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IPC Media IPC creates content for multiple platforms, across print, online, mobile, tablets and events. It is the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher and has 26m UK adults reading their magazines. IPC media publishes magazines like What’s on TV, Now, Look, Chat and Uncut. They only produce one music magazine that only consists of music, which is NME.

NME • • • • •

65% of NME’s readers are ABC1. The circulation of the magazine is 40,948. A readership of 369,000. 69% of readers are male, and 31% of readers are female. The average age of NME readers is 24.

Prometheus Global Media Prometheus Global Media is an American publishing company formed in 2009. It publishes magazines and newspapers such as; Adweek, Film Journal International and The Hollywood reporter. It has only published one music magazine, Billboard. If I used this publishing company it would mean they would have less competition for my magazine, as they have no indie magazines so my magazine would be one of a kind for that company. Billboard • • • •

The average household income for readers is $212,000. The circulation of the magazine is 16,327. A readership of 48,000. 68% of readers are college graduates – 23-25 years old.

Bauer Media Group The Bauer media group is a multimedia company and Europe’s largest privately owned publishing group. The company began creating magazines in 1953, it now produces 300 magazines in 15 countries, TV radio stations. One of the magazines that I would like mine to be similar to is Q, as it is high quality and appeals to a large audience. Bauer has created popular music magazines like Kerrang, Mojo and Q, these music magazines are mainly rock/alternative based.

• • • • •

Q 72% of Q’s readers are ABC1 and have high disposable income. The circulation of the magazine is 58,980. A readership of 377,000. 8.3% of readers are male, and 31.7% of readers are female. 35.5% of readers are 15-24 years old, which is their largest percentage of readers.

• • • •

MOJO The circulation of the magazine is 79,345. A readership of 220,000. 3.1% of readers are male, and 26.9% of readers are female. 28.8% of readers are 45-54 years old, which is their largest percentage of readers.

• • • •

Kerrang The circulation of the magazine is 37,603. A readership of 345,000. 4.7% of readers are male, and 45.3% of readers are female. 56.1% of readers are 15-24 years old, which is their largest percentage of readers.


I have chosen to create an indie magazine; I think Bauer Media Group would be good for me to use as it has made these magazines that are very popular and well known so I think it would be successful at advertising my music magazine. However my magazine may be more competition for the other products this company offers, so it may decrease their sales. But I also think this company hasn’t published an indie magazine for a younger audience and if they published my magazine it would widen their audience age range. When I am creating my magazine I plan to make the magazine aimed more towards females and keep the target audience from 15-24 years old, the same as Q magazine has. I also plan to have majority of my readers to be BC1, as it is aimed towards younger people who may still be students. IPC Media is a wellknown, successful company that only produces one music magazine, however NME is the same genre as my magazine Indie, making it more competition for mine. An alternative publishing company to use could be Prometheus Global Media, formerly e5 Global Media, as they have fewer publications that Bauer Media Group so my magazine would be less competition for their other magazines. However, they aren’t as well known as Bauer and haven't had experience in publishing many music magazines. Billboard is a successful hiphop magazine, as this is the only sub-genre Prometheus Global Media publishes, my indie pop/rock magazine will not cause fewer sales of Billboard. Therefore I will use Promethus Global Media as they do not publish as magazine like mine.

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