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Movable Acoustic Walls & Sliding Folding Partitions Technical Information

Series 500 / 600 Acoustically divide conference / seminar rooms, class rooms, function rooms, office space & community halls Series 500 is a top hung individual panel system with operable seals top and bottom allowing panels to glide effortlessly into position. Series 600 is the highest specification range, with acoustic insulation capable of achieving up to 59dB.

Series 200 Offices, schools, universities, leisure, sport centres The 200 series is continuously hinged with multi-pronged sweep seals providing excellent contact with the floor and head track ensuring good onsite acoustic performance. Sound reduction from 38 – 48dB. This system may be either top hung or floor supported according to structural support availability.

Series 220 Domestic buildings: flats, apartment blocks, houses Simple yet effective, the 220 Series is a contemporary solution to the space limitations of a traditional hinged door. Sliding into either a specially formed pocket or beside the opening, this is available as a solid acoustic screen or as a glazed panel with manifestation if required.

Series 800 Schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, sports halls The 800 Series is a vinyl concertina option for projects where budget is a factor without compromising quality. Nylon bushes within a metal pantograph combine with top and bottom sweep strips to ensure an acoustic seal, available from 15 – 35db. Faced in a hardwearing, easily cleanable, flame retardant vinyl to ensure longevity.

Series 500 / 600 - Acoustic Movable Walls

Acoustically divide conference / seminar rooms, class rooms, function rooms, office space & community halls The multi award winning 500 / 600 Series is truly at the head of its class. UK manufactured, this top hung system allows limitless stacking solutions. Acoustic infill combined with interlocking edge profiles with unique seal interfaces giving up to 59dB sound block performance. Unrivalled seal pressure of 2KN per linear metre is possible by our unique rapid action scissor jack mechanism ensuring excellent onsite acoustic performance. Our mechanism also performs within site restrictions or constraints such as uneven floors and deflections. Magnetic profiles complement precision engineered roller and track systems allowing effortless operation. Unique roller locking mechanism guarantees panel alignment in the long term. All systems are tested to ISO 140-3 and certified for shock impact, endurance, thermal insulation and stability. Available in a range of finishes including melamine, virtual veneer, digi-art or primed for onsite decorating. Class 1 or Class 0 Flame Rating attainable.

Technical Specifications Nominal thickness

100 mm

Min. panel width

650 mm

Max. panel width

1250 mm

Max. clear opening height: Series 500

4500 mm

Series 600

10000 mm

Sound insulation range: Series 500

41 - 51 dB

Series 600

41 - 59 dB

Tested to: ISO 140/3 & EN 20140/3 Standard.

High acoustic performance up to 59db Acoustically tested passdoors Vast selection of finishes (inc veneer, laminate etc) Flexible division with various stacking options Top hung with no floor tracks Fire rated systems available (up to 1 hour certificated) Panels can be manufactured up to 10,000 mm high Semi automatic system available


Ceiling Track

Stacking Options


Designed to accommodate suspended ceilings. Installation can include track support and sound baffles within ceiling voids according to specification.







Panel Abutment Detail 50



TE travel

16mm High Density Partical Board

Semi Exposed Profile




Series 200 - Sliding Folding Hinged

Offices, schools, universities, leisure, sport centres Series 200 is a hinged system providing sound reduction from 38dB to 48dB. Flexible top hung or floor supported system. Floor supported option features a unique threshold to address trip hazard concerns. Single or double wing available with access gained via the door in the last leaf of each wing. Easy operation of the screen is achieved by the use of high specification rollers and track. A bespoke hinged jamb allows unrivalled system adjustment yet still allows a concealed wall fixing. Sound performance is achieved by specialised manufacturing techniques including high specification acoustic infill ,unique labyrinth profiles and multipronged acoustic seals. Available in a range of finishes including melamine, virtual veneer, digi-art or primed for onsite decorating. Class 1 or Class 0 Flame Rating attainable. All hardware is finished in hardwearing, compliant brushed aluminium or stainless steel.

Technical Specifications Nominal thickness

68 mm / 100 mm

Max. panel width: Centre hung

850 mm

End hung

700 mm

Max.clear opening height

4000 mm

Approx. hanging weight

36 kg/m2

Sound insulation range

38 - 48 dB

Acoustically rated 38db - 48db Vast selection of finishes (including veneer, laminate, melamine etc) Single wing or Bi parting stacking Can be top hung or floor supported Supplied as standard with full height pass door Fire rated systems available (up to 1 hour certificated) Class 1 and class 0 fire rating can be supplied


Abutment Detail

Construction Top Hung

Stacking Options

Centre fold stacking (single wing)

Off-set Stacking (single wing)

Centre fold stacking (Bi-parting)

Off-set Stacking (Bi-parting)

Floor Supported

Series 220 - Straight Sliding Partition

Commercial buildings: offices, schools and universities, hotels, leisure facilities, churches, community centres. Domestic buildings: flats, apartment blocks, houses The 220 Series is a simple push/pull sliding panel system, which has been designed to replace the traditional solid core door systems that tend to warp over time and become difficult to move. The system is manufactured with a triple laminated frame to provide a twist resistant structure and is fitted with acoustic infill materials and all the necessary rubber gaskets and sweep strips required to provide a quality acoustic block between rooms. To form larger openings the panels (max. 1200mm) are joined together onsite by way of biscuit joints and steel plates (max 3 panels). The system can either be top hung or floor supported with the option on the top hung system to have the floor guide rail recessed into the underside of the panel and a pin located in the floor to act as a guide.

The partition can be supplied as a single wing stacking at one end only or as a bi-parting configuration.

Technical Specifications Nominal thickness

68 mm / 100 mm Max

Max. panel width

1200 mm

Max. clear opening height

4000 mm

Approx. hanging weight

24-36 kg/m2

Sound insulation range

25-45 dB

Ultimate in contemporary space management Design option to be stored in bespoke pocket Available in glass or solid core Vast selection of finishes Multipronged acoustic seal Legislation compliant hardware


Panel Abutment Detail

Construction Floor Supported

Top Hung


Pocket Timbers

STD Panel

Closure Jamb

Wall Timber

STD Panel

Closure Jamb

Extruded aluminium 13mm high density particle board

Stacking Options 2 Level timber by others Into recess (single wing)


Beside wall (single wing)

1. Option available to recess floor rail in bottom of panel so no floor rail is visable 2. Option available to recess guide rail in floor for additional stability Into recesses (bi-parting)

Beside walls (bi-parting)


Series 800 - Vinyl Concertina Partition

Schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, sports halls The 800 vinyl concertina offers a sound reduction of between 15 and 35 dB. Top and bottom sweep strips are included to reduce sound penetration around the partition. The system is available in a wide range of colours, the material even resists the growth of mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria. Partitions may be stacked to one end, both ends (Biparting), or either end using a floating wing. Special posts are available for 2,3 or 4 way meeting. Acoustically tested from 15db to 35db Plain coloured textured fabric finish Single wing, bi-parting or floating wing stacking Can be top hung or floor supported Class ‘0’ and class ‘1’ to BS:476 as standard System supplied up to 6000mm high Track can be curved

Panel Abutment Detail

case study

The Sage, Gateshead

AIS Gold Award Winner Brockhouse were excited to rise to the challenge of designing, manufacturing and installing a movable wall system that Arup Acoustics stated as ‘one of the most advanced movable walls ever to be installed in the UK’. The partition is positioned on the stage to form a backdrop, however there were a number of obstacles in the design that fell outside of the normal boundaries of a movable acoustic wall system. To ensure that the aesthetic appeal was not compromised at the expense of acoustic performance we employed a unique reversible finish of soft hessian sound absorption board with a veneered hardwood finish to the other side. Our Research & Development Unit designed a one off edge profile using a ball and socket joint which not only allowed the panels to be reversed but also complimented some twenty three acute angles within the headtrack to enable the wall to form a semi-circle. The next requirement of the client was an ability to control airflow on the stage, specially designed louvre shutters in each panel meant that the movement of air was easily controlled and adjusted. In summary Brockhouse have achieved what the client asked for, a reversible angled movable wall that could either absorb or deflect sound and be moved into and out of position with a minimum of time and effort. A project that could only have been fulfilled by this product.

Head Office Kay One, 23 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1HD Tel. 01905 330055 Fax. 01905 330234 Sales Office Aztec House, 137 Molesey Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2RY Tel. 0208 481 7288 Fax. 0208 481 7289 Email.

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Brockhouse Modernfold suppliers of movable operable acoustic walls and sliding folding partition systems to the UK for over 50 years

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