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Who are Kings of Green Solar Pty Ltd Our Mission Our Solar AC Systems Why you should want to get involved? Is it right for me? What do I need to succeed with Kings of Green Solar? What kind of income can I expect? What support will I get with my new business? How do I get involved today? Reseller packages and what we can offer your business

Who are Kings of Green Solar Pty Ltd?

Kings of Green Solar was formed in 2010 with the aim of being the first company to really introduce Solar AC to the Australian market. Although a few other companies have tried in the past and not really achieved their goal, we believed that with our experience in Air conditioning, sales and marketing the time was right to introduce a product of the future, today!

Since our launch in SE QLD we have steadily started to introduce this new technology to market place with no signs of it slowing down, in fact with all the hype recently about solar PV panels and carbon tax etc it has helped push our sales beyond expectations for the first year. We are the only company to be able to offer 3 fully certified systems in Australia with more on the way! The company itself was set up by 2 experienced Australian business men Mr Shane Wright and Mr John Shute who are both successful entrepreneurs within Australia. They have built companies and a solid reputation over the last 20 years in various different industries.

OUR Mission To be the biggest, the best, recognized distributers and suppliers of Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning systems, throughout Australia and South East Asia. We hope to achieve this goal by having a solid network of business minded resellers and installers throughout our target region. With one goal in mind, to introduce a product that is not only environmentally friendly but also cuts the running cost to our customers of one of the most expensive electrical appliances we have in our homes and businesses today.

The development of Solar Air Conditioning in Australia Research started on solar hybrid air conditioning over 7 years ago. During this time the government has given grants and many private investors have contributed to the development of solar hybrid air conditioning.

The first working prototype was installed in the acclaimed Brisbane solar house back in 2007 and Since then the system design has progressed even further and now achieves a remarkably low energy consumption up to 55% less than an equivalent standard air conditioner with inverter technology. Now officially saving the average home owner over $600 per year in electricity costs.

“Air conditioning is so much better when you are not scared to switch it on, in fear of the next utility bill�

Split Systems

Cooling/Heating Ultra-quiet, elegant design Indoor Fan head unit w/remote Out Door Compressor Unit Low noise (DB(A)) <50 (Indoor, <58 (Outdoor) 1120X600X130 (Solar Panel) Multi fold heat exchanger

Ducted Systems Cooling/Heating Low Noise (DB(A)) <56 (Indoor), <60 (Outdoor) Ventilation ducts and outlets Multi function control panel w/remote Roof recess Fan Unit 1200X700X130 (Solar Panel) Multi fold heat exchanger

Ducted System Design Criteria Many factors must be considered when installing a ducted system into your home i.e. vent design and location, control point location/s, correct zone setup, sufficient cooling power output (Too much can be as bad as not enough)

We will take care to create an in depth design plan taking into consideration your â&#x20AC;&#x153;must have featuresâ&#x20AC;? and to choose the most efficient system with your needs and expected usage behaviour in mind.

Changes made after a ducted system install can be costly this is why we make sure our install is tailored to your requirements and your home.

Basic Diagram of System Components

Thermal Collector



Wall Fan Unit or Roof Space Fan Unit With Ducted Vents

In all air conditioners refrigerant gases need to be compressed then condensed to create the cooling process in the Wall Fan Unit. The Thermal Collector super heats and pressurises the gases working in place of the compressor at every opportunity therefore electrically powered compression is only required for 2 minutes out of 10 where a conventional system runs on average 8 minutes out of 10. Simply put the compressor will not need operate as often.

Saving you up to 55% of the electricity required to run your air conditioning

Why should I get involved? If you are reading this brochure then you are already showing an interest in our product and company. You should get involved because you want to tap into a new market without limits in terms of how far you can develop it for you. Maybe you are already selling or installing Air Conditioning and are starting to get enquiries about this new technology? Maybe you are business minded and realise the need for new eco friendly and energy efficient products? Whatever the reasons for wanting to get involved it should be for some, if not all of the following reasons: Rising energy costs are forcing customers to install energy efficient appliances. This new technology is the most energy efficient AC systems available. Product regarded as an essential appliance for most businesses and homes. All systems can be used for cost effective heating and cooling. Target audience is huge and the potential market is extremely lucrative. No major competition from other suppliers. Helping to build a greener and cleaner future for Australia. Only 45% of homes currently have AC installed at the moment. Cost competitive compared with conventional systems. New to the Australian market due to certification difficulties in the past.

Is it right for me? Only YOU can answer that question? If you have the drive and ambition to succeed in business then this is probably right for you. You should be the kind of person that cares about making a difference, has high customer service values and can commit 100% to making it work well. Experience in air conditioning or running a business is not always essential, but you do need the right attitude to be focused, positive and able to make things happen for yourself.

If you can tick at least 3 boxes below, you should be seriously considering this business opportunity. Do you have business experience? Do you have AC experience? Do you have the ability to learn? Minimum of $15,000 to Invest? The right attitude to succeed? Want a solid Future? Own a AC Company already If you have ticked 3 or more boxes then you should be looking at taking this a stage further but you will obviously need the following essentials too. 10m² Storage Space minimum A vehicle large enough to transport the units Finance available for everyday running cost of a business plus marketing cost to promote locally in your area. Premises to operate from. Liability insurance.

What do I need to Succeed To succeed in any business you need the right attitude more than anything. Kings of Green Solar offer full support packages for complete novice’s right through to experienced business owners. We believe that as long as you have the drive and determination to do right, than success is inevitable. We have the ability the guide you and help you become successful but you need the right attitude to begin with, as long as you have this then rest can be taught! If you have experience already in running your own company then you should be able to hit the ground running after our initial induction and product training seminar.

“The sky is the limit; you just need to reach for it”

What kind of income can I expect? This is really hard for us to predict for obvious reasons but realistically if you are managing to sell 1-2 units per week then you should be looking at generating between $50,000- $90,000 Gross profits per year. To give you an idea of what the potential market is for this kind of product around 1,500 standard AC units are installed in Queensland every week! As we mentioned earlier the market potential is huge along with the income potential, you just need to get involved to start reaping the rewards.

What Support Will I Get? Simply put “As much as you like, want or need!” The Kings of Green Solar team want you to succeed; your success is our success. Through our network of contacts throughout Australia we are able to offer you as much support as you need to succeed. We offer various business solutions which are listed in our package options on the next page but to give you an idea, we are able to offer the following to anyone that wants it.

Business Coaching Marketing Support Sales Support Web Design and Hosting Company formations Accountancy services Database management and Design Graphic design Copy Writing Sales Training and Courses Marketing Courses Recruitment Assistance

The above list is just a brief idea of what we are able to offer our reseller partners. To discuss your needs in full please contact one of our team who will do a free assessment of your needs and discuss with you possible solutions. Our sister company DSLS Pty Ltd offer any of the above services to any kind of small to medium sized businesses wether it’s new or established.

Stop reading anymore if this opportunity is not right for you!

How do I Get Involved Today? Congratulations, you kept reading. By now you have read all the information we have given you and you obviously realise the opportunity we are offering you and your family of a secure, risk free product to secure your share in a new market place for the future. The next step for you is to have a look at the various business packages we offer and decide which one is right for you. Once you have made your decision please fill out the Serious expression of interest form at the back of this brochure and either post, email or fax it back to or FAX 07 3216 6477 Kings of Green Solar Pty Ltd 23 Suscatand Street, Rocklea. QLD 4106 Once we received your application our National Sales manager will be in contact to discuss getting you set up and welcoming you to our family. Please note that we cannot guarantee a territory until we have completed all contracts and payments. We will advise you upon receipt of your application if the territory you want is still available.

Dealership Packages Package A


(Min Stock purchase of 5 units per month)

(This pack is designed for someone who wants to come in at a minimal level; ideally you have some business experience and also some Air Conditioning experience) 4 x 7.2KW Split Units RRP $15,980 Company formation of PTY LTD Web page through + email Sales presentation Brochure design Unlimited telephone support during business hours. Referral leads for your territory.

Package B


(Min Stock purchase of 5 Units Per month)

(This package is designed for someone with some business experience but not essential in AC. This would be someone who has some marketing experience and can hit the ground running.) 5 x 7.2 KW Split systems, 2 x 5.0 KW Split Systems + 2 x 3.5KW Split Systems RRP $32,955 Company formation of Pty Ltd Webpage on + email Sales presentation brochure design 2 Days Sales and presentation Course (Brisbane Office) 1 Day business Coaching session (3 Months) Unlimited Telephone support during business hours Referral leads for your territory

Package C

$49,995.00 (Min Stock purchase 5 units per month)

This pack is designed for someone that wants to grow the business with an option to become a State wide distributor; this also includes the CBD Territory. NO experience needed as full marketing and business coaching included. (To become a distributor we need a minimum order of 100 units per month) 5 x 7.2KW Units, 5 x 5.0 KW Units + 5 x 35kw Units RRP $52,425.00 Company Formation Pty Ltd Webpage on + email Sales presentation Brochure Design Marketing plan according to 3 month budget. 2 days Sales training Plus 1 day managerial training (Your Location) 4 X print advert designs. CRM database set up 2 x 1 day business coaching sessions. (3months and 6 Months)

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Since launching my Dealership with Kings of Green Solar I have never looked back. With owning my own A/C company already, it was a logical progression although I must admit I was pushed slightly by my own customers enquiring for Solar Productsâ&#x20AC;? Mark J : Alyangula NT

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