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Front Cover: 2009-10 Brockport Outstanding Athletes of the Year. From Women’s Lacrosse – Melissa Hill was voted the Outstanding Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year, from Men’s Soccer – Steve Abgarian was picked as the Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year, from Gymnastics – Lauren Gildemeyer was a repeat winner of the Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year and from Football – Matt Mangona was selected as the Outstanding Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

Table of Contents Welcome Letter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 About Athletics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Staff Directory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Golden Eagle Society. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Cross Country. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Football. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Field Hockey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Men’s Soccer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Women’s Soccer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Women’s Tennis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Volleyball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Athletic Facilities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Back Cover: From left to right, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) officers for 2010-11 Chrissy Scaffidi, Adam Shoff and Pam Kennard pose with some of the “tools of the trade” as Brockport studentathletes annually take part in several community service projects including the annual SUNYAC Leaf Raking project, the winter coat drive, and the Halloween canned food drive.

Ice Hockey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Gymnastics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Indoor Track and Field . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Women’s Basketball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Men’s Basketball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Swimming and Diving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Wrestling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Strength and Conditioning. . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Softball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Baseball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Outdoor Track and Field. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Men’s Lacrosse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Women’s Lacrosse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50

The College at Brockport 2010-11 Athletics Guide was written, edited and produced by members of the Brockport Sports Information Office in conjunction with the Brockport Office of Marketing and Communications. Sports Information Director Kelly Vergin with assistance from Assistant Athletic Director Mark Rowland, Assistant Sports Information Directors Janelle Feuz and John Boccacino along with Executive Director of Public and Government Relations David Mihalyov and Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Janet Roy wrote and/or edited the guide. Photos by Jim Dusen, Chris Cecere (RochesterCCPhotography), Neal Kemp and Sports Information archives. Layout and design by Sam Nicolosi and the Brockport Office of Design and Production.

Hall of Fame. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 All-Americans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. . . . 56


Welcome Letter Hello and welcome to The College at Brockport. Whether you are a future Brockport student-athlete or would-be Brockport parent, I hope this publication gives you an informative glimpse into the people, programs and successes that our student-athletes and teams put forth both on the playing fields and in the classroom. Our student-athletes are some of the best and brightest students in the nation who take full advantage of the Brockport educational experience. Our exceptionally talented faculty work Noah LeFevre diligently to create a culture of student Director of Athletics success at The College. Working side-by-side with nationally renowned professors, Brockport students take part in academic research, participate in internships, collaborate with their peers and have the ability to study abroad. Our student-athletes graduate prepared to be professionals in the workplace and fully equipped to partake in the full gamut of graduate programs available to them nationally. Brockport student-athletes hail from not just the State of New York, but all over the United States and abroad. Their commitment to academic excellence is unparalleled as the College continues to produce leaders in an array of fields and industries. Through their participation in a team sport our athletes develop critical thinking and life skills, exhibit commitment and discipline, and learn the fundamentals of teambuilding. Brockport athletics is committed not only to the success of our students when they are on campus, but long thereafter. The College fosters an environment where the young men and women who wear the green and gold not only cherish their time on campus, but also desire to stay connected to the program long after their playing days. Brockport Athletics values every relationship with every student that puts on a Brockport uniform and makes every possible effort to continue the association with all of its athletes as they embark upon successful careers. I strongly encourage you to visit our campus if you have not done so already. You will find the Brockport student body and community to be close-knit and collegial. I look forward to seeing you on campus very soon.

Noah LeFevre Director of Athletics


About Athletics A Look at Intercollegiate Athletics

Graduate and Undergraduate Academics

The College at Brockport has a long and rich tradition in intercollegiate athletics. It covers nearly 100 years, includes seven national team titles and hundreds of individual and team champions at the area, state and national levels. The Golden Eagles have earned a national reputation, putting them among the finest in the United States.

The College at Brockport offers many opportunities for an outstanding education at the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition to the General Education program, the College offers a variety of challenging learning options including the Honors Program, Delta College Program, internships and study abroad experiences. With 50 undergraduate majors, 41 graduate programs and 24 areas of teacher certification, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Brockport.

Affiliations All men’s and women’s teams are affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), with the exception of the gymnastics team, which participates in the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA). Brockport athletic teams also compete in the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) and the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) in the sports that are offered by those organizations. Our football team joined the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) in 2008.

Financial Aid Our teams compete at the NCAA Division III level. The College offers both quality educational experiences and excellent athletic opportunities at a reasonable cost, with complete financial aid plans for qualified female and male athletes. No athletic scholarships are available at the Division III level.

For students interested in pre-professional programs, Brockport offers preparation and advisement for students interested in attending law school or entering the field of medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry. Many of our student-athletes are enrolled in our athletic training, exercise physiology, kinesiology, physical education teacher education, sport management, business administration and criminal justice programs. To learn more about undergraduate majors and special programs at Brockport, visit www.


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Golden Eagle Society 2009-2010 All Americans NCAA Tournament Teams Steve Abgarian — Men’s Soccer Christina Baggetta — Gymnastics

Baseball Women’s Cross Country

Kaitlin Dewey — Gymnastics


Alyssa Fitchette — Volleyball

Men’s Indoor Track & Field

Lauren Gildemeyer — Gymnastics Melissa Hill — Women’s Lacrosse Nicole Horodyski — Gymnastics Elizabeth Levy — Gymnastics Maria Quagliana — Swimming & Diving Amy Taylor — Gymnastics

Women’s Indoor Track & Field Women’s Lacrosse Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Men’s Soccer Women’s Swimming & Diving Wrestling

Dear Friend of Brockport Athletics, On behalf of The College at Brockport Office of Intercollegiate Athletics, I thank those of you who have been involved with the Golden Eagle Society in the past and urge those of you still on the sideline to capitalize on this opportunity to become directly involved with our program. The support you lend to the Golden Eagle Society assists in enriching the student experience at the College and fosters an environment where the young men and women who wear the green and gold not only cherish their time on campus, but also to stay connected to the program long after their playing days. Brockport student-athletes hail from not just the state of New York, but all over the United States and abroad. Their commitment to academic excellence is unparalleled as the College continues to produce leaders in an array of fields and industries. Through their participation in a team sport our athletes develop critical thinking and life skills, exhibit

commitment and discipline, and learn the fundamentals of team building. Brockport Athletics is committed not only to the success of our students when they are on campus, but long thereafter. As remarkable as last year was for Brockport Athletics, I truly believe we have only scratched the surface as far as the full potential of the program is concerned. Over the course of the next academic year Intercollegiate Athletics will launch a new Web site, introduce a modernized set of branded logos, enlarge our internal academic support curriculum, institute an employment program to assist our graduating seniors, and continue to implement multiple facility upgrades as the campus Special Events and Recreation Center (SERC) construction ramps up. All of this will occur while we compete for national championships on the fields of play. I hope you can join me in recognizing the great tradition of Brockport Athletics and assist us in developing an unmistakable surrounding of student success for the future. Thank you once again for your support. Bleed green and gold!


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Check here if you choose to not receive any benefits, making your contribution fully deductible as allowed by law. Gifts to The College at Brockport Foundation and The Golden Eagle Society are tax-deductible. For tax purposes, you may deduct only the portion of your gift that exceeds fair market value of the mementos you receive. A portion of each gift will be used to support athletic department needs, such as facilities, awards dinners and other priority needs not addressed through traditional resources.

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Men’s and Women’s Cross Country The College at Brockport is proud of its rich tradition in cross country, which dates back to 1949. The men’s squad enjoyed great success in the 1960s, when such notable names as Ron White, Jim Sheehan, Charlie Dean, John Izzo, Rick LaRose, and Jim May — all of whom are members of the Golden Eagle Hall of Fame — ran the Brockport trails for legendary coach Jim Fulton. Brockport captured SUNYAC titles in 1963 and 1964, the first two years the sport was offered in the conference. Dave Treschlavy and Rod Williams continued the early success by placing first individually at the SUNYAC meet in 1967 and 1970, respectively. No conversation about the past success of Golden Eagle Cross Country is complete without mentioning John Underwood and John Trowse, two of the most accomplished distance runners in school history. As a senior in 1981, Underwood won every race until the New York State and NCAA meets. Meanwhile, Trowse took first at the 1988 SUNYAC Championships, setting a school record for an 8k race which still stands today, and earned AllAmerica status at the national meet that year. The Brockport women have also contributed a great deal to Brockport’s storied cross country tradition, particularly within the last two decades. Tonya Krueger became the program’s first female to earn SUNYAC Hall of Fame status in 1997, and that same milestone was later reached by Christy Ecklund (2002), Teri Wilson (2006), Julia Ruggiero (2007), and Lauren Mesi (2009). The women’s team has sent runners to nationals in each of the last three seasons, and Brockport has appeared in the recent regional and national rankings on numerous occasions.


Head Coach: Brian Cole Brian Cole was hired as the head men’s and women’s Cross Country and Track and Field coach at The College at Brockport for the 2009–10 season. In the 2009 cross country season, Cole led a young team and coached Lauren Mesi to a 75th place finish at the NCAA Division III National Championship meet. Both Mesi and junior Matt Avery earned All-Region honors for their finishes at the Atlantic Region Championships. Mesi was the 15th place finisher in the women’s race and Avery took 27th place overall for the men. Mesi’s fourth place finish at the SUNYAC Championships earned her a spot in the SUNYAC Cross Country Hall of Fame. Junior Lacy Rugaber was a consistent finisher for the Golden Eagles in 2009 and also was selected as a SUNYAC Award of Valor recipient. Rugaber continues to run and finish well despite battling a form of lung cancer. The conference honors recipients of the award at its annual spring meetings. Before coming to Brockport, Cole was the assistant Track and Field coach at Tiffin (OH) University, following an 11–year stint as the head coach of the Ohio Northern University’s Cross Country and Track and Field Teams. Cole has coached three individual National Champions, 52 All– Americans, 153 Conference Champions and 593 All–Conference selections. He has earned 13 Coach of the Year honors and guided six of his teams to Conference Championship titles. Among his honors, Cole was the Ohio Athletic Conference Women’s Cross Country Coach of the Year (1998, 2005, and 2006); Men’s Cross Country Coach of the Year (2007); and the Men’s Indoor Track and Field Coach of the Year (2000 and 2008). A native of Tiffin, OH, Cole is a 1991 graduate of Methodist College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History and is currently pursuing his MBA with a Concentration in Sport Management.

Caitlin McAneney Year: Senior Hometown: Hornell, NY High School: Hornell

Matt Avery Year:


Hometown: Rochester, NY High School: Gates-Chili

Ryan Gilmore Year:


Hometown: Auburn, NY High School: Auburn

Caitlin McAneney has been a consistent performer for the Cross Country team for the past three seasons. She finished fifth at the Brockport Invitational to highlight her sophomore season and ran a season-best 19:07 over the 5K distance at the Brockport Invitational as a junior. The senior leader of the team had three sub-19 minute 5K races in 2009.

Matt Avery led the Golden Eagles in nearly every race in 2009 as a junior. He was an All-Region selection in 2009 in the Atlantic region, finishing 27th at the regional race and was 16th at the SUNYAC Championships in 2009. He was third in both the Fredonia Invitational and the Brockport Invitational and also placed fifth overall at the Hamilton College Invite. He opened the 2009 season with a seventh place finish at the Daniel Walker Invitational at Buffalo State.

Ryan Gilmore was one of the top runners for Brockport in every race as a junior in 2009. His seasonhigh was a sixth-place finish at the Fredonia Invitational. He also had top-10 finishes with an eighth-place finish at the Hamilton College Invitational and crossed the line in 10th place at the Brockport Invitational.

Cross Country contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Cross Country program, contact Head Coach Brian Cole at (585) 395-5353 or e-mail at


Football Football was one of the first varsity sports offered to student-athletes at The College at Brockport, with results dating back more than 50 years. With more than 70 All-America awards given to Golden Eagles football players, the program has a proven record of success. The Golden Eagles reached the post season for the first time in 1993 with a trip to the ECAC Northeast Bowl game. Under current head coach Rocco Salomone, Brockport made four consecutive trips to the NCAA Tournament, including an apperance in the NCAA Tournament quarterfinals in 2002 as the team earned the coveted Lambert/Meadowlands Team of the Year award for Division III. In 2008, Brockport won a thrilling 70–68 victory over Hartwick College in the ECAC Northwest Bowl game. Brockport teams have established a reputation for disciplined play, strong defense and exciting offense. In recent years, offensive linemen that wore the Green and Gold have gone on to professional play. Josh Warner had success in NFL uniforms and several others have turned the heads of professional scouts. The Golden Eagles call Bob Boozer Field at Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium their home. And with seating for 10,000 fans, it is one of the largest on-campus Division III football facilities in the country.

Head Coach: Rocco Salomone Before head coach Rocco Salomone took over the football reins at The College at Brockport, the Golden Eagles suffered through eight straight losing seasons; in the 20 years since returning to Brockport (five as an assistant coach and 15 as head coach) the Eagles have 13 winning seasons and qualified for the NCAAs for the first time in school history, in 2000. His 2002 team was named the ECAC Division III Team of the Year after posting a record five shutouts and finished the year leading all of NCAA Division III in scoring defense and pass efficiency defense while ranking seventh in total defense. Salomone is Brockport’s winningest coach with a 92–61–1 record (.601). Brockport broke over 20 school records in 2009, and the offense scored more points and passed for more yards than any team in school history. Nine Golden Eagles earned NJAC All–Conference honors and Matt Newman was selected to play in the Division III senior all–star game while senior Cevon Carver was named to the All–Region team. During the 2008 ECAC Northwest Bowl game against Hartwick College, running back Garet Lynch set several scoring and rushing records, including the most yards in a half (380), as Brockport won a 70–68 thriller. Lynch became the all–time leader in scoring in a game, season and career and, along with offensive lineman Cuyler Groth, was named to the All–Region team. Tom Massey, Josh Warner, Jay Johnson, Mike Condello and Cuyler Groth earned First–Team All–America honors under Salomone, and his teams qualified for the NCAA Tournament four consecutive years from 2000 to 2003, including an NCAA Quarterfinals appearance in 2002. He became the all–time winningest football coach at Brockport with a 46–0 victory over Mount Ida in 2001. Salomone, who along with wife, Kelly, daughters Cecilia and Tori, and son Joey, lives in Brockport. He was a two–year starter at Brockport (1986–87) after stints at Juniata College (1983) and East Stroudsburg (1984–85, including a redshirt year in ’84).


Brandon Burris Year:



Offensive Line

Hometown:  Rochester, NY High School: Brighton

Derek Austin Year:


Position:  Defensive

Back/ Return Specialist/ Punter

Hometown: Cherry Creek, NY

Brandon Burris has been a mainstay on the offensive line for the Golden Eagles over his first three seasons. The line has provided protection and opened holes for running backs as the Brockport offense has rewritten the record book over the past two seasons. The squad was ranked seventh in the nation in total offense in 2009.

Derek Austin has multiple duties for the Golden Eagles on any given Saturday. The versatile player is a starting safety for the defense, returns both kickoffs and punts and handles the punting duties as well for Brockport. He led the team with four interceptions in 2009, averaged over 33 yards per punt, was sixth on the team with 42 tackles and was tied for the team lead with five pass breakups.

High School: Pine Valley

Nate Bull Year:




Hometown:  Brockport, NY High School: Brockport

Nate Bull was selected as a pre-season All-American for the 2010 season after leading the team with 121 tackles in 2009. He was ranked 12th in the country with 12.1 tackles per game, which was the best in the New Jersey Athletic Conference. The veteran middle linebacker had a team-leading 58 solo tackles and was tied for the team lead with seven tackles behind the line of scrimmage. His 121 tackles ranks tied for fourth in school history.

Football contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Football program, contact the Football Office and Recruiting Coordinator Pete Matthews at 585-395-2346 or e-mail at


Field Hockey Since its earliest appearance on campus, the Field Hockey program has enjoyed success at the local, regional and national levels. The program finished among the top eight teams in the country in 1980 and again in 1981, when the Golden Eagles took fourth in the AIAW National Championship Tournament. The success of the program can be measured by the high number of athletes with ties to the field hockey program inducted into the Golden Eagles Athletic Hall of Fame. In the first 25 years of the Hall of Fame, 18 inductees represented the Golden Eagles on the field hockey field. Susan Ferraro won the first All-America award for field hockey in 1981, and in 2008, Amanda Pickard earned the honor as well, breaking nearly all of the school’s scoring records in her four seasons for the Green and Gold. Pickard also was selected to play in the senior All-Star game for Division III and was selected as the team captain for the North squad. The Golden Eagles play a challenging schedule each year, facing teams ranked among the best in the nation on a yearly basis. Brockport has made appearances at the Salisbury University Tournament, which regularly draws some of the nation’s best teams.

Head Coach: Andrea Zurlo Historically, The College at Brockport has enjoyed a great deal of field hockey success, and current head coach Andrea Zurlo has once again given the Golden Eagles a taste of that success by leading the team to at least eight wins in five of the last seven seasons, including 11 victories in 2008. Zurlo has rebuilt a program that managed just 14 wins in her first three seasons and had not had a winning season in the five years prior to her arrival. Her overall record following 2009 stands at 68–102 at Brockport, and 86–118 overall at the college level. She surpassed Anne Fowler for second place on the all–time coaching wins list at Brockport, with a 2–1 victory over Utica College in October 2006. She is just six wins shy of tying Linda Arena for the all–time lead in coaching victories at Brockport. Zurlo’s best season was 2008, when she led the squad to an 11–7 record with three losses in overtime and a one–goal loss to nationally– ranked SUNY Cortland. The 11 wins were the most in a season since the 1994 team tied the school record with 14 wins in a season. In the past three seasons, Brockport has posted 25 victories and eclipsed several school records, led by two–time SUNYAC Player of the Year Amanda Pickard. Before wrapping up her career at Brockport in 2008, Amanda set new school records for points and assists in a career as well as goals, assists and points in a season. She earned All– America honors in 2008 and was selected as captain of the North team for the annual North/South Senior All–Star game. Zurlo is a 1997 graduate of Genesee Community College, where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Elementary/Special Education. She continued her education at SUNY Geneseo, where she earned degrees in August 2003 in both elementary and special education.


Gina Stephan Year:




Gina Stephan is the first freshman team captain to lead the team in the last 15 years. The freshman defender from the Buffalo Area comes with high expectations, and early in the 2010 season she has delivered as one of the top defenders in the country in

Hometown:  Clarence, NY High School: Clarence

Kelly-Ann Henry Year:




Hometown:  Glen Head, NY High School: North Shore

Kasey Schreiner Year:




Hometown:  Hamburg, NY High School: Hamburg

defensive saves.

Kelly-Ann Henry has been the leader of the Golden Eagles for the past two seasons as a captain as a junior and a senior. Her 2009 season was cut short due to injury; but she entered her senior season with 13 career goals, which ranks #15 on the all-time list at Brockport. In 2008, Henry scored a team-leading 10 goals which ranks seventh in the school record book. She was a second-team All-SUNYAC selection in 2008.

Kasey Schreiner came to Brockport in 2009 and was immediately inserted into the starting lineup. She was a second-team AllSUNYAC selection as a freshman making 117 saves in 14 games. Her season high was a 22-save effort against nationally-ranked SUNY Cortland. Her 117 saves ranks 12th on the alltime list at Brockport for saves in a season.

Field Hockey contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Field Hockey program, contact Head Coach Andrea Zurlo at (585) 395-5977 or e-mail at


Men’s Soccer Men’s Soccer may have the most storied tradition of all the sports at The College at Brockport, with a history of brilliant success dating back to the 1940s. That success has continued through the first decade of the new millennium, as current Head Coach Gary LaPietra has again solidified Brockport’s place among the strongest programs in Division III. The Golden Eagles have participated in 11 NCAA Tournaments and claimed two national titles in Men’s Soccer. The first of which, in 1955, came under legendary coach A. Huntley Parker, who suffered only two losing seasons in his 25 years at the helm. The 1955 title was shared with Penn State — schools were not separated into divisions at that time — so it was truly a “national” championship. The Green and Gold claimed its first official Division III title in 1974, and the team followed up that performance by earning a spot in the championship game the next two seasons, only to suffer one-goal losses and settling for the national runner-up trophy on both occasions. Now playing on beautiful A. Huntley Parker Field, the Golden Eagles have a string of seven consecutive winning seasons, which includes a single-season school record 16 victories in 2002 and SUNYAC titles in 2005 and 2009. Both squads brought back memories of the glory days, as the teams each made appearances in the national tournament and notched a win in NCAAs, a feat that had not been accomplished at Brockport since the mid-1970s.


Head Coach: Gary LaPietra Gary LaPietra has returned The College at Brockport to the national spotlight since being hired prior to the 1996 season. Brockport qualified for the SUNYAC tournament from 2002–2009 and won the 2009 championship in a shootout over Plattsburgh for the school’s first title since 1978. LaPietra was voted the SUNYAC Coach of the Year for the second time. In 14 seasons, LaPietra has a 139–93–22 record (.591 win percentage). Brockport has averaged nearly 10 wins per season and returned to the NCAA Tournament in 2009, which included a shootout victory against Ohio Northern in the opening round. The trip to the NCAAs was the second in the last four years and 11th overall, including winning the 1974 National Championship. Under LaPietra, Golden Eagles have been named to the NSCAA/Adidas All– Region team 20 times, 49 players have been voted to the All–SUNYAC squads, and two have been named the SUNYAC First Year Player of the Year. In 2009, LaPietra coached his first All–American as Steve Abgarian earned third team honors. Six of the nine major offensive records have been set under LaPietra. Steve Abgarian tied three–time All–Region selection Anthony Jaworski’s record for goals in a game (5) and points in a game (10) in the 2009 opener. Jaworski also owns the record for goals in a season (20), career (60) and points in a career (134). In 2004, LaPietra started the Brockport Men’s Soccer Tournament to benefit the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong Memorial Hospital. Gary Michael LaPietra, Gary’s son, was born prematurely and was hospitalized in the neonatal unit for nearly three months. LaPietra, the winningest coach in Aquinas High School history (1988–95), led the Little Irish to a 91–49–10 record, a Section V Class BB title and an appearance in the 1992 state semifinals. LaPietra played college soccer at St. John Fisher and played scholastically at Aquinas High School. He and his wife, Beth, have three children, Gary Michael, David, and Allison.

Christian Tychostup Year:




Hometown: Mayfield, NY High School: Mayfield

Joe Marino Year:




Hometown:  Rochester, NY High School: McQuaid

Mike Breman Year:




Hometown: Merrick, NY High School: Bellmore-JFK

Christian Tychostup finished the 2009 season with a goal and two assists. Tychostup excels in the classroom as a Pre-Law major and was named to the 2009 National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) regional All-East Academic team. He is a two-time recipient of the team’s scholar-athlete award and has earned SUNYAC All-Academic and Commissioner’s List honors.

Joe Marino earned first-team AllConference honors and third-team all-region accolades, making 104 saves in net while posting a 0.91 goals-against average. Marino was named MVP of the SUNYAC Tournament after he made nine saves to keep the game scoreless, including a big save on the deciding penalty kick in the shootout, to give Brockport its first Conference title since 1978 and a berth in the NCAA Division III tournament.

Mike Breman has started all 52 games he has played for the Golden Eagles in his first three seasons, leading Brockport to a 29–18–8 record and a SUNYAC Championship in 2009. He was a first-team all-conference selection and second-team ECAC all-star in 2009 as he led a defense that surrendered 0.84 goals per game, while recording nine shutouts. Breman scored his first collegiate goal in 2009 in a 2–1 victory over Cortland.

Men’s Soccer contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Men’s Soccer program, contact Head Coach Gary LaPietra at (585) 395-5448 or e-mail at


Women’s Soccer The bar was set high for the Women’s Soccer program when the first varsity team at Brockport finished with a 12–1–1 record and a SUNYAC title. Just five seasons into the history of the program, current head coach Joan Schockow assumed the reins of the team and has continued to guide the Golden Eagles to success for the past 20 years. The Golden Eagles are a fixture in the SUNYAC Tournament and have made 10 appearances in the ECAC Tournament. Brockport has advanced to postseason play in each of the last 13 seasons. Since 1997, the Golden Eagles have averaged double-digit wins. In 2007, the team set the school record with 17 victories. The women’s soccer program has produced many stars, with 80 All-SUNYAC selections, 38 All-State honorees and 16 players reaching AllRegion status. Brockport teams of the past have been highscoring and have traditionally sported stingy defenses. The record book boasts nine players with at least 30 career goals and 15 players that have eclipsed the 50-point scoring milestone. Equally impressive, six Brockport goalkeepers have finished with career save percentages better than .850. The Golden Eagles play on A. Huntley Parker Jr. Field, with a natural grass surface used exclusively by the soccer teams at Brockport. Parker, considered the Father of Brockport Men’s Soccer, had his school-record win total eclipsed by Schockow in 2003.


Head Coach: Joan Schockow When you think of women’s soccer at The College at Brockport, you think of head coach Joan Schockow. The all–time winningest soccer coach in Brockport history (male or female) has established herself as one of the best and most dedicated coaches in the region. Schockow started at Brockport in 1988 and has guided the Golden Eagles to postseason play 15 times, including the last 13 seasons. The 2009 Golden Eagles won their second consecutive Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Upstate New York Tournament, and four Brockport players earned All–SUNYAC honors, with Nicole Gibaud and Jessica VanAllen earning First–Team honors. In 2008, the Golden Eagles advanced to the championship game of the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Tournament and tied SUNY Oneonta. Schockow was voted the 2008 SUNYAC Coach of the Year for the fourth time in her career. In 2007, the Golden Eagles advanced to the championship game of the ECAC Upstate NY Tournament and in 2006, Schockow led the Golden Eagles to its first NCAA Tournament with an automatic bid by virtue of a SUNYAC Tournament Championship. With a 4–3 victory over St. John Fisher in 2007, Schockow won her 200th career game. Her career record at Brockport stands at 223–135–29 overall (.609 winning percentage). The 2007 squad set the single season record for wins with a 17–4–1 record. The veteran head coach took over the Brockport program in 1988 after back– to–back losing seasons. By 1992, Schockow’s team was 9–8–1, and the team has not been below .500 since. During her career at Brockport, she has coached 80 players to All–SUNYAC selections, 38 players to All–State honors and has had 16 of her athletes named to the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)/ Adidas All–Northeast Region team. A former All–American goalie at SUNY Cortland, Schockow has mentored seven of the top 10 goalies in school history.

Abby Smith Year:




Hometown: Mexico, NY High School:


Jess Bush Year:




Hometown: Dryden, NY High School Dryden

Krystal Lang Year:




Hometown: Ontario, NY High School:


Abby Smith started all 19 games in 2009, scoring six goals and adding three assists for Brockport. Smith has led the Golden Eagles to three SUNYAC tournament appearances, with a three-year conference record of 21–6–3. In 2008, Smith scored twice as Brockport rallied to force overtime against Cortland in the SUNYAC semifinals before the Golden Eagles won on penalty kicks. Smith has 16 career goals with five assists.

Jess Bush has been a staple for the Golden Eagles, using her speed on the front line to lead the 2009 squad to a second consecutive ECAC Upstate New York Championship. Bush led Brockport with six assists and was second with seven goals as the Golden Eagles made their 13th consecutive trip to the SUNYAC tournament. She has scored 13 goals with 11 assists (37 points) for her career.

As a starter in 53 of her team’s 59 games, Krystal Lang has anchored the defensive unit during her career at Brockport. Lang earned second-team All-SUNYAC honors in 2009 as the team allowed just 13 goals in 19 games. In her first three seasons with Brockport, the team has compiled a 41–13–7 overall record, including the program’s winningest season in 2007 (17 wins). In a 2–0 win over Potsdam in 2007, Lang scored her lone collegiate goal off a corner kick.

Women’s Soccer contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Women’s Soccer program, contact Head Coach Joan Schockow at (585) 395-5350 or e-mail at jschocko@ 17

Women’s Tennis The Tennis program has been one of the top female programs at the College since the early 1990s. In 1992, Brockport set a school record with 12 wins in a season and a perfect 12–0 record. The unbeaten streak was extended to 20 matches the following year and remains as one of the longest unbeaten streaks in school history for any sport. The Golden Eagles have placed second in the very competitive SUNYAC Tournament four times and finished among the top four teams in the tournament 11 times since 1992. Under Coach Ed Gonzalez, the Golden Eagles have consistently placed individuals and doubles teams into the semifinals of the SUNYAC Championship Tournament and have produced nine SUNYAC individual or doubles champions. Additionally, the Golden Eagles have had four All-State awards earned by three singles and doubles players. Gonzalez recruited and coached three of the best tennis players in school history in Sonja Sjaardema and twin sisters Michelle and Melissa DeCoursey all of whom were inducted into the Golden Eagle Athletic Hall of Fame. Brockport will have new outdoor tennis courts as a result of the construction of the Special Events and Recreation Center (SERC) that is scheduled to be completed in 2012. The new facility also will house indoor courts for the tennis team to use for practice and home events.


Head Coach: Ed Gonzalez Since taking over as head coach of the women’s tennis team at The College at Brockport in 1992, Ed Gonzalez has revitalized the sport. The veteran head coach led the 1995 team to a 12–0 mark, put together a 20–match win streak and has led the team to a 103–94–1 record in 18 seasons. Under Gonzalez, the Golden Eagles have consistently placed individuals and doubles teams into the semifinals of the SUNYAC Championship Tournament, and have produced nine SUNYAC individual or doubles champions. Additionally, the Golden Eagles have had four All–State awards earned by three singles and doubles players. In the 2009 fall season, seniors Erin McLaughlin and Katie Keller combined for an 8–3 mark in doubles play and the duo was selected as the co–outstanding players for the fall season. In his first season as head coach the team won a school record seven matches and finished third at the SUNYAC Championships. The following season, the team posted a 5–2 regular season mark and again earned a spot in the state tournament. The third win of that second season gave Gonzalez the all–time record for coaching victories at the school. The two best seasons were his third and fourth campaigns as the Golden Eagles rattled off an 11–2 record in 1994 and went 12–0 with the first undefeated season in school history for any women’s team in 1995. In 1996, Brockport ran its winning streak to 20 matches — the second longest of any women’s team in school history — and finished 8–3 with a third–place finish at SUNYACs. The 1997 team went 9–1 and finished second at the conference championships. Despite a 4–5–1 record in 1998, the team finished strong with a second–place finish at SUNYACs. A 1976 graduate of The College at Brockport, Gonzalez earned a second degree, in physical education, from his alma mater in 1982.

Carolyn McMenomon Year:


Hometown:  Pine Bush, NY High School: Pine Bush

Kaitlyn Broderick Year:


Hometown: Bohemia, NY High School: Connetquot

Carolyn McMenomon played No.4 and No. 5 singles in her first season of action for the Golden Eagles and posted four wins at the No. 5 position. She also posted two victories at No. 1 doubles as a freshman. She posted a victory at No. 5 singles in her collegiate debut against Alfred University and scored a pair of wins in a dual match against Keuka College.

Kaitlyn Broderick recorded three wins in her freshman season playing in the No. 5 and No. 6 singles positions for Brockport. As a sophomore, she was moved up to the No. 3 singles spot and also played at No. 1 doubles as she recorded four victories in 2009. She posted a 6-2, 6-0 win at No. 6 singles in her collegiate debut against Roberts Wesleyan.

Shayla Combs

Shayla Combs returns to the Brockport lineup after a semester of studying abroad in the fall of Year: Senior 2009. She saw limited action as a freshman in 2007 and did not Hometown:  Schenectady,NY play in the fall season in either High School: Burnt Hills2008 or 2009. As a senior, she will be counted on for depth Ballston Lake and consistency at No. 3 doubles. An outstanding student and psychology major, Shayla has earned President’s List honors in each of the last three semesters.

Tennis contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Tennis program, contact Head Coach Ed Gonzalez at (585) 395-5614 or e-mail at egonzale@


Volleyball The golden age for The College at Brockport Volleyball came in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as the Golden Eagles were consistently ranked among the elite Division III teams in the nation. Under Head Coach Frank Short, the Golden Eagles had a five-year hold on the SUNYAC title from 1990 to 1994 and were almost unchallenged in the conference during that time, racking up a 56-match SUNYAC West winning streak in the process. Brockport made an appearance in the NCAA tournament every year from 1989 to 1994. The top performance was turned in by the 1992 team, which posted a school-record 42 wins and advanced to the second round of NCAAs. After a string of sub-.500 seasons following Short’s retirement, the Golden Eagles won 29 matches in 1999, and the program has seen marked improvements in the seasons since. Brockport has won 17 or more matches every year since 2004, and the program has gradually improved to the point where its return to national prominence should may only be a matter of time. In 2006, the team won 23 of 24 matches at one juncture and made another trip to the NCAA tournament. The Golden Eagles have gone 45-8 in SUNYAC play since 2004 and clinched at least a share of the SUNYAC West title nine of the past 11 years. The Golden Eagles also had three AllAmericans during the last four years as Brockport boasted its first All-American since 1994. Kelly Greapentrog was hired as head coach for the 2010 season, marking a new era of Golden Eagle Volleyball.


Head Coach: Kelly Greapentrog Kelly Greapentrog begins her first year as the head women’s volleyball coach at The College at Brockport in 2010. She replaces John Tuttle, who coached the Golden Eagles for 11 years. Brockport’s volleyball program has enjoyed immense success recently, including its first NCAA appearance since 1994 with a trip to the national tournament as an at–large bid in 2006. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Brockport boasted one of Division III’s most recognizable and successful volleyball programs. The Golden Eagles have won at least a share of the SUNYAC Western Division in nine of the last 11 years. For the past three years, Greapentrog served as the head coach at St. John Fisher College. In 2007, her first campaign at Fisher, the Cardinals posted a 14–16 overall record, but won 12 of their final 16 matches. Fisher kept the ball rolling in 2008 with a 22–13 overall mark, the most wins the program has had in 10 seasons. In 2009, she guided the Cardinals to their second consecutive 20–win season. Greapentrog was a recipient of the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Thirty–Under–30 Award in 2008, which honors the top 30 volleyball coaches under the age of thirty at any level. In three seasons, she coached 13 Empire 8 All–Conference honorees and three All–Region selections. Before being named the head coach at Fisher, she served as the assistant coach for two seasons. Prior to coaching at Fisher, Greapentrog was the head coach at Erie Community College for three years and led the Kats to the NJCAA Region III championship match in her first season. She also has coached at the club level, serving as the head coach for the Western New York Storm for eight years. A 2002 graduate of Buffalo State College, Greapentrog played four seasons of volleyball for the Bengals and served as the team captain in her final two years.

Heather Carroll Year:



Outside Hitter

Hometown: Windsor, NY High School: Windsor

Melissa Maxwell Year:




Hometown: Batavia, NY High School: Batavia

Kristi Schrantz Year:



Middle Blocker

Hometown: Depew, NY High School: Lancaster

Heather Carroll finished third with 228 kills in 2009 as the Golden Eagles made their third consecutive SUNYAC Tournament appearance. Carroll recorded double-digit kills in seven matches. Carroll excels in the classroom as a dual major in Psychology and Health Science, earning the team scholar-athlete award and being named to the SUNYAC All-Academic and Commissioner’s List.

Melissa Maxwell moved into the starting lineup for the Green and Gold in 2009 and led the team with 326 digs. She recorded double-digit digs in 14 of the 35 matches she played in and posted her career high of 17 digs against SUNYAC rival Cortland. In her career, Maxwell has led Brockport to a 23–5 conference record and three SUNYAC Tournament semi-final appearances.

Kristi Schrantz returns to the middle blocking position for Brockport after finishing second on the team with 47 blocks in 2009. Schrantz has played in 109 of a possible 112 matches in her career, totaling 584 kills, 221 blocks and 173 digs. She recorded a career-high 11 block assists in a 3–1 win over Rochester in 2007 and tied her career high of 13 kills in 2010 during a 3–0 sweep against Utica.

Women’s Volleyball contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Volleyball program, contact head coach Kelly Greapentrog at (585) 395-5841 or e-mail at


Athletic Facilities The indoor and outdoor athletic facilities at The College at Brockport are outstanding, and all are centrally located around the Tuttle Athletic Complex. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium (formerly Special Olympics Stadium), which plays home to the Golden Eagle Football, Men’s Lacrosse, and Outdoor Track and Field teams, has a seating capacity of 10,000, which makes it one of the largest on-campus stadiums in all of Division III. On the east side of the stadium sits the field hockey and women’s lacrosse field, complete with its own scoreboard, press box, bleacher seating, and nearby rest room facilities. West of the stadium lies the A. Huntley Parker Jr. Soccer Field, named after the legendary former men’s coach, which boasts a beautiful two-tiered press box, dugouts for each team, and seating for several hundred fans. Continuing west, the Clark V. Whited Baseball/Softball Complex is located off of Commencement Drive. The facility was dedicated to the popular former baseball couch and was renovated in the late 1990s. Since then, both fields have received numerous upgrades. Now the baseball and softball fields are considered two of the finest in the northeast. The vast Tuttle North building sports numerous indoor facilities utilized by athletics, physical education, and recreational services. The gymnasium, home to the Golden Eagle Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, boasts five full-sized basketball courts, which are excellent for game competition as well as indoor practices for numerous teams. The Tuttle North Ice Arena and the James B. Fulton Natatorium are top-notch facilities for ice hockey and swimming and diving, respectively. The storied wrestling team can be found downstairs in the wrestling room next to the gymnastics gym, which is unquestionably one the best facilities in the nation for Division III gymnastics. Also housed in Tuttle North are five racquetball courts, four squash courts, a climbing wall, numerous locker rooms, and a state-of-the-art fitness center, along with an athletic equipment room with two full-time personnel to meet all the equipment and uniform needs of the student-athletes. Right next door is Tuttle South, which contains another gym, utilized exclusively by the volleyball team. Additional locker rooms, racquetball courts, and multipurpose spaces are found in Tuttle South, as well as the athletic training room and the athletic weight room. However, the most impressive of the athletic facilities is just starting to rise from the ground adjacent to Tuttle North. The Special Events and Recreation Center (SERC), a $44 million, 156,000 square foot facility with seating capacity of 5,500, is scheduled for completion by fall 2012. Among its many features will be an indoor track, a brand new fitness center and weight room, and multiple tennis courts. For more information on the SERC, or to take a virtual tour of the facility, visit


Ice Hockey Starting as a club team in the mid-1960s and gaining varsity status in 1973, The College at Brockport Hockey program has remained as one of the most consistent and respected teams in the SUNYAC and the Northeast Region. The Golden Eagles have had 17 seasons with double-digit victory totals, including a streak of nine straight seasons with at least 10 victories from 1967 to 1976. In 2008–09, Brockport played host to its first SUNYAC Tournament game and posted a 3–1 victory over SUNY Potsdam. The 14 wins in both 2008-09 and 2009-10 were the most in 20 years — highlighting the resurgence of hockey on campus. The team played home games before three of the largest home crowds in the history of the program. The Golden Eagles’ club and varsity teams have surpassed 400 wins in school history, with more than a quarter of those victories coming under current head coach Brian Dickinson. Two players, Mike Gershon and Todd Sheridan, earned All-SUNYAC honors in 2008-09, and Sheridan was named first-team All-SUNYAC in 2009-10. Sheridan, who through his “Saves for a Cure” helped raise $3,400 for the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, posted the top three goals-against averages in school history, and his 3.07 career GAA is also tops in Brockport history.

Head Coach: Brian Dickinson Since taking over in 1996 as hockey coach, Brian Dickinson has turned Brockport into a perennial power that consistently contends for a berth in the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Tournament. The squad posted a 14–12–1 record in 2009–10 and hosted and won its second consecutive SUNYAC tournament first-round game before falling to perennial Division III power Plattsburgh, 5–2, in the semifinals. Senior goaltender Todd Sheridan became the second player in program history to earn First Team All–SUNYAC honors and the first since Bobby Garrison in 1999–00. Sheridan finished his career with an all–time best 3.07 goals against average and 29 wins, while his 1,986 saves ranks third all–time. The Golden Eagles finished with a 14–10–3 overall record and a fourth-place finish in the conference in 2008–09. Brockport set a school record with a 10– game unbeaten streak from Nov. 30, 2008 through Feb. 6, 2009. The 14 wins were the most in a season since 1987–88. Dickinson has twice won the SUNYAC Coach of the Year award, most recently in 2006–07 after he returned from a one–year absence and led the Golden Eagles to the SUNYAC Tournament. At the end of his first season (1996–97), Brockport was ranked in the top 30 of the NCAA in scoring offense (109 goals, 4.04 goals per game). The Golden Eagles also were ranked in the top 20 in power play percentage (31 goals on 133 attempts, .233 percentage). The Golden Eagles of 1997–98 won 11 games under Dickinson, the most wins in 10 years. A 1988 graduate of North Adams State (now Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts), Dickinson was Buffalo State’s first varsity hockey coach. A four– year goalie for North Adams State, Dickinson had a 20–15–0 record, a 4.46 goals against average, and an .865 save percentage in 47 career games. Dickinson and his wife, Shelly, have two daughters, Halee and Kasey.


James Cody Year:




Hometown: S  chwenksville,


Last Team: P  hiladelphia

Little Flyers

Justin Noble Year:




Hometown: Georgetown,


Last Team: Guelph


Ray Tremblay Year:




Hometown: Peachland, BC Last Team: Beaver Valley


For the second year in a row, James Cody led Brockport in scoring with 28 points, including a team-high 14 goals in 2009–10. With his nine power-play goals, Cody helped Brockport finish 12th in the nation on the power play, converting 23 percent of their chances. Cody’s four game-winning goals also ranked 12th in Division III. He has 25 goals and 27 assists (52 points) in his career.

Justin Noble, who scored five of his 10 goals on the power play in 2009–10, returns as captain of the Golden Eagles in 2010–11. Noble led a potent penalty kill unit that ranked 14th in Division III, killing off 85.5 percent of its penalties (124 of 145 chances). Noble has tallied 38 points in his career as Brockport has made back-to-back SUNYAC tournament appearances.

Ray Tremblay led Brockport to its second consecutive 14-win season in 2009–10. He was second in scoring with 25 points on a teamhigh 19 assists with six goals. Tremblay averaged .73 assists per game, good for 57th in the nation as Brockport earned the No. 4 seed in the SUNYAC Tournament. The Golden Eagles defeated No. 5 SUNY Potsdam 3–0 in the first round before falling to nationally-ranked Plattsburgh in the semifinals.

Ice Hockey contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Hockey program, contact Head Coach Brian Dickinson at (585) 395-5351 or e-mail at


Gymnastics The Gymnastics program at Brockport has never been better, with Division III national runner-up performances turned in by the team in each of the last three years and first-place finishes at the ECAC Regional Championship meet in three of the last four seasons. Brockport gymnasts, under Head Coach John Feeney, have produced a staggering 39 All-America honors, including five individual national champions, since 2004. Feeney was also selected as the national co-Coach of the Year for 2009-10. The inaugural year of the program was 1975, and Gail Evans was Brockport’s first head coach. After numerous coaching changes, Marie Durham provided some stability, taking over as head coach for the 1986–87 season and eventually building the team into a national-title contender during her 11-year coaching tenure. In 1999, Durham’s last season at the helm, the team placed third at nationals, and freshman Nikki Allen became the program’s first national champion and three-time All-American. Then, John Feeney took over the reins, and the rest, as they say, is history. That elusive NCGA Division III National Championship may be within Brockport’s grasp in the very near future, as the team returns a core of outstanding performers from a year ago and has high expectations for a talented group of newcomers. It’s hard to believe that Brockport’s unprecedented gymnastics success may get even better in the years to come.

Head Coach: John Feeney John Feeney completed his 11th year as The College at Brockport’s head coach in 2009–10 with a 9–7 record and a national runner–up finish for the third consecutive season at the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA) National Championship meet. The team won the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Championship for the third time in the last four years and set the school record for a team score with a 190.050 against SUNY Cortland. Feeney led the 2008–09 squad to a 12–4 record, an ECAC Championship and a runner–up finish at the nationals. The 2007–08 team posted an 18–7 record, finished second at the National Championships and took second at the ECAC Championships. Forty-nine of the top 50 team scores and the top 30 individual all–around scores have been posted since Feeney took over in 1999. The vault record has been broken an astounding 45 times. Jordan Christiano became the program’s first national champion when she won the all–around competition in 2003. The next year, Carrie Santore was named the Outstanding Senior Gymnast of the Year after winning three events and setting three meet records. Sarah Bulka won back–to–back all–around championships in 2005 and 2006; and in 2007, she also took home the Outstanding Senior Gymnast award after earning three more All–America honors, bringing her gaudy career total to 13. In 2008, Lauren Gildemeyer won an individual National Championship on the floor routine; in 2009, Gildemeyer achieved All–American status in the vault at the National Championship meet and also won the ECAC floor exercise and vaulting titles at the Regional Championship meet. In 2010, Gildemeyer received three All– America awards at the NCGA Championships in the floor exercise, all–around and the vault. Feeney was named the 2003–04 NCGA National Coach of the Year and in 2009–10 he was named co–Coach of the Year. Feeney has coached 16 All– Americans and 13 Academic All–Americans during his tenure at Brockport.


Elizabeth Levy Year:


Event (s):


Hometown: Glen Allen, VA High School: Hermitage

Kaitlin Dewey Year:


Event (s):


Hometown:  Saratoga, NY High School: Saratoga


Nicole Horodyski Year:


Event (s):

Uneven Bars

Hometown: Gainesville, FL High School: Buchholtz

Elizabeth Levy made an immediate impact at Brockport in her first season, earning ECAC Freshman of the Year honors. Levy earned All-America honors in the all-around and balance beam to lead the Golden Eagles to a second-place finish at the National Championship meet. Levy’s season-high all-around score of 38.3 ranks 10th on the all-time best scores in school history.

Kaitlin Dewey earned All-America honors on the floor exercise to lead Brockport to a third consecutive runner-up finish at the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA) National Championship meet in 2010. Dewey was an All-American on the vault in 2009. Dewey has recorded career-high scores of at least 9.45 in each of the four different events for the Golden Eagles.

Nicole Horodyski earned her second All-America honor on the uneven bars as a trio of Brockport gymnasts finished in the top eight to lead the team to a second-place finish at the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA) National Championship. Horodyski won her first All-America award in 2008, and her 9.65 score in the uneven bars ranks third all-time in school history.

Gymnastics contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Gymnastics program, contact Head Coach John Feeney at (585) 395-5867 or e-mail at


There’s more to Brockport... You already know that The College at Brockport fields 23 NCAA Division III intercollegiate athletic teams. You’ve met our dedicated coaches and training staff. And you’ve seen our scholar-athletes in action. But, that’s not all there is to know about Brockport. The College at Brockport, founded in 1835, is a selective comprehensive college that offers 50 undergraduate majors, 24 areas of teacher certification and 41 graduate programs, including a broad range of liberal arts and professional studies. Education for life In addition to traditional academics, undergraduate students can take advantage of special learning programs like Delta College — an innovative approach to education that includes experiential learning and self-directed study — or our Honors Program, a rigorous academic program that is both challenging and rewarding. Brockport’s Study Abroad Program through the Office of International Education allows students to choose from more than 100 programs in 25 countries for the educational experience of a lifetime. On campus, there are more than 70 clubs and organizations that offer opportunities for both leadership development and teamwork. Guest lecturers and visiting faculty bring diverse perspectives and experiences to campus on a near-weekly basis. The College at Brockport also offers the largest array of public graduate programs in Greater Rochester. Master’s degrees in accounting and forensic accounting, and certificates in non-profit management and arts administration are just a few of the new programs Brockport is proud to offer. Award-winning faculty Our 600+ professors collaborate with both undergraduate and graduate students to conduct, publish and present original research: Our faculty and emeriti include 16 Fulbright Scholars, 27 Distinguished Faculty and 96 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recipients. They are passionate about and experts in their field. But more than that, they are mentors who partner with students, helping them realize their dreams. To learn more about the exciting educational opportunities at The College at Brockport, visit our Web site at

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Indoor Track and Field Despite the lack of an indoor training facility, The College at Brockport Indoor Track and Field program has become one of the best in the region and has produced several All-Americans and NCAA Championship qualifiers over the past several years. As the Golden Eagles await the construction of the Special Events and Recreation Center (SERC), the men’s and women’s teams continue to produce top athletes in both field and track events. The new facility will allow the Golden Eagles to host major events, potentially drawing some of the top athletes in the country and providing some of the best competition for its athletes. Golden Eagle student-athletes have been honored with 15 All-America awards and two NCAA Division III National Champion titles as Shannon O’Keeffe and Nick Stanisavljevic brought the hardware home in 2008 and 2007, respectively, for Indoor Track and Field. Eleven of the 15 All-Americans have been in field events, with Josh Dupuis winning shot put All-America status three times. Four athletes have won multiple awards including Pam Leffler, Tara Phouthavongsa, Dupuis, and Stanisavljevic. The men won the ECAC Indoor Track and Field team title in 2007, and the Golden Eagles have been a fixture on the podium at SUNYAC meets for the past 20 years. Six Golden Eagles garnered All-SUNYAC honors and Melissa Scorse finished 13th overall at the NCAA Division III National Championships.


Head Coach: Brian Cole Brian Cole was hired as the head men’s and women’s Cross Country and Track and Field coach at The College at Brockport prior to the start of the 2009-10 season. In the 2010 indoor track and field season, Cole coached Melissa Scorse to a 13th place finish at the NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships in the 55-meter dash. Two athletes were named First Team All-State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) and four athletes earned second team honors. He guided the men’s and women’s team to fifth-place finishes at the conference championship. Two athletes set school record marks in 2010 as Pete Manktelow broke the record in the mile and Cevon Carver broke the record in the 60-meter dash. Cole came to Brockport after serving as the assistant Track and Field coach at Tiffin (OH) University, following an eleven-year stint as the head coach of the Ohio Northern University Cross Country and Track and Field Teams. He also coached for five years as the Head Coach at Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC. Cole was named the Great Lakes Region Women’s Indoor Track & Field Coach of the Year in 1998 and 2006; and the Men’s Indoor Region Coach of the Year in 1997 and 2008. He was also honored as the Ohio Athletic Conference Men’s Indoor Track and Field Coach of the Year (2000 and 2008). Cole’s first coach of the year honor came in 1993 when he was recognized as the MasonDixon Conference Indoor Coach of the Year. A native of Tiffin, OH, Cole is a 1991 graduate of Methodist College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History and is currently pursuing a MBA with a Concentration in Sport Management.

Brittany Dodd Year:


Event (s): Hurdles/


Hometown: Livonia, NY High School: Webster

Brittany Dodd has been a solid performer in the hurdle events as well as some of the throwing events. She captured first place in the 55-meter hurdles at the St. Lawrence Meet in 2009 and was fifth at the SUNYAC Championships in the same event. She was the top finisher in the 100-meter hurdles at the outdoor Brockport Invitational in 2010.


Nicole Jones Year:


Event (s):


Hometown:  West Charlton,


High School: Galway

Ray Lund Year:


Event (s):


Hometown: Thiells, NY High School: NorthRockland

Nicole Jones is a two-sport athlete at Brockport as she also competes as a member of the volleyball team. Her secondplace finish at the SUNYAC Championships in the shot put highlighted a successful freshman season. In the outdoor season, she was the top finisher in the shot put at the Ithaca College Invitational and was second at the Roberts Wesleyan Invitational.

Ray Lund has been one of the top performers for the Brockport throwers for the past three seasons continuing the proud tradition of NCAA qualifiers in both indoor and outdoor track in the throwing events. He has an All-America award for a thirdplace finish in the weight throw in 2009. Last year he was a SUNYAC Champion in the weight throw at the indoor championships and in the hammer throw at the outdoor championships.

IndoorTrack and Field contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Indoor Track and Field program, contact Head Coach Brian Cole at (585) 395-5353 or e-mail at


Women’s Basketball The Women’s Basketball program at The College at Brockport has gained a reputation as a contender for conference, regional and national tournaments each and every season. The Golden Eagles have advanced to the NCAA Division III tournament five times including four trips since the 2002-03 season. Women’s Basketball started on campus in the mid-1970s and has been one of the longest running women’s varsity sports for the Green and Gold. Starting in 2002-03, the Golden Eagles have broken the school record for wins in a season three times, with a total of 25 victories in the 2007-08 season. Brockport has reached the 15-win plateau in 12 of the last 16 seasons and has won over 250 games during that stretch. Brockport boasts nine 1,000-career point scorers and 10 players that have grabbed over 500 rebounds in their career. Five players have been selected as All-Americans including three — Kristen Rosetti, Jen Feneli and Kristin Clark — that achieved the accolades in consecutive seasons. Head coach Nicole Beauregard led the Golden Eagles to the SUNYAC Tournament championship in 2008-09 in her first season at the helm. Brockport defended its title as conference champions despite losing four graduating senior starters from the previous championship roster.

Head Coach: Nicole Beauregard Nicole Beauregard completed her second year as The College at Brockport Women’s Basketball head coach in 2009–10. She has won a State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Championship, earned a trip to the NCAA Division III Tournament and coached three All–SUNYAC players and one Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Division III Upstate selection. Whitney Smith earned second team all–conference honors in 2009–10, leading Brockport in scoring 16.9 points/game and was the team’s leading scorer in 21 of the 25 games. Beauregard’s coaching career at Brockport got off to a fast start in 2008–09 as she led the Golden Eagles to the NCAA Division III Tournament for the fifth time in the history of the program, as Brockport repeated as the SUNYAC champions. The Golden Eagles finished the season with a 19–10 overall record, including an impressive 11–5 in conference play. At the NCAA tournament the Golden Eagles dropped a 56–46 decision to Mount Saint Mary College in the first round. Before taking the helm at Brockport, the 2001 graduate of Potsdam was the head women’s basketball coach at Delhi, where she also served as the assistant volleyball coach. Beauregard led the Broncos to the conference playoffs for the first time in 12 seasons and was named the 2007–08 Mountain Valley Conference Coach of the Year. Prior to her three–year stint at Delhi, Beauregard was an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team at New Paltz and also acted as an event manager for athletic events. Beauregard was a four–year starter for the Potsdam women’s basketball team and finished her career with over 1,000 points and over 600 rebounds. The three–year captain was voted the team’s most valuable player three times and was the most improved player as a freshman. The native of Ballston Spa, NY, attended Catholic Central High School.


Rachel Csakany

Rachel Csakany returns as the team’s leading rebounder after averaging 7.7 rebounds in Year: Junior 2009–10. Csakany’s 10.2 points per game was second on the team Position: Forward and she recorded 11 double-digit Hometown:  Schenectady,NY scoring performances, including a season-high 16 points with 13 High School: Schenectady rebounds against Fredonia. Csakany has scored 381 points, grabbed 338 rebounds and blocked 15 shots in her career.

Rebecca Monteith Year:




Hometown: Monroe, NY High School: Tuxedo

Sarah Alwardt Year:




Hometown: Rochester, NY High School: Greece Athena

Rebecca Monteith’s hard work and dedication earned her a spot in the 2009-10 starting lineup, and she responded with 13 quality starts. Monteith scored a career-high 12 points against Buffalo State and came off the bench to score 11 points with six rebounds against Roberts Wesleyan. The Golden Eagles twice knocked off rival Geneseo in the regular season, and five of their losses were by five points or fewer.

Sarah Alwardt averaged 7.9 points and grabbed 8.1 rebounds in her first 11 games as a freshman. Alwardt scored in double-digits each of her first five games, including a season-high 16 against St. Lawrence University. In the first round of the Wendy’s College Classic, Alwardt scored seven points with seven rebounds as the Golden Eagles became the first No. 8 seed to defeat a No. 1 in the history of the tournament, beating Nazareth 58–54.

Women’s Basketball contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Women’s Basketball program, contact Head Coach Nicole Beauregard at (585) 395-5200 or e-mail at


Men’s Basketball The players, the coaches, and the decades continue to come and go, but The College at Brockport Men’s Basketball team keeps bringing home championships. Determining which era of the program enjoyed the most success is a challenging task to say the least. Would it be head coach Mauro Pannagio’s teams of the 1970s, who reached the Division III “Final Four” twice in three years? Was it the squads coached by Bill Bowe in the 1990s, who restored Golden Eagle hoops to national prominence with three NCAA appearances in a five-year span? Or, was it the powerhouse teams of the 2000s that captured three SUNYAC titles, earned five NCAA Tournament bids, and finished one overtime loss from earning a third trip to the Final Four in 2007? Regardless of how the debate concludes, no one can argue the high level of success that Golden Eagle fans have come to expect over the years. The program dates back to 1928 and, under the direction of Edwin Nihiser, Brockport Basketball was a winner right from the start, claiming Normal School Championships in each of its first four seasons. Not much has changed since then, as current head coach Greg Dunne already had one ECAC Championship and one SUNYAC title under his belt after just two seasons at the helm. Last year, Dunne’s squad lost in the ECAC Upstate New York Championship. Senior guard Jermaine Johnson was named First Team All-Conference, the 17th straight season that a Golden Eagle player has been honored as a first-team selection.


Head Coach: Greg Dunne Greg Dunne completed his third year as The College at Brockport Men’s Basketball head coach in 2009– 10. He has made an NCAA Division III Tournament appearance, three trips to the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Tournament and two Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Upstate NY Tournament berths. Dunne has coached five All– SUNYAC players and two First Team All–East Region honorees. In 2009–10, Dunne led Brockport to the SUNYAC semifinals and the ECAC Upstate NY Tournament Championship. The team finished 17–12 overall, 11–7 in conference play. Senior guard Jermaine Johnson was named First Team All–Conference, the 17th straight season that a Golden Eagle player has been honored as a first–team selection. Dunne led the Golden Eagles to the SUNYAC Championship in 2008–09, the ninth title in school history. Brockport returned to the NCAA Division III tournament for the 10th time and forced two overtimes before falling, 75–70, to Carnegie Mellon University in the first round. In his first season as head coach in 2007–08, Dunne led the Golden Eagles to a 21–8 overall record, the most wins by a first–year Brockport head coach, and led the team to the ECAC Upstate NY Tournament Championship. His 14–2 SUNYAC record was also tops among first–year Brockport head coaches. Brockport has advanced to the NCAA Tournament six times in the last 10 seasons, including a trip to the Elite Eight in 2006–07 with a sectional victory at St. Lawrence University and a Sweet 16 win at St. John Fisher College. The 1999 graduate of Nazareth was a four–year starter and is the school’s all– time assist leader. He was voted the Empire 8 Conference Player of the Year and was a Second–Team National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) All–American as a senior. Nazareth inducted him into its Athletic Hall of Fame on April 18, 2008.

Derek Klein

Derek Klein returns for the Golden Eagles after making 23 starts in his rookie campaign. Klein hit Year: Sophomore five of nine three-pointers and finished with a season-high 17 Position: Guard points during an 83-69 win over Hometown: Valley Stream, NY Geneseo in the second round of the Wendy’s College Classic. High School: Long Island Brockport’s 15 three-pointers set a regulation College Classic record in the win, and the 37 attempts broke Lutheran the school record of 35 set in 1997.

Gerald Williams Year:




Hometown: Rochester, NY High School: Charlotte

Zach McTigue Year:




Hometown: East Aurora, High School: East Aurora

Gerald Williams finished second in scoring with 11.9 points per game as the Golden Eagles finished as the ECAC runner-ups in 2009–10. The team has earned a postseason berth the past two years and won the 2008–09 SUNYAC Championship title. Williams netted double-digits in 22 of his 29 games in 2010, including a career-high 20 points against Oswego. Williams added 38 steals as Brockport ranked sixth in Division III with 11.8 steals per game.

Zach McTigue finished third with 87 rebounds and shot a team-high 55.6 percent from the field as Brockport posted a 17–12 record in 2009-10. McTigue played in 27 of 29 games and scored a careerNY high 12 points during a 74–68 win over Buffalo State. The Golden Eagles finished the season ranked first in Division III with a 10.4 turnover margin as Brockport committed just 346 turnovers, while forcing their opponents into 649 turnovers.

Men’s Basketball contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Men’s Basketball program, contact Head Coach Greg Dunne at (585) 395-2235 or e-mail at gdunne@


Swimming and Diving The Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving programs have a rich history and tradition at The College at Brockport. Started in the mid-1940s, Brockport Swimming and Diving thrived in the 1960s winning three SUNYAC Championships and producing multiple AllAmericans. The father of Brockport swimming and diving, James B. Fulton, coached the team for 25 seasons until 1968 when former swimmer Dr. Greg Kenney took over the reins. Kenney guided the Golden Eagles until 2008 before retiring. A member of the Brockport teams in the mid1960s, Kenney swam with All-Americans Charlie Dean and Rick LaRose and coached a three-time All-American in Russell Janneck. The women’s program was started in the 1970s and recently had its first participant in the NCAA Championships as diver Maria Quagliana qualified for the championships in both the oneand three-meter diving events. The Golden Eagles compete in the James B. Fulton Natatorium in the Tuttle North complex as the facility was renamed and dedicated in 2007. The six-lane Olympic-sized facility has undergone renovations over the past three years and includes a new timing system and scoreboard. Fulton was also instrumental in the development of swimming and diving as an official SUNYAC sport and has an annual conference award named after him.


Head Coach: Jack Stover III Jack Stover III finished his second year as the Swimming and Diving Head Coach and Aquatics Coordinator at The College at Brockport in the 2009–2010 season. He replaced Dr. Greg (Doc) Kenney who retired at the end of the 2007–08 season after a 30–year coaching career. Stover is the fourth head coach in the history of the Brockport program that started in 1946 under James Fulton. Maria Quagliana was a second–team All–Conference selection and qualified for the NCAA Championships for both one–meter and three–meter diving and finished 9th and 18th, respectively, in 2009–10. With the ninthplace finish, Quagliana earned honorable mention All–America status, the first All–America honor for a female in the history of the program. The Golden Eagles broke four individual and two relay school records in 09–10: Nate Butler set the 100– and 200–yard backstroke record and was part of the 800–freestyle relay; Daniel Brigano broke the mark on the three–meter board; Quagliana broke the one–meter board mark and the women set a new 400–yard medley relay time. In 2008–09, the Golden Eagles broke six individual and three relay school records, and Quagliana qualified for the NCAA Division III Championships. Stover earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Coaching from Alfred University in 2004. He was a member of the Saxons swimming and diving team, serving as captain for the 2003–04 season and was part of the Upstate New York State Collegiate Swimming Association (UNYSCSA) Championship Swim Team in 2003 and was also selected to the UNYSCSA All–Academic team in 2004. While at Naples Central School, he was a member of the New York State Championship soccer team in 1999 and was also the swimming and diving team captain, as well as the Drum Line Captain for four years.

Eva Lankes Year:


Event(s):  Freestyle/


Hometown:  Amherst, NY High School: Amherst

Eva Lankes was part of the school record-breaking 400-yard medley relay at the SUNYAC championships with a time of 4:17.09 in the preliminary round of competition before swimming a 4:17.13 in the finals. As a member of the 400-yard freestyle relay, Lankes and her team finished seventh and the time of 3:48.48 was only .16 seconds off the school record.

Maria Quagliana

Maria Quagliana earned secondteam All-Conference honors and qualified for the 2010 NCAA Year: Senior Division III Championships for both the one-and three-meter Event(s): Diving boards. Quagliana finished ninth Hometown:  Horseheads, NY on one-meter, earning honorable mention All-America status, the High School: Horseheads first All-American honor for a female in the history of the Brockport Swimming and Diving program.

Rob Cornish Year:




Hometown: Spencerport, NY High School: Spencerport

Rob Cornish was part of the 800yard freestyle relay that captured third place overall at SUNYACs with a school-record time of 7:09.80. The time was more than 21 seconds better than the qualifying time for the relay and shaved more than six seconds off the school record. Cornish also swam to a 15th-place finish in the 500 free at the SUNYAC championships.

Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving programs, contact Head Coach Jack Stover III at (585) 395 5344 or e-mail at


Wrestling There is not enough room on this page to touch on all of the accolades and accomplishments turned in by The College at Brockport Wrestling program, so we’ll try to focus in on just a few: five Division III National Championships, 21 top 10 finishes at the national meet, nine Empire Conference titles, two New York State championships (which includes Division I schools), 27 individual National Champions, 134 All-Americans, four members of the NCAA Division III Wrestling Hall of Fame, and one former Olympian. As you can see, Golden Eagle Wrestling has enjoyed an amazing run of success, dating back to the program’s inception in 1963. Brockport has become a well-known name in wrestling circles across the country as a result of one man, Don Murray. This is his 41st year as head coach. Again, coach Murray’s honors and awards are too numerous to list, but he has coached his teams to a 293-71-7 record in dual meets for an astounding .799 winning percentage, and he is one of only three coaches in the country to have coached over 100 All-Americans. Thanks in large part to Murray, Brockport has a current string of 48 consecutive winning seasons, which is second only to Division I power Oklahoma State’s 50 in a row. Plain and simple, Brockport boasts a reputation as one of the premier wrestling programs in the nation, and the hardware keeps on coming.


Head Coach: Donald Murray Donald Murray completed his 40th year as the Head Wrestling Coach at The College at Brockport in 2009– 10. Since taking over the team in 1970, the wrestling program has been among the elite in all of college wrestling, as Murray recorded his 293rd career dual meet win in 2009–10. Murray has led the Golden Eagles to a winning record in each of his 40 years at the helm, and Brockport’s 48 straight winning seasons is second only to Oklahoma State’s 50. Under Murray, the Golden Eagles have captured five national championships in Division III (1977, ’80, ’82, ’83, ’92), 36 conference championships, 27 SUNYAC championships, three New York State titles, one National Duals title, and nine Empire Collegiate Wrestling Conference Championships. In 1998–99, Murray joined legendary Iowa coach Dan Gable as two of the three coaches to have coached 100 or more All–Americans at the collegiate level (132). In 2007, Murray was honored by USA Wrestling as the 2007 Person of the Year. In 1992, while in the midst of leading the Golden Eagles to their fifth national title, Murray was named to the New York State and NCAA Division III Coaches Hall of Fame. He has been named the SUNYAC/Empire Coach of the Year (1981, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1991, 2003), New York State Wrestling Coach of the Year (1980, 1983, 2000), and National Division III Coach of the Year (1980, 1992). In 1980, he also was named AAU Man of the Year, given to the person contributing the most to wrestling at the national and international levels. Entering the 2010–11 season, he has guided the team to an outstanding 293–71–7 (.799 winning percentage) record in dual meets against some of the best Division I, II, and III competition across the country. Murray has received an Outstanding Service to the College Award for his academic work with student–athletes, and for his high graduation rate.

Luke Pariso Year:


Weight Class: 184 Pounds Hometown: Darien, NY High School: Attica

Thomas Rispoli Year:


Weight Class:

157 Pounds

Hometown: East Meadow,


High School: East Meadow

Tyler Marlow Year:


Weight Class: 125 Pounds Hometown: Palmyra, NY High School: Palmyra-


Luke Pariso finished the 2009–10 season with a 22–11 record, including five pins, and was named to the All-Freshman team. Pariso finished second at the Empire Collegiate Wrestling Conference (ECWC) Championships. At the John Summa Invitational, he won the 184-pound title to help lead the Golden Eagles to the team title for the 14th straight season.

Thomas Rispoli helped Brockport to its 48th consecutive winning season and a second place finish at the Empire Collegiate Wrestling Conference (ECWC) Championships. The 157-pounder won his weight class at the John Summa Invitational Tournament. Rispoli, who maintains a 3.93 grade-point average as a Physical Education major, was named the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence in Athletics for wrestling.

Tyler Marlow was voted the Empire Collegiate Wrestling Conference (ECWC) Rookie of the Year after going 24-12. Marlow twice won the weekly ECWC rookie of the week award two and was voted the ECWC Championships Most Outstanding Wrestler. The freshman won the 125-pound title at the ECWC Championships to advance to the NCAA Championships. He was named the outstanding wrestler at the Virginia Duals.

Wrestling contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Wrestling program, contact Head Coach Don Murray at (585) 395-5360 or e-mail at dmurray@


Strength and Conditioning Justin Beach

Ed Jaskulski

The College at Brockport not only boasts 23 outstanding varsity sports teams, it also features a stateof-the art strength and conditioning program. Using a total of three different weight rooms (a number that will grow to four when The Special Events and Recreation Center is finished in 2012), athletes interested in competing for the Golden Eagles will receive every opportunity to not only suit up on the field, but be better prepared for their competitions. Using the College’s high-speed treadmills, TRX trainers, kettlebells, Olympic platforms, free-motion functional trainers, VertiMax platforms, squat racks, speed and power sleds and much more, athletes will be able to push their bodies to maximize their athletic talents, all while under the watch of experienced instructors. “We have two full-time strength and conditioning coaches who are developing new and effective workouts for each team while also performing classes and leading training sessions for each team,” says Justin Beach, Brockport’s baseball coach and the co-strength and conditioning head coach along with Ed Jaskulski. “We also have a facility specifically designed for the use of athletes, so instead of a fitness center, we have an ‘Athletic Performance Training Facility’ for our athletes. We outfit the facility with equipment to develop athletic performance and facilitate success on the playing field.” As evidence, Beach points to the VertiMax platform, which trains athletes in improving their jumping abilities, and the kettlebells, which are used for training flexibility, strength, speed, power and endurance and are commonly a fixture in the weight rooms of many professional sports teams. Regardless of the sport, Beach notes that “each and every athlete at Brockport has the opportunity to expand on their athletic goals or aspirations with the use of our sport-specific, state-of-the art performance training facility that most certainly separates Brockport from many other NCAA programs.”


Softball Considered the winningest women’s athletic program at The College at Brockport, the softball program has seen great success over its first 30 years of competition. The Golden Eagles have advanced to postseason play in nearly every season since the mid-1980s with trips to the NCAA Division III Tournament, New York State Championship Tournament, ECAC Tournament, and SUNYAC Championship. The Golden Eagles have had 10 different head coaches since its inception in 1976 but have been under the direction of John Dumaw for the past 11 seasons. Dumaw has guided the Golden Eagles to more than 250 victories on the diamond and led the team to eight trips to the SUNYAC Tournament semifinal round. Five players have earned All-America honors including Rikki Cannioto, who was a two-time, GTE Academic All-American for the Golden Eagles. There have been 21 former players or coaches that have been inducted into the Golden Eagle Athletic Hall of Fame. Three different coaches have been honored as the SUNYAC Coach of the Year for softball and in 2009 Brockport earned a school-record six AllConference honorees. The Golden Eagles have produced the SUNYAC Player of the Year twice since 2003, with Kim Comtois winning in 2003 and Courtney Turchan earning the honor in 2008. The 2010 squad won a school-record 32 games en route to a third-place finish at the SUNYAC Tournament.

Head Coach: John Dumaw John Dumaw has been involved in fastpitch softball for more than 35 years and completed his 12th season as The College at Brockport’s softball coach in 2010. His teams have compiled a 285–172–1 record for a .623 winning percentage. Under Dumaw, the Golden Eagles have won at least 20 games in each of the last six seasons, and 10 of the past 11 campaigns. Brockport won 32 games in 2010, setting a school record, and the Golden Eagles have had three 28–win seasons (2002, 2007 and 2009) under his watch. Dumaw was voted the SUNYAC Coach of the Year for the first time in his career in 2009. Since 2000, 29 players have been named to the All–SUNYAC team, including six following the 2009 season. He has coached nine All–Region and seven All–ECAC players, and two players have been named the SUNYAC Player of the Year. In 2009, both Rachel Maxon and Stephanie Geer garnered academic awards. Maxon earned second–team CoSIDA Academic All–America (District I) status, and Geer was selected as the SUNY Chancellor’s Award of Excellence winner for softball as the highest grade–point average among All–SUNYAC selections. In 2010, Geer earned second–team CoSIDA Academic All–America (District I) honors. Dumaw compiled an incredible record of 1,136 wins and 208 losses as a pitcher in men’s major fastpitch, including 122 sanctioned no–hitters and 24 perfect games, and he was elected to the New York State Amateur Softball Association (NYSASA) Hall of Fame in 1990, and the USISA National Hall of Fame in 1993. Dumaw served one season (1998) as assistant at Brockport before being appointed head coach. He was also coach of the highly–successful Rochester Rebels 18–and–under Junior Olympic team, compiling a 209–36 record with 14 tournament titles and a third–place finish in the 1996 World Tournament. Dumaw is a 1965 graduate of Mohawk Valley Institute of Technology and a 2003 Brockport graduate.


Courtney Claflin Year:



Second Base

Hometown:  Lacona, NY High School:


Danielle Sage Year:




Hometown:  Oakfield, NY High School: Oakfield-


Courtney Claflin finished fourth on the team with 26 hits, including eight doubles, and had 15 RBI. Claflin hit two game-tying home runs to force extra innings in eventual wins by Brockport. The first was a two-run shot in the sixth inning against Fredonia as Brockport won 3-2 in eight innings; the second was a solo homer in the bottom of the seventh against Rochester as the Golden Eagles won 9-8 in 10 innings.

As the Green and Gold’s starting catcher, Danielle Sage drove in a team-high 17 runs and belted five home runs to lead Brockport to a 32-12 overall record and a third-place finish in the SUNYAC Tournament in 2010. The 32 wins set a new school record for wins in a season. Sage started all 37 games she played in and was fourth on the team with 26 hits while recording a .981 fielding percentage.

Stephanie Geer

Stephanie Geer posted a 17-5 record with six shutouts, a 1.36 earned run average and Year: Senior 153 strikeouts in 159 innings for Brockport in 2010. Geer, a Position: Pitcher Chemistry major with Minors Hometown: Binghamton, NY in Economics and Coaching has a 3.89 GPA. She was named to High School: SetonCatholicthe College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA)/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District team as a second-team selection and was an AllSUNYAC pick.

Softball contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Softball program, contact Head Coach John Dumaw at (585) 395-5955 or e-mail at


Baseball Baseball at The College at Brockport dates back to 1947, when the legendary Clark V. Whited started the program and served as head coach for the next 22 years. A great tradition that started with Coach Whited continues today, as Brockport baseball is commonly known as not only one of the top programs in the New York Region, but also in all of Division III. Throughout the years, the baseball program enjoyed plenty of success. It started with Whited piling up 15 winning seasons during his tenure, then with the team’s first SUNYAC title in 1973 with Robert Christina at the helm, followed by numerous post-season appearances under Dick Bonalewicz in the 1970s and Jim DeBell in the 1990s. But, the highlight of the program’s history came as recently as 2004 under Mark Rowland when the Golden Eagles won their first-ever SUNYAC Tournament, swept three straight games in their first appearance at the NCAA Regionals, and earned a spot in the Division III College World Series, finishing fifth in the nation. Rowland is the all-time winningest baseball coach at Brockport, finishing his coaching career with a record of 253-180-2 (.584). His teams reached the postseason nine times in 11 years, and the 2004 squad won a school-record 34 games. In 2007, Justin Beach took over the head coaching duties, and the program hasn’t missed a beat. Beach’s teams reached the championship games of both the SUNYAC and ECAC Tournaments in 2008 and 2009, and in 2010 the Golden Eagles claimed the SUNYAC league title, its fifth in program history.


Head Coach: Justin Beach Justin Beach was named head baseball coach in June of 2008 after one season as interim head coach. Brockport earned its ninth consecutive trip to the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Tournament and a conference title in 2010. It was Brockport’s first league title since 2004, and the Golden Eagles earned the automatic bid to the NCAA Division III Regional Tournament in Auburn, NY, their second appearance in program history. Brockport went 23–18 in 2010, with six wins against nationally–ranked teams. SUNYAC Tournament MVP and First–Team All Region selection Nate Parrino set a single–season record with 60 hits and first–team All–Conference player Max Keado’s 43 runs scored was also a record. Junior Max Zimmerman set the record for runs batted in with 47 and broke the career record for RBIs (119). Brockport also had its first nine–inning no-hitter thrown by junior Steve Locke. In 2009, the team posted a 23–23 overall record after starting the season 2–11 and went 7–5 in conference play to earn the third seed in the SUNYAC tournament. Beach led the Golden Eagles to a 26–19–1 record in 2008, tied for third–most wins in school history and most by a rookie Brockport coach. NABC/Rawlings First–Team All–Region and SUNYAC Player of the Year Rob Maxwell, a senior pitcher/first baseman was also a SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence honoree and voted to the ESPN The Magazine Academic All–District team. Beach’s team sported a 3.0 team grade–point average in fall 2009, and Brockport has had the most baseball players selected to the SUNYAC Commissioners list and All–Academic Team during Beach’s tenure. As a player, Beach led Hudson Valley Community College to a Regional Championship and a fifth–place finish in the 2001 NJCAA World Series before transferring to Brockport as a junior. In Beach’s senior year, Brockport captured an ECAC championship with a then school–record 31 wins.

Max Zimmerman

Max Zimmerman hit .344 with 53 hits and eight home runs in 2010 as Brockport posted six of its 23 Year: Senior wins against nationally-ranked teams. Earning second-team AllPosition:  Designated Hitter SUNYAC honors and third-team Hometown:  East Amherst, NY All-Region honors, Zimmerman, a designated hitter, became the High School: Williamsvilleschool’s all-time RBI leader (119) and set the season record for RBI (47) while slugging a team-best .552. North

Max Keado Year:




Hometown: Troy, NY High School: Catholic


Tom McCormick Year:




Hometown:  Utica, NY High School: Utica Notre


Outfielder Max Keado led Brockport to the 2010 SUNYAC title, earning All-Tournament honors after hitting .556 with five hits and five runs scored in two tournament games. He was a firstteam selection to the SUNYAC All-Conference squad after he finished with a .384 batting average, second-best on the team. He set a single-season record with 43 runs scored, added 18 stolen bases and carries an 18-game hit streak into 2011.

Tom McCormick returns as a dependable shortstop for the Green and Gold after making 37 starts and recording team-high 128 assists in 2010. In 116 career games, McCormick has 109 hits and 50 RBI, and his 368 career assists ranks third all-time in school history. He has led Brockport to two ECAC tournaments, three SUNYAC tournaments, the 2010 SUNYAC Championship title and an automatic bid to the NCAA Regional Tournament.

Baseball contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Baseball program, contact Head Coach Justin Beach at (585) 395-2347 or e-mail at jbeach@


Outdoor Track and Field The Track and Field programs at The College at Brockport have developed into championship caliber teams and have produced multiple AllAmerica award winners. A staple of the athletic program at Brockport, the Track and Field teams have been competing on the regional and national stage since their inception. The program has produced nearly 20 All-Americans who have won 28 All-America awards including Carrie Gorton, who brought home NCAA hardware in the javelin for four consecutive seasons. Eight Golden Eagles have won All-America awards in different seasons. Since 2002, the Brockport men have produced six All-America honors in the throwing events including Jesse Doty in 2002, who went on to compete regularly in Olympic Trials and World Championship events for the United States. The Golden Eagles compete against some of the best regional athletes, traveling to several NCAA Division I meets and annually hosting the Brockport Open Meet at Special Olympics Stadium. In addition to the individual success of the programs, the Brockport women won the SUNYAC team championship in 2009. It was the first-ever team title for the Brockport women. Although the teams have seen success in recent years, the proud history of the programs is evidenced by the fact that more than half the school records are over 10 years old with some of the records for both the men and women dating back to the mid-1970s.


Head Coach: Brian Cole Brian Cole was hired as the head men’s and women’s Cross Country and Track and Field coach at The College at Brockport for the 2009-10 season. In the 2010 outdoor track and field season, Cole coached Stephanie Powell to a 12th place finish at the NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships in the hammer throw. Four athletes were named First Team All-State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) and three athletes earned second team honors. He guided the men’s team to a third-place finish at the conference championship, while the women finished fifth. Two athletes set school record marks in 2010 as Pete Manktelow broke his own record in the 1,500-meter and Rusty Landon broke a school record in the 400-meter hurdles that had stood for 24 years. Manktelow also received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence. Cole came to Brockport after serving as the assistant Track and Field coach at Tiffin (OH) University, following an 11-year stint as the head coach of the Ohio Northern University Cross Country, Track and Field Teams. He also coached for five years as the Head Coach at Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC. Prior to his career at Brockport, Cole has coached three individual National Champions, 52 All-Americans, 153 Conference Champions and 593 AllConference selections. He has earned 13 Coach of the Year honors and guided six of his teams to Conference Championship titles. Cole was named the Great Lakes Region Men’s Outdoor Region Coach of the Year in 1995 and 1996. A native of Tiffin, OH, Cole is a 1991 graduate of Methodist College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History and is currently pursuing a MBA with a Concentration in Sport Management.

John Osucha Year:


Event (s):


Hometown: Corfu, NY High School: Alden

Melissa Scorse Year:


Event (s):


Hometown:  Pittsford, NY High School: Pittsford-


Rusty Landon Year:


Event (s): Hurdles/


Hometown: Ithaca, NY High School: Lansing

John Osucha made an immediate impact on the track and field squads at Brockport. In 2010, the freshman won the SUNYAC Championship in the discus and finished second in the event at the ECAC Championships. He cleared the NCAA provisional qualifying standard in the discus at the Roberts Wesleyan Open meet with a throw of 50.27 meters.

Melissa Scorse has been the top sprinter at Brockport for the past three seasons. In the 2009-10 indoor season, she was voted the NCAA Atlantic Region Athlete of the Year for her impressive recordbreaking performances. She set and broke the school records in the 55-meter and 200-meter dashes on multiple occasions. She was a second-team All-SUNYAC selection last year.

Rusty Landon has been a solid performer in the longer hurdle events for Brockport, especially excelling at the Geneseo Invitational. In 2009, he took first place in the meet in the 400-meter hurdles with an NCAA provisional qualifying time. At the same meet one year later, he did it again winning the event in not only NCAA provisional time but also setting the school record with his 53.68 time. He is also the school record holder in the 300-meter hurdles.

Track and Field contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Outdoor Track and Field program, contact Head Coach Brian Cole at (585) 395-5353 or e-mail at bcole@


Men’s Lacrosse The Men’s Lacrosse program at The College at Brockport was rejuvenated in 2000 after a long hiatus. In its 10 seasons, the program has become a contender in the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC). Head Coach Ben Wineburg has built the program from the ground up and continues to recruit some of the best local and regional talent to play for the Green and Gold. Brockport has established itself as a gritty, hard working team that prides itself on discipline and strong defensive play. The offensive school records have required adjusting almost every season, which is a reflection on the growth of the program into its current contender status. The Golden Eagles have been in contention for a SUNYAC Tournament playoff spot in nearly every season since returning to the varsity level of competition. The team recorded a seven-win season in 2007. Brockport finished the 2010 season with a school-record eight wins, including an 11-7 upset win at home over the then ninth-ranked team in the nation, Geneseo. Brockport plays a very competitive schedule in addition to the challenging conference slate of games. The team faces non-conference opponents from Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well as some of the top teams in Greater Rochester, including St. John Fisher College and RIT. The Golden Eagles play their home games in Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 10,000. The natural grass field features a new state-of-the-art scoreboard with a graphics board for messages to be displayed and a two-tiered press box. 48

Head Coach: Ben Wineburg Ben Wineburg completed his 10th season as head coach of the men’s lacrosse team in 2010, the best season during his tenure. Wineburg led Brockport to an 8–6 record, a school record for wins, including an 11–7 win over nationally–ranked Geneseo. Senior Adam Drypolcher and juniors Adam Rivers and Kyle Crosley were each selected to the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) as second–team selections. Drypolcher led the offense with 37 points on 25 goals and 12 assists to finish with a career–record 96 goals and 128 points. Crosley played every game in net, breaking the season record for goalie wins. In 2009, Matt Andon–McLane tied a school record with six goals in a 12–6 victory over Medaille College on March 25. Defender David Shield was voted the SUNYAC Rookie of the year in 2007 as the Golden Eagles finished with a winning record (7–6) for the first time since the program returned to the varsity level in 2000. Fellow freshmen Pat Reilly and Drypolcher led the Brockport offense, scoring 75 of the team’s 190 points and 52 of the 119 goals. Among Wineburg’s early success stories was a 16–4 home win over Medaille College in 2001 — the first Brockport home game since 1979. A 1996 graduate of Nazareth College, Wineburg led Nazareth to a 1996 national championship, the second of three national titles in Nazareth’s lacrosse history. The two–time All–American goalie was named the Division III Player of the Year, national Goalie of the Year, and was the MVP of the national championship game while leading Nazareth to an 11–10 overtime win over Washington College in 1996.

Mike Sanderson Year:




Hometown: Canton, NY High School: H.C. Williams

Matt Andon-McLane Year:




Hometown: Syracuse, NY High School: Nottingham

Mike Tammaro Year:




Hometown:  Painted Post,


High School: Corning West

Mike Sanderson’s steady play helped Brockport go 8-6, setting a school-record for wins. Three of the losses were by one-goal and another loss came by two goals. Sanderson has played in 34 of a possible 39 games, scoring seven goals with two assists. Sanderson has scored a goal in each of the last two contests against St. John Fisher College.

Matt Andon-McLane started all 14 contests in 2010 and finished second in scoring with 34 points (20 goals and a team-high 14 assists) as Brockport posted an 8–6 record. In 2009, AndonMcLane tied the school record for goals with six against Medaille, and ended the season with 22 goals. AndonMcLane stands third all-time in career points with 74 and is 19 points away from second place.

Mike Tammaro scored three goals as Brockport stunned Geneseo, then the No. 9 ranked team in the country, 11–7 in 2010. Tammaro finished with 10 goals and 16 points to extend his career point total to 54, good for seventh alltime in school history. Tammaro scored nine goals and handed out six assists as a sophomore including a two goal performance against Geneseo.

Men’s Lacrosse contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Men’s Lacrosse, contact Head Coach Ben Wineburg at (585) 395-5067 or e-mail at bwinebur@


Women’s Lacrosse The Women’s Lacrosse program at The College at Brockport has emerged as one of the best in the region as the Golden Eagles regularly contend for the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Tournament title, having advanced to the championship game in two of the last three seasons. Additionally, the Golden Eagles have advanced to the championship game of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Tournament twice in the last three seasons and won the ECAC title in 2008. In 2010, Melissa Hill became just the second Brockport women’s lacrosse player to earn AllAmerica honors by the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association after she scored 48 goals and led the Golden Eagles to a 13-4 record and the school’s first-ever trip to the NCAA Tournament. Head Coach Linda Michele was named the SUNYAC Coach of the Year after her squad lost in the SUNYAC championship game but received an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, where it eventually lost in the second round to defending Division III national champion Franklin and Marshall University. In the past five years, the Golden Eagles have rewritten the record books at Brockport. Nearly all of the offensive records have been broken since 2004 with the help of 2006 pre-season All-America selection Angela Inzinna. Inzinna set school records for points, goals and assists in a game, season and career before she graduated in 2006. Since then, Carrie Kane broke the record for goals in a game, with eight against St. John Fisher College in the ECAC Championship game in 2008. Brockport has played home games on several different fields in the past but have found a home on the same field that the school’s field hockey team uses in the fall for its home games.


Head Coach: Linda Michele Linda Michele completed her first season with the Golden Eagles in 2010 after leading Brockport to the NCAA Division III Tournament for the first time in program history. Michele was named the SUNYAC Coach of the Year and NCAA Division III Coach of the Year by www. after guiding the team to a 13–4 overall record, 7–1 in conference play. All four losses came against teams ranked in the top–20, and the Golden Eagles earned the No. 20 ranking in the country for the final two weeks of the regular season. Brockport won its first–ever NCAA game and advanced to the second round of the tournament. In 2010 she coached four All–SUNYAC, two All–Region, and two All–ECAC players, and Melissa Hill became the second player in program history to earn All–America status. The 2008 inductee into The Rochester Chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame came to Brockport after building one of the elite high school girls’ programs in the state with East Rochester. In her 13 years with the program, she posted a record of 160–40 with four Section V Championships and three appearances in the New York State Finals. Prior to East Rochester, she coached varsity lacrosse at the Albany Girls Academy from 1992–95 and finished with a record of 78–14 after leading the team to two regional championships, three sectional championships and was a NYS Finalist in 1995. In 2001, Michele started Lady Roc Elite Women’s Lacrosse, which aids in the recruiting process for area high school players. Outside of coaching, she has been a Physical Education and Health Instructor at East Rochester since 1995, and prior to that she was the Director of Physical Education at Albany Academy for ten years. A native of East Rochester, Michele earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Cortland in 1982 and a Master’s in Health Education from Russell Sage College in 1992.

Amanda Massmann Year:




Hometown: Bohemia, NY High School: Connetquot

Dayna Piraino Year:




Hometown:  Syracuse,


High School: Henninger

Jamie Kaminsky Year:




Hometown: Oakdale, NY High School: Sayville

Amanda Massmann started every game on defense during the 2010 season and scored six goals and added three assists. A secondteam All-SUNYAC selection, Massmann finished third on the team with 45 groundballs. In three seasons, Massmann has played in 44 of 49 games as Brockport has gone 32–17.

Dayna Piraino netted 34 goals in 2010 season and her 67 points were second-most for Brockport. Piraino, a two-time All-SUNYAC selection, has scored 63 goals in 31 career games, has 116 points (11th best in school history) and the consistent scorer has notched a goal in 26 of her 31 career games. Piraino scored a career-high six goals versus Morrisville in 2009 and added four goals during a 29-goal outburst against New Paltz, a school record for team scoring.

Jamie Kaminsky was a first-team SUNYAC All-Conference selection, second-team ECAC selection and made the first-team All-Region squad as she led Brockport to a 13–4 record and the school’s first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance. The two-time conference goalie of the week made 128 saves and finished with an 8.13 goals-against average that ranked 14th in Division III. Kaminsky tied the record for career goalie wins with 32.

Women’s Lacrosse contact info: For additional information about The College at Brockport Women’s Lacrosse program, contact Head Coach Linda Michele at (585) 395-5347 or e-mail at lmichele@


Hall of Fame 1985

Theodore “Ted” A. Bondi ‘51 Robert E. Boozer Shirley A. Carmichael ‘53 Vito Costanza ‘50/’58 Kaeti Ecker ‘70/’72 Norman Law ‘60/’68 Thad J. Mularz ‘50 Mauro Panaggio ‘52/’68 A. Huntley Parker Jr. Fred Rockow ‘59 Martin H. Rogers Irene M. Shea ‘66 Anthony “Andy” J. Spennacchio ‘53/’65 Ernest H. Tuttle Louis “Lou” F. Van Wart ‘53 Clark “Whitey” V. Whited


Linda Arena ‘69/’73 Gerald D’Agostino ‘49 James Fulton William H. Heyen ‘61 William A. Hughes ‘58 Catherine M. Klein ‘63/’68 Leonard M. Lupetin ‘53 Edwin Nihiser Eugene F. Orbaker ‘53 Don Santini ‘61


Doris Chance ‘67 Patrick “Pat” Damore ‘52 Charles “Charlie” K. Dean ‘68 Bruce C. DuBois ‘62 Jay T. Kearney ‘62 John B. Skehan ‘53 Edward P. Storto ‘55 Leo E. Torre ‘59 Guy Vickers ‘74 William “Bill” R. Wood ‘68



Betty A. Bartkowiak ‘57 Ralph J. Beaney ‘50 Regan R. Beers ‘70 Val Miller Cloud ‘69 Dick Kraft ‘61 Jim W. May ‘68 Don A. Prozik ‘68 William A. Stebbins


E. Curtiss Gaylord ‘41 Bill Linkner ‘61 Anna A. McGinnis ‘67 Geri Polvino ‘63 M.J. Vrooman ‘74 Douglas H. Westcott ‘62


Kay Rendell Gould ‘67 H. Arthur Lemery ‘61 Watson “Irish” McCalister ‘56


Ray Daugherty ‘51 Elizabeth Dimmick ‘67 Duncan P. Hinckley ‘53 Robert J. Iveson Sr. John Izzo ‘67


Jo Garuccio ‘73 Thomas Walter Heath Charles Richard “Rick” LaRose ‘68 Joanne “Jo” Susan Silken ‘69 Joseph S. Sorge ‘50 Bruce H. Turner ‘68 Joseph Wilber ‘51


Linda Berner Adams ‘68 Nelson A. Cupello ‘75 John (Jack) Goetschius ‘60 Fran B. Nocella ‘73 Vicky Wilcox ‘80


Diane Cullen (Diney Raab) ‘76 Dave Foxen ‘74 Richard M. Loffredo ‘53 Terry Ransbury ‘51


Cheryl Anne Clifton ‘77/’78 Frank S. Famiano ‘83 Danny Panaggio ‘77 Hal Rothman ‘67 Lisa Diaz Schrader ‘83 Becky L. Thomas ‘84 Howard “Weasel” Whatford ‘50



Rich Brauss ‘62 Elizabeth A. Pitts Denniston ‘95/’96 Russell P. Janneck ‘71/’89 Kari L. Vivian Kram ‘91 Alain F. Maca ‘72 Edwin E. Smart ‘91 Mackey J. Tyndall ‘77


Pamela (Leffler) Hull ‘95 Edward M. Matejkovic Brian Russell Quick ‘92/’95 John G. Sheehan ‘69 Greta Spas-Smith ‘94

Phillip F. Ciarico ‘60 Anne F. Fowler ‘84/’92 Audrey A. Renneman Hallenbeck ‘86 Donald L. Thompson ‘51/’58 Ronald N. Winnie ‘83



Stephen M. Cook ‘92 D.J. Hensley Pompeo ‘93 Rebecca G. Tucker ‘98 Ronald K. White ‘66

Rikki A. Cannioto ‘92 Joseph Giani ‘81 Shannon McHale ‘92 Lynwood “Woody” VanDenburg ‘82/’92


Dereck Bigford ‘83 Anthony P. Conetta ‘83 Blase Salomone ‘88 Erin (Merritt) Warr ‘90


Susan Ferraro ‘82 Robert H. Gumaer ‘64 John A. Leone ‘88/’91 Colleen P. Mahar ‘94

Joan Tursi Alia ‘89 Peter F. Hinchey ‘56 Mike Panaggio ‘75 Colleen S. Zeitler ‘94



Brian D. Lynch ‘79 Pierce Mahar ‘77 Douglas J. May ‘71 James L. May ‘74 Grace R. Robbins Santana ‘97 Nicole L. VanDenBerghe Wardle ‘96 Wanda Lee Zawadazki ‘97


1955 Men’s Soccer Team Shannon L. Cotten Hussar ‘97 Sonja M. Ocker-Sjaardema ‘96 Chris Payne ‘88 John H. Trowse ‘89


Carrie K. Gorton Ciripompa ‘93/’96 Jennifer M. Feneli Sullivan ‘00/’06 Melissa DeCoursey Gehringer ‘98 John F. Parisella ‘81 Betty L. Rich ‘72 Michelle L. DeCoursey Rothe ‘99 Josh Warner ‘01 T.J. Williams ‘69


Leslie Troup Barkley ‘91 Patty Seubert Blair ‘91 Dan Fichter ‘92 Roy A. Miller ‘70 Adam Rodger ‘00 Joan Sitterly ‘74


Julie Winks Barker ‘96 Jean Rachiatore Berry ‘69/’72 Tom Massey ‘91 Mark Palmer ‘86 Karen Shay Rose ‘00 Jim Vlogianitis ‘94 John Vlogianitis ‘95


1977 Wrestling Team Stacy L. Blair ‘96 Stephen A. Milne ‘93 E.J. McGuire ‘75/’77 Kristen Clark Schuth ‘03 John Greig Underwood ‘82


Harvey A. Dorfman ‘57/’61 Ben Drake ‘94/’97/’00 Leanne E. Gedraitis ‘05 Jay Johnson ‘02 Carrie A. Santore ‘05 Jim Voutour ‘88

Let Us Handle Your Teams’ Travel Needs Chartered Motorcoach Services All Inclusive Package for School Trips Full Service Travel Agency Hornell, NY (607) 324-3900 or 1-800-643-1700

All-Americans Steve Abgarian, Men’s Soccer John Aebly, Wrestling (3x) Nicole Allen, Gymnastics (3x) Rob Allison, Wrestling Erik Ardenski, Football John Baer, Men’s Lacrosse Christina Baggetta, Gymnastics (5x) Lenny Baker, Wrestling (2x) John Banek, Football Jake Basher, Track and Field (2x) Regan Beers, Wrestling Ben Bellucci, Men’s Basketball Pat Bennett, Wrestling (2x) Amy Beilunis, Gymnastics Dereck Bigford, Wrestling (2x) Bruce Biondi, Wrestling (2x) Joanie Bolan, Women’s Basketball Theodore Bondi, Men’s Soccer (4x) Jessica Bowman, Gymnastics Adam Bradley, Track and Field (2x) Shaheim Bradshaw, Wrestling (4x) Richie Brauss, Men’s Soccer Robert Brenton, Wrestling Paul Bruns, Wrestling Dale Buck, Football Sarah Bulka, Gymnastics (13x) Frank Calabria, Wrestling Steve Cella, Wrestling Daniel Chagnon, Men’s Soccer Jordan Christiano, Gymnastics (2x) Phil Ciarico, Football Ken Ciolek, Track and Field Kristen Clark, Women’s Basketball (2x) Nelson Colley, Wrestling Kim Comtois, Softball Mike Condello, Football Anthony Conetta, Wrestling (3x) Kevin Conover, Football 54

Steve Cook, Football (3x) Gilbert Cowan, Track and Field Jeff Cox, Wrestling (2x) Sal Cruz, Wrestling Rob Cuffle, Wrestling (2x) Nelson Cupella, Men’s Soccer Lori Cuva, Gymnastics Tony D’Ambra, Wrestling David Damelio, Football Bill Dattalo, Football Charlie Dean, Men’s Swimming Courtney Dean, Women’s Lacrosse Scott DeTore, Wrestling (2x) Kaitlin Dewey, Gymnastics (2x) Lisa Diaz, Women’s Basketball Jesse Doty, Track and Field Charles Drummond, Track and Field Mike Dumaw, Football Josh Dupuis, Track and Field (5x) Shania Dzielak, Gymnastics Damon Evans, Football Frank Famiano, Wrestling (6x) Don Favro, Wrestling Jen Feneli, Women’s Basketball (2x) Sue Ferraro, Field Hockey Mike Ferris, Wrestling Kaylen Fessette, Volleyball (2x) Dan Fichter, Football Jim Fischer, Football Nicole Fisher, Gymnastics Alyssa Fitchette, Volleyball (2x) Jessica Flanagan, Gymnastics David Foxen, Wrestling Arnold Frost, Wrestling Brian Gawne, Football Joe Giani, Wrestling (3x) Lauren Gildemeyer, Gymnastics (9x) Roger Gill, Track and Field Ron Gilliam, Men’s Basketball Jack Goetschius, Football

Jerome Goodfellow, Wrestling Dom Gonzalez, Track and Field (2x) Carrie Gorton, Track and Field (4x) Howard Grant, Track and Field (2x) Courtlan Green, Football Prince Green, Wrestling (2x) Cuyler Groth, Football Chris Haley, Wrestling Shannon Hall, Gymnastics Dan Harmon, Wrestling Kris Harrington, Wrestling (2x) Sherod Harris, Men’s Basketball Nate Harvey, Football William Heyen, Men’s Soccer (2x) Melissa Hill, Women’s Lacrosse Scott Hill, Wrestling Peter Hinchey, Men’s Soccer Nicole Horodyski, Gymnastics (2x) Bill Hughes, Men’s Soccer (2x) John Humann, Football Russell Janneck, Men’s Swimming (3x) Jay Johnson, Football Stacy Johnson, Gymnastics Mike Jones, Football Bill Jones, Football Brian Kadien, Football Ben Kimball, Baseball Louis Kowalski, Track and Field Dick Kraft, Men’s Basketball (2x) Adam Lanctot, Football Abraham Lang, Wrestling Rick LaRose, Men’s Swimming (2x) Pam Leffler, Track and Field (5x) Dorothy Lemke, Volleyball John Leone, Wrestling (4x) Elizabeth Levy, Gymnastics (2x) Mark Lineweaver, Track and Field (2x) Bill Linkner, Football Natalie Lipshutz, Gymnastics Ray Lund, Track and Field

Brian Lynch, Men’s Swimming (2x) Jeremy Lynch, Football Alain Maca, Men’s Soccer (2x) Pierce Mahar, Baseball Romaine Malcolm, Wrestling Brett Mann, Track and Field Adam Marcinkiak, Wrestling Lynne Marsala, Gymnastics John Martellucci, Wrestling (2x) Tom Massey, Football Jim May, Men’s Soccer Watson McCalister, Men’s Soccer Marr McLennan, Wrestling Mike Medbury, Men’s Basketball (2x) Rusty Middlebrook, Wrestling (2x) Steve Milne, Football Mike Moschetto, Football Scotty Moorse, Men’s Soccer Ed Morales, Wrestling Richard Mothorpe, Men’s Soccer Jose Munoz, Wrestling Jeff Murphy, Football Tom Murphy, Wrestling Robert Nichols, Wrestling David Nieman, Football (2x) Shannon O’Keeffe, Track and Field (3x) Eugene Orbaker, Men’s Soccer (2x) Frank Ojeda, Football Don Ooton, Wrestling (2x) Roberto Padilla, Wrestling (2x) Mark Palmer, Track and Field (2x) Frank Palumbo, Wrestling (4x) Mauro Panaggio, Men’s Basketball John Parisella, Wrestling (2x)

Chris Payne, Football Keith Peavey, Wrestling Jim Pennise, Wrestling Joe Perez, Wrestling (2x) Tara Phouthavongsa, Track and Field (2x) Amanda Pickard, Field Hockey Liz Pitts, Track and Field Ray Porteus, Wrestling Donald Prozik, Men’s Soccer Maria Quagliana, Women’s Diving Brian Quick, Wrestling (3x) Eamonn Quigley, Men’s Soccer David Recor, Wrestling (3x) Jeremy Reynolds, Wrestling Kevin Richards, Wrestling Dave Robbins, Football Dan Roberts, Wrestling Carrie Rock, Gymnastics Kristin Roseti, Women’s Basketball (2x) Jamie Rother, Football Brad Rowe, Wrestling Ron Rowen, Men’s Soccer Blase Salomone, Football Carrie Santore, Gymnastics (8x) Walter Schmid, Men’s Soccer (2x) Keith Scranton, Football Renee Sestito, Gymnastics (4x) Mike Shaw, Wrestling (2x) Kristin Sheerin, Gymnastics (2x) D.J. Simonton, Wrestling (3x) Rich Sippel, Wrestling (3x) Todd Slade, Wrestling (3x) Ed Smart, Football Thomas Smith, Football

Tony Smith, Wrestling (3x) Linda Sobkowski, Volleyball Raphael Soto, Wrestling Greta Spas, Volleyball Jason Spector, Wrestling (2x) Andy Spennachio, Men’s Basketball Nick Stanisavljevic, Track and Field (2x) Chris Stevens, Wrestling (2x) Ed Storto, Men’s Basketball Amy Taylor, Gymnastics Lisa Taylor, Track and Field (2x) Joe Telesky, Wrestling (2x) Donald Thompson, Men’s Soccer (2x) Leo Torre, Football Terri Travis, Track and Field John Trowse, Cross Country Bruce Turner, Wrestling Macky Tyndall, Wrestling John Underwood, Track and Field Lynwood Vandenburg, Wrestling (3x) Louis Van Wart, Men’s Soccer Eric Vaughn, Wrestling (3x) Jim Vlogianitis, Men’s Basketball John Vlogianitis, Men’s Basketball (2x) Ron Vosburg, Wrestling John Walther, Football Josh Warner, Football (2x) Artie Weidler, Wrestling (2x) Willie Weiss, Wrestling P.J. Wendell. Wrestling Julie Winks, Volleyball (2x) Bill Wood, Track and Field (2x)

Student-Athlete Personal Development Student-Athlete Advisory Committee — Student-Athlete Affairs What is the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee? The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization made up of student-athlete leaders assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC is asked to provide input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on NCAAmember campuses. SAAC members also are expected to speak on behalf of their teams and communicate information back to their coaches and teammates. At The College at Brockport, the SAAC meets every two weeks during the school year to discuss issues that relate directly to student-athletes, both on the national level and on the Brockport campus. Committee members also plan and operate SAAC-sponsored events, such as the Freshman Extravaganza, the Senior Athlete Luncheon and the Student-Athlete Celebration. They also are involved in numerous annual community service initiatives, such as the Halloween Canned Food Drive, the conference-wide Leaf-Raking Day, and Holiday Helping Hands donations. Various guest speakers are brought in to address SAAC members, often to provide direction in areas relating to personal and career development. The SAAC elects officers every year and meeting minutes and event schedules are posted online on the Brockport Athletics Web site.

What is the function of campus SAACs?

• • • • • • • • •

Promote communication between athletics administration and student-athletes Disseminate information Provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues Generate a student-athlete voice concerning the formulation of policies within the campus athletic department Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletics teams Solicit student-athlete responses to proposed conference and NCAA legislation Organize community service efforts Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees (e.g., student government) Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus

What is the Golden Eagle Student-Athlete Affairs program? The Golden Eagle Student-Athlete Affairs (formally Life Skills) program was created to encourage lifelong learning and promote leadership within a population of motivated and gifted student-athletes. Our mission, and hence the mission of every student-athlete, is to attempt to make a positive difference not only in our own lives, but the lives of others. By using our hearts to understand, teach, learn, and create change, we put ourselves in positions that will make a difference. The Golden Eagle Student Athlete Affairs program focuses on five commitment areas designated to promote personal growth: 1) personal development; 2) community service; 3) academic excellence; 4) athletic excellence; and 5) career development. The program’s dedication to these areas of development is evident in its programming through workshops, seminars, socials, and community service activities.

How and why does Brockport Athletics promote Student-Athlete Affairs? In 1991, the NCAA observed that student-athletes were spending so much time in athletic-related activities (practice, traveling for games, training, etc.) that they were missing out on the opportunity to be involved in many of the resources and activities to which their fellow students were being exposed. Student-athletes simply didn’t have time for, or access to, the many rewarding programs being offered to the average college student. It was 1994 when the NCAA created the CHAMPS/Life Skills program and in 2010 renamed it to Student-Athlete Affairs (SAA). The College at Brockport was accepted as a participating institution under the direction of Associate Athletic Director Susan Hoffman in fall 2003, and she continues to lead the organization with the help of selected head coaches, administrators and student-athlete leaders.


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Brockport Golden Eagle Athletics  

An in-depth look at the sports teams of The College at Brockport

Brockport Golden Eagle Athletics  

An in-depth look at the sports teams of The College at Brockport