yeah right, even if I say yeah instead of yes, it’s like, an unforgivable mistake.

Whoa, another email just came in: SIBLEY CARTER IS A MORON AND A WORLD-CLASS JERK.

Somebody’s mad. And, I mean, what would one more email do?

I may as well read it…

Plot: A poem that tells the plot Julian Carter-Li, Never cared much for the trees. Always competing with his aunt, Who wanted to send him to Math camp Mom’s in China, Whole things kinda, Gotta irony to it. Living with Sibley the bad, Feeling just a tad, Sick, until the email came, Sure to gain, Plenty of fame, Just the subject made Julian Smirk, SIBLEY CARTER IS A MORON, AND A WORLD CLASS JERK! This was a girl, from Big Tree Grove, Her amazing paradise, just dove Robin Elder, is pretty mad, The trees are being cut down, on behalf of cousin Preston’s Evil dad Julian has never met this girl,

But hey, let’s take treehugging for a whirl. Save the world, And these Trees.

Authour: Write a Letter to the author Dear S. Terrell French I have never read any of your other books (If you have any), but I did enjoy Operation Redwood. Julian was an interesting character, staring out as a ‘By-the-rules’ overachiever kind of guy, and then turned around into a treehugging activist. I liked him a lot, and he was easy to root for and relate to. I also like the segments written in emails, those were cool parts, especially with Julian and Robin having a serious conversation, and then Danny interrupting for the comedic relief. I have no complaints with this book, and I liked the description you used for most of it. The Redwood forests were vivid, Sibley’s office was uncomfortable, Danny’s house was safe, I almost felt like I was there. I read that when you find an author you like, you often read every book by him or her, so, please, write another so I can read it! Sincerely, Lyle Hendriks

Random: Which board game, kitchen gadget, colour, etc. would ________? And why In my opinion, Sibley Carter would be the board game of monopoly. He is a rich, greedy, scumbag of an investor and developer, and he plans to completely clear-cut Big Tree Grove. In monopoly, you’re goal is to ‘Monopolize’ the game, by buying all property, and controlling the board so the rest of your opponents will go bankrupt. Sibley is straightforward, and will never be rich enough. He wants to completely rule the board of life, which is essentially the rest of the world.

Random: Danny’s iPod playlist and why they would have them on their iPod. If it were up to me, based on Danny’s personality, I would say he has the following things on his iPod: ‘Chan Chan’ By Buena Vista Social Club because of his heritage in Mexico. Buena Vista Social Club is a Cuban ban, with many Cuban/Mexican sounds. ‘One Week’ by The Barenaked Ladies because Danny is a funny guy, and Barenaked Ladies is funny music. ‘We are the champions’ By Queen because Danny is a giants fan, judging by his jumper that he was wearing near to the start of the book. Sports fans love winning, they love being the champions. ‘The Imperial March’ By John Williams, Used by Danny to emphasize the arrival of Sibley.

Operation Redwood Novel Journal by Lyle  

For the Novel Study Project, Ten pages, covers all criteria to my knowledge.