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See what our customers are saying: A sustainable shelter and support solution for global military applications. Let our expert team prepare a quote specifically designed to fit your mission.

“Since 1992 we have been using the solutions provided by this corporation. Their quality and design make it the ideal solution for mission problems that we encounter in the field. They have also been our choice for mobile medical tents/shelters and clinics with their Mobility and Gatekeeper product lines. The fact that other federal agencies, many states and government institutions that deploy this equipment make it easier to coordinate and maintain interoperability with them on many levels.” -Robert Bishop, Cache Manager DHHS/ASPR “A historic moment in our team’s history was an “erection battle” between our team and another Florida team. We were setting up at an airport and time was critical. The other team said they wanted to put up their “quick deployment” tents, but we said we were going to use our Western Shelter 1935. They were still getting their tents out of the bags when our 1935 was up and we were ready to start seeing patients. ...we were able to set up our entire mobile critical care unit in under 60 minutes, and be ready to start seeing patients. This rapid deployment capability is mainly possible because of your products. So while our competitors are looking for the leak in their air-inflatable tent, we are busy seeing patients, while they seem to have a bad case of wind!” -Steve Williams, RN, CEN, CFRN, Team Commander, FAST “Once deployed and manned by QFRS staff, this shelter system has the capacity to self sustain the relevant facility for an initial period of up to 10 days. It offers facilities including working and sleeping tents with associated equipment, showers, toilets, water purification and water distribution, and lighting and power generation. Essentially, it’s a quick hit. We can mobilize this stuff within about three to four hours, get it on the road, get it out there and get it set up in about four hours so people can move into it. The system’s flexibility means we can put up to 15-20 tents together at short notice to support a variety of different incidents. For example, we could support a rapid damage response, a police or wildfire command in the field, a medical triage area or field hospital.” -Executive Manager Gary Littlewood, QFRS (Queensland US&R Taskforce) “Very impressed with the layout and variability of this product. The tent our EOC is set up in is the Western Shelter 1935 and we received 24mph sustained and 40mph gusts at our location in Waveland, MS from Hurricane Rita. The tents have held together fully, and we have had no water leaks or intrusion from anywhere. I can tell you that everyone here has made comments about how well the Western Shelter has held up.” -Mark Bennett, NREMTP, AAS, Disaster Preparedness Specialist, SMAT II Coordinator “The ease of set-up and take-down with very little training and practice, as well as outstanding 24-7 customer service has made the Western Shelter system one of the cornerstones of our equipment cache.” -Glenn Susskind BS, NREMT-P, Section Chief - Logistics, TN-1 DMAT

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Protection for the extreme.


Container Based


The impressive advancement of UAV operations throughout military applications has given rise to a need for rapid deployment solutions that quickly establish a ground control station for UAV operations and maintenance. Increase your operational efficiency with our turnkey sheltering solutions for mobile UAV applications.

For tactical sheltering applications, container based and hybrid shelter systems can help to provide increased mobility and decreased load times while supporting DoD transportation & logistics operations. The interoperability that is inherent in the Western Shelter System is optimal for the creation of a mobile field solution that incorporates both hard and softsided shelters to meet mission requirements.

Establishing temporary facilities for a base of operation, base camp, or forward operating base requires a range of logistical equipment, with seamless functionality, and rapid deployment. The Western Shelter System is a comprehensive solution that can provide an interoperable and rapidly deployable Base of Operations that will encompass the size and scope of any mission.

A typical UAV system is supported by the integration of rigid walled, inherently strong, soft-side shelters created from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, and hard-sided container based shelters making it ideal for various UAV applications. The rapidly deployable system allows you to quickly establish a secured, climate controlled, command and control station in a remote area that meets the need for UAV maintenance, storage, and operations.

Western Shelter’s hard-sided shelters can fill a range of mobility requirements from intermodal shipping containers to ISU-90 based container systems. Our shelters are built in a range of container options for mobility by land, sea, or air. A full range of container embellishments allow for increased functionality and efficiency when deployed. From a medical field hospital built in a shipping container to an entire billeting operation loaded and deployed from an ISU-90 container, our sheltering systems provide a functional advantage for deployment in remote or inaccessible locations.

With a range of logistical support equipment and furnishings, a shelter complex can be created to encompass everything from command and control to staff sleeping quarters. Both complexed systems and stand-alone shelters are environmentally secure and can be outfitted with climate control, electrical, and water distribution systems to support the needs of all personnel. As the needs of a BoO develop, the interoperability inherent in the system allows for the quick expansion from a forward operating base to a large base camp.

Cover photo courtesy of FAST (Florida Advanced Surgical Transport team) Right panel, center: courtesy of US Navy Bottom: courtesy of FAST

Shelter Systems for Military Operations  
Shelter Systems for Military Operations  

The Western Shelter System has the proven reliability of standing up to military deployments around the world.