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Broadmoor Community Church, United Church of Christ


el l t o w er Dec em ber / Ja n u a r y 2019-20

Christmas EveWorship D ecember 24 4:00pm - A service designed for families with children, including sacred story, song & candle lighting 7:00pm - A traditional candlelight service with scripture, story, song & communion 11:00pm - A contemplative service with candle lighting sacred stories, & song

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10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary 11:00am Fellowship in Otto Hall

Your Minister?s Musings This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly. But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream . . . Matthew 1:18-20a

I can imagine that Joseph didn?t have time to deal with this huge glitch in his plans. He probably worked long, hard hours. He went to the synagogue and tried to follow both the law and his heart. I am sure that Joseph was pleased with his betrothal to the lovely Mary . . . but . . . he was a busy man! We too are busy. We don?t have time to deal with glitches and detours. We have jobs and family, church and social groups. We are moving, sometimes at a frenetic pace. We recognize that despite our exhaustion, movement is an important aspect of living and so we keep moving. One of the problems, however, is in our moving, in our hectic living, we often are unable to think rationally. Decisions get made out of habit. We can feel caught between what we want to do, or know we should do and what is easiest . . . what anyone else might do . . . what the law says we are to do. These thoughts certainly might have run through Joseph?s mind the day he discovered his betrothed was with child . . . and yet . . . he allowed himself to stop, to be still before God. It was in that time of stillness that an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. It is so difficult to stop our constant movement. It is challenging to be still before God. As we move into Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, let us take Joseph?s lead. Let us intentionally stop periodically in order that in the stillness we can better connect with God, that we can regain our sense of balance in that holy space. Let us purposefully slow down our anxious movement and allow God?s love to guide us . . . even if it does appear counter-cultural. Let us revel in the hope, peace, and joy of the season. Let us sing with the angels: Christ, be our light. Shine in our hearts. Shine through the darkness. Christ be our light. Will we make ourselves available when God decides to meet us in our dreams? . . I wonder . . . Grace & Peace,

What is Bl ue Christ mas? Christmas can be a painful time for some. It may be the first Christmas without a loved one who has recently died, or a time that has always been difficult. The constant refrain on the television, in shopping malls and churches about getting together with family and friends reminds many of what they have lost or have never had. The anguish of broken relationships, the insecurity of unemployment, weariness of ill health or the pain of isolation; all of these can make us feel very alone in the midst of the celebrating and spending. We need space and time to acknowledge our sadness and concern and know that we are not alone. We feel the darkness growing deeper around us. We need encouragement to live the days ahead. For these reasons, we will offer a special Blue Christmas service. Bring a friend and join us in prayer, scripture and music that acknowledge God's presence is for those who mourn, for those who struggle, and that God's Word comes to shine into our darkness.


Join us this season to celebrate with scripture, music, story, & light. Sundays, 10:00am Dec. 1 -- Advent Sunday Service & All Ages Workshop Dec. 8 -- Carriers of the Light, A musical presentation by the Chapel Choir Dec. 15 -- A Service of Lessons & Carols (10:00am), Living Nativity (5:00pm-7:30pm) Dec. 22 -- All-Church Pick up Pageant & Jazz Worship Wednesdays, 6:30pm Dec. 4 -- Sounds of Christmas: featuring ACME Bluegrass Dec. 11 -- Sounds of Christmas: featuring Chapel Choir, Jam Band, Music Interns & a visit with St. Nicholas Dec. 18 -- Blue Christmas Service


Faith Formation For All All Ages - - Advent Workshop! Mark your cal endar f or t he f irst day of Advent 2019! On December 1, we wil l hol d our annual workshop af t er worship, where f ol ks of al l ages can part icipat e in a creat ive project t o l ean int o t he season! We wil l be making Advent candl e decorat ions f or each househol d. We have pl ent y of wreat h f orms, but pl ease bring your own if you have one! We wil l al so have an opt ion f it f or smal l er t abl es, wit h Advent candl es on a t ray of greens. In addit ion, you wil l have t he opport unit y t o writ e messages in Christ mas cards f or chil dren who are det ained at t he sout hern US border. We wil l package t hem up and send t hem t o a Lut heran congregat ion who wil l dist ribut e t hem t o kids who coul d use some hope and cheer t his season. We wil l al so be t aking monet ary donat ions t o go t owards books f or t hese chil dren t hrough Lut heran Immigrat ion Ref ugee Services.

Ministry in December For t he mont h of December, we invit e ent ire f amil ies t o cel ebrat e in worship t oget her. We wil l of f er f un prayground act ivit ies in t he Sanct uary, as wel l as Christ mas books t o read. This wil l give our wonderf ul vol unt eers t he mont h of f so t hat t hey may f ocus on f amil y and t ravel f or t he Advent and Christ mas season. Our kids wil l have t he opport unit y t o part icipat e in t his special t ime al ongside parent s and grandparent s, and l earn what f ait hf ul l eadership l ooks l ike f rom t he peopl e t hey l ook up t o most . The nursery is st il l avail abl e f or chil dren 0-4, and young chil dren are al ways wel come in our worship service t oo.

Youth Ministry Thanks t o t hose who saw t he movie Harriet wit h us l ast mont h! If you haven't yet seen it , it is a powerf ul t est ament t o a l if e of f ait h, courage, int el l igence and perseverance. There are el ement s t hat are dif f icul t t o wat ch, but it was wel l wort h it .

********** You are invit ed t o t ake part in our Living Nat ivit y on Dec. 15t h! If you woul d l ike t o dress up as an angel , shepherd, wise man or member of t he hol y f amil y, cont act t he church t o vol unt eer f or a shif t . It wil l be great f un!

Questions? Contact Corina, churst@broadmoorchurch.org or 719-473-1807 ext. 113


Honoring theSacredness of NatureDuring Advent As we transition into the holy season of Advent, many of us can sense the depth of darkness enveloping the world, despite knowing that the hope of the Christ-Child's arrival holds plenty of light by which we may see. Many of the animals we expect visits from have quieted for the cold months, and the sun says farewell long before we are ready to sleep for the night. I have found myself, in the midst of this season, struggling to take the cheerful strides that I did just weeks ago when radiant light shone in the evenings as I planted plump iris bulbs, a harvest lovingly shared with me by a dear church member. I do what I can to collect and preserve the joy of the fall season to keep in my root cellar for the meager days to come, but I am also learning to embrace the beauty in winter and find fruitful spiritual practice in this season's unique mystery. I was blessed over the last weekend of November to attend a Celtic Spirituality Retreat at La Foret in Black Forest, led by Father Brendan Ellis Williams. The ancient Celts are known to have leaned deeply into the wisdom of the "Middle Earth", or the natural world in which we currently reside. In this spirit, I experienced the land more during this time than I have on any frost-covered day in my memory. There is something transformative about watching the light leave in winter. In the late afternoon of our second day, I was enticed to follow the last glimmer while letting a crystallized deer trail be my guide. The cloven shape of her tracks did not steer me wrong. I found myself in a small clearing, and the snowy grass was too long to distinguish where her feet had fallen, but I knew where I was to go; an illuminated path of gold stretched before me as soon as I lost her. The sun had deepened to the warning color that says "turn back soon friends, find your nest", and most everything covered by trees had faded to gray. I walked along the unmistakably glowing ribbon and came to a stairway hidden in plain sight. It's steps, I found, ultimately lead wanderers like myself to a towering, hardwood cross. By some small oddity or miracle, it was dry and iceless, contrasting deeply with the blanketed and dripping world around it. My winter pilgrimage tempted me to touch TĂ­r Tairngire, the "Otherworld" in ways I've not been able to do in the budding season, when my soul is naturally positioned to sing. In retrospect, I realize the same warm light fatigues grown crops when the summer swelters, but begs both the seed and old root in us to break through hardened ground when we lie dormant. Advent is much the same. Challenge yourself, if you are able, to consider the alien beauty of this phase in a new, deeply personal way before our year begins anew. May we have courage to take opportunity this winter, instead of just taking shelter inside ourselves to await the spring.

For young children: Practice reverence, creativity and curiosity by making a natural ice sculpture to bless your table. Use a bundt pan to freeze outdoor treasures and suspend them for indoor admiration. Have your child gather small twigs, berries, seedheads and pine needles to add to water in your bundt pan. Freeze outdoors or in your kitchen freezer, and overturn onto a plate when finished. To add some extra wonder, place a small candle in the middle and light up your special decoration.

Corina Hurst, Faith Formation Coordinator



New Choir Room Piano

We are very fortunate for the opportunity to purchase a 1938 Steinway M piano for the church. It has been refinished and restored to an instrument that will enhance the music programs at Broadmoor Community Church for many years. We give thanks to Jim Cameron for this gift in memory of his wife, Diane. Also, we thank Abendmusik for the purchase of the piano cover to protect this fine instrument. You may also notice that there is an identical cover on the piano in the Fellowship Hall. Please help us keep the piano covered when it is not in use in order to protect it from the sun and other damage.

Don't miss any of our wonderful Advent & Christmas music! See page 2 for a complete listing and don't forget that the Prelude music on Christmas Eve will begin 15 minutes before the 7:00pm and 11:00pm services.

Choirs resumein January Senior Bel l Choir: Thursday, Jan 9, 1:15pm Broadmoor Bronze Bel l s: Thursday, Jan 9, 5:45pm Sanct uary Choir: Thursday, Jan 9, 7:00pm Yout h Bel l Choir: Sunday, Jan 12, 11:15am Chapel Choir: Wednesday, Jan 15, 6:30pm

Babies & Toddlers Musikgarten Class We had so much fun in our Fall Babies & Toddlers Musikgarten classes! We will start another 10-week session on Wed, Jan 15. The first class meets at 9:30am and the second class meets at 10:15am. For more info or to register, contact Lynn Hurst at 473-1807 x116 or lhurst@broadmoorchurch.org .

Winter Concerts at BCC Chamber Orchestra of theSprings presents

Emergence Saturday, Jan 18, 7:00pm Colin McAlister, guitar.... and the winner of the Emerging Solist Competition Tickets can be purchased at the door or at chamberorchestraof thesprings.org

Romancing theStrings Sat urday, Feb 1st , 4:00pm A Chamber Concert of Strings & Piano Repertoire featuring Erika Devins, violin Emerson Olson, violin Jenna Hinkle, cello Judy Biondini, piano Admission is free, donations accepted


INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? Contact Missions chair Kathi (329-1949, kathihinckley@msn.com) Join our monthly board meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room.

Mesa HouseSupport Mesa House received a dinner from the Women?s Retreat and 2 meals from the Lord?s Dinner. Please consider signing up to deliver a meal this month for "12 Hungry Men"!

CASA Support CASA?s next event at BCC is Sunday, 12/ 8. Lasagna will be served.

North MiddleSchool Partnership You will see a gifting tree at church this month benefiting North Middle School. The counselors have requested specific games to help students with reading and math skills and to encourage family fun. You are invited to pick an ornament and provide the game listed, which will be sent home with a student & family who needs this kind of help. This project is a partnership with the STEP grant awarded to NMS for books at the request of Gary Foote.

January "Our Lord's Dinner" The next meal we will serve for our neighbors at Sacred Heart through Westside CARES will take place on January 19th. We will need volunteers to serve and cook!

Mental Health First Aid WHAT IS: Ment al Heal t h First Aid? The Ment al Heal t h First Aid USA curriculum emphasizes prevention and early identification of mental health issues, and triage techniques for crisis situations. Participants will learn how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Evidence behind the program demonstrates that it helps trainees identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. NAMI, Colorado Springs will bring this program to Broadmoor Community Church in April 2020 with the support of the STEP Grant -- Stepping Out to Enable Partners. Look for more information & sign-ups in January.

Don't Forget ! You can donate non-perishable food to our partner, B-Street Pantry, by leaving donations in our shopping cart in the lower level entry.


Church Fellowship and News

Ladies' Luncheons The Broadmoor Hot el Wednesday, December 18t h at 11:30 AM

We'reOnline! Facebook: facebook.com/ BroadmoorCommunityChurch/ Instagram: instagram.com/ broadmoorcommunitychurchucc/ Amazon Smile Donations: "Broadmoor Community Church" Website: broadmoorchurch.org

Everyone is invited to enjoy a social time and good food at The Broadmoor Hotel on 1 Lake Ave. at 11:30 AM. To make your reservat ions, call Joan Capesius, 576-2621 or cell phone 719-321-1167 by noon on Tuesday, December 17th. If you would like a ride to the restaurant, meet me at the church at 11:00 AM. We'll leave the church at 11:10 AM.


Potluck and All Church Conversation Join us after worship Dec. 8th for a potluck and conversation in Otto Fellowship Hall.

Living Nativity Volunteers Please contact the church if you would like to help on Dec. 15th! at the corner of Old Broadmoor Rd and Lake Ave. Actors will pantomime the mystery of Jesus' birth with music and lights.

I n Loving Memory We are sad to announce that our beloved friend, Marcia Gautsche has passed on to be with God. Please keep her husband Harry and their family in your prayers. A memorial will be held Dec. 3rd at 3:00pm.

Cheyenne Mount ain Resort Wednesday, January 15t h at 11:30 AM Everyone is invited to enjoy a social time and good food at Cheyenne Mountain Resort at 11:30 AM. To make your reservat ions, call Joan Capesius, 576-2621 or cell phone 719-321-1167 by noon on Tuesday, January 14th . If you would like a ride to the restaurant, meet me at the church at 11:00 AM. I will leave the church at 11:10 AM.

BCC in Prayer Natalie Adams, Mary Kanas, Ed Dillon, Mary Elizabeth Miller, Fred Boswell, June Williams, and the families of those who have passed on to God's Realm.

GUI DELI NES FORBCC PUBLI CATI ON For the Belltower, inf o must be received by t he 15t h of t he previous mont h. All submissions are subject to review, editing, and placement. Send to churst@broadmoorchurch.org, by the due date.

Snow Policy

Baby Boomers

In the event of extreme weather conditions (snow, etc.), church offices and programs will follow Cheyenne Mountain D-12 closures. This guideline affects classes, activities, events and business at the church. Television stations KOAA, KRDO, KKTV list D-12 closings. Radio stations KRCC and KRDO report closings on their websites.

1946-1964 The Baby Boomers will ring in the New Year with their annual "Yankee Swap" on January 11 @ 6:00 PM in the home of Cathy Howard. Please bring a wrapped gift to exchange & an appetizer/ beverage to share. RSVP-howardct@w.com

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December / January 2019 Belltower Newsletter  

December / January 2019 Belltower Newsletter