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Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012


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Barbuda’s Pink Sand

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PLANET OCEAN "Having left the water planet, with all that water brings to the Earth in terms of colour and abundant life, the absence of water and atmosphere on the desolate surface of the Moon gives rise to a stark contrast." – Buzz Aldrin, astronaut

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There is much more to see and do in Barbuda than just discovering our unique pink and white sand beaches; the tropical sunshine and the warm and friendly islanders that make you feel like you’re at home. This beautiful island, also known as the pink paradise of the Caribbean, is an eco-friendly haven which boasts the largest frigate bird nesting colony in the western hemisphere, colourful flora and fauna, adventurous hiking trails and a stunning underwater world, with over two hundred shipwrecks from different eras of Barbuda’s history and spectacular coral reefs, waiting for your visit. It is for these reasons many holidaymakers visit this hidden gem year after year. Some prefer relaxation while others seek adventures. One of the pleasures of producing this publication, Beautiful Barbuda, is being able to assist you, not just to learn about our island, but to invite you to enjoy its features just like us. We always take pleasure in helping you to gain a better knowledge of what is being offered here. Visit Beautiful Barbuda magazine online at: and tell us about your Barbudan experience, or become a fan on our facebook page where you can interact with us, share stories and upload pictures. We would be more than happy to hear from you. Welcome to our island paradise and hope that you have a great time here. See you soon!

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Welcome Message

Antigua & Barbuda Tourist Offices ANTIGUA Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority ACB Financial Centre High Street, St. John’s, Antigua. Tel: (268) 562-7600 Fax: (268) 562-7602 E. Ministry of Tourism Government Office Complex, Queen Elizabeth Highway St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 462-0480 Fax: (268) 462-2483 CANADA 60 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 601 Toronto, Ontario M4T 1N5, Canada. Tel: (416) 961-3085 Fax: (416) 961-7218 E. MIAMI 25 S.E. 2nd Avenue, Suite 300 Miami, FL 33131 Tel: (305) 381-6762 Fax: (305) 381-7908 E.

NEW YORK 3 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 305 E. 47th Street- 6A New York, NY. 10017 E. UNITED KINGDOM Victoria House, 4th Floor Victoria Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1JR Tel: (0) 44 1245 70 7471 Fax: (0) 44 1245 70 7478 E:

FRANCE 43 Avenue de Freidland Paris 75008 Tel: (33) 153-75-15-71 Fax: (33) 153-75-15-69 E.

Message from the CEO, ABTA There is nowhere in the world quite like Barbuda! Barbuda is the hidden gem of the Caribbean, unspoilt, relaxed and exclusive, exactly what a Caribbean getaway is meant to be. Peace and serenity are instinctive on this beautiful island. It is the perfect getaway for the discerning individual who values quality, tranquillity and natural beauty. Enjoy the solitude of 17 miles of stunning pink sand beach without ever encountering another being. Tantalise your palate with the abundance of seafood found in Barbuda. A visit is never complete without experiencing the local delicacies; a lobster grilled to perfection or a sumptuous bowl of conch water. Barbuda is romance. The seclusion of the island is guaranteed to ignite magical moments. Many happy couples select the oldest Martello Tower in the world as the place to tie the knot. Barbuda’s natural eco-friendly environment provides a haven for flora and fauna. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary during mating season is a sight to behold. The early Amerindian drawings in the caves on the East of the island give you a glimpse of the island’s ancestry. Barbuda is a short 90 minute ferry crossing or 15 minute flight from Antigua. A day trip is never enough, so be sure to plan a longer stay on this or your next visit. On behalf of the people of Antigua & Barbuda, I welcome you to the paradise that is Barbuda and wish you an enjoyable stay. Take a breath of fresh air and let your cares blow into the gentle Trade Winds.

Colin James CEO, Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

Discover exactly what you’re looking for…

• Spectacular aerial view • Breathtaking pink and white sand beaches • Friendly Islander’s • Picturesque caves • An impressive old fort called Martello Tower • The largest Frigate Bird nesting colony in the western hemisphere • Stunning diving sites with reefs and shipwrecks • Tasty local cuisine

Spend your day with us in Barbuda, the Pink Paradise of the Caribbean!




Day Tours

Imagine - Discover - Enjoy

For Reservations, Call: 1 268 720 4753 or Email us at:


Caribana Welcome Message

Message from the Barbuda Council You have just discovered the best kept secret of the Caribbean! Barbuda is known for its caves, wild life, coral reefs, shipwrecks, pink sandy beaches with crystal waters, and the largest bird sanctuary in the western hemisphere. This makes us an ideal location for camping, hunting, snorkelling, diving, bird watching, or simply allowing the balance of body, mind and soul. In 1745, the first Martello Tower was built in Barbuda. This landmark was recently transformed into a venue for romantic commitments between couples. This is important since Antigua and Barbuda was voted one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world. Our local cuisine is a must. We are known for our rich choice of seafood. You will surely enjoy it! Experience the warmth and hospitality of our people, while the island’s natural beauty transports you to that place of calm, peace and solitude. This pristine, secluded, unspoilt destination is our home. Welcome to pink paradise – Barbuda!

Dorcas Beazer-Williams Chairperson of Tourism, Barbuda Council

Calendar of Events

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Antigua & Barbuda 2012 Events Calendar



Inaugural Boat Rowing Regatta

Black History Month

Antigua Yacht Club ‘Round the Island Race’

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Sports Woman & Man of the Year Award

©J. Rainey



Field trip by EAG

45th Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua Yacht Club Antigua International Laser Open

26th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta Wadadli Day

Public Holidays

©Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Office

©Mo Sallah



Barbuda Caribana

Calypso Spektakula

St. Paul’s Cultural Festival

10th Annual International Amateur Badminton Tournament



55th Antigua Carnival Celebration

Carnival in Antigua

January 1

New Year Day

April 6

Good Friday

April 9

Easter Monday

May 3

Labour Day

Holy Family Catholic Parish Bazaar & Food Fair

May 28

Whit Monday

Carnival in Antigua

August 6

Carnival Monday

August 7

Carnival Tuesday

November 1

Independence Day

December 9

Heroes Day

December 25 Christmas Day

7th Annual Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival



Sizzlin’ Sand Beach Volley Ball Tournament

National Warri Tournament

Police Week of Activities

Independence Homecoming Pageant



Independence Ceremonial Parade

51st Annual Charter Yacht Show

Mood of Pan Festival

Annual Tourism Week

December 26 Boxing Day

Antigua & Barbuda Literary Festival


1B0 a d u arb 10 Reasons to Visit Barbuda

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

s n o s a e r

t i s i v o t 03 Wonderful


The Beaches!

Barbuda Boasts some of the best beaches in the world! And that’s no exaggeration. Barbuda’s beaches are untouched and usually abandoned for miles with sands of strikingly clean white or light pink hues.

02 Be ‘In The Know’ The World’s Best Kept Secret – Everyone loves a secret. So be a part of the exclusive club that enjoys the unimaginable privacy and exclusivity of a very little known paradise.

Barbudans are more than willing to share their magical paradise with you, along with a bit of their humor and hospitality.


Diverse Wildlife

©J. Rainey


©Eli Fuller


Go bird watching at the Frigate Bird Sanctuary (the largest in the world) and you might sight some rare species as well as some of the over 5,000 Frigate Birds ( Fregata Magnificens) that call Barbuda home. Sight a European Fallow Deer or a Wild Boar, not forgetting the lazy donkeys that graze in the pastures.


06 Go Fishing and



©Isle Gems

Barbuda’s abundance of seafood is no secret. Try your hand at “spin fishing”, target fishing or even deep sea fishing. Locally caught deer meat is a delicacy, so you can even experience the thrill of the catch!

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

It’s True! Barbuda is still largely undeveloped and with the small number of automobiles on the island, Barbuda boasts some of the cleanest air you’ll ever breathe.


06 Remarkable Land



©Mark Harrold

See Darby’s Cave, a sinkhole 10 metres deep resembling a tropical rainforest or the Limestone Highlands, Barbuda’s highest point rising to a modest 125 feet above sea level.

Savour the Lobster!

You’ve never had lobster until you’ve had the Barbudan Spiny Lobster! Seafood in Barbuda is amazing and is usually in abundance. Enjoy lobster, conch, or fish, all with an ice cold Wadadli Beer.

Fascinating Snorkelling

Barbuda’s many historical ship wrecks and its pristine coral reefs are home to a wonderful assortment of tropical fish and turtles. The diving sites remain untouched and flourish with life and colour.

10 Camp under the

Clear Starry Sky

Camping is a favourite passtime amongst locals and is a great reason to visit the island. Return to nature and see the sky light up like you’ve never seen before.


Getting Here Caribana

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Getting Here

BY AIR There are several airlines that operate in Antigua from the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, making Barbuda more accessible. If you depart your destination at sunrise you are sure to get here before sunset.



AMERICAN AIRLINES: non-stop from Miami and New York’s JFK

BRITISH AIRWAYS: daily flight from London Gatwick

CONTINENTAL: daily non-stop from Newark, New Jersey DELTA AIRLINES: non-stop from New York and Atlanta US AIRWAYS: non-stop from Charlotte

FROM CANADA AIR CANADA: weekly flights from Toronto and Montreal

©Caribbean Helicopters ©J. Rainey

©Isle Gems

Barbuda is accessible via air and sea, but getting to this natural, un-spoilt Caribbean island, you will be required to travel a few extra miles from Antigua as there are no international or regional direct flights. All flights will make their first port of call at Antigua’s V. C. Bird International Airport where ABM AIR will hop you across to Barbuda’s Codrington Airport or Caribbean Helicopters will fly you directly to your hotel property. A short 15 minutes is the estimated flying time to Barbuda from Antigua.

CAN JET: non-stop from Toronto and Montreal

VIRGIN ATLANTIC: nonstop from London Gatwick CONDOR: weekly non-stop from Frankfurt, Germany BLUE PANORAMA: weekly non-stop from Milan, Italy

FROM THE CARIBBEAN AMERICAN EAGLE: daily flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico LIAT, the Caribbean Airline: daily flights from 21 Caribbean islands CARIBBEAN AIRLINES: non-stop from Jamaica and Trinidad REDjet: non-stop from Guyana  continue on page 16

©J. Rainey



Getting Here

FROM ANTIGUA ABM AIR: Daily Air Taxi Service to Barbuda Fly Montserrat: Daily Charter Service to Barbuda CARIBBEAN HELICOPTERS: Daily Charter service to Barbuda

BY SEA Cruise Ships anchor in downtown St. John’s, Antigua on a regular basis making it easier for you to get closer to Barbuda, contact your tour representative for availability in order to spend your day in Barbuda and return just in time to get back on your ship. BARBUDA EXPRESS FERRY operates daily trips weekly excluding Wednesdays. THE EXCELLENCE offer tours on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This high speed catamaran departs Redcliffe Quay and Dickenson Bay in Antigua at 9am and returns at 4pm. The tour includes: lunch, unlimited drinks and a visit to the Magnificent Frigate Bird Sanctuary, which is the largest nesting colony in the western hemisphere. Booking should be made in advance. For details contact your tour rep or call Tropical Adventures at Tel: 268 480 1225. Charters Boats and Yachts are available also.

For domestic flight arrangements to Barbuda, please contact your hotel or travel representative who will be able to assist you with bookings. A photo ID upon checking-in to Barbuda is required. For Travel Documents to Antigua and Barbuda, see requirements in our island facts and tips section on page 62.

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Caribbean Helicopters

Caribbean Helicopters offers 20 and 30 minutes island tours of Antigua where you fly over translucent waters, reefs and desolate hidden beaches, swooping up the side of mountains and gliding down through lush valleys. See Mother Nature at work on their most popular tour to the Montserrat volcano – a definite once in a lifetime experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Staying in Barbuda?  Arrive in style as they do in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by taking a helicopter directly to your hotel.  Whether your interests are caving, visiting the frigate bird sanctuary or enjoying a private picnic on a remote pink or white sand beach, Caribbean Helicopters offers custom charters to Barbuda to satisfy every desire.

Where to Stay

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012 ©Light House Bay Resort


Where To Stay HOTELS & RESORTS Coco Point Lodge

Lighthouse Bay Resorts

Coco Point, Barbuda

Low Bay, Barbuda

Coco Point Lodge is a unique allinclusive resort, secluded on a 164-acre peninsula, bordered by miles of pristine pink and white sand beaches. Coco Point Lodge has 35 tastefully appointed bedrooms which are located on the beachside, each with a lushly planted veranda, which looks directly out at the Caribbean’s vast expanse of blue sea. Lobster and local seafood, fresh West Indian fruit and vegetables, and an enticing array of fine wines, meats, and cheeses, are expertly served in the restaurant’s tropical garden setting.

Situated on the pristine beach front of Low Bay; Barbuda. The elegant Lighthouse Bay offers the ultimate in private island living. It faces the Caribbean Sea looking westwards and has access to the main island via a shallow lagoon to the east. The Lighthouse Bay Bar offers a breathtaking 360 degree ocean view. Adorned in Caribbean elegance, the spacious guest rooms feature an airy floor plan that opens to the private balcony where guests can unwind while looking over the Caribbean Sea. The well appointed suites offer an ultra comfortable king sized bed or two double beds. The large, private bath features a marble-lined, invigorating shower. The amenities include airconditioning, direct-dial telephones, Internet service, safes, hairdryers, and bathrobes.

The guests enjoy a variety of activities. Also available are a variety of excursions to points of interest Barbuda.  1.268.462.3816 

 1.(888).214.8552 or 1.268.562.1481  


COTTAGES & VILLAS North Beach Cottage

Barbuda Cottages

North Beach, Barbuda

Coral Group Bay, Barbuda

Our exclusive 4 bungalow beachfront hideaway combines exquisite natural beauty with the ultimate in privacy in the most undisturbed natural settings. Our accommodations are tastefully-appointed beach bungalows, decorated with local and ‘found’ beach art and are naturally cooled by the constant trade winds.

Barbuda Cottages is a new beachfront property, opened in November 2009. This villa is situated on Coral Group Bay adjacent to Uncle Roddy’s Beach Bar & Grill. There are three ocean view rooms with two bathrooms, a living room, a mini kitchenette and a laundry. Each room is fully furnished and has either a king-size or double bed along with an open verandah that is shared amongst the rooms.

For Reservation  1.268.721.3317  

Barbuda Cottages will be an ideal place to stay for families and couples who are planning a getaway vacation.  1.268.785 3268 ©J. Rainey

Just steps beyond your accommodations, the pink sand beach merges with the Caribbean Sea and one of the most famous coral reefs in seafaring history. Seeing other people is truly optional at North Beach. With a maximum of 9 guests at any one time, North Beach - Barbuda is a true escape you will ever know.

Blue Light Cottage River Road, Codrington

For more information, contact him at:  1.268.460 0047 or 1.268.726 0408

©J. Rainey

Blue Light Cottage is fully equipped with a kitchen, living room, cable TV, two double bedrooms; each has its own bathroom. The cottage is located on the outskirts of Codrington with a spectacular view of the airport. Evans, the cottage owner, also offers a taxi, car rental and tour service for your convenience.


Where to Stay

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012


Bus Stop Guest House

Codrington Village, Barbuda

River Road, Codrington

Nestled outside the heart of Codrington Village, amid the green shrubs that surround Barbuda is the Palm Tree Guest House. Here, one can relax in utmost quietness and hear only the cooing of wild doves. The Guest house offers eight beautifully decorated rooms to suit your taste, each room has a private bathroom, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, a mini refrigerator and cable TV. Island tours can be arranged with Cerene.  1.268.560.0517 or 1.268.784.4331

Planning your vacation? Then why not stay us at Bus Stop Guest House. Situated on river road, which is accessible to and from the airport, shops and the bank. We offer three rooms which include air conditioning and fans, a refrigerator, Wi-Fi internet and flat-screen television. Each guest room has its own private bathroom with hot and cold water. Call us today to make a reservation.  1. 268.720.9957 or 1.268.721.2796

The Carriage House

Island Chalet

Ginnery Street, Codrington

Madison Square, Codrington Overlooking the busiest street in Codrington known as Madison Square, you will be sure to find this popular inn where most visitors to the island prefer to stay because of the location, atmosphere and service. Island Chalet has the best in accommodations on the island at an affordable rate. They are four rooms, fully equipped with the necessary amenities to make you enjoy that special holiday. Dive Barbuda and the popular Green Door Tavern are run by the same owner which is located in the same vicinity.

If you’re looking for a place to stay and don’t mind being in the centre of attraction, then the Carriage House is an ideal vacation spot, with just a short walking distance from the famous Madison Square. The Carriage House has tastefully decorated rooms, all with air-conditioning and private bathroom. A living and dining room along with a kitchenette are available.  1.268.460.0586 or 1.268.771.4510


 1.268. 460.0065

Island Guest House: 268.561.4294 Simply the Best: 268.720.4084 Pink Sand Villa: 268.783.8624 Nedd’s Guest House: 268.561.5588

©Isle Gems

Pure luxury

PureAntigua Whether you’re a water-

With 365 palm-fringed, white sandy beaches, it’s easy to see why

baby, land-lubber, adventure-

Antigua and Barbuda was recently voted ‘best beach resort in the

seeker or simple sun-lover, the fabulous sister islands

world’ by the editors at, and there is an amazing choice of accommodation – from all-inclusive luxury resorts, to designer hotels, friendly guest houses and self catering villas and apartments.

of Antigua and Barbuda

If you’re in the mood for love, our wedding and honeymoon packages

are everyone’s favourite

are incredibly simple to arrange, but Antigua and Barbuda is far

Caribbean destination. You can be absolutely sure that in these exotic Caribbean islands you will discover an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.

more than just a wedding and honeymoon paradise – it’s the ideal destination for both couples and young families. With so much to do, from watersports to jeep safaris and mountain biking and some of the most eye-catching historical sites in the whole Caribbean, it’s the perfect choice. Find out more about the unforgettable islands of Antigua and Barbuda at or

Our History

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

istorySettlement Our TH he Prehistoric The Siboneys were the first people to have found Barbuda and later, just after the birth of Christ, the Arawaks followed. The pre-agriculture “Siboney”, a “Stone Age” people, do not appear to have occupied the island as extensively as they did on our sister island; Antigua, since only one of their sites have been found in Barbuda. Little archaeological work has been done, but it appears that about four or five hundred years after the birth of Christ, the Amerindians first lived at a locality called Sufferers, near Spanish Point, where there are abundant marine food resources. The settlement was placed on a rare deposit of soil, sufficient to grow their main staple, the cassava tuber. About nineteen Amerindians sites are known in Barbuda. Some sites have been found in caves on the west side of the Highland, adjacent to the central plain. The largest site is near Two Foot Bay. In a cave near this bay is a petroglyph or rock drawing, the only one found in Antigua and Barbuda. As in Antigua, the “Arawak” Amerindians moved on towards the Virgin Islands in about 1200 AD. After this date the “Caribs” occasionally came to forage in Barbuda, which they From left to right: Old Dwelling House in Codrington, Martello Tower, Codrington Ruin. Below: Indigo Well

called Barbuda, Wa’omoni. Judging by the piles of empty conch shells at Spanish Point and the numerous reefs surrounding the island, the Caribs sought mainly marine resources. The Caribs continued raiding the island well into the 17th century. In 1681 they arrived in 240 canoes from St. Vincent and Dominica, raided the 20 white inhabitants who were then living on Barbuda, forced their way into a blockhouse and killed Captain Malhoun and seven others. Three years later, a missionary in Martinique was offered a human arm fixed on a canoe from one of six Englishmen killed during another raid. At that time, a white lady and her two children where ransomed for a gun and four casks of rum. Carib incursions continued until several punitive expeditions made on Dominica by the Antiguans, who were also beset with the same problem. Information was provided by the National Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

©Photos by Isle Gems


Our People

Our People Barbudans, guardians and caretakers of 62 square miles of nature’s playground, have made an unwavering effort to conserve their inheritance. A community of expert fishermen and divers have fashioned a delectable sea food cuisine culture fit for royals. The seasonal catch of deer, wild boar, land-turtle and crab makes the traditional Barbudan dishes a pleasurable delicacy. Our big-hearted island people are thrilled to share the experiences of the world’s best known deserted, pink, sandy beaches and the Bird Sanctuary -the Caribbean’s largest frigate bird nesting colony- with the world. The close knit family atmosphere is evident in the intimate village life. This relaxed disposition and friendliness of the islanders made it a favourite of the world’s most famous princess, Princess Diana Not to be missed is the prevailing warm hospitality that is extended to visitors who are left to explore the imitable island in the solitude they so desire. Keepers of nature’s paradise entreat you to take pleasure in our well preserved heritage- Barbuda. ©Photos by Isle Gems



Our Culture

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Caribana ©Samantha Hophins

Barbuda’s Caribana is a local festival which is a memorable experience for residents and visitors alike. Caribana has grown in leaps and bounds, and has become much more than a cultural celebration; it is the largest generator of economic activity on the island.

©Mohammid Wallbrook

©Mohammid Wallbrook

During the festive season, hundreds of people arrive to sample the finest cuisine of lobster; deer meat uniquely prepared Barbudan style, and a scintillating list of finger licking delights. Each year the housewives and chefs add a splash of contemporary methods of cooking to old recipes creating a new reason to return year after year. This sparks a new dimension of fun, frolic and revelry in a joyful atmosphere.

This was the rundown of the Caribana 2011- schedule of activities: Day 1 was the opening parade which brought out spectators to see the revellers and participants for the shows. The Jam Bull was such a delight for the children as they followed the parade. Later on in the evening, the teens showcased their natural


talents to the riveted audience. A new element was introduced in the Teen’s Show where each contestant did a presentation on Masquerade characters of Barbuda’s past. On day 2 was the Beach Bash, which was relocated to the Pink Sand Beach Bar on River Beach. Locals and visitors gathered to take part in the many traditional games which included dominos and cricket. Everyone was fully entertained by the Villa Iron Band, and treated to a gastronomic array of seafood dishes the island has become famous for. Later that evening was the Caribana Queen pageant which did not fail to entice the audience. Each contestant had to focus on issues affecting women in the society.

©Mohammid Wallbrook

Day 3 saw the staging of the Caribana Horse Race held at Cornation Park where the best of the island’s stallions were on showcase. The Calypso Monarch Show, one of the biggest shows, was held in the evening, where the musical talents of the Barbudan Artists were on display. Day 4 was the conclusion of Caribana which featured J’ouvert and Last Lap where the islanders and visitors danced energetically through the streets of Codrington celebrating their emancipation. After the early morning jump-up, locals and visitors relaxed at various beaches until it was time for the Last Lap jump-up in the evening. With the interest for Caribana consistently growing each year, visitors from near and far are beckoned to travel to Barbuda and share in the festivities. For information on Getting to Barbuda, see page 14. Barbuda’s Caribana has been in existence for over 20 years and each year brings more diversity from the participants and visitors. We earnestly await your visit for Caribana 2012. For additional information on Caribana 2012, contact Barbuda Council at 268 460 0077 or the nearest Antigua and Barbuda overseas tourist office.

©Isle Gems

©Isle Gems

Getting Married

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Getting Married

in Paradise

©Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Office


Requirements to obtain a marriage licence in Antigua & Barbuda:

Visit the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs with proof of identification: »» »»

Proof of Status: »»

©Ted Martin

Barbuda’s pink sand beaches, clear blue sea and warm friendly people, are the backdrop for one of the most romantic wedding and honeymoon destinations the world over. Where else can you find such natural beauty in which to exchange sacred vows and embark on life’s journey together? Getting married or even honeymooning on an island is the best thing you can ever think of, especially when you choose a geta-way destination like Barbuda. The smaller of the twin island state of Antigua& Barbuda; Barbuda is sure to offer you a memorable wedding and a romantic honeymoon. With choice picturesque and exclusive locations, it is impossible to find a true rival location to exchange your vows. The Lighthouse Bay Resort and Coco Point Lodge will be able to assist you with planning your wedding and even providing you with a special honeymoon package. By following the simple guide set out for you below, obtaining a marriage licence in Antigua & Barbuda, is a breeze.



A valid passport or birth certificate, or a valid driver licence with a photograph Single: A declaration signed in Antigua & Barbuda Divorce: The original Decree absolute stamped with the seal of the court where it was issued or a certificate copy of the Decree Absolute which includes the seal of the court where it was issued. Widow/ Widower: Marriage Certificate and Death certificate of husband or wife.

Application: To be obtained from, completed and signed at the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, St. John’s. Both parties should be present at the time of application. Age Limit: Both parties must be 18 years old, if under that age, they must submit parental consent in writing. Fees: »» »» »»

Special Licence: EC$405 to be paid on application. Registration Fee: EC$108 to be paid on application. Marriage Officer: EC$135 depending on location selected for ceremony.


FREE GiFt* with any DeLatori速 Purchase at participating Colombian Emeralds locations when you present this ad with your purchase.


Advertising copyright 息 2011 Z Luxe Group, Inc. DeLatori速 and Pompeii速 are registered trademarks of Z Luxe Group, Inc. *Gifts available while supplies last.

ŠTed Martin

Barbuda Moons



The Martello Tower is now the home of the recently launched Barbuda Moons Initiative. This 17th century fortress was stimulated with life, and will now witness engagements, weddings, anniversaries or any occasion of commitment between couples. Barbuda Moons serve not only to bring couples together through romance, but will establish the development of a fruit

ŠTed Martin


tree garden. Each couple will plant a fruit tree together, which will be labelled and dated. This is expected to encourage longevity and strength of unions, and also the return of couples (hopefully with family) to share and partake of the fruits from the trees they have planted.


Day Moon: A day trip before, during or after the occasion filled with wonderful experiences.

Multi Moon: A getaway designed for two or more couples.

Full Moon: A renewal of vows or celebration of anniversary. It is intended to strengthen the relationship and keep romance alive.

Brides are able to “Trash the Dress” at the nearby pink sand beach. This is a romantic trend practiced among brides today. Each trashed dress will be a part of the Hall Of Fame to be created. For our

visitors there is no residency requirement, and itineraries can be customized to suit the individual couple. Our friendly staff will assist you with booking of air or sea transport from Antigua, accommodation, tours, meals and entertainment for day trips or longer stays. Experience this pristine, tranquil, secluded, and unspoilt destination with its pink sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. For further information and arrangements, please contact the nearest Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office.

©Derede Samuel- Whitlock

Packages include: • New Moon: The wedding, honeymoon, or both; designed to help couples unwind, relax and recoup while they create lasting memories.

Our Birds


Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

t c e t o r P y h W Our Birds?

Š Photos courtesy EAG

When the island of Barbuda is mentioned, some famous birds such as the endemic Barbuda Warbler, the Magnificent Frigate Bird and the West Indian Whistling Duck come to mind and if you live here, I am sure you will see others all the time as well; Laughing Gulls, Brown Pelicans and Great Egrets for example. But did you know that there are 99 different species of land, shore and sea birds on the island? Approximately half migrate from North and South America mostly to escape the cold winters of those climates while the other half resides here all year round.

Barbuda Warbler

These birds help to keep Barbuda’s ecosystem in balance. For example trees provide them with food/fruit and they return the favour by dispersing their seeds far and wide through their droppings. Along with bees and other insects they also pollinate trees and shrubs ensuring their long term survival and we all know how important trees are to our own survival – preventing soil erosion, water retention, storage for green house gasses and so on.


Great Egrets

From a human perspective they are prominent features of our national heritage as they help shape our sense of place and connect us to our surroundings; that is they help to define what’s special about our little corner of the earth. When it comes to birds, Barbuda is one special place and if developed and

©J. Rainey

marketed the right way the island will have the potential to become a mecca for bird lovers (who incidentally are known to leave more money in the destinations

Eurasian Collared Dove

they visit). Did you know that the iconic Caribbean Flamingo once lived on the island but was hunted to extinction in the eighteen hundreds? Returning this species could not only help to put the ecosystem back in balance but could place the island in an enviable position in the region as “the” place to see rare and spectacular bird species. However; the truth is that as important as these birds are they have little to no protection from threats such as habitat loss and over hunting. Very little is known about the status of their populations, mating behaviours, food sources or how they interact with the surrounding environment. This requires ongoing monitoring and research as conservation measures and management regulations should always be guided by rigid scientific data to ensure their long lasting effectiveness. For more information please contact the Environmental Awareness Group at or 268 462 6236. The Magnificent Frigate Bird

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Photos top left: Laughing Gulls, the West Indian Whistling Duck, and the Brown Pelican.

Day Trips

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Day Trips A visit to Antigua’s exotic sister island for a day will be remembered forever! Explore the amazing Frigate Bird Sanctuary located on the north-western section of the lagoon and is accessible only by boat. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is home to over 5,000 of these birds. Discover the caves at Two Foot Bay where historic drawings could be seen, The Highlands and Martello Tower. Return for a delicious lunch before spending the rest of your day swimming, relaxing or sun bathing on one of the island’s remote beaches.

The Excellence Barbuda by sea Destination Antigua, Lower Radcliffe Street, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: 268 480 1225 Email: Cruise with us to the secluded sister island, Barbuda. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to cross to Barbuda from Antigua, aboard the “Excellence”. Seeing Barbuda by boat is one of the best ways to enjoy this nature island and its beaches. We cruise up the 17-mile beach of Low Bay, where in-season, turtle tracks will be visible as some species may return every two weeks.

At Low Bay, the “Excellence” will anchor on the beach. At this point, you are free to bask in the water or come with the group across to the “Codrington Lagoon” where the Barbudan guides will be waiting with their small boats. With about 10 people in each boat, we whisk across the lagoon and into the heart of the mangroves to the world’s largest Frigate bird colony. Something you don’t want to miss! After seeing the Frigate Birds, we return to the “Excellence” and choices of lunch featuring barbeque chicken breast, and steamed Snapper fillet will be served onboard. Come and enjoy this beautiful beach for a swim and work on your golden tan or play a game or take a romantic stroll and let your feet sink in this amazing sand.

© Photos by Isle Gems



Barbuda Excursion by sea P.O. Box 958, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: 268 560 7989 Email: The Barbuda Express leaves Antigua early in the morning for a 90 minutes trip to Barbuda. Upon arriving in Barbuda, there is a short taxi ride to Codrington Wharf. A 15 minutes boat ride will take you to the world’s famous Frigate Bird Sanctuary. You will then return to Codrington Wharf, where the taxi is waiting to take you on a short tour which includes: caves used by the Arawak Indians and the ruins of the Codrington family home before delivering you to a beach for an “al fresco” lobster lunch under the trees. Plenty of time to relax, swim or snorkel until the taxi returns you to the ferry for the trip back to Antigua.

Barbuda Leisure Tours by air P.O. Box 3422, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: 268 720 4753 Email: Discover our unspoiled Caribbean paradise for the day with Barbuda Leisure Day Tours. No visit to Antigua would complete without a day trip to the gorgeous island of sun, sea and sand - Barbuda. An exciting 15 minutes by plane aboard ABM AIR will hop you across to Barbuda, where a tour guide will meet you at Codrington Airport to start your fulfil day trip. This tour includes sightseeing excursions to Martello Tower, The Two Foot Bay National Parks; where one can find amazing caves and a breathtaking beach, The Frigate Bird Sanctuary; The Largest Nestling Colony in the Caribbean. A delicious, mouth watering lunch will be served on the beach; you have the option of lobster, fish or Barbeque chicken. After lunch, ample time is left for many activities which include: snorkelling, sun bathing, swimming or just taking a stroll on our remote beach. Call us today to make your reservation. Barbuda Leisure – Imagine – Discover – Enjoy! (See ad on pages 9 & 53) REMEMBER TO RESERVE YOUR BARBUDA DAY TRIP WELL IN ADVANCE TO AVOID DISSAPPOINTMENTS.


Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

© Photos courtesy J. Rainey


Around Whether renting a vehicle or hiring a taxi, visitors always enjoy exploring Barbuda. For some places, you will need transportation as the capital; Codrington is a few miles from the beaches, historical sites and the great adventurous spots. Most taxi operators have organised tours that take you to some of the island’s finest attractions and historical sites, but exploring Barbuda on your own might just be something you may want to try. So come along and have fun with us in the sun and don’t forget to walk with your Beautiful Barbuda Map located on page 38!


HIRING A TAXI If you enjoy guided tours or are just in the mood to sit back, relax and experience Barbuda while the driver takes you around, then hiring a taxi is your best bet. Barbuda’s drivers are some of the friendliest islanders in the world; they all make sure that service is a major priority and your tour is as great as you imagined it. Fabian Jones T. 727 0240 or 772 5028 Lynton Thomas T. 460 0081 or 721 2796 George Burton T. 772 1209 or 788 8387 Evans Thomas T. 460 0408 or 726 0408 Devon Taxi Service T. 771 9444 or 773 6132

For a whole new experience with friends and families, renting a vehicle is a great idea. Cars and four wheel drive vehicles are available.

Hilroy Thomas T. 460 0015

Andrea’s Rentals River Road T. 775 0168/ 560 2826

Nedd's Taxi/Tour Service T.460-0059

Evans Thomas Rent-A-Car River Road T. 460 0408/ 726 0408

Levi's Taxi/Tour Service T.788-5378/460-0581

Claude Burton T. 771 4345


HOP IN A WATER TAXI Most water taxis services operate from Codrington Wharf taking you on some of the most spectacular tours around the island making it easy for one to appreciate Barbuda’s breathtaking shoreline. Services are also available to and from Low Bay, North Beach, Rabbit Island, and the Magnificent Frigate Bird Sanctuary. Foster Water Service Codrington Wharf Tel: 460 0212 or 785 2742

Please ensure that rates are quoted and/ or negotiated before hiring rentals and taxis.

King Goldie Locks Sea Taxi Service Codrington Wharf Tel: 722 5474

For driving requirement, see island facts and tips on page 61.

Take an excursion to the wonderful sister island of Antigua aboard the

Barbuda Express “A Modern high speed Catamaran”

It’s the best way to get from A to B. This ferry is fully licensed by the Antigua & Barbuda Marine Safety Authority and US coastguard, we carry lifejackets and rafts for 68 passenger. All passengers are given a safely briefing before departing to the sister isle. 

Come and Discover Paradise in ninety minutes, Heaven awaits you!!

For reservation contact us at Tel: (268) 560 7989 or email:


Explore Barbuda

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012 ©J. Rainey


Barbuda The Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Martello Tower

Experience one of the greatest natural wonders of the world – a frigate bird sanctuary which is home to approximately 5000 spectacular sea-birds. Frigate Birds are an endangered species. These Birds are located in the Codrington Lagoon on the northwest part of Barbuda which is only accessible by water taxi (boat). Since the lagoon is a fantastic place to observe and photograph the frigate birds, be respectful – don’t pressure your guide to go closer than the boundary marker. If you go too close to a nest and an adult leaves, its nest could be destroyed. Enjoy your visit to the sanctuary and help us to keep it a safe place for frigate birds to breed.

Martello Tower (also referred to as River Fort) is 32 feet above sea level. It’s the most impressive and complete historical site on Barbuda, constructed around 1745. Martello Tower was used as part of a protective security system to prevent invasion by aggressive foreign powers which includes the Spanish and French naval vessels. Martello tower was also used as a signal station to the village of Codrington.

Palaster Reef Palaster reef is a marine reserve in pristine waters with old shipwrecks as well as reefs. Palaster reef is a well known tourist attraction on Barbuda, which is located near to Spanish Point; it is illegal to shoot fish there but snorkelling, scuba and deep sea diving is allowed.

Highland House Situated in the north-eastern area of Barbuda is Highland House Ruin. Now in ruins, the house was built around 1720 and was used as a retreat for the Codrington family whenever they were on island. It was a large complex of buildings, including slave quarters, stables, offices and cisterns offering a beautiful view. ©Isle Gems

©J. Rainey

A visit to Barbuda would not be complete without discovering these natural treasures, hire a vehicle or hop on a water taxi if you have to, but make sure you explore Barbuda...

Spanish Point Situated on a hilltop in the south-eastern area of Barbuda is Spanish Point. This limestone outcrop provides a clear view in all directions and is an ideal observation point. The area was used as a defence point during the colonial period whereby a structure was in place to store all weapons to fight its enemies.

The Caves


Indian Cave

Take a trip to Barbuda’s Coconut Plantation. These 250 acres of endless coconut trees can be seen from your way out of Codrington to River Wharf, but the best way to appreciate the naturalness of it, is by a helicopter tour of Barbuda.

Situated in the Two Foot Bay National Park is the one of the most interesting prehistoric sites in Barbuda. Indian Cave is where the two small Amerindian rock carvings (pertroglyphs) can be seen. Indian cave is small and compact, giving a mysterious feeling; it is not difficult to imagine the Amerindians who lived there long ago. The cave overlooks the north-eastern windward coast which was a lookout site for the Amerindians.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Darby Cave

Coconut Plantation

It is the oldest church to be established in Barbuda and was built in 1844 during the days of slavery. The Anglican Church is open daily for sightseeing and you are invited to the Holy Eucharist at 9:30am on Sundays with Sunday School at 3pm.

The Ginnery This is where salt and cotton was stored from the days of slavery into the 1900’s. The salt was coated on the walls 10 years ago and one could see dates and quantities stencilled on the beams. Today, the ginnery is used as the local government’s council hall. The Ginnery is located on Ginnery Street in the Capital, Codrington.

Two Foot Bay National Park This National Park was used for shelter by the Amerindians who used the caves. The presence of the old stone ruins and the well indicates that it was used in the colonial period. It was also used during the Codrington tenure for the mining of phosphate as evidenced by the phosphate caves. Today, most Barbudans use this national park as a camp site. It is also where you can find Gun Shop Cliff and Barbuda’s remarkable caves.

A 45 minutes hike from the Highlands ruin also known as “Willy Bob” will take you to one of the most exciting and adventurous caves in Barbuda. On your way you might just happen to run into land turtles, deer, guinea hens and other birds. Darby Cave, better known as “The Sink Hole” is a great wonder of the Caribbean, located on the northern side of the island. Some 400ft long and 85ft deep, it is known for its lush vegetation and self contained eco-system. As you climb down, you will discover the water falling from above called “The Silaga” and a variety of birds and fauna, enjoying this undisturbed paradise.

Dark Cave Dark Cave is two miles to the south of Darby Cave. The cave has a narrow entrance leading to a vast cavern containing pools of water, which were probably a water source for Amerindian inhabitants as a variety of artefacts have been found nearby. Dark Cave is the habitat for several rare species of crustaceans, including the blind shrimp.

Map of Barbuda h Nort



N Goat Island Creek

Rabbit Island

SunSet View Hotel


reek Roa

Ro nd hla


Ca ve

Castle Hill



Sam Spring Well

100 feet

Guava Farm Beazels Well

ll We

d Roa

co San Po int dRo Rive Ro ad ad r Wh a rf Land ing

Palmetto Point

Bryant Cave

Fresh Water Pond

Coral Group Bay


Uncle Roddy’s Beach Bar and Restaurant






Restaurant 3

Place of Interest

Salt Pond


Coco Point Lodge Hotel Coco Point

Gravenor Bay

Pelican Point

Longitude 60 48W

Castle (ruins) Wh



Palaster Reef


G Gas Station



Hotels/Resorts Historical Sites Historic Wells Jetty Hospital



Access Beach


Pitching Cliff


K Club Hotel


Castle Bay


DulcinaC o

50 feet

Cas tle R

Beach House Hotel


e rB

Pigeon Cliff

Gut Road


Martello Tower

Hog Cliff

The Highlands



Indian Cave

Jam Well

ell py w Bum

Sand Ground Coconut Plantation

River Road


The Canal



Two Foot Bay Gun Shop Cliff

Darby Cave


Spring Well


Highland House (ruins)

All In Well

Codrington Wharf


Fishing C

nd Road

Goat Isla Horse

n Lagoo Latitude 17 38N The Outback

gton Codrin

Palm Beach

Lighthouse Bay Resort

Pond Road


Low Bay




The Caves

Ro ad

C ffy

Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Hog Point

Kid Island

Goat Island Flash


Cedar Tree Point



Cobb Cove

Found Out Road

Billy Point



Spanish Point


Codrington Wharf







8 9


G I N N E R Y S T.

Council Tourism Hall


Cody Kelly Preschool








S T.





. ST









Low Pond




Pearl Harbour
































T O P M I S S I O N S T.


P U N T E R S T.




n Codri



S T.










. LN



250 0 SCALE (ft.)

or t p r i A ton g







G I N N E R Y S T.














Holy Trinity School


J A M E S S T.





N E D D S T.




L E W I S S T.

S T.



T R D.

U E S T.


















Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012 ©Photos by Isle Gems


Beaches Barbuda, caressed by sparkling turquoise waters and magnificent stretches of gorgeous creamy-pink and white sand beaches, are known to be amongst the best in the world. The stunning pink sand beach, recognised internationally, has been featured by Conde’ Nast Traveller’s as the world’s best beach and has been singled out as one of the best remote beaches around the world by Travel AOL. The beaches in Barbuda are usually unpopulated making it a romantic or a family getaway setting. All beaches are simply breathtaking but the best ones to visit are the ones listed for you as they are also great for diving, snorkelling, fishing, bird watching, beach cricket, picnics, and of course, an escape from the everyday life. Most of the beaches have no facilities therefore, it is important to take drinking water, shades and sunscreen lotion with you. Precautions should be taken when diving and swimming. Let someone knows your whereabouts as some beaches can be rough with strong currents at a certain time of the year, however, there are areas that are perfect for children or non-swimmers.

Please note that all the beaches in Barbuda are public and should be kept clean after use. See marked map on page 38 for located of beaches.


Formally known as Access beach and was renamed on July 1st, 2011 in recognition of the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, who vacationed on the island’s famous KClub Resort. This south coast beach, often deserted, is still a picnicker’s top choice. It is arguably one of the Caribbean’s most stunning beaches. The soft, powdery white sands await your footprints!

 continue on page 44


s soon as your feet touch the powder soft sand on one of our 365 beautiful beaches your cares will disappear. Your vacation in Antigua & Barbuda can be as active or as relaxing as you desire. Whatever you choose, we’re here to make your dreams come true.

Visit: w w or Call: 1 800 268 4227





White Bay is located on the southern coastline of Barbuda between two prominent points; Coco Point and Spanish Point. This quiet white sandy beach is a visitors’ paradise and is ideal for swimming, bird watching and snorkelling. The shallow reef protected waters provides oceans of fun for the intrepid and novice snorkelers.

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012


Located in the south adjacent to the popular Uncle Roddy’s Beach Bar & Grill is Coral Group. You can stop for refreshing drinks and delicious seafood here. Coral Group is a favourite with camping families, so come pitch your tent and enjoy the curiosity of a favourite Barbudan pastime.



This speculator beach is located on Barbuda’s south coast peninsular overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Coco Point is famous for the rich and wealthy visitors who vacation at the nearby hotel. The beach is one of the best in the Caribbean with its smooth, soft sand and turquoise water.

This mile-and-a-half long pristine beach freckled with pink coral is a favourite with the yachting community. An eastern extension of Palmetto Point, River Beach is perfect for romantic walks. Pleasant fringing coastal forests accentuate the idyllic amorous setting.



Home to one of the famous and beautiful pink sand beaches is Palmetto Point. The silky sand of deserted oceanfront is a gift created by nature. This beach is an amazing snorkelling spot. The champagne colour of the sand glows rose, thanks to the crushed coral in the mix. And it’s possible to walk the beach for miles without seeing another soul.



Palm Beach stretches from Cedar Tree Point in the North to Palmetto Point in the South. The 14 miles of stunning pink and white sand beach is one of the top beaches in the World.

Just fifteen minutes by water taxi away from the Codrington Wharf via the picturesque lagoon, tucked snugly between the northern entrance to the lagoon and Goat Island, North beach is a favourite with fishing families. Here, the shallow glassy waters are enclosed by a valiant band of reefs that subdue the stealthy Atlantic rollers. The miles long white sandy beach is ideal for a honeymoon retreat.



This is one of the most idyllic points on Barbuda. Billy Point is a 15 minutes boat ride north of the lagoon, and is the only way to get there. The beach is famous for family picnics, camping, fishing, snorkelling and a getaway from it all.

This picturesque hideaway beach is the most popular one on the island. Located on the eastern coast of Barbuda, in the same vicinity as Darby and Gun Shop Cliff, is a beautiful 17 minutes drive from the Capital. Visitors usually make this beach a first choice for excursions because of its historical appeal and the naturalness that surrounds the beach.


Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

A Natural Wonder


To many, the notion of spending a relaxing day of pleasant recreation down at the beach is most alluring. This could be —swimming, sunning, playing games and associating with friends and loved ones in the fresh unwrapped air, with the restful sound of surf in the background. While that is true of most beaches in the world, Barbuda‘s beaches with its pink, crystal sands holds a even more powerful attraction. The beaches with pink miniature sea shells and-lots of them-make Barbuda the Caribbean’s dream escape. Miles and miles of deserted white powdery beaches peppered with pink miniature gems stretch from River Landing in the south to Cedar Tree Point in the northwest. The sparkling,

clear, blue ocean waters and white sandy beaches amid the profusion of pink shells are a magnet for tourists who return year after year to the island. The character of a beach is determined by its sand. The miles of unspoiled beaches, due to the absence of human intrusion, fringed with nature’s lace –pink sand, makes these unique beaches like no other in the world. Many visitors have inquired about how this dynamic phenomenon of sand dyed pink came about. In short, Barbuda is surrounded by coral reefs and sand on the beaches in different parts of Barbuda is differently-colored because of the undersea coral reefs nearby. The ocean currents

47 ŠMo Sallah

Pink Sand affect Barbuda by carrying different types of mineral deposits and sea creatures to her shores. These pink sand grains on some of the beaches are made of the same material as the white grains; however they are pink because of the red algae, commonly called reef cement, which has grown on the coral reefs. Reef cement protects the coral reef from destructive waves and storm surges. This mixture of pink and white sand is prevalent around the windward coast near Two Foot Bay. However, the miles of pink sand on the leeward side is as a result of the pink shells of tiny sea creatures. Unique to Barbuda, this array of brightly coloured pink shells

the array of colour and texture- fascinates some people to the point that they have taken up collecting sand, interrupting their serenity to gather samples of it in small glass bottles, the showpiece to their collections. It is no wonder that Barbuda has become the destination of choice for many arenophiles (lovers of sand). The making of a truly beautiful and natural beach is beyond the ingenuity of man. In contrast, creative and maintenance forces have for long centuries smiled on Barbuda and kept her pink, sandy beaches places of refreshment and leisure. If you ever have the blissful experience

has adorned the enchanting water’s edge for years. The splendor of Barbuda’s pink sand-

of visiting Barbuda- The Paradise of Pink Sand -be assured that the memory will linger for a lifetime.


Activities and Adventures

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

©Mo Sallah


©Eli Fuller


©Eli Fuller


©J. Rainey

If you are a discerning traveller, interested in nature based activities, and for whom the total experience of a destination is top priority, then Barbuda is a must for your next trip. It is the ideal place if you want to sample something new and out of the ordinary.  Barbuda does not offer the ‘big city’, type of activities characteristic of the typical destination.  Instead, everything canters around the natural world and there are quite a number of activities and adventures to choose from. 

Barbuda’s landscape offers good terrain for the novice or more experienced hiker. A hike to Darby Cave from the highland House Ruin will take 45 minutes. Trails usually have canopy cover and are quite pleasant to walk. It is not uncommon to see tracks from wild boar, deer and donkeys, but sighting of animals are rare. Ask the locals for trail direction or a guide, they are always too willing to help.


©Eli Fuller


Spanish Point is an excellent location for snorkelling because of its proximity to a spectacular reef. The Codrington Lagoon is also a great venue for this adventure. You can find numerous marine species including the famous Caribbean spiny lobster; Barbuda’s signature export. Other great spots can be used for snorkelling but advice should be taken before you explore.

©Eli Fuller


Windsurfing is a blast in the warm tropical sun while catching a wave on either coast of Barbuda. The island is almost completely surrounded by shoals and reefs, so the waves are entirely manage-

Activities and Adventures

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

FISHING ©Eli Fuller

able for those who are sufficiently experienced with the activity. The first rule of safety in all cases is, of course, to inform the relevant persons of the place of the activities you will be engaging in.

©Fransene Massiah Headley


©Eli Fuller


Diving in Barbuda’s water is an experience not to be missed, with colourful fish, spectacular reefs, abundance in sea turtles and, of course, over 200 shipwrecks from different periods in the island’s history, all waiting to be discovered. There are experienced divers who can guide you and it is possible to rent scuba diving equipment.

Fishing is a popular pleasure activity on Barbuda. If not all, most of the island fisherman and woman go fishing at sea or in the lagoon. Traditionally, fishing is done using fish pots which are made from locally gathered wattle sticks and wire. Visitors can do fishing trips in Barbuda since many of the locals have boats and would gladly bring you along. Barracuda, shark, tuna and other types of fish such as Grunt, Old Wife, and Snapper are easy to catch. Lobster is also relatively easy as they are a specialty of the island and can be caught by hand or in uniquely crafted fish pots. Fishing and diving in Barbuda waters can be hazardous as the sea can be rough with strong currents. Please ensure that you have the relevant experience and properly maintained equipment before you go. No licence is required when fishing for pleasure; however, it can only be done from a Barbuda-owned boat. For diving and fishing trip calls: Dive Barbuda Tel: 783 7243 George Burton Scuba Tel: 788 8387/ 460 0103

McArthur Nedd Tel: 460 0059, 268 724 7490 Freeston Thomas Tel: 460 0137, 783 8624 Foster Hopkins Tours Tel: 560 0212, 785 2742

©Eli Fuller


Come discover Barbuda for yourself with…


It is highly unlikely that you can have a day at the beach without the steady trade winds blowing across the island. An activity akin to windsurfing, kite surfing involves the use of a kite steered by two tethers while attempting to surf the waves – almost a marriage between surfing and parasailing. Barbuda is an ideal location to engage in this activity, with surf that is neither too powerful nor too calm.

PARA-SAILING With the aid of a powerboat, you can have the opportunity to see the island from a perspective that relatively few ever see it – high above the waves being propelled through the air, looking above the coconut palms and seeing for miles across the island that is nearly completely flat.

TOUR INCLUDES: Round Trip by air from Antigua Ground Transportation and Guided Tour Sightseeing: Martello Tower, Spanish Point, Palmetto Point, Indian cave, Two Foot Bay National Parks, The Highlands and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary Lunch on the beach Water and Drinks Swim and Relax on one of Barbuda’s pristine pink or white sand beaches

BOOK TODAY! For Reservations Call: 1 268 720 4753 or email



Imagine - Discover - Enjoy

Day Tours

Activities and Adventures

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012


©Eli Fuller

©Light House Bay Resort


With most of the island being virtually deserted, a horseback ride along the stunning coast might just be the perfect ending to a day in Barbuda. Imagine yourself riding along a grassy clearing and seeing a deer stag emerging from the thick bush... the only place in the Caribbean where this is possible.



Take a trip to one of Barbuda’s secluded beaches and enjoy a day picnic (see beaches on page 42). If you’re looking for the best secluded beach, Billy Point and Palmetto Point are perfect for you or if you’re looking for one with a bar close by then take the trip over to either Low Bay, Coral Group or River Beach.

©Chad Knight-Alexander

Kayaking is best done within the confines of the Codrington Lagoon or on the sheltered western side of the island, though those more adept and experienced in the activity may be better able to manage the surf within landward side of the eastern reefs. Imagine a breathtaking Caribbean sunset while paddling along the deserted coastline.

©Light House Bay Resort


Horse racing is a bi-monthly sporting event where you will find some of the best and fastest horses on track at Connation Park in Codringtion. The islanders go out to support their favourite horse and place bets. So come and join the action. Admission is only EC$5 or US$2.


©Isle Gems

©Eli Fuller


Barbuda is populated by only about fifteen hundred persons, living almost exclusively in Codrington village, so it is rather easy to find a quiet, private location to camp out with friends and family. We suggest camping near to one of our lovely beaches. For further information and bookings of activities and adventures, visit the local tourist office on Ginnery Street in Codringtion or call 268.562.7065

Before you leave Barbuda, you must...

99 take a tour to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary 99 visit the pink sand beach 99 explore Spanish Point 99 Take a tour to Rabbit Island and hike through the wilderness. 99 discover Historic Martello Tower 99 go snorkelling and deep sea diving 99 experience the hiking from Highlands House Ruin to Darby Cave

©Eli Fuller

99 tour Codrington by mountain bike


©Isle Gems

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

© Courtesy Neil Forrester

©Eli Fuller


Yachting Antigua’s sister island, Barbuda is the yachtsman’s perfect getaway destination. It is, in fact, one big beach.  The island was formed from a coral reef which has sprouted from the ocean floor but not by very much.  About a half day’s sail from Antigua at 30 miles, the island is not visible until quite close by and care has to be taken on approach due to the many outcrops of coral reef below the surface of the water but, once there, nothing could be more peaceful. On a first visit, it is best to head up the west coast to the capital, Codrington which is situated on the inside of an

Sail into Barbuda; the Perfect Deserted Paradise

almost landlocked lagoon. Anchor off and take a dinghy ashore.  A lightweight dinghy can be dragged across the sand spit which encompasses the west side of the lagoon; alternatively, water taxis are available within the lagoon. Apart from Codrington, there are several other anchorages with their own deserted beaches.  Ideally, yachters should try to arrive around midday when the sun is directly overhead; this allows them to see the reefs and maneuvers around them easier.  The vibrancy of life around the reef is plentiful that snorkelling in Barbuda is most exotic.


With a small population, there are not many amenities…unspoilt nature if you please. However, basic provisions can always be obtained. There are several bars and restaurants frequented by the locals but, if you are looking for something special, check out the Lighthouse Bay Resort at Low Bay which welcomes visiting yachts to its fine cuisine restaurant where freshly caught fish and lobster are a speciality.  Of the local bars and restaurants, It’s A Bit Fishy is probably the best and is a short stroll south from the centre of Codrington. There are a few places to visit in the interior such as the limestone caves and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary but, in reality, Barbuda is an island to visit and chill out on its many miles of deserted beaches or snorkelling among its reefs.

©Eli Fuller

Other anchorages to consider are Palmetto Point where it is unlikely you will see another soul and  Coco Point, which needs to be approached with caution through the reef. The Palister Reef offers many anchorages itself.  Gravenor Bay and Spanish Point are other anchorages worth a visit but apart from Codrington, all anchorages should be approached using an up to date chart or one of the sailing guides which has a section on Barbuda. If you have not already cleared Customs and Immigration in Antigua you will be obligated to do so in Barbuda.  They can be contacted on VHF CH16 or +1268 460 0085 or +1268 460 0354.  If you have cleared into Antigua, you are not required to do so again in Barbuda.


Shopping & Services

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

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Shopping & Services There are several small, cosy shops in and around Codrington, where you can hop in and pick up the essential things you may need while on your vacation in Barbuda. From sunscreen lotion to locally made hand craft products, you can find them all in Barbuda.


Some shops in Codrington do not accept credit cards; however, money could be obtained from the ACB Bank’s ATM located on Mission and Airport Road. Duty-free shopping is not available. If you have intentions of shopping duty free, you can do so on your way to and from the V. C. Bird International Airport or just enjoy a day of shopping at Historic Redcliffe Quay and Heritage Quay in downtown St. John’s in Antigua.

Art and Craft The Art Café River Road  268 460 0434 Zabeth Handicraft Centre Ginnery Street 268 460 0603

Bank Antigua Commercial Bank Mission St.  268 481 4215


Mobile Providers Digicel River Road  268 480 2083 Cable & Wireless Local Agent: Debbie Joseph  268 772 0170 APUA IMOBILE Lower Mission St.  268 562 2429

Pharmacy Island Pharmacy River Road  268 460 0498 *For prescribed drugs contact Hanna Thomas Hospital

Salon and Spa Fluora Me’ Body Treatment  268 728 2882 Circle of Ancestor Duck Pond Road  268 562 1933 Raymond House of Beauty  268 724 8041

Looking Good Clothing Store Mission St.  268 560 6283

Exquisite Beauty Salon  268 721 3443

Valarie Variety Store Beazar St.  268 560 2650

Barber Paradise River Road  268 725 8108

D & D Mix-up Store Mission St.  268 723 2085

Grocery Store

Internet Café Barbuda Internet & Technology Centre Buffalo Road  268 772 1809

Fancy way Supermarket Airport Road  268 460 0346 Lil Linc Plus Ginnery Street  268 725 1874 Nedd’s supermarket Beazar Street  268 561 5558

Eating Out

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

Eating Out

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When looking for places to eat out in Barbuda, you will find menus and choices that suit your budget and appetite. It is an island rich in seafood, and visitors usually enjoy consuming these delicious delicacies that Barbuda is well known for. Sample the local cuisine that will have you wanting more such as the grilled lobster or stewed deer meet served with green salad, black-eye peas and rice or have a bite of our national dish; ducana and salt-fish served with chop-up, a mixture of the local vegetables.

On the weekends, the popular Wanda Grill is a hot spot for barbeque, fish fry and other fast foods. It’s A Bit Fishy, located on River Road, is Barbuda’s famous grill and bar that you can also dine. Most visitors usually find It’s A Bit Fishy convenient because of its quiet location, a variety of food choices and, of course, after dining party, whether it be karaoke or live music. For more places to eat out in Barbuda, see our restaurant guide on the next page.



Telephone (268)

Cafe’ Lagoon

Low Bay

562 1481

CJ’ Diner

Buffalo Road

784 5396/ 772 9978

Green Door Tavern

Buffalo Road

723 7243/ 460 0065

It’s A bit Fishy

River Road

772 3525/ 772 0262

Out Back Restaurant

Low Bay

721 3280

Park Terrance Restaurant

Airport Road

460 0092

Pat’s Grill

Teague Street

772 1336

Pink Sand Beach Bar

River Beach

772 1983/ 462 7296

Uncle Roddy’s Restaurant

Coral Group

785 3268

Wanda on the Grill

Madison Square

725 2571


Uncle Rod y’s Beac h Badr & Grill Coral Grou pB Barbuda, Way .I.

Open Dail Lunch & D y for inner


2 68.783.3 for booking


Reservatio in advance n is require 24 hours for dinner.

After Sunset

©Chad Knight-Alexander

©J. Rainey

Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012

For a taste of Barbuda after sunset, head to “It’s A Bit Fishy”, a restaurant and nightclub where late-night karaoke standoffs between the locals and visitors are the stuff of legends. THE LIME is another hot spot for partying on Fridays and Saturdays. This club is situated in the same vicinity as the Lagoon. Café Lagoon at the Light House Bay Resort offers nightly entertainment from live steel pan music during dinner to spectacular Bonfires, where the staff entertains the guests.

©Light House Bay Resort

After Sunset

©J. Rainey



Island Facts and Tips Country Barbuda, the state of Antigua & Barbuda Population Barbuda is home to approximately 1500 people. Location Located in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean; approximately 30 miles north of Antigua. 17°35’N and 61°49’W Capital Codrington, the island’s capital and only town, is a grid of narrow streets with brightly painted clapboard or concrete buildings. Climate & Geography Barbuda is a flat coral island with its highest point, The Highland, rising to 125 feet. The total area is 62 square miles (162 sq. Km) with it dimensions being approximately 14 miles long by 8 miles wide. The temperature range is from warm to hot; there are distinct wet and dry seasons, the former coinciding with the Atlantic hurricane season, from June to the end of November. Barbuda is drier than Antigua with annual average rainfall of 750 to 900 mm. Electricity The voltage is 110 or 220. Some hotels have both. UK visitors will need to travel with plug adapter, as sockets are of the two point style.

Language English is the official language, but time to time you will hear the locals speaking broken English (dialect) which is a fusion of the standard dialect and African languages brought by their ancestors. Medical Facilities Hannah Thomas Hospital is the only heath care facility on island. Private Doctors, dental and pharmaceutical services are provided. Arrangements can be made to transport persons with serious injuries or illness to Antigua. For further information call: Tel: (268) 460 0076. No vaccinations are required unless a visitor is arriving from an area plagued with a noted contagious epidemic. Money The Eastern Caribbean (EC) Dollar is the official currency in Barbuda. The currency is pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of US$1.00 to EC$2.70. U.S currency, travellers’ cheques and major credit cards are also accepted at established businesses. Time Zone Time in Barbuda is Atlantic Standard Time, four (4) hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT -4) Barbuda does not operate under daylight saving time. Passport & Visa Requirements Visitors to the island must have onward or return tickets with a passport valid for at least six months. Visitors are granted a maximum sixmonth stay. You should confirm where you’re staying on- island to immigration officials. Nationals of the following countries do not need a visa for entry: UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, EU, Australia and other islands in the Caribbean. Other nationals should check with the nearest Antigua & Barbuda Tourist Office before booking a trip.


Beautiful Barbuda 4th Edition 2012


Emergency Numbers

Driving is on the left hand side of the road; the same as in the United Kingdom. Before you start to drive make sure you obtain a temporary driver’s license from Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board or license office in Codrington. The cost would be a small fee of US$20.00. A driver’s license from your country of origin will be required for approval.

Police Emergency: 911 or 999 Fire: 460 0354 Air & Sea Rescue 462 3062 Internet Service Most hotels offer wireless internet for their guests and there is an internet cafe’ is located at Madison Square in Codrington, open Monday to Saturday.

Roads The roads are narrow as in most Caribbean islands. There are no major highways; the main road is the River Road which runs from Martello Tower to Two Foot Bay. Airport Codrington Airport; this airport is located in the heart of the capital, which is less than 5 minutes from shopping and guest houses. Taxes There is a US$28 (EC$70) departure tax for international visitors and US$20 (EC$50) for local and Caricom nationals payable in the embarkation tax counter at the airport. Departure taxes should be paid in cash. A 10% Gov’t tax and 10.5% service charge is included in your bill for most hotels.

Calling Antigua and Barbuda When calling, dial: 1 + 268 + Telephone Number Because the country is part of the North American Numbering Plan - NANP, it is not necessary to dial the 011 exit code required for international calls. Calling Home Most visitors stay in touch with friends and family back home, if you are calling to the USA, Canada and the English Speaking Caribbean; dial 1; then the area code and phone number. Calling the UK and Europe; dial 011; area code (44 for the UK) and phone number. Please check with your service provider as to whether your mobile phone can work in Barbuda before you travel.

is the official travel companion for the island of Barbuda and, with over 30,000 copies are printed annually, is an ideal marketing tool to advertise your business. Beautiful Barbuda is available through our tourism partners at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, the Barbuda Department of Tourism, the Antigua Hotel and Tourist Association and online at

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63 There are three major service providers on island, LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless), APUA PCS and Digicel. They all provide mobile phones. Making a local or international call can be done from your hotel room or from the public standing coin and card phones. Cards can be purchased from any supermarket on island. Postal Services A post office is located on Ginnery Street, adjacent to the Council building. It opens Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 3pm for stamps and other postal services.


Be careful when passing under a coconut tree as fully grown fruit can drop off at times.

Tipping/ Gratuities A 10-15% tipping is appreciated, depending on the service. Give Porters and bellboys 50c per bag and taxi driver 10-15% of rate. Personal Safety Even though Barbuda is relatively crime free, visitors should store valuables in a safe place so as not to attract unnecessary attention.


Watch out for the disc – shaped, gelatinous sea creatures, especially during the hotter summer months, when breeding is at its peak.

Business Hours Business Hours in Barbuda are generally 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Bank Antigua Commercial Bank is the only financial institution in Barbuda. An ATM is also available at the bank. Tap Water It is advisable to drink bottled water, which can be purchased island-wide. For further information, please contact the nearest tourist office or: Barbuda Department of Tourism Ginnery Street, Codrington Barbuda, W.I  1(268) 562 7065/66 


Though they can be bothersome, mosquitoes in Antigua and Barbuda have little chance of infecting their victims, though the rare dengue fever infection has been reported a few times in Antigua. The biggest concern may be the swelling and itching that would result from being bitten, as is the case with the sand fly, which becomes more of an irritation after a dip in the ocean. It is recommended that you bring along some sort of bug repellent, such as those containing DEET, or even citronella candles if you plan on staying overnight.

beautiful Barbuda 2012  

beautiful Barbuda 2012

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