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Belltower April 2020

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Broadmoor Community Church 315 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs 80906 - (719) 473-1807 - www.broadmoorchurch.org

Your Minister's Musings

The coastlands have seen and are afraid, the ends of the earth tremble; they have drawn near and come. Every one helps his neighbor, and says to his brother, “Take courage! Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God;” ~ Isaiah 41:5-10

We are in a time of wilderness wandering. Some of our neighbors have been quarantined. Some of our neighbors are feeling the economic impact of social distancing. Some of our loved ones are afraid. And Isaiah spoke God’s words into that fear: “Take courage! Fear not, for I am with you,” Isaiah brings up another important point . . . just before those last words. He reminds his listeners and all of us through the ages that one of the antidotes to fear is to recognize that God is in control, that the Holy One is with us AND to look outside ourselves, to help our neighbors. As we navigate this pandemic of COVID-19, these words are important for us to hear. As

did Jesus on his way to the cross, we will pick our way through the uncertainties. How have you helped a neighbor this week? As the disciples did after Jesus’ death on the cross, we will deal with the fear of the unknown. Have you shared your trust in our ever-present God with a fearful loved one? As God has shown through Jesus the Christ, resurrection is possible! We will rise again.. for we are an Easter people! “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God.” Grace & Peace, Pastor Anne Grace & Peace,

North Middle School Lenten Project a Success Thanks to everyone for their great support of North Middle School (NMS) through the Lenten lunch ticket project and for bringing all the great snacks for kids. You have exceeded the goal, and you are the best! This spring, we will be helping NMS in 2 other ways. If you can help in either of these projects, sign up at the Mission Table.

Crash the NMS Staff Lounge Drop off treats at the church--sweet or savory--to thank the NMS staff of over 80 people for their tireless work this year. Let's say thank you. (This year we will be joined in the project by the North End Neighborhood Association.)

COSILOVESchools On Saturday, May 2, churches will work with local schools for a Saturday morning of sprucing up. From 9-noonish, we will help dress up the entrance to NMS. The goal is to have 10-12 BCC members, as we did in 2019, but this time we will be joined by about 20 North End folks to accomplish some planting bed & walkway clean up. You may also sign up for this at www.cosiloveyou.com. Click on the volunteer button. COSILoveYou has been using our partnership with NMS as an example in their promotions for this new annual event. You can be proud of that! The Mission Team is grateful for all the ways you help, and we hope you find this work meaningful. It is our goal that the recipients of your efforts find it meaningful also.

Community Opportunities

Earth Day Clean up Celebration Please join fellow church members for about an hour on Saturday, April 25 at 9:00 am to help clean up the Church Grounds and Lake Avenue. This environmentally friendly event will be led by a small group that faithfully meets each Saturday throughout the year to clean-up along Lake Ave, but who could use some serious help to do a thorough clean-up this spring. Wear boots and work gloves. Trash bags and grabbers will be provided to those who don’t have them. The grabber will be yours to keep so you can go forth and clean-up all year long! After the clean-up, please join your fellow stewards of the environment in Otto Hall for coffee and pancakes. Please RSVP to Larry Barrett at barrettlarry@comcast.net, so we have a grabber and pancakes for you!!!

Mental Health Workshop Postponed The Mental Health First Aid USA curriculum emphasizes prevention and early identification of mental health issues, and triage techniques for crisis situations. Participants will learn how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. NAMI, Colorado Springs will bring this program to BCC through the support of the STEP Grant. Watch your email for a new date.

Church Fellowship & News

Community Easter Sunrise Service - Cancelled due to Covid-19

We are an Easter people! We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus our Christ each and every "little Easter" fifty-two weeks a year on the day we call "Sunday". Because we cannot celebrate in LARGE fashion this Easter Sunday, Broadmoor Community Church WILL celebrate in LARGE fashion when we can be back together in one worship space. Do not be afraid! Christ is risen . . . and let the people say "He is risen indeed!"

Senior Fellowship Spring/Summer Luncheon 11:30 am Friday, May 8 Seniors are invited to a luncheon to be held in Otto Fellowship Hall on Friday, May 8. The program will be presented by Cheyenne Mountain High School’s a capella choral group Crimson and Slate. Acapella or without instrumental accompaniment means all musical sounds made by Crimson and Slate, including percussion, are made with their voices. The performance will begin at 11:30 am, and a box lunch catered by Panera Bread will follow. A sign-up table will be in the narthex Sundays April 19, April 26 and May 3. Please pay $12 for lunch at sign-up and indicate your choice of a box lunch from 4 options. Salads (Fuji Apple Chicken or Greek-vegetarian) include a piece of baguette and cookie. Sandwiches (Bacon Turkey Bravo or Heritage Ham and Swiss) include a pickle spear, chips, and cookie. Tea and lemonade will be provided. Plan to arrive a little early for the 11:30 performance. We look forward to seeing you on May 8.

The B-Street Pantry celebrated ten years on March 4 Although they normally see only a few families the first week of the month, that week they served: 32 Families (12 new), 133 total people (3 military & 57 new people) Here are some statistics concerning the amount of food donated by churches and the community: 2019 12,308 pounds, 2018 16,812 pounds, 2017 15,606 pounds - Total of 44,726 pounds from 2017 to 2019. Each of the past two years saw over 200 volunteers with over 2000 hours of service!

Call to the annual meeting The members of the Broadmoor Community Church, UCC, in Colorado Springs, are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 3, 2020, at approximately 11:00 AM, immediately following the Sunday worship service, to act upon the following business: Recognize & honor current officers, Executive Council members, & Board chairs. Vote upon the proposed slate of nominees for leadership positions. Hear a financial update. Consider the possibility of an upcoming capital campaign for safety and compliance upgrades

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Registration forms available at the church or online @ https://www.shelbygiving.com/App/Form/d9f379b2-ebd8-4e35-b9cd-a383bf970b5c

We will be learning and performing a fun musical, but this day camp offers SO MUCH MORE! Crafts, Storytelling, Bible Learning, Games, Silly Songs and Instruments, Team Building, and Play are all included in each day. There’s something for every kid, so sign up early and invite a friend. Don’t miss this year’s Music & Arts Camp.

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April 2020 Belltower  

We may be limited to online gatherings, but Broadmoor Community Church, UCC is the place to "be". Don't miss the call to the annual meeting...

April 2020 Belltower  

We may be limited to online gatherings, but Broadmoor Community Church, UCC is the place to "be". Don't miss the call to the annual meeting...