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Fitness, Aquatics Trial Week Monday, January 13 to Friday, January 17 Not sure which Yoga class to join? Are you interested in Bootcamp or Kickboxing? Do you want to test your rhythm with Zumba? Then join us for Trial Week to try out as many programs as you want for FREE! Monday





Zumba 11-11:55 am

Zumba 9-9:55 am

Kickboxing 9-9:55 am

Yogalates 9-9:55 am

Bro’ga 1-1:55 pm

Vinyasa 1-1:55 pm

Extreme Fit 11-11:55 am

Bootcamp: Challenger 11-11:55 am

Zumba 2-2:55 pm

Bootcamp: Extreme Fit 3-3:55 pm

Yin Yoga 5-5:55 pm

Hatha Yoga 1-1:55 pm

Yogatherapy 5-5:55 pm

Bootcamp: Challenger 5-5:55 pm

Bootcamp: Extreme 6-6:55 pm

Bootcamp: Insane Fit 6-6:55 pm

Pilates 7-7:55 pm

Pilates 7-7:55 pm

Latin Dance 8-8:55 pm

Hip Hop 8-8:55 pm

Ballroom Dance 9-9:55 pm

Japanese Swordsmanship 9-10:30 pm

Aquatic Classes for Brock students AquaFit for Brock Students

Added resistance and buoyancy in the water is why this type of exercise is ideal for you. Improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscular strength and toning. Workouts are available in either the shallow or deep end (floatation belts available). No swimming ability needed. Class times are Monday to Friday, 12:10-12:50 pm and Tuesday/Thursday, 7:10-7:50 pm. No charge for Brock students but you must sign up for the class at the Welcome Desk to reserve a spot.

Brock students teaching Brock students how to swim

80 km Swim Club

Log your workouts and, once you reach 80 km, you will receive an official Brock University bathing cap and a certificate to showcase your accomplishment. 20 minutes, two to three times per week, develops a strong heart and healthy lungs. No need to register. Head to the pool deck where you’ll find the 80 km swim box and start recording.


Basic swimming ability is a fundamental requirement in any meaningful attempt to eliminate drowning in Canada. You will learn the minimum skills needed to survive if an unexpected fall into water should occur. This includes floats, glides, basic kicks and strokes. You will roll into deep water, tread water for one minute and swim 50 metres. Work your way towards achieving the Canadian Swim to Survive standard. Four students per class. Code







4:15 pm-5 pm

Jan 7-Jan 28




4:15 pm-5 pm

Jan 9-Jan 30


No charge for Brock students but you must register for the course.

Brock Recreation Guide Winter 2014  

Brock Recreation Guide Winter 2014

Brock Recreation Guide Winter 2014  

Brock Recreation Guide Winter 2014