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13 Sep. 6 - Sep. 19, 2019

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 16 No. 18

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Historic Ad

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This ad for Rene’s French Restaurant ran in 1956. This Rene’s was on West Washington Street, not in Broad Ripple on Westfield Boulevard. Do any readers remember this one? Was it associated with the Broad Ripple Renee’s in the 70s?

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Random Ripplings Eleven-year-old Lucy Little, a sixth-grader at IPS School 91, was chosen as a recipient of a college savings account worth $529 from CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan as part of her participation in The Indianapolis Public Library’s 2019 Summer Reading Program. She was joined at an award ceremony on August 27 at Central Library by Marissa Rowe of the Indiana Education Savings Authority (left) and Regina Carmon of College Savings Bank. The Library’s 100th Summer Reading Program attracted approximately 46,000 children and families who read approximately 860,000 books during the eight-week period.

photo courtesy of The Indianapolis Library

Random Ripplings

Rusted Lady Antiques has moved from 6415 Ferguson Street. The shop is now located in Gilley’s Antique Market in Plainfield.

Broad Ripple Crossword

answer on Page 14


1. Like a fine wine 5. Barn and hoot 9. McCartney’s album with Uncle Albert 12. “I am woman, hear me _____” - Helen Reddy 13. Often goes with tidy 14. Long sandwich 15. Put in place gently 16. The _______ Hut for custom shirts 17. Like things found in an antique shop 18. Email operation 20. Write 21. Not yours 22. The red planet 24. The ___ and Mrs. Muir - movie and TV series 26. Method or cable network 29. Popcorn vessel 31. Use a zip code 32. Available space 34. Requirement 36. Could be French 39. Perhaps sung by a fat lady 40. Like a beaver 42. A word I have only seen in the Bible 43. Used as cash for traders of yore 45. A big one is the Indy 500 46. Villain of The Lion King 47. Tread

49. Touch down (like on the moon) 51. In the ____ of the beholder 52. Often the last choice in a list 53. Beatnik affirmative 55. Certain 56. Unusual 59. My job at The Gazette -Alan 63. Was aware of 64. CW output 66. The _____ Ranger 67. Freezes 68. At any time 69. Tons 70. Seine 71. Cincinnati team 72. Type of HO car


1. Locale 2. “That really gets my ____” 3. 180 degrees from West 4. Think about the future 5. In The Matrix, Keanu was The ___ 6. Sob 7. Wawasee is Indiana’s largest 8. What a bee does 9. Against the Borg, it is futile 10. Ain’t right? 11. Method of operating 14. Amusing 16. Where the king sits 19. Taxi 23. Take an oath

25. ___ Box Pizza on the Avenue 26. Used by those in clue 43 across 27. Popular legend 28. Short road named after Broad Ripple pioneer 30. Paper size choice 33. Perry and McConaughey 35. Rot and fall apart 37. Remain 38. Ripped 41. Popular restaurant once on Westfield 44. Observe

48. Correct 50. Honoree on Father’s Day 52. Postal weight unit 54. They might alive with the sound of music 55. The largest organ 57. Bird of peace 58. Proof of ownership 60. Hammer or wrench 61. Upon 62. Silent note 65. Married title

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Broad Ripple Gazette Volume 16 Number 18 (September 6 - September 19, 2019)  

Broad Ripple Gazette Volume 16 Number 18 (September 6 - September 19, 2019)