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Джордж Василиу: «2017 год будет годом больших перемен»

around it. A solution is extremely important now; we don’t want to see the repetition of what is happening in Syria or in other parts of the region around us. Why has a solution not been reached so far? No, no, no...We cannot cover this in the interview. It’s too complicated. And secondly with Mr Erdogan’s visit and the continuing negotiations it would not be fair to discuss it here.

52010 г.

Achieving a solution in 2017 will mean what for Cyprus? With a solution reached, I can guarantee that economic growth will approach 5% in 2017 and this figure will be even higher in 2018. Growth will continue in tourism and in our service industries. We will see a lot of growth in agriculture and there are a number of other sectors where we will see continued growth. Of course as you know our industrial development is limited, but the main sector of growth here is in pharmaceuticals. This is an industry which is growing fast and there is particular interest from South Africa. And how will a solution benefit the professional service industry? What is most important to foreign Investors is that they have security and a safe base from which to develop their business. In Cyprus we have these conditions and we also have an infrastructure that offers high standards of professional business services including financial and legal services, accountants, auditors, lawyers and a very good legal system.

32012 г.

62014 г.

Новогодние пожелания читателям Я хотел бы обратиться с наилучшими пожеланиями ко всем нашим друзьям не только на Кипре, но и в России. Мы надеемся, что российская экономика будет развиваться, а день, когда будут сняты санкции, уже близок. Можно с уверенностью утверждать, что 2017 год, возможно, станет весьма хорошим для Кипра – и для России, надеюсь, тоже.

Happy New Year Wish for Readers in 2017 I would very much like to send our very best wishes to all our friends, not only here in Cyprus but to all our Russian friends too. We hope that the Russian economy will develop and the day when sanctions are removed is hopefully not very far. It’s realistic to say 2017 can be a very good year for Cyprus and hopefully a good year for Russia too.

«На Кипре так много сокровищ, и как же обидно делить их и продавать по частям. Нам нужно рекламировать весь остров».

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