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Briefing Book 2011-2012


Dear Colleague: The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (EMSA) at The College at Brockport is proud to present our Briefing Book for the 2011-2012 academic year. We were afforded many opportunities during the last year to showcase the value that EMSA adds to our students’ Brockport experience. In reading this report, you’ll learn of our successes and progress, and of the many ways we continue to advance in our 16 distinct areas while we assist students. The annual report provides an overview of each department and their accomplishments. We utilize data and key performance indicators to assess our effectiveness within the College’s four constructs of academic quality and engagement, co-curricular and support services, learning environment and quality of place, and culture of philanthropy and alumni connectedness. As evidenced in this report, our division achieved many accomplishments that support that College’s four constructs and its mission. • • • • • • •

The much-anticipated Special Events and Recreation Center, or simply SERC, will celebrate its grand opening during this fall’s Homecoming Weekend. Spanning 160,000 square-feet, SERC is home to a stateof-the-art wellness center and sports facilities, and will soon host many of the College’s major events. Enrollment continued to be strong, with undergraduate admissions meeting all annual target goals. Residential Life/Living Learning Communities continues to expand the already robust Living Learning Communities program with the number of LLC’s offered, number of students in LLC’s, number of faculty members involved, etc., while still preserving the small community feel of the LLC’s. Enrollment Management implemented document imaging across several departments, thereby streamlining the admissions, advisement, registration and financial aid processes while contributing to the College’s ongoing sustainability efforts. The 2nd Annual Saturday of Service during Welcome Weekend was a success with 870 volunteers completing 1823 hours at 52 community service locations. We were once again designated as a Military Friendly School by GI Jobs magazine, an honor reserved for the top 15% of schools deemed to embrace veterans as students. With student success as our highest goal, Brockport implemented a second-year residency requirement requiring all first-time college students to reside on campus for the first two years. This is another benefit to students as there is substantial research linking on-campus living to multiple indicators of student success such as GPA, engagement in co-curricular activities, graduation rates and satisfaction with their educational experiences.

I have so much pride in the work of our staff and in their contributions to the success of our students. Thank you for taking the time to review our accomplishments from this past year. The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs plans to continue to provide unique opportunities to all Brockport students and to support their achievements both in and outside of the classroom. Sincerely,

Kathryn Wilson, EdD, JD Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 3



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PRODUCED BY: Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Assessment Team Marketing/Communications Sub-Committee Enrollment Management and Student Affairs The College at Brockport 350 New Campus Dr. Brockport, NY 14420 Phone: 585.395.2137 Fax: 585.395.2401 Web:


ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT The College at Brockport State University of New York

101 Rakov PHONE: 585.395.2711


Deborah Birkins, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Office of Academic Advisement is committed to complementing the recruitment of quality students who will persist with their academic, social, personal and career development, The Office of Academic Advisement has the success of our students as its highest priority in achieving higher retention through excellent advisement services provided by an outstanding staff, and The Office of Academic Advisement is committed to creative endeavors and service that benefit the College community, our graduates and the greater society by supporting staff involvement in cutting edge advisement forums, governance activities and committee work. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: This office provides students with information and advice concerning academic policies and procedures. These services include the evaluation of transcripts from other institutions to determine Brockport credit, conducting the College’s probation and dismissal program, coordinating the Degree Audit Reporting System [DARS], coordination all advisement/registration programs for new students, and providing information and advice concerning academic eligibility for financial aid. The office hosts relevant workshops for faculty and students as well as the coordination of major advisement functions for Freshman Orientation and the Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration (SOAR) days for transfer students. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Document Imaging: Worked with Undergraduate Admissions, Registration and Records, Financial Aid, Library Information and Technology Services to implement the new imaging processes. • Degree Audits: Working with Undergraduate Admissions, provided timely full degree audits to new transfer students at the time of their acceptance rather than when they paid their enrollment deposit. • Good Academic Standing: Worked with Financial Aid, Registration and Records, Student Accounting and Accounting Services and Graduate Studies to implement new regulations for both federal and state satisfactory academic policies and procedures. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Provide complete & accurate transfer articulations to new transfers as early as possible. 2. Educate new transfer students and make them aware of transfer policies. 3. Ensure that new students have an appropriate schedule for the 1st semester. 4. Familiarize new transfers with the campus information system. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Quality of Service: Maintained the quality of service to the College community despite a reduced and less seasoned staff. • Providing Timely Degree Audits: Provided a majority of Degree Audits Reports (DARS) with in two weeks of their acceptance to the College. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services • New Technology: Initiated document imaging. • Federal Aid Eligibility: Maintained academic plans to ensure students met federal aid eligibility guidelines. 5

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Provide the best available advisement to all student populations. 2. Cultivate relationships with area feeder institutions. 3. Provide students their degree requirements based on a new potential major. Co-curricular & Support Programs 1. Convert transfer articulation tables from DARS to Banner. 2. Revamp the transfer student orientation advisement and registration program. 3. Streamline processes within office through document imaging.


CAMPUS RECREATION The College at Brockport State University of New York

Special Events Recreation Center (SERC) PHONE: 585.395.5365


Scott Haines, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: Campus Recreation promotes student success by prioritizing student learning and development through educationally purposeful activities, leadership opportunities, and employment. We are committed to offering healthy lifestyle choices through safe, quality programming to the college campus and surrounding communities emphasizing student learning beyond the classroom. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Campus Recreation coordinates informal recreation opportunities, intramural sports and events, club sports, youth and family Programs, and special events including Ride for a Cause, Annual Golf Tournament and Club Craze. Campus Recreation also manages building operations for Tuttle, the ice arena, and provides oversight to the construction of the Special Events Recreation Center (SERC). Campus Recreation provides significant student leadership experiences to students through an extensive and robust student employment program. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Special Events Recreation Center Project: Provided oversight to the SERC construction project and worked collaboratively to ensure new facility meets needs of students, faculty, staff, and the community. • Civic Engagement: Collaborated on Saves for a Cure Benefit Dinner, Ride for a Cause, National Go Red Day, and the Spring into Fun Run. • Co-Curricular Program: Worked with other campus departments and programs to implement Club Craze, Collaborative Student Training, Brockport Foundation Golf Tournament, Welcome Weekend, Convocation, Homecoming, and Commencement. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Through purposeful employee training programs, provide student employees with knowledge and confidence to ensure guidelines for a safe, structured working environment. 2. Integrate best practices of Campus Recreation to support success of students as well as programs. 3. Provide safe facilities and equipment that support and enhance programs and initiatives. 4. Open the Special Events Recreation Center (SERC). 5. Create a Brockport Alumni Reunion at selected conference and events. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Job Placement in Field: Four student staff members received professional or graduate assistant positions in the field of campus recreation. • Academic Achievement: Eight student supervisors received GPAs of 3.0 or higher. • Employed over 150 student employees throughout the year. Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services • Special Events Recreation Center (SERC) Construction • Student Employment Program : Continued with strong student employment program, including classroom and online training, peer to peer supervision and departmental leadership development programs. • Internships and Mentoring: Campus Recreation staff served as supervisors for practicum and internship students from the Sports Management Program and Recreation and Leisure Studies.


Culture of Philanthropy and Alumni Connectedness • Fundraising: Raised $954 for Saves for a Cure, Inc. and $1,410 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Student Supervisors raised an additional $2,516 and clubs sports raised $27,490. The department as well as various Club Sports participated in Go Red Day for American Heart Association • Civic Engagement: Clubs completed 26 community service projects and attended 26 college events Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Certification Programs: Over 40 students were certified in First Aid, while over 100 students were certified in CPR/AED. Two professional staff members were certified to instruct First Aid/CPS/AED through the American Red Cross. • Developed/ created an Endowed Scholarship for the Campus Recreation professional Development Fund. • Students were trained in officiating flag football, basketball, soccer, broomball, and floor hockey. • Fifteen students from Recreation and Leisure Studies and Physical Education and Sport, served as interns or completed practicum requirements during the past year. • All student employees were provided training in blood borne pathogen removal, fire safety, customer service, sexual harassment, and emergency procedures and skills were tested through an Angel Test. All employees completed the risk management certification. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Provide more opportunities for students to develop skills outside of the classroom. Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services 1. Integrate current technology initiatives to support student success. 2. Through purposeful employee training programs, provide student employees with knowledge and confidence to ensure guidelines for a safe, structured working environment. 3. Integrate best practices of Campus Recreation to support success of students as well as programs. Culture of Philanthropy and Alumni Connectedness • Develop a Campus Recreation Alumni Network. • Facilitate Brockport Alumni reunion at selected conferences and events. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Provide safe facilities and equipment that support and enhance the programs and initiatives offered to patrons. 2. Ensure both professional and student employees are trained in emergency policies and procedures. 3. Develop, implement, and review risk management protocols.


CAREER SERVICES The College at Brockport State University of New York

Rakov Hall PHONE: 585.395.2159


Dr. Claire VanDenBerghe, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: Is committed to providing students and alumni with the tools and resources needed to achieve career self-reliance and work satisfaction in a diverse community and global economy; Has the success of its students as its highest priority and provides individual advisement, career exploration, employment and graduate school options to assist our students and alumni in pursuing their goals; and Is committed to the College's recruitment and retention efforts by complementing the academic experience and by providing information on our students upon graduation. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Career Services assists students and alumni with all phases of career development including: • Exploring majors and careers • Internships • Conducting a Job Search, including resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking • Graduate school • Working on campus Career Services partners with employers, parents, and faculty/staff to encourage student success during college and after graduation. The office hosts career fairs, manages on-campus recruiting, and offers workshops throughout the year to benefit the student body. We can assist students and alumni with anything career related. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • “Sophomore (Career) Appointments” Career related programming in the residence halls. • We also partner with employers, parents, and faculty/staff to encourage student success during college and after graduation. • Career Connection: Collaborate with the Business School and Alumni Affairs to bring alumni and friends of Brockport back to campus as part of Homecoming Weekend. In the recent past this has been a day-long networking event that connects employers/alumni with our students. • Leadership Development Program was supported through staff presentations and mentors. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Continuously review and identify new content to be placed on web site to support student career selfreliance and to stay current with student needs. 2. Students will connect classroom and co-curricular experiences by completing an internship experience. 3. Students will use campus resources to support their learning and personal needs. __________________________________________________________________________________________


POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • For the 19th year, Career Services hosted over 60 BOCES New Visions students on campus. New Visions is an academic program for high parameter students which allow the participants to explore various career areas (health, education, emerging professions, etc.). Approximately 1/3 of the students choose to attend Brockport each year. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Partnered with the RACDA group to present the following Rochester recruitment events:  Law School Night at the University of Rochester  Fall Teaching Fair at Nazareth College  Rochester Area Career Expo which attracts employers looking for graduates and interns  Several Graduate School Fair events which attracted Graduate, Medical and Law Schools  Hosted Teacher Recruitment Day where Brockport students/alumni had the opportunity to interview with school districts from New York and many other states __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Students will connect classroom and co-curricular experiences by taking part in an internship experience. 2. Students will use campus resources to support their learning and personal needs by attending Freshman Class Academic Program Seminar Class Presentations.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT The College at Brockport State University of New York

B105 Seymour College Union PHONE: 585.395.5245


Karen Podsiadly, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Department of Community Development provides opportunities for interaction between students, faculty, staff, and community members. The department aims to foster understanding and collegiality between various constituents within the college community in the spirit of integrity, civility and social justice. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Community Development coordinates inclusive and proactive programs and educational initiatives. The department is a resource center and gathering place for members of the College as they prepare to fulfill various roles in the greater community. The department is responsible for supporting under-represented, off campus, and international students. The department also administers the myBROCKPORT student involvement online system and provides resources related to religious diversity, community service, and student organizations, including fraternities and sororities. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Partnered with the Student Experience Team’s Collaborative Training group to provide training opportunities to student leaders in various departments across campus. • Partnered with the Leadership Development Program to become Certified Facilitators for the Student Leadership Challenge and launch the Organization Leader Certificate. • Collaborated with Student Union & Activities to incorporate the room reservation and event process with the myBROCKPORT system. • Collaborated with Residential Life, Facilities & Planning, The Volunteers of America, and the Brockport Food Shelf during Brockport’s Seasons of Gratitude (Trash-To-Treasure donation week). • Collaborated with WDKX and various community Gospel choirs during Gospel Fest 2012. • Collaborated with various campus offices during the 2012 Tunnel of Oppression event. • Collaborated with the Brockport Inter-Village Ministry Association during the “Walk the Labyrinth” event. • Collaborated with Sweden Park Recreational Services, Sweden Senior Center & the Brockport Leadership Development Program during Scholars Day of Service 2012. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Through collaboration with academic departments, create opportunities to participate in service learning. 2. Develop electronic support services for registered student organizations. 3. Provide opportunities for interested students to pursue spiritual growth and development. 4. Create services for under-represented student populations 5. Become recognized on the President’s community service honor roll for institutions of higher education. 6. Establish a Student Organization Resource space dedicated to provide resources for student leaders and advisors. 7. Explore opportunities for further engagement of under-represented alumni. 8. Establish a method of tracking community service hours via myBROCKPORT.


__________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement ● Coordinated the 2nd Annual WinterSession Service Learning trip: Team Memphis 2012 where 6 students, 1 faculty and 1 staff member performed service work on the Zion Cemetery Project in Tennessee. ● Collaborated with CELT to offer programs related to religious diversity and community service. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services ● Led the campus initiative to participate in The President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. ● The 2nd Annual Saturday of Service during Welcome Weekend was a success with 870 volunteers completing 1823 hours at 52 community service locations. ● The 3rd Annual Men of Color Summit was held in October with 103 attendees. ● The inaugural Seasons of Gratitude December campaign collected 463 food items, 488 personal care items, 70 household items, $1,115 in cash and gift cards towards groceries by the campus community to assist 17 local families in need during the holiday season. The April Seasons of Gratitude campaign collected 1,100 lbs of clothes and 400 pounds of food from residential students during the Trash-to-Treasure campaign. ● The online student involvement system, myBROCKPORT, celebrated its inaugural year. This new system has centralized all student involvement opportunities in one place allowing student organizations to increase their members and interact more efficiently with their current members. In June 2012, the system reached over 1500 involved users and 108 registered student organizations. ● The myBROCKPORT system has auto-enrolled the incoming Class of 2016 to encourage student involvement prior to the start of their academic career. ● Developed relationship with BSG off-campus representatives to identify and address off-campus student needs. A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness ● Supported Organization of Students of African Descent (OSAD)/Black Student Liberation Front (BSLF) Reunion 2012. ● Established a OSAD/BSLF scholarship fund. ● Creation of a mechanism for capturing alumni of color contact information. Learning Environment & Quality of Place ● The Space celebrated its first year as a resource center for student organization leaders and advisors to come together in one physical space to collaborate and share resources. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: 1. Achieve 30% participation by students and 100% by student groups on myBROCKPORT. 2. Maintain system of registering and supporting student organization leaders. 3. Create a strategic plan for engaging off-campus students. 4. Create an off-campus advisory/council board to support off-campus student engagement. 5. Develop a comprehensive approach to improving fraternity and sorority life. 6. Provide leadership to the US President’s initiative related to interfaith dialogue on college campuses. 7. Diversify monthly service opportunities to include national days of service, heritage months, and religious celebrations. 8. Develop strategic plan for engaging underrepresented alumni.


EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM The College at Brockport State University of New York

Rakov Hall PHONE: 585.395.2547


Gary Owens, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program and The College at Brockport is committed to offering the highest educational opportunities to New York State high school graduates and GED holders who do not meet regular applied admissions criteria, but have demonstrated the potential for post secondary academic success. The Educational Opportunity Program is committed to enhancing student success through legislative and institutional funds provided to assist in meeting the cost of direct financial aid, supplemental instruction, and counseling. Student learning and success is our goal. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The College at Brockport Arthur O. Eve Opportunity for Higher Education Program (EOP) provides an avenue for student learning and support in obtaining a degree in higher education. With a well-trained, dedicated and experienced staff and in collaboration with many other components of the College, EOP provides assistance with the admission process and all aspects of financial aid, academic, career choice, preparation and planning, as well as personal counseling. EOP also provides holistic preparation and support to enrolled students through a four week residential Pre-Freshman Summer Program (PFSP) and the First Year Structured Program (FYSP). In addition, students are supported by a peer-tutoring program as well as many other support services and activities designed to enhance retention, engagement and perseverance to the completion of the degree in higher education. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • EOP Nursing Support Group: Partnered with faculty from the Nursing program. • 2011 Pre-Freshman Summer Program: Collaborated with Residential Life/Learning Communities and BASC. • Financial Literacy Project: Worked with the Financial Aid Office. • Ghana Study Abroad Trip 2011-12: Assisted by sending a staff member as chaperone. • Leadership Development Program: Several EOP staff members served as LDP mentors. • Rochester City School District College Fair: EOP staff member partnered with UG Admissions staff member to executive this high-profile event for 1,200 high school seniors from Rochester City Schools. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Increase the engagement of EOP alumni in program activities, and financial and student support by 5%. 2. Increase EOP student participation in all EOP activities by 10%. 3. Increase student/counselor contacts with counselors by 5%. 4. Assist to increase the recruitment and admissions of underrepresented males in the 2012 freshman cohort. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Hosted the Annual Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) EOP Honors Society induction ceremony with 25 students inducted. Total current members are 115. • Following the spring 2012 semester, 85 students (27% of all EOP students) achieved an overall GPA of 3.0 or better. • A continued satisfactory retention rate estimated to be 85%. • The establishment of the EOP Peer Assisted Learning program as a group approach to tutorial assistance with 40 students participating in 2011-2012. 13

Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • 17 EOP students presented at the 2012 College at Brockport Scholars Day. • EOP students maintain active leadership roles in several campus organizations including Alpha Phi Omega, Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Sexual Orientations United for Liberation (SOUL), Caribbean Student Association (CSA) and Organization for Students of African Decent (OSAD) • 11 EOP students were accepted into and will enter graduate school at The College at Brockport for fall 2012. Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Won first place for Best Campus Department Float in the 2011 Homecoming Parade. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. To continue to increase EOP students participation in EOP engagement activities by 10%. 2. To develop a summer Academic Year Bridge Program for the purpose of improving the retention of second year EOP students. 3. To continue to increase the percentage of student participation in the Male, Nursing and Women Support Groups. A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness 1. To increase the engagement of EOP alumni in program activities, giving and student activity support by 5%. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. To increase EOP student/counselor contact for the purpose of career counseling by 5%. 2. To increase the recruitment and admission of underrepresented males by 5% for the 2013 freshmen cohort.

EOP Graduates   2008/09   2009/10   2010/11   2011/12   0  






FINANCIAL AID The College at Brockport State University of New York

Rakov Building PHONE: 585.395.2711


J. Scott Atkinson, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Financial Aid Office at The College at Brockport assists potential students, current students, and their families in obtaining the necessary financial resources to attend The College at Brockport. This includes the proper financial advisement of students and their families, processing and facilitating the financial aid application process and providing sound strategies in budgeting, alternative aid sources and debt management both during and after enrollment. The ultimate goal for the Financial Aid Office is to minimize the financial concerns of our students so that they may concentrate on and maximize their opportunities for success. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The Financial Aid Office assists the public with all aspects of financing a college education, including providing adequate financial assistance and resources to eligible students; advising students and families on the availability of financial aid; assisting students and families in the completion of financial aid forms and other required documents; processing financial aid in compliance with federal and state regulations; providing information to customers regarding budgeting, alternative aid sources and debt management; supporting admissions and retention activities as they relate to student aid, including but not limited to, participation in College Nights, Orientation, and on-campus meetings; providing information and training to our students to enable them to become financially responsible. The Student Employment Office (SEO) is responsible for administrating all aspects of on-campus employment, and for developing and implementing the college’s policies and procedures for student employment. In addition, the SEO provides services and opportunities for students seeking off-campus part-time employment and full-time summer employment. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • SUNY Financial Aid Day: Assisted by SUNY and UG Admissions, presented workshops, one-on-one help sessions and provided hands on assistance in filling out financial aid forms. • Financial Literacy: Working with Residential Life, EOP and Campus Life provided financial literacy programming. • Veteran Affairs: Working with Student Retention, Residential Life, President’s Office, Marketing Communication, Library, Information & Technology Services, Community Development, Health and Counseling, Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation, UG Admissions, and ROTC, established a VA Advisory Board to organize and facilitate the dedication of the Veteran Resource Area, the presentation of Veterans Day activities, and the continued support for the programs and initiatives. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Improve outreach to campus community. 2. Increase student participation and level of comprehension at financial literacy programs. 3. Create a new series of publications to enhance and improve the services and information regarding student employment. 4. Provide a comprehensive Web site to support current student employees. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Financial Literacy: Provided financial literacy training to the Academic Planning Seminar sections and held a Money Management Day in the spring. The office also contracted with Inceptia to provide on-line financial literacy tutorials, “Financial Avenue”, consisting of a number of modules to enhance our other 15

• • •

efforts. Effective for summer 2012, all students wishing to borrow a private education loan are required to minimally complete the budgeting module. Financial Aid Education: Provided specialized training for students, their families and the general public on aid eligibility and processing at various events, including the FAFSA Day at the MetroCenter, SUNY Financial Aid Day, and various recruitment/orientation events. Aid Processing: The College at Brockport was again the first SUNY school to release 2012-13 award letters to prospective and returning students. Honors and Distinction: Designated as a Military Friendly School by GI Jobs magazine, an honor reserved for the top 15% of schools deemed to embrace veterans as students.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Co-curricular Programming and Support Services 1. Increase number of participants in financial literacy programs by 10%. 2. Reduce various loan default rates by 5%. 3. Increase number of students placed in jobs by 10%.

Cost Analysis for Families of First-Year Applicants 2007-08










- Average Grant






- Average Loan






Cost to Family






- Average Expected Family Contribution Remaining Need











- Average Loan to Replace EFC






$(1,557.19) $73,329.78

$(1822.80) $76,718.34







Cost of Attendance

Average Unmet Need Average Family Income

Cost Analysis  5-­‐year  Distribu8on   $20,000     $18,000     $16,000     $14,000     $12,000     $10,000     $8,000     $6,000     $4,000     $2,000     $0     2007-­‐08  




Cost of  A4endance  

-­‐ Average  Grant  

-­‐ Average  Loan  

Cost  to  Family  



HAZEN CENTER FOR INTEGRATED CARE The College at Brockport State University of New York

Hazen Hall PHONE: 585.395.2414


Libby Caruso, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Hazen Center for Integrated Care provides quality clinical and educational services that enhance student physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Our collaborative and holistic approach to student health and development supports academic and co-curricular success, the development of healthy lifestyles, and a healthy campus community. Providing quality outpatient medical services and enhancing the health and development of The College at Brockport students is the primary focus of the Student Health Center. Inherent in this is our desire to enable a diverse student population to pursue the primary goal of acquiring an education with minimal lost time or distraction due to physical or emotional issues. Prevention and Outreach Services provides The College at Brockport with services, programs, and interventions that address the biological, psychological, and social factors that impact the health of individuals, students groups, and the campus community. Evidence and theory based practices are used to assist students in developing and maintaining healthy behaviors, skills, and attitudes that enhance personal development, academic success, and campus/community well-being. The Counseling Center provides services and programs, which enhance the quality of life for all members of The College at Brockport community. The Counseling Center promotes the personal development and psychological well-being of all students and fosters a College environment, which is conducive to growth. The Counseling Center’s professional services contribute to the comprehensive educational experiences of students by facilitating their intellectual, personal, and interpersonal development. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Student Health Services provides accessible, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive primary medical care, counseling services, prevention programming, and student health insurance coverage to student at The College at Brockport. All areas work collaboratively to provide a holistic approach to the needs of the students, using a broad definition of “health.” Additionally, Student Health Services has been recognized at the local, state, and national levels for providing high quality and evidence based programs and services. Several Student Health Services staff members are active in local and national organizations, many holding leadership positions. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Student Conduct Workshops: Prevention and Outreach Services works collaboratively to provide psychoeducational and evidence-based workshops to students violating campus and local alcohol and substance policies and laws. • Summer Orientation: The Hazen Center for Integrated Care is an integral component to Summer Orientation, coordinating College Life Live, Late Night with Ellsworth, and a parent session on health and safety. • Residence Hall Programming and Support: Student Health Center and Counseling Center liaisons work with and support residence hall staffs; Prevention and Outreach Services facilitates over 120 residence hall programs and health screening events each year. 17

Collaborative Partnerships: The Hazen Center for Integrated Care has established and maintained collaborative relationships with Intercollegiate Athletics, the Transfer Retention Center, Counselor Education Program, REOC, Student Conduct, Residential Life and Learning Communities, and the Employee Assistance Program. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Monitor HIV testing and Saturday and Thursday evening hour utilization routinely 2. Continue working toward third party billing model, with implementation in January 2012 3. Reorganize Quality Improvement process to be more inclusive and a regular reporting structure 4. Move toward Hazen Center for Integrated Care model, including a more robust Governing Body structure. 5. Enhance Student Health Advisory Committee to be an active part of the Governing Body. 6. Implement short term therapy model with “session limits” 7. Customize counseling intake process to more effectively use appointment time. 8. Continue to develop the culture of counseling groups for various student concerns 9. Maintain a binge drinking rate (2-week prevalence) below the national benchmark. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Academic Affairs Partnerships o Served as practicum placement for Counselor Education students. o Nursing practicum placement for Brockport undergraduates and master’s students from area colleges. o HPPS facilitated 38 APS class sessions and 17 upper-division course sessions. o Students served over 1,100 internship hours in HPPS for required internships in Health Care Administration, Health Science, and Psychology; continued College Health Grant Competition with Health Science Methods Program; collaborative research between Student Health Services staff and faculty. Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services • Move Towards Integrated Model of Care: Facilities and space improvements; drafted new mission statement; built foundation for revamped Student Health Advisory Committee; researched structures for future governing body/advisory board.; conference presentations; hosting conferences/teaching days. • Third Party Billing: Third Party Billing to be implemented 2012-2013; first campus in SUNY to pursue this project. • Counseling Center Satisfaction Survey: 88% of students surveyed agreed that their personal goals for counseling were met; 81% of students surveyed agreed that counseling made a difference in their quality of life as a student; 75% of students surveyed reported that they plan to use skills obtained from counseling in their daily lives (n = 115). • EagleCHECK Bystander Intervention Program: 94% of first-year students participated; assessment results demonstrate that 46% of participants utilized bystander skills or knowledge gained from the program within 6 months of program participation; received the 2012 Student-Driven Program of the Year Award from the Association of College Unions International and the 2012 Personal Safety Program of the Year Award from the BACCHUS Peer Education Network. • High-Risk Drinking Prevention: Spring 2012 binge drinking rate (2-week prevalence) was 43.1%; 45.9% is national benchmark for Northeastern colleges and universities; this demonstrates a 15% decrease since 2007. • Late Night with Ellsworth: Over 50% of students attending self-report drinking status, compared with 21% in 2009-2010; number of overall participants did increase by approximately 800 students. • Student Involvements in Prevention Programs: 16.2% of students reported being actively involved in prevention programming; national benchmark is below 3%.


Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Facilities Improvements: Improved facilities, including group areas and reception areas, as well as relocated Health Promotion and Prevention Services and the Counseling Center to better facilitate an integrated model of care. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Formalize the roles of interns in The Hazen Center for Integrated Care, including recruitment, selection, orientation, training, and responsibilities. Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services 1. Complete process of integration of departments, including official change of department name. 2. Complete assessment of psychiatric and MD services provided, develop recommendations and next steps. 3. Continue efforts with developing a comprehensive sexual misconduct prevention program. 4. Enhance websites for all areas of the Hazen Center for Integrated Care. 5. Collaborate to enhance mental health promotion efforts. 6. Revive Student Health Advisory Committee and develop an advisory board for The Hazen Center for Integrated Care. Culture of Philanthropy and Alumni Connectedness 1. Engage all Hazen Center for Integrated Care staff in campus events, fundraising, and service. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Explore opportunities for shared waiting area; enhance signage and atmosphere of Hazen Hall.


INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS The College at Brockport State University of New York

Tuttle North PHONE: 585.395.2579


Erick Hart, Interim Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The mission of the athletic department is to integrate intercollegiate athletics into the mission of the College at Brockport, which “has the success of its students as its highest priority.� We achieve this by focusing on four key areas, to Integrate with the University, Achieve academically, Excel athletically and Play with integrity. Integrate with the University: At Brockport, keeping student-athletes focused on being a student first, they are treated like other members of the general student body. This experience allows student-athletes to pursue interests beyond athletics. Furthermore, Brockport Athletics builds and strengthens relationships within the Brockport community as well as helping the University connect with the greater regional community. Achieve Academically: Student-athletes are encouraged to achieve excellence in the classroom as well as the competitive arena. At Brockport, athletics offers an education that supports and supplements the lessons learned in the classroom. Life-long skills such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and leadership are cultivated through intercollegiate athletics. Excel Athletically: Supported athletically by a talented and committed group of coaches and staff, student-athletes are encouraged to channel their passion and drive for athletic excellence by pushing themselves to be the best through hard work and high standards. Play with Integrity: At Brockport, we foster a community of sportsmanship and compliance that is never compromised. While winning is important, it is kept in perspective. _______________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics coordinates all athletic programming at The College at Brockport. The department coordinates and supports 23 varsity sport programs in various areas including compliance education/enforcement, budget management, facilities management, student-athlete recruitment, fundraising/sponsorships, student/community engagement, alumni connectedness, academic achievement and athletic competitiveness. The department consists of 4 full-time administrators, 5 full-time support staff, 1 full-time administrative assistant, 3 graduate assistants, 17 head coaches (6 full-time, 6 part-time, 5- split- coaching/teaching responsibilities), 58 assistant coaches (3-full-time). In addition, the department employs nearly 100 student workers in various areas including event management, equipment room, Tuttle South weight room, lifeguarding/deck support, facility management and administrative support. In 2011-2012, over 600 student-athletes participated in intercollegiate athletic programming. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Improve the complete development of the student-athlete by focusing on academic and leadership performance.


Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Develop a comprehensive marketing program that identifies Golden Eagle athletics as a source of positive entertainment and as a community building activity. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Address facility improvements to support recruitment of academically prepared and talented student athletes 2. Improve the competiveness of our intercollegiate program. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • 130 student athletes received scholarly recognition and/or awards, including one Chancellor’s award winner. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Gymnastics won its first ever National Team Championship and two team members won individual National Championship awards. • Hockey team member won the All-American award and was named the SUNYAC Player of the Year • Men’s Soccer advanced to the second round of the NCAA Division III Tournament. • Track and Field team member broke the indoor and outdoor pole vault school records and earned AllAmerica honors at the Indoor Track & Field National Championships. • Wrestling team member earned a spot to compete at the 2012 Olympic Trials for women’s wrestling. • Head Coach of Wrestling picks up career win number 300. • Community Service: Empire State Games for Physically Challenged, St. Luke’s Church Clothing Shelter, hosted sports day with Rochester City Middle School students, Cancer Walk at Frontier Field, clothing drive, Adopt-a-Highway program, Leaf Raking Project. A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness • Over 50% growth of Golden Eagle Society members and donations. Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Improvements to James B. Natatorium, Tuttle North and Tuttle South weight room. • Transition of operational control of Tuttle North and Tuttle South to Athletics. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Increase academic support and intervention for student-athletes. 2. Develop relationship with institutional research to refine data collection and determine what we need to know about student-athlete levels of success and engagement. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Maximize the leadership potential of each student-athlete. 2. Support the campus diversity initiatives with department efforts. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Maximize usage of Exceptional Talent Program. 2. Improve the overall competiveness of our intercollegiate athletic program. 3. Create a staff handbook addressing all vital information to support coaches and their programs and help streamline processes. 4. Create an athletic program master plan addressing the capital improvements for the entire department. 5. Develop and implement marketing strategies to increase fan attendance. Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness 1. Strengthen relationships with alumni, community members and Brockport constituents by promoting Golden Eagle Society as the fundraising arm of the department.


LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM The College at Brockport State University of New York

114 Seymour College Union PHONE: 585.395.2987


Kimberly Piatt, Coordinator EMAIL:


MISSION: At the College at Brockport, State University of New York, we value student leadership development. One way in which we provide structured leadership development opportunities is through the leadership certificate programs based primarily on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Students begin the program with the Green Certificate and work their way up through the Gold, Presidential and Capstone certificates. The Leadership Development Program is entering its fourth year. Over 120 staff, faculty and students have been working together to create a comprehensive program for our students that will help prepare them for success after college as leaders in our community, our state and our world. The College at Brockport Leadership Development Program Guiding Principles: • All students have the capacity to demonstrate leadership. • Leadership is a process that leads to social change. • Leadership is purposeful and collaborative. • Leadership is service and civic engagement. • The application of sound leadership principles enables us to leave the world in a better place than when we entered it. • Leadership concepts are explored across all academic disciplines and can be learned through curricular and co-curricular experiences __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The Leadership Development Program is managed by the Coordinator of Leadership Development. Guidance and direction is provided by the Leadership Task Force, comprised of faculty, staff and students. Under the task force are committees responsible for the following areas: Leadership Education, Recognition and the Annual Leadership Conference. These sub-committees, in addition to the individuals responsible for Community Service, the Leadership and Community Service Living Learning Committee and Academic Integration, provide functional support to the program.



COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • 120 Faculty and Staff members involved as mentors, presenters, advisors or committee members. • Annual Etiquette Dinner with BASC. • Club Craze/Engagement Fair hosted in collaboration with Student and Campus Life and Community Development showcased various leadership positions available in Admissions, Campus Recreation, Residential Life, Health Promotions and Prevention Services, and others. • 5th Annual Leadership Conference with BSG, Alumni Affairs. • Tunnel of Oppression worked with Residential Life, Student Union and Activities, Community Development and various student groups to create an event that impacted more than 250 students. __________________________________________________________________________________________

2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Through involvement in the Green Leadership Certificate, students will establish a thorough understanding of individual values, including consciousness of self, congruence and commitment. 2. Through involvement in the Gold Leadership Certificate, students will develop a strong understanding of group values and the processes related to collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility. 3. Through involvement in the Presidential Certificate, students will demonstrate an understanding of citizenship and their role in the world around them. 4. Through the establishment of an alumni network, provide resources, mentors and connection opportunities for students involved in the Leadership Development Program. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE:

Co-curricular Programming and Support Services • 34 students attended regional and national conferences including the Western NY Student Leadership Conference, RIT Connectology Conference, CSPA Next Gen, Paychex Leadership Conference and ILEAD. Learning Environment and Quality of Place • Gold Service Project from 2010-2011 led to the creation of the student organization “Brockport Advocates for individuals with Disabilities” and the 2011-2012 Gold Project of bringing the Rochester Wheels to campus for a wheelchair basketball game. Through collaboration with Athletics, Alpha Phi Omega, BSG and Residential Life, the event raised more than $500 and won the Western New York Leadership Conference Campus Program of the Year award. • Leadership Center established in College Union 114, staffed 40 hours per week by a graduate assistant, work study student, and undergraduate interns. Academic Quality and Engagement • 39 students participated in Scholar’s Day as session presenters. Culture of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement • 25 students recognized at graduation for completion of program by wearing pins with their regalia. • 17 Alumni presenters connected with undergraduate students at the Annual Leadership Conference. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: 1. Through involvement in the Capstone Certificate, students will synthesize concepts learned throughout the leadership program and create positive social change. 2. Through involvement in the Organization Leader Certificate, students will examine and apply the fundamental skills needed to successful manage an organization. 3. By integrating various technologies, including ePortfolio and CollegiateLink Co-Curriculum, students will engage in meaningful reflection of their growth and accomplishments.


OFFICE FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES (OSD) The College at Brockport State University of New York

227 Student Union PHONE: RETENTION- 585.395.5409


Maryellen Post, Coordinator EMAIL:


MISSION: The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) shares in the College’s and the Division’s commitment to student success, by assisting in providing equal access to educational opportunity and guarding against discrimination for students with disabilities. Through cooperative partnerships with students, faculty, and staff, the OSD endeavors to promote students’ independence and to ensure recognition of their abilities, not disabilities. OSD is committed to assisting the College in creating an accessible college community, where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the educational environment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The major responsibilities of the office include determination of eligibility of students for accommodations under ADA/504 mandates; implementation of accommodations; collaborative interaction with faculty, staff and other offices to ensure compliance with the law as well as to encourage sensitivity to the needs of this population of students; assist in educating the college community about disabilities and accommodation; interact cooperatively with outside agencies in order to support students with disabilities in their educational goals; advocate for OSD students as a group as well as assist them individually in developing appropriate and effective self-advocacy skills. __________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Partnered with CELT to provide ongoing faculty and staff training on academic accommodations. • Coordinated a training session on use of the Echo Smart pen with the Barnes and Noble textbook manager. • Assisted three faculty members in the development and implementation of the College’s first major survey of attitudes toward disabilities and accommodations on campus. • Met with two members of the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Visitation team to discuss campus access issues on behalf of the Recreation and Leisure department’s accreditation process. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Collaborate with faculty/staff: Worked cooperatively with faculty/staff to better assist faculty with accessible course design principles and implementation of the first campus- wide faculty survey of attitudes toward students with disabilities and accommodation. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Provide safe and welcoming environment: The OSD office has received a perfect “hospitality” score for the past five years on our student mid-semester survey. An alumnus of OSD co-sponsored the fall 2011 Mix and Munch lunch program. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Uphold and maintain all aspects of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.


REGISTRATION & RECORDS The College at Brockport State University of New York

Rakov Hall PHONE: 585.395.2531


Peter Dowe, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Office of Registration and Records educates and provides students with all aspects of the registration and student records process. • Is committed to providing the highest level of service in handling all course-related transactions for our students, from their initial registration through their graduation/separation and beyond; • Has the success of our students as its highest priority, not only during their periods of active enrollment, but with any further educational or career-related needs their futures may bring and, • Is committed to ensuring that all of our services are provided in the most timely and efficient manner possible and with the least intrusion on or distraction from their other endeavors. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The Office of Registration and Records is responsible for all functions related to the registration of students, degree conferral, updating and maintaining the program requirements in the Degree Audit Reporting System, maintenance of the academic transcript, and scheduling of courses. Through these processes, the office strives to provide a foundation for the campus community to achieve the goals set forth within the Matrix that are applicable to the Division of Enrollment Management and Student affairs. The Registrar's Office supports the mission of the institution through its role of accurate record keeping and data management by producing class schedules, conducting registration, maintaining academic records and student credential files, producing transcripts, verifying degree audits and assisting with commencement ceremonies. This position assists academic units and students in ensuring compliance to university policies and procedures pertaining to the observance of academic calendars, tests, grading practices and the recording of academic performance. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • SOAR: Partnered with Academic Advisement to offer Student Orientation Advisement and Registration (SOAR) and Open Registration to incoming transfer students. • Document Imaging: Through collaboration with LITS, Undergraduate Admissions, Academic Advisement and Financial Aid, document imaging was successfully implemented. • Classroom Changes: Collaborated with the Office of Students with Disabilities and the Affirmative Action Officer to accommodate all requests for classroom changes. • Cross-Registration: Continued to work with the Rochester Area College Registrars to improve the crossregistration services for all students. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Implementation of the online degree application to increase the number of students who apply to graduate and provide more timely notifications to students of potential issues with the intention of reducing the number of students who do not complete an application by 10% annually. 2. Implementation of Transcripts Plus to provide current and former students with a more efficient way to request transcripts, while improving productivity within the office. 3. Begin implementation of DegreeWorks as mandated by SUNY. __________________________________________________________________________________________


POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Quality of Service: Provided timely and efficient processing of Enrollment Verifications, Student Credential Files, Transcript requests and Degree Conferral Letters. • Data Analysis: Provided analysis of insufficient seats offered in required courses for high-demand majors. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services • New Schedule Implementation: Led implementation of new standardized time-blocks which allowed for additional class offerings during prime-time class hours. • Technology: Converted from Right Now Technology to Hobsons. Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Physical Improvements: Assisted with modernization of classrooms across campus to improve the learning environment. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Assume full responsibility for Probation/Dismissal process. Co-Curricular & Support Programs 1. Implement Transcript Plus to improve customer service. 2. Create more informative and accessible website to students. 3. Complete academic programs scribed in DegreeWorks.


RESIDENTIAL LIFE/LEARNING COMMUNITIES The College at Brockport State University of New York

Thompson Hall PHONE: 585.395.2122


David Bagley, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities supports the College at Brockport's mission by developing safe, inclusive and vibrant communities that value academic excellence and overall student development. Through collaboration and unique relationships with students, our staff provides an appropriate balance of challenge and support, community development and a purposeful residential curriculum with holistic student education at its core. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Residential Life/Learning Communities coordinates the residential experience including living learning communities, occupancy management, facilities management, educational initiatives and student conduct. The department consists of 6 central staff members, 2 administrative assistants, 11 full time resident directors, two part time resident directors, approximately 90 resident assistants and many other student employees that serve as Night Desk Attendants and Health Club Attendants. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Liaison Program with University Police, Health & Counseling Center • Residential Curriculum: Community Involvement Model • Mid-Year Residential Survey • Health Promotions & Prevention Services Programming • Collaborative Training • Community Service: Holiday Helping Hands, Breast Cancer Walk, Polar Plunge, Relay for Life • Living Learning Communities Advisory Board • New Living Learning Communities developed with the Honors Program and Business School • Partnered with Academic Affairs with the Faculty-in-Residence program • EMSA Summer Intern Program • Sexual Assault prevention and education efforts • The Tunnel of Oppression coordination and Excellence in Diversity Grant to fund The Tunnel • Student Conduct Sanctions: Workshop collaboration with Health Promotions/Prevention Services ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Offer additional Living Learning Community options that meet the developmental needs of residential students and enhance. 2. Encourage and support student leadership development through formal and informal opportunities within the residence halls and campus community. 3. Through a purposeful residential curriculum, provide our students with educational programming and community activities to ensure the holistic development of our students. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Create inclusive and interactive communities that foster citizenship, global awareness and social justice. 2. Continually assess student needs on various levels and develop creative, deliberate ways to meet those needs. A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness 1. Enhance the overall college experience of our students, enabling them to persist to graduation while creating a lifelong connection to the College at Brockport. 27

Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Integrate current technology initiatives to support student success, including C-Bord’s role in the following processes: housing selection, conduct and inventories. 2. Develop/maintain positive relationships with various College departments, students, faculty and staff to ensure that our approach is comprehensive, intentional and effective. 3. Create and execute a comprehensive plan for maintenance and capital improvements of the residence halls. 4. Provide leadership and oversight to the housing system renovation and construction projects. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Partnered with Honors Program & Business Department to create two new LLCs for 2013 • SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence and Marion Schrank Student Leadership Award • Undergraduate internships • EDC 302: Achieving Helping Relationships in College Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • SAFE Zone Training for all student and professional staff • Presented on sexual assault prevention & education policy improvement at the regional and national level • Opening Doors Training Participants • The Tunnel of Oppression • ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute Showcase and Faculty • NASPA Region 2 New Professional Award and Outstanding Service to CSPA Award winners • CSPA-NY Social Justice Innovation Award • I-LEAD Host Institution A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness • 29th Annual RA Conference: 12 RA alumni attended • A member of our professional team serves on the Brockport Alumni Board. • Successfully hosted the FAN (Future Alumni Network) meetings in the residence halls. • Collaborated with Alumni Affairs and Advancement on their “Legacy Project” Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Successful opening of MacVicar Hall; including second “Smart Class” and two ADA rooms • Thompson Hall was granted Gold LEED Certification • Renovation projects in upper quad, middle quad and McLean __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Support the campus diversity initiatives with departmental efforts. 2. Enhance the LLC program by increasing faculty involvement, the number of LLCs, the number of students involved with LLCs and the overall program effectiveness. 3. Advance the Residential Curriculum by providing a sequential and outcomes based co-curricular learning experience. 4. Enhance staff relationships with students to develop/increase mentoring and educational relationships. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Create a Residence Hall master plan addressing the capital improvements for the entire residence hall system. 2. Create a comprehensive housing marketing plan to reach out to transfer, first year, and returning students. 3. Better use of/ implementation of our CBORD systems. 4. Continue to improve occupancy reporting, and refine the process for forecasting and tracking occupancy numbers.


STUDENT CONDUCT The College at Brockport State University of New York

Thompson Hall PHONE: 585.395.5197 (ON-CAMPUS CONDUCT) 585.395.5170 (OFF-CAMPUS CONDUCT)


Anna Barone, On-Campus Conduct Michelle Reed, Off-campus conduct EMAIL: or


MISSION: Assist students in acknowledging responsibility for their actions and promote learning experiences that prepare students for becoming successful members of the community. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The Student Conduct Coordinators oversee the Student Conduct System, including policy education and implementation, risk reduction and prevention, early intervention with students of concern, adjudication, sanctioning, training and committee involvement. The two Student Conduct Coordinators serve on the Residential Life/Learning Communities central staff team, reporting to the Director of RL/LC, and share the department’s two administrative assistants while partnering with the rest of central staff, Resident Directors, Resident Assistants & student interns. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: Planned and implemented New & Transfer Student Presentations on Conduct & Sexual MisconductCollege Life Live, Sound Off Theatre, Eagle Check & January’s Welcome Week. • Partnered with Community Development to educate off-campus students on policies, laws & risk reduction strategies. • Participated in Saturday of Service, organized by Community Development. • Leadership Development Program involvement: facilitated congruence workshops and served as mentors. • Partnered with BSG off-campus representatives to assess student needs and developed a workshop series. • Worked with a Village trustee undergraduate intern to develop a seminar for off-campus housing information & services. • Participated in national off-campus student survey through George Washington University. • Facilitated local student conference sessions: Brockport’s RA Conference, Brockport’s Leadership Conference & RIT’s Fraternity Excellence Institute. • Presented at NASPA’s Region II Conference on our response to Title IX compliance regulation changes. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: Co-curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Develop a shared server for the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, AVP, Director of RL/LC & SCCs to share documentation and updates regarding sexual misconduct incidents. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Decrease the number of conduct violations between fall and spring semesters for off-campus conduct. 2. Decrease the number of conduct violations between fall Semesters and spring semesters for on-campus conduct. 3. Expand our Conduct Board membership (students, faculty & staff) and train for the 2012-2013 academic year. 4. Train current conduct board members to serve on sexual misconduct board hearings. __________________________________________________________________________________________ •


POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Developed and implemented a new End of Semester/Year Report to reflect number of violations, sanctions and appeals while summarizing trends and associated action items. • Developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to recruit new board members and launched an online application system and screening process for potential conduct board members. Recruited 40+ new student, faculty & staff conduct board members. • Implemented mid-year the new Sexual Misconduct Policy, and presented several training sessions to various student, faculty and staff. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services • Strengthened partnership with HPPS & Counseling and increased efficiency when applying Hazen fees, making referrals, sharing workshop rosters, developing/improving workshop curriculum, partnering with SBCT level cases, etc. • Developed an RD student conduct case management model. • Implemented intentional, thorough adjudication of off-campus violations of our Code of Conduct- 313 total incidents. • Developed one-day training for sexual misconduct board members, partnering with EMSA, UP, Brockport Police, Counseling Center & RL/LC. • Planned and hosted a roundtable at NEACUHO roundtable on Sexual Misconduct policies and case studies. Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Created a designated office space for student conduct meetings, conferences and services to strengthen communication for enhanced operations. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Decrease the number of conduct violations occurring within our Living/Learning Communities from the 20112012 year. Co-Curricular & Support Programs 1. Increase the number of on-campus departments who are willing to host a sanctioned student for a mentoring/service opportunity. 2. Increase the sense of civic engagement through the sanctioning process for students who violate policies by introducing new programs- LAUNCH workshop, civic learning, mentoring & restorative justice. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Create a comprehensive assessment program for all functional areas of the Student Conduct system. 2. Increase student understanding of his/her rights and responsibilities through our conduct process. 3. Explore best practices and make recommendations for streamlining the incident report, tracking & management system within Student Conduct.


STUDENT RETENTION The College at Brockport State University of New York

B4 Cooper Hall PHONE: RETENTION- 585.395.5397


Marcy Esler, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Office of Student Retention is committed to providing and assessing a comprehensive educational experience that promotes both the academic and co-curricular success and engagement of all (first-year, second-year, and transfer-year) students. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The Office of Student Retention supports students in transition through intentional programming to enhance the students’ development of class affinity and college identity. Student Retention oversees the First-year, Second-year, and Transfer-year Experience as well as the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). Within the department of Student Retention (not including OSD) there are four professionals and one support staff. An additional two professional and one support staff works in the OSD Office. Student Retention manages approximately 10 student workers, math tutor, 18-20 overnight hosts and approximately 75 peer mentors (both freshman and transfer). ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Academic Advisement (SOAR, Freshmen Orientation/Registration) • UG Admissions (Brockport 101, Ellsworth Sleepover, Student Blogs) • Career Services (SYE and TYE Workshops) • Community Development-SOS recruitment(Freshmen Orientation, SOAR) • Health and Promotion Programming Services (Freshmen Orientation, College Life Live) • Registration & Records/Academic Advisement (Freshmen Block Scheduling) • Academic Affairs (Academic Planning Seminar, Summer Reading Program, Early Alert, Block Scheduling) • Financial Aid/Veteran Affairs (Veteran Resource Area Workshops) • Leadership Development Program (mentors, Leadership Development Task Force, Leadership Recognition Subcommittee-Chair) __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Provide support to students identified as academically at risk. 2. Provide smooth transition for students leaving and reentering the College. 3. Support students’ successful completion of first semester coursework with shared academic experiences. 4. Support pre-semester efforts to increase student/College “fit” as well as overall success. 5. Encourage class affinity by providing class-specific opportunities. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Summer Reading Program: Sponsored lecture by Temple Grandin, author of the summer reading selection for 2011 Emergence: Labeled Autistic. • Early Warning System: Developed and implemented a comprehensive Early Warning System for campus. 31

Summer reading author, Temple Grandin

• The Brockport chapter of NSCS inducted 160 founding members on November 6, 2011. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Leave of Absence: transitioned processes from Academic Advisement to Student Retention as well as streamlined procedures associated with students taking a leave and reporting data to supporting departments. • Student Leadership: Cultivated a positive, nurturing environment for a variety of student leaders through Freshman, Second-year, and Transfer Councils, Transfer and Freshman Summer Orientation Programs, Peer Mentoring Programs, Overnight Visitation Program, student workers and interns. Orientation Student Advisors summer 2011 A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness • National presentations: Continued to increase the College’s and the Office of Student Retention’s presence on the national stage, with presentations at the National Institute for the Success of Transfer Students STEM Conference, at NISTS’ 10th Annual Conference, and again at the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education Annual Conference. • National recognition: for transfer specific programming through NISTS and received STEP award at annual New York State Transfer Articulation Association (NYSTAA) conference. Learning Environment and Quality of Place • Dedicated Veteran Resource Area in Transfer/Retention Center.

STEP Award winners: J. Rogers, UG Admissions, D. Birkins, Academic Advisement, G. Briscoe, UG Admissions, K. Ricotta, UG Admissions, S. Kast, UG Admissions, and E. Rickman, Student Retention

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Provide support to students identified as academically at risk within the context of the faculty advisement system. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Assist students in their transition to the College. a. Help students form a broader perspective on cultural, racial and sexual diversity. b. Provide pre-enrolled students and their families with timely and relevant information that can promote their success. c. Maintain space that aligns with and supports student needs. d. Provide opportunities for faculty/staff input regarding retention efforts. e. Provide support to students identified as academically at risk within the context of the faculty advisement system. A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness 1. Provide timely, consistent and open communication to feeder institutions.


STUDENT UNION AND ACTIVITIES The College at Brockport State University of New York

203 Seymour College Union PHONE: 585.395.5646


Kimberley Haines, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: Student Union & Activities collaborates with students, staff, faculty, and the community in creating, supporting and implementing diverse programs and services to enrich the personal growth and development of the campus community through active learning and engagement. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: • Coordinate Major Campus Events: Homecoming Weekend, Family Weekend and Welcome Week • Facilitate Student Organization Event Management/Campus Wide Programming o Support and advise student organizations on how to hold successful programs on campus o Update and maintain policies related to hosting events on campus o Process all reservations for space on campus for student organizations o Advise the Polar Plunge and Senior Week student committees • Manage of the Seymour College Union o Overseeing the daily operations of the building, including staffing, audio visual support, and event support o Processing all reservations for space utilization in the Union • Manage of WBSU 89.1 The Point campus radio station o Overseeing the staff and function of radio station ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Coordination of Welcome Week: Working with departments across campus to facilitate move-in and welcome week activities. • Coordination of Homecoming, Family Weekend, and Senior Week with various campus departments. • Coordinated for the Division, the Get Involved program for Summer Orientation, which focused on high impact areas of involvement for our new students. • Collaborative Training: Facilitated training in Fall and Spring for new and returning student employees across the division. • U Mug Club: Partnership with BASC to offer promotion in Union Square Café. • Numerous PR appearances by The Point, in collaboration with campus departments and clubs to help promote activities & events (i.e. Health Fair, Golden Eagles sports, Open Houses). __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Campus Life, facilitating major events and committees will be recognized for their student centered focus. 2. Work with Facilities/Planning to administer program study for renovation of the Seymour College Union. 3. Develop a marketing plan promoting the Union and its activities using the new logo. 4. Further develop the structure for the Union Advisory Board. 5. Administer ACUI/EBI College Union/Student Center Assessment Fall 2011.


__________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • Hosted seven student interns during the academic year. • Presented at ACUI National Conference. • Five of the six graduating seniors from The Point have secured at least part-time employment in the field. • Participated in the Roadmap committee for Advising/Mentoring Student Engagement with 10 faculty members. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Launched online reservation tool for student organizations. • Sent students to regional and national ACUI conferences, student intern selected as regional co-director. • Pre-organized Homecoming committee and selected two student co-chairs. • Selected four students to serve on Family Weekend Planning Team. • Created Union Advisory Board and approved by-laws. • The Point station broadcasted over 60 home and away Golden Eagle sports games. • Professional staff member awarded BSG Lifetime Achievement Award. A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness • Alumni Association President is a member of the Student Union & Activities team. • Development of a WBSU Alumni Facebook page with 186 members and counting. • Collaborated with Alumni Relations on Homecoming 2011 to include the first reunion class float in Homecoming Parade in the lasts 10 years. • Coordinated Senior Week events in collaboration with Alumni Relations. Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Completed first stage of program study for the Seymour College Union renovation project. Developed Union Steering Committee for renovations. • WBSU hosted 16th annual Coats for Kids over two weekends in October at two locations—Wal-Mart in Brockport and Save-a-Lot in Albion. Clothing donations sent to Brockport Clothing Shelf. • The Point appeared at/supported numerous local events such as Hilton Apple Festival, Hamlin Good Neighbor Days, high school football/hockey games. • Coordinated a visit to SUNY Oswego with Facilities and Planning to explore their integrated project planning process for the Seymour Union. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: 1. Redesign Family Weekend registration process to include online payments, streamlined registration, and increase participation. 2. Re-introduce and create opportunities for increased spirit, pride and traditions for current students during Homecoming. 3. Develop a five year strategic plan for 89.1 The Point. 4. Coordinate Gallery space improvements and redesign.


UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS The College at Brockport State University of New York

Rakov Hall PHONE: 585.395.2751


Bernie Valento, Director EMAIL:


MISSION: Is committed to recruit, advise, select, and enroll an entering class of the highest academic quality, the appropriate size and diversification, and of the appropriate academic and professional aspirations. Is committed to develop and coordinate support for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions recruitment efforts through relationships with current students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends of the College, and maintain a cohesive relationship with the Division of Enrollment Management Offices in order to meet goals of enrollment and retention. Is committed to promote and integrate professional development for all staff, and develop and maintain an office environment that fosters teamwork, individual creativity, and quality customer service. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Undergraduate Admissions is responsible for coordinating the College’s recruitment efforts at they relate to freshmen, transfers and readmits. Each year the office identifies, attracts, admits and enrolls more than 2,300 students to the College through the fall and spring semesters. The department consists of 11 professional staff, 8 support staff, and student employees who perform general office duties as well as serving as tour guides. __________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Honors Scholarship: Partnered with the Honors Program for the implementation of the new Honors Scholarship designed to attract and enroll the highest caliber students. A total of 80 honors students deposited with a mean high school average of 95 and mean SAT scores of 1273. • Document Imaging: Through collaboration with LITS, Registration & Records, Academic Advisement and Financial Aid, document imaging was successfully implemented. • Hobsons CRM: Implemented the Hobsons CRM tool in approximately four months through partnerships with LITS. • Rochester City School District College Fair: Partnered with EOP to host this high-profile event for 1,200 high school seniors from Rochester City Schools. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Enroll 1,050 fall full-time freshmen with a mean SAT score of 1100 and mean high school average of 90. 2. Enroll 875 fall and 325 spring full-time transfers with a mean GPA of 3.15 3. Increase downstate, underrepresented and geographic diversity of incoming class. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Increase Brockport’s and UG Admissions’ web and e-recruitment presence. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Academic Quality & Engagement • The College met the fall 2012 targets to enroll its largest freshmen class in the past twenty years, approximately 1100, comfortably exceeding the College’s goal of 1050 and exceeded its transfer goal of 875 FTE transfers. The acceptance rate for freshman applications was 48.2%. 35

The 2012 freshman class mean high school average for regular admits is 90.27, exceeding the College’s goal of 90, and a mean SAT of 1107, exceeding the goal of 1100. The College will once again comfortably exceed SUNY’s Tier 2 status requiring 60% of its enrolled regular admits to be from Tier 1 or 2. The College saw a slight increase in its Tier 1 enrollment and maintains its position as one of the most selective SUNY campuses. • A record 15.3% of the freshman class is a member of an underrepresented group. More than 16.2% of the transfer class was a member of an underrepresented group. • Increased downstate freshmen enrollment by 32%, from 173 students in fall 2011 to 233 in fall 2012. New York City alone experienced a 77.3% increase and a total of 94 students versus 53 in fall 2011. Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Hosted three Scholars Sleepover events for accepted Tier 1 and Tier 2 students. 143 students attended the three events; of the attendees, 80 deposited for a yield rate of 56%. • A record 87 accepted students participated in our NYS Bus Trip which was a 61% increase over the previous year’s 54. The yield for this program increased from 72% in 2011 to 79% in 2012.

Minority %  

1998-­‐2012 First  Year  Minority  (%)   15.3  








Year 260   210  

2002 -­‐12  Downstate  Enrolling  First  Year   Students   173  

160 110  


154 134   103  

60 2008  





__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Enroll 1,050 fall full-time freshmen with a mean SAT of 1100 and mean high school average of 90. 2. Enroll 875 fall and 325 spring full-time transfers with a mean GPA of 3.15. 3. Continue to increase downstate, ethnic and geographic diversity. Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Increase transfer recruitment initiatives. 2. Implement out of state recruitment strategy in an effort to recruit and enroll more out of state students. 3. Continue to improve processes and streamline operations, particularly those related to document imaging.


UNIVERSITY POLICE The College at Brockport State University of New York

Lathrop Hall PHONE: 585.395.5375


Robert J. Kehoe, Chief EMAIL:


MISSION: The Department of University Police is committed to the maintenance of a safe and secure campus environment for all students, staff, faculty and visitors in which the educational mission of the College may flourish. Placing emphasis on crime prevention and deterrance, personal safety education and service to the College community, we continually strive to improve our performance and assess the results thereof. We strongly believe that our services are an integral component of student safety, student satisfaction and ultimately, student success. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: Responsibilities Include: • Round-the-clock patrol, via motor vehicle, foot and bicycle, of campus property and surrounding roadways in order to deter, prevent and detect criminal activity and provide assistance to members to the campus community. • Investigation of all crimes that are reported to have occurred on campus property. • Enforcement of College and residence hall policies in conjunction with the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities. • 24-hour staffing of Dispatch Desk where emergency calls and requests for service are received and all campus fire alarm systems and Blue Light emergency telephones are monitored. • Crime prevention and safety education programs presented in Residence Halls through the Community Policing program. • Oversight of the Student Patrol including operation of the Campus Escort Service which provides safe transportation services upon request during the hours of darkness. • Staffing of major campus events such as Commencement, Welcome Week activities, major concerts, athletic contests, late-night social events, etc. in order to ensure public safety and order maintenance. • Training, planning and coordination of activities related to campus Emergency Preparedness. __________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • Assist with Title IX training for all College faculty and staff in cooperation with Human Resources. • Implement Community Policing initiatives in cooperation with Residential Life/Learning Communities. • Serve on Student Behavioral Consultant Team along with representatives of Vice President’s Office, Health and Counseling, Student Conduct and Academic Affairs. • Assist Department of Athletics by staffing various sporting events. • Assist Parking and Transportation Services by enforcement of parking regulations and patrol of lots. • Work with Office of Student Union and Activities during Welcome Week, Homecoming, major concerts, late-night social events, etc. • Present campus safety information to parents of incoming students at summer orientation sessions in conjunction with the First Year Experience Office. • Assist BASC/Office of Campus Events with Commencement, Summer Programs and other campus activities. • Review application materials of ex-offenders. Provide general information at Open House and SOAR sessions in cooperation with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. • Cooperate with Student Conduct Coordinators by investigating and providing relevant information regarding possible Code of Conduct violations that occur both on and off-campus ________________________________________________________________________________________ 37

2011-2012 GOALS: Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Provide a host site for a Criminal Justice intern experience. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Provide leadership and strategic direction to enhance the perception and the reality that campus safety is a factor in student retention and student learning. 2. Develop and maintain a portfolio of programs and services that promote campus safety. 3. Maintain knowledge and ensure sound practice of all county, state and federal laws and in accordance with International Association of Collegiate Law Enforcement Agencies (IACLEA), NIMS/FEMA emergency management practices and SUNY University Police Rules & Procedures manual. 4. Provide oversight to the student patrol program. 5. Ensure all training provided by University Police has consistent messages that support the department’s mission and philosophy of campus safety. 6. Provide programs and services that promote student development in the context of personal and public safety. __________________________________________________________________________________________ POINTS OF PRIDE: Co-curricular Programming & Support Services • Three Criminal Justice interns successfully completed approved programs and received appropriate academic credit. Learning Environment & Quality of Place • Only two burglaries were reported to have occurred on campus, down from eight in each of the previous two years and a substantial reduction from the twenty-one that were reported in 2008. • Self-initiated patrol activity as well as investigative efforts both increased, as evidenced by a rise in the total number of arrests from 123 to 207. • Efforts to enhance student success by minimizing the harmful influence of alcohol and other drugs were continued. • Presentations were made to all RD’s and RA’s concerning the role, responsibilities and actions of UP when possession/use of such substances is suspected or confirmed. • Reports of students arrested by the Brockport Village Police were obtained on a weekly basis, reviewed by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and forwarded to the Student Conduct Coordinators for appropriate follow-up action. • The “Community Policing” program was continued in all Residence Halls, focusing on matters of personal safety, protection of property, prevention of identity theft and issues involving the use of alcohol and other drugs. • A total of 7,614 students utilized the Campus Escort service. • The Student Patrol continued to serve as a valuable complement to University Police. The 2011 – 2012 Student Patrol consisted of 24 members, 37% were female and 12% were from underrepresented populations. • All University Police Officers received new, upgraded firearms and completed extensive training in their use including the passing of a State-mandated qualification course. • University Police staff attended numerous specialized training programs throughout the year. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Co-Curricular Programming & Support Services 1. Continue to make internship opportunities available for Criminal Justice students at both the College and High School levels Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Enhance the perception and the reality that campus safety is a factor in student retention and student learning. 38

THE WOMEN’S CENTER The College at Brockport State University of New York

B124, Seymour College Union PHONE: 585.395.5635


Joshua Fegley, Assistant Director EMAIL:


MISSION: The Women's Center strives to advocate for change in order to create and maintain a climate that enhances the quality of life for all members of the college community. This is achieved by bringing institutional attention to policies and practices that impact women. The Women's Center works in partnership with other college offices and departments to address the needs of all members of The College at Brockport community. The Women's Center facilitates connections between students, college resources, alumni, staff, faculty, and members of the broader community through collaboration. The Women's Center also encourages leadership by supporting student-initiated programs and provides training in leadership skills. The overall mission of this office is to empower women and men by creating opportunities to learn more about women’s health, leadership for social change, social justice, identity development, and community building. __________________________________________________________________________________________ UNIT OVERVIEW: The College at Brockport's Women's Center is a judgment free space where students, faculty, staff, and community members can discuss past, current and future women's issues. The Women's Center actively discusses women in a wide array of circumstances such as; politics, religion, sexual assault, healthy relationships, reproductive freedom, equity, body image, education and sexuality. Our extensive library, campus and community partnerships, and other resources are a valuable asset to the campus, and provide students with the knowledge they need to defend their personal values and beliefs. You can also find the Women's Center and its staff participating in major campus events such as Clothesline Project and Take Back the Night, Residence Hall Programming, HIV testing days and Spa Nights. We also provide students with Rape Crisis Services once a week and have direct access to a counselor for more emergent issues. ________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS: • EagleCHECK Bystander Intervention Program: Worked collaboratively with Health Promotion and Prevention Services to implement the award-winning program for all new first-year students. • Student Clubs and Organization Support: Provided support and space to student organizations congruent with the mission of the Women’s Center, including Voices of Planned Parenthood (VOX), Sexual Orientations United for Liberation (SOUL), and the Women and Gender Studies Organization (WGO). • Rape Crisis Services of Orleans County: Provided spaces for RCS staff to provide services to students, supported training initiatives, and marketed services to students. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011-2012 GOALS: 1. Develop benchmarks to assess the number of students who are aware of and use services offered by The College at Brockport's Women's Center. 2. Increase presence on-campus through a social marketing campaign and Stylus columns. 3. 75% of brown bag lunch participants will report learning something new. __________________________________________________________________________________________


POINTS OF PRIDE: Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services • EagleCHECK Bystander Intervention Program: 94% of first-year students participated; assessment results demonstrate that 46% of participants utilized bystander skills or knowledge gained from the program within 6 months of program participation; received the 2012 Student-Driven Program of the Year Award from the Association of College Unions International and the 2012 Personal Safety Program of the Year Award from the BACCHUS Peer Education Network. • Development of Women’s Center Programming Model: Identified 4 focus areas for programming that will help bring a unique identify to Women’s Center programming; focus areas are rooted in evidence from NSSE, CORE, ACHA, Counseling Center data, Health Center data, Multi-institutional Study of Leadership, national data, student input (focus areas identified are Women’s Health, Women’s Leadership, Identity and Development, and Community Service and Engagement). _________________________________________________________________________ 2012-2013 STRATEGIC GOALS: Academic Quality & Engagement 1. Develop a structured internship program for The Women’s Center with experiences and responsibilities congruent with the new programming model. Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services 1. Develop, implement, and assess programming related to developing inclusive and respectful communities (panels, ally building training, social justice fair, etc.). 2. Develop, implement, and assess training unique to Women’s Center Assistants and their responsibilities. Learning Environment & Quality of Place 1. Enhance the physical space of The Women’s Center to ensure adequate workspace for staff, student organization meetings, visitors, and storage.


STAFFING ACROSS  THE  DIVISION   The  following  includes  the  number  of  full-­‐time  and  part-­‐time  professional  and  classified  staff  as  well  as  Graduate   Assistants  for  each  department  across  the  division.    

Academic  Advisement   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Campus  Recreation   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Career  Services   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Community  Development   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Educational  Opportunity  Program   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Financial  Aid   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Hazen  Center  for  Integrated  Care   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:  

    No.   6   0   0   6         No.   7   3   3   13         No.   5   0   0   5         No.   4   0   1   5         No.   6   2   4   12         No.   9   1   0   10         No.   17   7  


Intercollegiate  Athletics   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Registration  and  Records   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Residential  Life/Learning  Communities   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Student  Retention   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Student  Union  &  Activities   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     Undergraduate  Admissions   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Graduate  Assistants:   Total:     University  Police   Staff  Type   Full-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:   Part-­‐time  Professional/Classified  Staff:  


    No.   22   37   7   66        






No. 9   0   0   9  

No. 19   2   1   22  

No. 8   0   0   8  

No. 5   3   1   9  

No. 18   0   0   18  

No. 16   0  

Graduate Assistants:   Total:  


2 26    


Graduate Assistants:   Total:    


0 19    

Enrollment Management Briefing Book 2011-12  

The briefing book for The College at Brockport's Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

Enrollment Management Briefing Book 2011-12  

The briefing book for The College at Brockport's Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.