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THE BALTIMORE SUN Monday September 12, 2009

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A women in New York City shields herself from the ‘pandemic’

Germs? The Real Contagion, Paranoia. Written By: Monica Hesse

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary Dies at 72

Amid fears of an approaching apork-

far less prevalent than the interior

accountant. Really gave them a good,

Has co-worker Bob always had al-

Written By: Will Grimes

alypse, the most contagious disease

monologues that plagued the afflicted.

hard look, as she had never had cause

lergies? He says it’s allergies, but . . .

this week -- at least for a small, hyper- “Last night, the woman sleeping below

to do before. “And thought, ewww, do

didn’t he honeymoon in Mexico? Why is

Mary Travers, whose ringing,

aware portion of the population was

me had a horrible cough,” says Melissa

I really want to touch those with my

he HERE, breathing all over the

earnest vocals with the folk trio

paranoia. It struck locations such as

Ewbank, a tourist visiting Washington

hands?” She got into work and learned

place?! I hate Bob. We are being

Peter, Paul and Mary made songs

Union Station’s Tsch-

from England and staying in a hostel.

that a similarly concerned office fairy

ridiculous. We know we are being

like “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “If I

ridiculous. We cannot

Had a Hammer” and “Where Have

stop being ridiculous.

All the Flowers Gone?” enduring

But with each new

anthems of the 1960s protest

reported case of the

movement, died on Wednesday at


Danbury Hospital in Connecticut.

iffely Pharmacy, where containers



sanitizer were moved from the back shelf to the front cash register. Travel-size bottles sold out yesterday; the

Doctors have not been the only ones critical of the government response. The situation is completely overblown.

store was also doing brisk business in hospital masks. But

“Normally, you’d just think that was

such visible symptoms of this para-

annoying, but this time I thought, ‘Ugh,

noia epidemic, which is contracted

I hope that’s not . . .’ “



old is



She was 72.

and a new one is born.

The cause was complications

“I went and looked

from chemotherapy associated


with a bone-marrow transplant

about an hour ago,” says Matthew

she had several years ago after de-

It’s so easy to contract paranoia.

Baldwin, We are being ridiculous.

veloping leukemia, said Heather Lylis, a spokeswoman.

had placed a bottle of hand sanitizer in every cubicle.



mainly through newspapers, Twitter

“I looked at the Metro poles this morn-

It just takes one errant glance at a

We know we are being ridiculous.

postings and lunchroom gossip, were

ing,” says Tracie Towner, a Washington

headline before you begin thinking,

// Continued on A2

Ms. Travers brought a powerful voice and an unfeigned urgency to music that resonated with mainstream listeners. With her straight

Justice Department to Recharge Civil Rights Enforcement

blond hair and willowy figure and two bearded guitar players by her side, she looked exactly like what

Written By: Bob Writer

she was, a Greenwich Villager directly from the clubs and the

Seven months after taking office, At-

of high-impact civil rights enforcement

over politically tinged hiring under the

coffeehouses that nourished the

torney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is re-

against policies, in areas ranging from

Bush administration, the Obama White

folk-music revival.

shaping the Justice Department’s Civil

housing to hiring, where statistics show

House has also proposed a hiring spree

“She was obviously the sex ap-

Rights Division by pushing it back into

that minorities fare disproportionately

that would swell the ranks of several

peal of that group, and that group

some of the most important areas of

poorly. President George W. Bush’s

hundred civil rights lawyers with more

was the sex appeal of the move-

American political life, including vot-

appointees had discouraged such tac-

than 50 additional lawyers.

ment,” said Elijah Wald, a folk-

ing rights, housing, employment, bank

tics, preferring to focus on individual

Mr. Holder said in an interv iew.

lending practices and redistricting

cases in which there is evidence of

“But it’s really only a start. I think the

after the 2010 census.

intentional discrimination.

As part of this shift, the Obama ad-

To bolster a unit that has been bat-

ministration is planning a major revival

tered by heavy turnover and a scandal


Orioles: 10 Yankees: 6

Todays Weather

Ravens: 28 Chiefs: 20 high: 80

low: 60

blues musician and a historian of popular music.

wounds that were inflicted on this divi-

Ms. Travers’s voice blended

sion were deep, and it will take some

seamlessly with those of her col-

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