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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Offices

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Revel in the panoramic view of Kingstown from Fort Charlotte. Take a peep at history, visit the Black Point Tunnel on the Northern side of the island. Enjoy the richly fertile Marriaqua Valley. The Falls of Baleine are among St. Vincent’s finest natural wonders. A single stage fall, the sparkling waters plunge about 60 feet in a rockenclosed fresh water pool, perfect for swimming. Also visit rock petroglyphs at Layou and trace the carving with your fingers. At the Botanical Gardens, established by the British in 1763, you will find a breadfruit tree descended from one brought to the island by Captain Bligh of the Bounty.

Tour Operators

Anchor Tours W.J. Abbott and Sons Ltd. Baleine Tours Barefoot Holidays Corea & Co (1988) Ltd Fantasea Tours Grenadines Travel Co. Ltd Hazeco Tours Offshore Adventure Sailor’s Wilderness Tours Sam’s Taxi Yours Sea Breeze Nature Sunsplash Tours Treasure Tours Princess Ria Tours

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Avis Rental Car (784) 4562929 Ben’s Auto Rental (784) 456 2907 Gregg’s Rental Services (784) 457 9814 David’s Auto Clinic (784) 456 4026 Lucky’s Car Rental (784) 457 1913 / 456 1215 Star Garage (784) 456 1743 UNICO Auto Rentals (784) 456 5744 Valley Rentals (784) 458 5331

Bicycle Rental

Sailors Cycle Centre

(784) 457 1712

Emergency Telephone Numbers Police/Fire/Ambulance: 911 Coastguard: (784) 457 4554 (754) 457 4578

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Head Office Upper Bay Street, P.O. Box 834, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tel: (784) 457-1502 Fax: (784) 451-2425


St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Office 333 Wilson Avenue, Suite 601, Toronto M3H 1T2, Canada Tel: (416) 630 9292 Fax: (416) 630 9291

United Kingdom

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Office 10 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL, England Tel:0207 937 6570 Fax:0207 937 3611

New York, USA

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Office 801 2nd Avenue, 21st Floor, New York N.Y 10017, USA Tel: (212) 687 4981 or 1(800) 729 1726 Fax: (212) 949 5946

Come Ashore

St. Vincent parrot our national bird, along with other interesting species of birds. Reward yourself with a day tour and discover the most idyllic sites. Hike to the La Soufriere volcano. Explore nature trails, exotic waterfalls, verdant valleys, dramatic cliffs and other natural wonders. View the lush evergreen and tropical rain forest.

Come Ashore!!!

COME ASHORE AND BE ENCHANTED… The mountainous terrain in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is bound to leave you wanting more… Visit the many historical sites around this spectacular island. Cycle through the “City of Arches” Kingstown with its Georgian-style setting. Tour on your own by renting a vehicle and be able to take exciting and breathtaking pictures to share with loved ones at home. Relax in the Botanic Gardens, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Bird lovers admire the rare

Experience sailing with a difference to any of the thirty-two (32) gems by discovering unspoilt anchorage and bays. Catch a glimpse of dolphins or whales. Dive or snorkel among our exotic marine life, remarkable sea fans, sponges, coral and fishes. Our waters are excellent for deep water fishing. Entice your taste buds with Vincy culinary skills. Admire our local arts and crafts, from jewellery to wood carving. View 18th century architecture cathedrals.

Bicycle Rentals

Cycle your way through a country unspoilt and create

your own adventure. Experience the mountainous terrain or the picturesque coastline, and at the same time, snap those memories to share with loved ones.

Boat Tours

Take an unforgettable trip aboard one of the many power boats to Falls of Baleine, the Grenadines or Fort Duvernette (Rock Fort). Tour along the Leeward side of the island where beautiful black sand beaches await you. Enjoy a delicious rum punch to soothe you as the natural beauty of the remarkable island is unveiled to you.

Car Rentals

Tour at your own pace! Rent a car or jeep to numerous natural attractions. You will be sure to enjoy it. A local driving licence must be obtained (if not holding an OECS or international driving licence) at the Police Station on Bay Street or the Licensing Authority on Halifax Street and is obtained on personal possession of a driving licence together with a fee of EC$ 75.00. International driving licences are accepted. A temporary driver’s licence is valid for six months. Driving is on the LEFT.

Day Sail

Board a yacht and sail through the Grenadines. Soak up the splendor of the coral sand beaches nestling along turquoise waters. Indeed the Grenadines is a sailor’s haven. Sail to Wallilabou anchorage on the Leeward coast and discover one of the sites used in the filming of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.


Hop on a ferry to the largest of our Grenadine islands Bequia and bask on the white sand beaches. Visit the turtle sanctuary. Schedules can be obtained from our Tourism Information Desk.


Fishing is a livelihood of the Vincentian community. Our waters are the home to many species of fish. You never know what your catch could be!


Feeling energetic? Hiking in this majestic island could take you to the many interesting places where each footstep you take is an adventure. Whether you hike to the volcano or the Trinity Falls you will surely be enchanted.

National Marine Park

The Tobago Cays are five uninhabited islets which are protected by the famous “Horseshoe Reef”. Accessible only by boats, this marine park has fifty-seven (57) coral species and is home to tropical fish of every kind. Snorkelling or Swimming is paradise.

Scuba Diving

Explore the translucent waters surrounding majestic St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Dive with tropical fishes among spectacular coral reefs. Explore an underworld that you never knew existed.

English Come Ashore  

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