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2019 BCC Leader ship Team

Jen Dor f f M oder at or

Rick An der son Class of 2022

St eve Bailey Class of 2022

Kat h i Hin ck ley M ission Boar d

Bob Sim m on s Vice-M oder at or

Er ic Flor a Tr easu r er

Lau r a M u ir -M ellin i Class of 2021

Dou g Weddell Class of 2020

Debbie Uh l Boar d of Ch r ist ian Edu cat ion

Ran di Ham m er Secr et ar y

San dy Du vall Class of 2020

Tim Gagn er Class of 2022

M ar y Rebb & Deb M er ch an t Boar d of Com m u n it y Lif e

Dick Han es Fou n dat ion

Scot t Dor f f Asset M an agem en t Boar d

Moder ator 's Repor t This is the first time I am writing to you as the moderator of Broadmoor Community Church, UCC, a role I am honored to have been elected. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by many dedicated people who are committed to the purpose and mission of our congregants. Side by side, the members of the Executive Council and the numerous board and committee leaders, Pastor Anne, Lynn Hurst, and John Davis work to fulfill our mission within our church and the greater community. The actions of the Executive Council of note: -

·Participating in a leadership retreat with BCC church leaders in October ·Hosting two All Church conversations ·Hosting a potluck ·Serving the Thanksgiving meal to guest and congregants at the Lord?s Supper; ·Meeting with the chairs of the Personnel Committee, Board Asset Committee and chair of Investment Committee ·Passing the Hiring policy written by the Personnel Committee

Continuing work of the committee, boards, and EC: -

·Updating the by-laws ·Establishing a Safe Church policy ·Establishing policy and procedures for the Meditation Glen ·Revising the budget process to reflect our purpose ·Searching for ways to reduce the amount of money the Foundation is giving to support the budget so that money can be used to support programs and outreach

Each month, in addition to a working agenda, the Executive Council meeting hosts a presentation by a board and committee chair. In this briefing, the chair presents the role and work their board or committee does to do support the purpose. Additionally, the chair reports on how the EC and congregation can support the work they do. After the presentations, the meetings continue with the business of the church. These are a combination of business and strategic discussions. The main focus of our meetings is centered around the yearly budget and how we are meeting or, most times, falling short of our monthly goals. This shortfall hampers our ability to broaden the scope and outreach of the committees and boards. What can we do together in 2020? Give to support the programs you love. Share your hopes and dreams for the future with the members of the EC, board and committee leaders, and Pastor Anne. Together, Broadmoor Community Church will continue to be at the heart of our community. Respectfully, Jen Dorff

Boar d of Asset Management The Board of Asset Management assists the Executive Council (EC) with its oversight and management of BCC financial and physical assets. The Board makes recommendations to the EC concerning the operating budget and the utilization of BCC resources. The Board manages the stewardship process through which the congregation supports the goals and aspirations. It is responsible for the projects and actions of the Building and Grounds Committee. The current Board is comprised of: Scott Dorff (Chair), Eric Flora (Treasurer), Trajn Boughan, Don Hare, Doug Weddell (EC liaison), Anne Cubbage (Pastoral Staff liaison), and John Davis (Staff liaison). The Board recommended to the EC, which then passed a balanced budget for the 2019 fiscal year. As you know, the Board reorganized the method by which the congregation participates in yearly giving. Rather than having an extended stewardship campaign throughout the fall, the Board asked the individual family units to make a commitment to the church without making a formal pledge. It was felt that this method of congregational giving made the process more personal, reinforcing the concept of individual responsibility in support of the church?s mission within God?s purpose. The Board found that this process worked well in that giving levels for almost all family units stayed the same as past years. Unfortunately, due in part to the passing of a number of church members, BCC ended the year with a $17,000+ deficit. Part of the deficit can also be attributed to the need to close the books at the end of the year before all anticipated contributions could be tallied. The Board is happy to report that generous contributions have been received and we enter 2020 in a positive cash position. In looking to the future, the Board presented the proposed 2020 budget to the EC in November 2019. To present a balanced budget proposal to the Council, the Board grappled with the expectation that projected revenues will continue to decline while trying to minimize impact on programs most valued by the congregation. The budget was accepted by the EC and briefed to the congregation in December 2019 with the expectation that BCC will meet the desired goal of having a balanced budget for the year. Concerning the accomplishments of the Building and Grounds Committee, the following projects summarize the major actions taken by the Committee to keep the church safe and in good repair: - Installed directional rock sign designed by the Community Life Board and funded by the Memorial Gifts Committee - Cleaned and organized outside tool and storage closet - Stripped, painted, and repaired outside benches - Continued on-going pew repairs - Repaired outside handrail to the main entrance - Added new control system for the pipe organ - Replaced Glen outdoor PA system with portable wireless speakers - Finished LED lighting including parking lot - Added security lock to artwork storage closet Of primary concern to the Building and Grounds Committee as we enter 2020 is the state of the pews. The Committee conducted multiple repairs over the last few years to extend the life of the pews. While the repairs proved useful in delaying the necessity to find a replacement option, it is clear to the Committee that we cannot continue the repair process much longer. The need to find a replacement should be an action item in 2020 with the EC and the congregation. Submitted by, Scott Dorff, Chair

Foundation Boar d of Tr ustees The Foundation?s objective of supporting the mission of the Broadmoor Community UCC, through prudent investment of its capital and augmentation thereof by legacy giving continued through the year in 2019. A contribution of $91,620.42 was made in 2019 to the Broadmoor Community UCC for general budget assistance. The year ended with a Foundation investment balance of $2,098,137. The Foundation Board of Trustees voted to live into its objective by permanently funding the Music Intern Program (maximum of $10,000/ yr). The Foundation?s Board takes this opportunity to remind the friends and members of the Broadmoor Community UCC that your legacy gift, by will or a gift inter vivos, to the Foundation is one that will contribute to and enrich the overall mission of the Broadmoor Community UCC by providing an enduring vehicle for generating future income that will endow the mission of the Church for the long term. CARVE YOUR NAME ON HEARTS ? NOT TOMBSTONES. And remember the quote from William James ? The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. Members of the Foundation Board of Trustees include Chairman Richard Hanes, Harry Gautsche, Eric Flora, Sheila Schaefer, Don Hare, Larry Barrett, & Don Gazibara.

Investment Committee The Investment Committee is the primary overseer of the investments made by the Broadmoor Community Church Foundation and the Meditation Glen. The committee reports to the Board of Asset Management and provides policy guidance and oversight to the professional management of the funds. During 2019, the Foundation?s total funds increased by $215,757 from the start of the year to end at $2,098,138, even after providing $91,620 to the church?s operating general fund. Over the same time frame, the Meditation Glen?s investment account grew by $106,253 to end 2019 with a total value of $686,223. Members of the Investment Committee include Chairman Harry Gautsche, Eric Flora, Jim Cameron, Barbara Gazibara, Norman Cole, and Dave Klunder. Submitted by, Harry Gautsche, Chair

Financial Repor t

Financial Analysis thr ough 12/ 31/ 2019

Member ship Repor t (Book of Life)

Boar d of Community Life Member s--Deb Merchant, Mary & Tom Rebb, Anne Foote, Laura Muir, Pat Seetin, Susan Simmons, Lynleigh Holmes, Anne Cubbage (staff) Highlights: Ambassador program volunteers greet visitors and prospective members, sharing information about our church.We provide Newcomer Luncheons to welcome and inform new members about all various ways they can engage with our church family; future efforts will include the mentoring of them. Laura Muir spearheaded the effort with Building & Grounds for the new directional sign.We provided the Ice Cream Social for the Melodrama in June, cookies to decorate for the Sounds of Christmas Advent program, and planned a Living Nativity Scene.Facilitated the Pet Lovers Fair, an effort to provide outreach to our surrounding community.We provide ?care packages? and cards for our college students Baby Boomer s The Baby Boomers(1946-1964), chaired by Bridgett Lambert meets six times a year in celebration of fellowship, stewardship and breaking bread. 2019 activities included the annual "Yankee Swap", St. Paddy's Day Gig", "Tapas in the Vineyard" & the "Boomer's Bash" at the Foote Pad.

Women?s Fellowship:The Women?s Fellowship group was open to any of the women of the Church and their friends and met from September through May. Ginny Rosinski ran a workshop which assembled the recycled greeting cards that were available for sale in the office area. The money from this project was used for projects for women?s and children?s groups. They paid for plastic butterflies to be used by our youth at Easter time.They assembled ?treat?bags for TESSA?s clients, who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, for Valentine?s Day and for Spring. They also donated calendars to TESSA. They want to thank our Church members who helped accomplish these projects!! Some knitted prayer shawls for the Bereavement Team. Their programs included: -

Pastor Anne discussing the ?#MeTooStories?in the Bible, Gail Beaton (Alice?s daughter) taking about her new book ?We Just Did It: Colorado women during World War II? an English Tea at Montague?s Tea Room in May for all women in the church as Women?s Fellowship FINAL activity. About 30 ladies attended! The restaurant closed the following Friday!!

Due to lack of participation, Women?s Fellowship ceased activities in May. Any remaining money was given to the Church to be used for children?s activities. All Women?s Fellowship records, from the many years they were active, were put in boxes and stored in the ?Green Room?for historical information. Kaye Thompson was the coordinator and Joan Capesius was the Treasurer. Senior Fellowship ? Co-chairs Don and Barb Gazibara, Thelma Peck, Tom and Phyllis Hurley, Susan Bydalek A fall/ winter luncheon was held at Warehouse 25, with entertainment by professional magician Dick Bowman, (aka Professor Higgins). The May luncheon was held at Valley Hi Golf Course.

Sunday Fellowship ? Co-Chairs Lynn Cool and Charlotte Mason, also Cathy Howard, Jinny Cresap, Leigh Westin, Liz Aikin, Martha Barton, Pam Victoreen and Pat Seetin They hosted Fellowship in Otto Hall year-round; throughout the summer months it was moved upstairs to the deck.They facilitated ?All Church Potlucks? on May 19th and for the EC?s ?Conversation? on December 8th. They celebrated Ron Evenson?s 90th birthday, providing a decorated cake paid for by Lee. They supported the Arts Committee reception in the Fireside Room in November. Car ing Ministr y and Ber eavement Team: Caring Ministry ? Chair Lee Evenson and Mary Ann Bomgardner Bereavement Team: Jan Schmidt, Kat McNally, Ron Evenson, Mary Ann Bomgardner, Tom Briggs Prayer Team: Laurel Froedge, Mary Ann Bomgardner, Mary Elizabeth Miller, Charlotte Mason, Lee Evenson, Susan Conde Memorial Team:Mary Riley and Jan Schmidt, facilitate memorial services as needed. Caring Ministry contacted members and friends of BCC through cards, phone calls and personal visits. Cards were sent every two weeks to those that are homebound, in hospitals, or in need of a friendly reminder that they are remembered by the church family. Sunday?s altar flowers are divided into bouquets and delivered to Caring Member recipients.The Bereavement Team acts as Companions on the journey for those who have lost a loved one, visiting, calling, and sharing poignant books and notes. And of course the Prayer Team lifts up all those in need of spiritual support. Submitted by, Mary Rebb & Deb Merchant, Co-chairs

Boar d of Faith For mation Member s--Debbie Uhl, Chair; Jill Rawson, Tammie Clark, Nancy Gagner, Meg Shortlidge-Johnson, Steve Bailey (EC Liaiason), and Corina Hurst (staff) For the 2019-2020 program year, your Board of Christian Education used lessons based on those written by Random Acts of Kindness, a small nonprofit that invests in making kindness the norm. Scripture and bible stories were paired with lessons about respect, empathy, courage and self-care to create a strategy that equips kids with a foundation in what really matters. Youth attended the annual ?Valentine?s Breakfast? and learned about loving neighbors. New Nur ser y Attendant (Faith Stone) hired and CPR/ First Aid certified. FF Coordinator establish a Sunday Schedule and wrote behavior and positive discipline standards for the nursery. Lenten Lectur e series speakers included an End-of-Life Doula as well as Executive Directors from COS Food Rescue and Pike?s Peak Justice & Peace Commission. Attendance was poor despite the excellent programs and speakers. Easter this year did not include an egg hunt. Instead there was a special hunt for the Alleluia banner that included butterflies. This cut the cost, made the day ?greener?, and added spiritual value. Women?s Fellowship purchased toy butterflies to use as a gift to remember the meaning. Lecture series after Easter focused on ?What's Next? and the views held by different faiths on the afterlife. Speakers included a Buddhist, a Muslim, and a Jew. The Community Toddler Playgr oup continued through the Spring offering space for children to play and parents to meet. In May, some youth participated in an ?Ur ban Exper ience? homelessness immersion walk offered by Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. They went to Springs Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, ate lunch alongside 100 homeless neighbors at Marion House, and Peter?s Cycle Shop (located underneath a bridge downtown in a small, shack-like warehouse). FF sponsored a Volunteer Appr eciation on May 26, gifting volunteers with student created picture frames. Over 13 volunteers gave their time towards children & youth ministry. Book study and discussion on the book "Evicted" by Matthew Desmond. Adult small gr oups this Fall included: Becoming Jesus' Prayer: Transforming Your Life Through the Lord's Prayer ; Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis; The Three R?s: Rumi, Rilke and Rohr; and Journeys-a study in non-duality. About 40 people participated. Women's Retr eat was held in November with about 30 attendees. The theme was "Overflowing" and Liz Wolf spoke on a contemplative way of listening to and reading Scripture known as Lectio Divina. . Attendees created prayer flags that adorned our entry for 2 months. A few youth and parents gathered at the theater to watch then discuss the movie "Harriet" in November. The Advent Wor kshop (all ages) offered supplies for Advent wreaths, blank cards to write in and send to children being detained at the border, and a hot cocoa bar. 7 Youh attended the Spring Youth Retr eat and 3 attended the Fall Retreat at LaForet The Annual Chr istmas Pageant was once again an All-Age Pick-up Pageant and was held the Sunday before Christmas in conjunction with a Jazz Worship Service.

Boar d of Mission and Ministr y WestSide Cares- Funded this important mission with $600/ month from our budget Total $7,200 Another $7,600 was donated. Lord?s Dinner--Served over 800 meals to neighbors in need Averaged 15 volunteers working 3-4 hours each on 6 occasions

MESA HOUSE--provided 40+ home cooked meals for the men of Mesa House Gifted $120 for Christmas TOP (Table of Plenty) cook days--prepared many main dishes to be delivered to Mesa House. This involved about 20 people for an hour, much more for planners and table captains

World Holiday Market- raised over $15,000 for 25+ nonprofit vendors. Over 600 of our neighbors and community members attended

CASA--provided 4 meals for the teens of CASA. Opened our building for their educational meetings and social events. B Street Pantry--4,577 pounds of food were donated. A volunteer delivered this food every week. STEP Grants (Stepping Up To Enable Partners)--Volunteer hours; 20 for team, many more for the recipients. $1,000 to Urban Peak (The Place) for grant matching. $1,000 to West Side Cares to provide transportation, bus passes. $1,000 to North Middle School for books. $1000 to bring a NAMI mental health course to BCC

NMS (North Middle School) Spring Clean Up- about 15 volunteers spent 4 hours sprucing up the student courtyard Crash the Lounge- almost 50 people donated treats that were taken to the teachers. Christmas Giving Tree gave 34 family games to North Middle School students.

CITYSERVE 2019--organized and operated a blood drive. 35 pints of blood donated. More than half of the donors were friends and neighbors. Fostering Hope--provided a team(4) for a local Foster family. They met weekly with the family to provide transportation, parties and general support. TESSA--provided 40 Halloween treat bags to women and children at TESSA BCC?s Total volunteer hour s, all pr ojects 1,700 Number of non-board member volunteers- close to 100 Board Members: Chair, Kathi Hinckley, Gayle Flora, Phyllis Hurley, Corina Hurst, Bryan Hurst, Carolyn Kruse, Linda Lynch, Leslie Weddell, Cynthia Zapel, Anne Cubbage, pastor, Tim Gagner, EC Rep

Boar d of Wor ship and Ar ts The BOW&A is currently operating with these members: Bridgett Lambert, Pat Cole, Ron Evenson, Ron Johnson, Mary Henson, and Susan Conde. Revs. Anne Cubbage and Lynn Hurst are Staff Liaisons.

Our Goal: ONE CHURCH thru Worship, Welcome, Music & Art MUSIC MINISTRIES Under the leadership of Rev. Lynn Hurst, Music Ministries continue to blossom as an essential part of our message and worship. The Adult Sanctuar y Choir and Br oadmoor Br onze Bell Choir continue to be a strong and inspirational part of our worship experience. Our Once-a Month Choir invites all to join their voices in praise during worship. Accompanist Dan Scher ling is an essential part of our services, our music groups, and our musical outreach. Music Inter ns - These talented young musicians are a unique and wonderful part of our church family, both musically and personally and are directed by Stephanie Brink. Childr en & Youth Bells continue to sing and play bells (under the direction of Lynn Hurst and Paul Heinecke) in worship once a month. Senior Bell Choir - BCC Seniors continue to pursue the focus, the laughter and the fun of RINGING TOGETHER! The BCC Concer t Ser ies - Lynn continues to develop the year-round musical programs that mark BCC as a musical destination for our community. Performing groups include: the Chamber Orchestra, Youth Symphony, Abendmusik, and others. They are often featured as part of our Sunday Services. WORSHIP SERVICE HOSPITALITY Usher s & Gr eeter s - Thanks to Ron Evenson and our dedicated crew for their faithful service. They are an essential part of the ?welcoming spirit?that is a tenet of BCC. Sound Technician - Thanks to Lorin Nelson for his dedication operating the sound systems for Sunday services and many other events. Communion Deacons & Ser ver s assisting our Pastors in the preparing and serving of Communion on the first Sundays of each month. ARTS COMMITTEE BCC owns an extensive and valuable collection of art. This committee manages and coordinates our rich Art Displays with church and worship themes. They are instrumental in showing community artists' work as well. Altar scapes are designed to bring a visual display of worship themes to our congregation. They are created by Roger Christensen, Marge Tinan, and Lynn Hurst. OUR SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICES A key goal of the BOW&A is to promote our current, and add new, Special Wor ship Ser vices. It?s exciting to see increasing attendance at the powerful Ash Wednesday and poignant Maundy Thur sday Ser vices, the heart-felt ?Blue Chr istmas?Ser vice and the Community Easter Sunr ise Ser vice with our ecumenical partners of Pikes Peak Metropolitan Church, Stratmoor Hills UMC, and Chapel of Our Savior. In 2019 we experienced the powerful ?Lenten Ser vice of Healing & Wholeness?.

Minister of Music Repor t It is very evident that God leads, inspires and energizes us all as we work together to provide many varied musical opportunities at Broadmoor Community Church. I am in my sixteenth year as Minister of Music and together we continue to be a vibrant, growing and exciting ministry for the church and community. Here are a few of the highlights of this year: -

We led a very unique Lenten series, Cultivating and Letting Go, ending with beautiful Palm Sunday and Easter services. We also led a beautiful advent series, Christ, Be Our Light. A Shadow Drama was created for our 4 & 7pm Christmas Eve services.


Our Summer Music & Arts Camp, held on June 24 - 28, was a big success with 30 children (K - 7th grades) and 21 adults participating. The week ended with a performance of Daniel's Dangerous Dilemma, written by a former BCC Music Director, Michael Bedford.


The Summer Concert Series in the Glen was our largest yet. The concerts were: Mississippi Mudders; All Those Who Wander; Flying W Wranglers; Mo Mungus; Wirewood Station; Underground Clarinet Quartet. The summer concert attendance was over 1,200 and the cost of the series was completely underwritten by private and corporate donors.


Our Sept-May Concert Series continues to bring us many wonderful concerts that enrich our lives. The twelve concerts were: four concerts by the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs; Pikes Peak Flute Choir; Abendmusik; Summit Chorale; Trio Khachaturian; Trio Clariano; Mintcheva/ McArthur Piano Duo; several vocal recitals. There were well over 2,000 in attendance.


In September, we began a new Musikgarten class for Babies & Toddlers. The enrollment was so large that we split into two classes. The classes are taught by Brenda Elliott, a licensed Musikgarten teacher.


Our Chapel Choir (2nd - 5th grades) continued a colaboration with Chapel of Our Savior Church. We sang once a month at both churches.


The Sanctuary Choir continues to provide beautiful and meaningful music each Sunday and for special services throughout the year including Lessons and Carols, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Easter. Our worship is truly enhanced by their ministry.


The Music Interns have continued to bless us with their special music in worship. We extend a big thank you to Blaize Adler-Ivanbrook, Reilly Williams, Ali Archuleta and Sophie Young who sang with us from Jan - May. Blaize and Ali were unable to return in Sept so we added Jacob Lynn-Palevsky and Laura Hink.


The Youth Bells (6th - 12th grade) continued to meet on Sundays after worship and played several times in church.


The Broadmoor Bronze Bell Choir continues to play for Sunday services throughout the year as well as special services, including Easter and Christmas Eve. What a joy they are to see and hear!


The Senior Adult Bell Choir is having a lot of fun learning the technique of playing bells and being in fellowship together once a week. We added several new members this year.


We were blessed to purchase a Steinway piano for our Choir Room, given by Jim Cameron in memory of his wife, Diane.


A special thanks also to: Dan Scherling (organist/ accompanist) for his invaluable help and beautiful playing for worship and memorial services; Stephanie Brink for being the substitute bell ringer, leader of the Music Interns and wonderful soloist; Paul Heinecke for assisting with Youth Bells. I look forward to the next year and pray that our music ministry will continue to bring people together in uplifting praise of God and celebration of God?s presence in our lives and our congregation. Lynn Hurst, Minister of Music

Senior Pastor 's Repor t Plant your roots in Christ ? . Be strong in your faith, just as you were taught. And be grateful. Don't let anyone fool you by using senseless arguments. These arguments may sound wise, but they are only human teachings. They come from the powers of this world and not from Christ. Col. 2:6-7

A radical change is one that comes from the root. A radical Christian is one whose roots are in Christ. The evidence of roots is fruit. And the fruit is not just for a season ... it comes back every year. Radical Christians do radical things in the name of Jesus. In Galatians, Paul gives us the names of some of the radical fruit we can expect when we are rooted in Christ: the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. It?s time to ?get r adical?! A root system serves to guarantee the existence of a tree. Without roots, a tree simply could not survive. One of the roots?functions is to anchor the tree in the soil, providing stability and a firm base for the entire structure of the trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit. Over the years, Broadmoor Community UCC has shown the depth of its roots. The taproot of our faith has continued to anchor us as disciples of Jesus. The fruit it has borne has been sweet and continues to come back every year. Some of this pleasing fruit in 2019 has included: fellowship opportunities like concerts in the Glen; melodrama;, potlucks; Homecoming Sunday; our musical groups; and another successful World Market. Other fruit was evidenced in: new member luncheons, a cadre of volunteers who helped set up and tear down the worship space in the Glen; Laugh Class; monthly luncheons for all women; the annual Pet Lovers Fair. Other fruit ripened with BCC?s commitment to mission through Our Lord?s Dinner, Mesa House; BCC?s partnership with North Middle School; the highly successful Step Grants; as well as the special offerings for One Great Hour of Sharing. What luscious fruit from the BCC orchard! Another purpose of roots is to take up water and minerals from the soil. Some of that nourishment came through book studies, prayer group, and the Monday noon and Thursday morning Bible Studies. Other nourishment happened during the Lenten speaker series, the Advent Celebration and workshop, our Church School program (including youth retreats and Music & Arts Camp), the monthly ladies lunches, Baby Boomers activities, Sr. Fellowship luncheons, and our fabulous weekly fellowship following worship. Our roots have nourished some of our community partners, including: Broadmoor Community Preschool; Toddler Playgroup; Contract Bridge; Musikgarten, Abendmusik; AA/ Al-Anon; yoga and pilates groups; Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers, ALzheimer?s Support group, Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, Ikebana, COSILOVEYOU, and several HOAs. During worship this year we have been invigorated by gifted musicians each Sunday, by exceptional work by the various choirs and ensembles, and by the dramatic gifts of some. Nourishment was abundantly evident in the Service for Healing & Wholeness during Lent and the Women?s Retreat. Much spiritual nourishment came through the Blue Christmas Service, our continued partnership with Chapel of Our Savior in terms of a children?s choir, and our emphasis on outreach, and the church?s Holy Humor service. Both the Community Sunrise Service on Easter and the Glen Worship this summer brought reflection and joy as folks gathered under the trees to hear God?s word for their lives. In or der to continue to gr ow and pr oduce fr uit Br oadmoor Community, UCC must tr uly become r ooted in Chr ist! I am elated to be a part of such a fruitful and strong congregation. Let us continue to trust that God will sustain and lead us; let us keep our ears and eyes open for new opportunities to share and experience the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of God as we secure our roots in Christ! Grace & Peace, Pastor Anne

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2019 BCC Annual Report  

2019 BCC Annual Report  


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