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el l t o w er N o v em ber 2019

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10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary 11:00am Fellowship in Otto Hall

Your Minister?s Musings I know what it is to have little, and I know what it is to have plenty. In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being well-fed and of going hungry, of having plenty and of being in need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:12-13

So many of us love surprise parties; and yet how many of us never make it to the party because we are so worried about what to wear or what to bring? Paul in writing to the Philippians recognized these concerns. He admitted that he too, at one time, had been left out of the festivities, wandering in the dark worrying . . . Worrying about how he was going to make his next tent-materials payment, worrying about how he was going to get fed while in prison, worrying! But . . . like the lights going on and the shouts of ?surprise,? the balloons and the friends jumping out from behind pieces of furniture, Paul was catapulted into the party when he realized the secret. That?s right . . . THE SECRET! The secret that in all things Christ strengthens us . . . the secret that he, Paul, could do all things through Christ who stands beside each of us, who lifts us up in times of sorrow, who carries us beyond our worries into the festivities of God?s kingdom. We too are left wandering in the dark, away from the lights of the party when we focus upon the needy-side and hungry-side of our own situations? the not-enough of our personal finances or our church finances. However, when we focus instead upon THE SECRET . . . we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! We can help raise a house with Habitat for Humanity; we can send three children to camp; we can support community ministries by offering them meeting space in our building; we can increase our giving to Our Church?s Wider Mission; we can sponsor youth missionaries to rebuilding projects in tornado-ravaged areas; and we can increase the education and fellowship opportunities for our own members. When we focus on THE SECRET . . . an entire new world of possibilities opens up before us! As we move into that time of the year that we begin to consider how and where and with whom we, the church, will spend our monies, will you prayerfully consider how you have been surprised by God?s grace this past year? Will you prayerfully consider how you are handling the gifts of God and what God expects of you? Will you join the party? I wonder . . .

Grace & Peace,

What Shal l We Bring?

Langston Hughes? production of Black Nativity is the story of the birth of Jesus told from the African American point of view. There is a wonderful moment in the second half, when you hear these words: ?Look, there at the star! I, just a poor shepherd. I, among the least, I will arise and take A Journey to the East. But what shall I bring, as a gift for the King? Shall I bring a song, a Song that I will sing. A song for the King in the manger? Watch out for my flocks! Do not let them stray. I am going on a journey, Far, far away. But what shall I bring as a gift for the Child? What shall I bring to the Manger? Shall I bring a lamb, gentle, meek and mild, A lamb for the Child in the manger? Very poor I am, but I know there is a King in Bethlehem. What shall I bring to the manger? Shall I bring my heart? And give my heart to Him. Yes, I will bring my heart, Yes, I will bring my heart to the manger." What shall we bring to honor God, to make God's kin-dom here on earth as Jesus intended us to do? How will we support Jesus' ministry here at BCC? Are we able to offer our increased gifts in faith? . . . What shall we br ing?


Bringing Faith to theTable Many of us will gather with family this season to share a meal and celebrate all we have to be thankful for. While each year brings its own concerns to fuss over -- "Is the turkey too dry?" or "Is it okay to seat Hank next to Gladys?" this year you have a chance to bring your faith to the table in a new way. It seems like our social, moral and political rifts may be deeper than ever before. For some, visiting loved ones who belong to a wide range of generations and who may have traveled a long way can make that very clear. Each of us has an opportunity to patch seams and build bridges over a meal though, as God has called us to be peacemakers. Last year through the Rocky Mountain Conference, I learned a bit about an organization called "Living Room Conversations". They promote a structure to engage in meaningful conversations with people we may not always agree with, (sometimes, even those we love most). I immediately thought, "Someone must have come up with this over their Thanksgiving dinner table"... What a gift it would be to have tools to love and honor those eating across from us, even when we may want to fling peas at them! I generally try to avoid subjects that our nation's capital may have a hand in, but when controversy is already in the air, I find that these tips from Living Room Conversations can be a guiding light. Start your meal with a prayer and end it with acknowledging that your love and respect for one another is not conditional. Above all, take a deep breath and remember that God is in the midst of us.

- Corina

Home for the Holidays: Dialogue Across Divides Among Family and Fr iends CONVERSATION AGREEMENTS: These are the Living Room Conversation Agreements: ? Be curious and open to learning. Enjoy hearing all points of view. Maintain an attitude of exploration. ? Show respect and suspend judgment. Human beings tend to judge one another; do your best not to. Setting judgments aside opens you up to learning from others and makes them feel respected and appreciated. ? Find common ground and note differences. Look for common ground you can agree on and take an interest in the differing beliefs and opinions of others. ? Be authentic and welcome that from others. Share what?s important to you. Speak authentically from your personal experience. Be considerate of others who are doing the same. ? Be purposeful and to the point. Notice if what you are conveying is or is not pertinent to the topic at hand. ? Own and guide the conversation. Take responsibility for the quality of your participation and that of the conversation. Be proactive in getting yourself and others back on track if needed. FIRST AID: Families know where all the buttons are. Avoid responding when you know you are triggered and feel yourself being defensive and/or needing to be right. Sometimes, letting go of the conversation is the best course of action. A break for a short walk or new activity or change of subject can help restore equanimity. Try the following to change the direction of a conversation and/or mend a conversation that has turned destructive: ? Let's change the topic. Tell me, how is your garden (or other hobby)? ? This is a heated conversation. Our relationship is more important to me. ? I feel bad when we argue. Let's stop for now. ? I'm sorry we argued. I care about you. ? Our relationship will always be more important to me than our differences. For more: https://www.livingroomconversations.org/friends-and-family-guide/ ? AnneLamott

?You can either practicebeing right or practice being kind.? 2

Faith Formation For All Youth Ministry Viewing "Harriet" (PG-13) Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 7:30pm at Cinemark Tinseltown Let's get together to watch an epic story about an incredible christian activist in American history! Harriet Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom, was a political activist and spy, and served God in the most courageous of ways.

All Ages - - Advent Workshop! Mark your calendar for the first day of Advent 2019! On December 1, we will hold our annual Advent Workshop after worship, where folks of all ages can participate in a creative project to lean into the season! We will be making Advent wreaths, so please br ing your wire wreath for m if you have one, and any fir tree br anches you may have! Fir is the longest lasting evergreen trimming.

Ministry in December For the month of December, we invite entire families to celebrate in worship together. We will offer fun prayground activities in the Sanctuary, as well as Christmas books to read. This will give our wonderful volunteers the month off so that they may focus on family and travel for the Advent and Christmas season. Our kids will have the opportunity to participate in this special time alongside parents and grandparents, and learn what faithful leadership looks like from the people they look up to most. The nursery is still available for children 0-4, and young children are always welcome in our worship service too.

Looking Ahead - - Mark Your Calendar Wed, Dec 4, 6:30pm Sounds of Christmas by the Acme Bluegrass Band Sun, Dec 8, 10:00am Chapel Choir Advent Musical: Carriers of the Light Wed, Dec 11, 6:30pm Sounds of Christmas with the Chapel Choir, Interns, & St. Nicholas Sun, Dec 15, 10:00am Lessons & Carols service led by the Sanctuary Choir, Music Interns, and Broadmoor Bronze Bells Sun. Dec. 15, 5-7:30pm Living Nativity (corner of Lake & Old Broadmoor) Wed. Dec. 18, 6:30pm Blue Christmas Service Sun, Dec 22, 10:00am Jazz Christmas Carols & All-Ages Christmas pageant Questions? Contact Corina, churst@broadmoorchurch.org or 719-473-1807 ext. 113


" Over flowing" W omen' s Day Retr eat Nov. 9, 10:00am - 2:00pm Cost: $10 L unch and Childcar e I ncluded with Pr e-Registr ation Register in the Nar thex fr om Oct. 20 - Nov. 3. Our retreat will focus on practicing the loving act of being in God's presence with friends, and remembering that our cups must first be "filled" before they are "spilled". Come to worship, share stories, take part in a simple creative project and be in community. Featur ing speaker L iz Wolf -- " Exper ience, Strength & Hope" Liz comes from the Roman Catholic tradition and arrived in Colorado Springs following her husband's 28-year military career in 2000. They had overseas assignments in Korea, Russia and China. These experiences have given Liz contact with people of other faith traditions and helped her enlarge her experience of God. She is the mother of three and grandmother of four. She has become very familiar with "knee-time". The presentation will discuss a contemplative way of listening to and reading Scripture known as Lectio Divina. This prayer practice was first introduced by St. Gregory of Nyssa (c 330-395), and also encouraged by St. Benedict of Nursia (c 480-547), the founder of the Benedictine Order. It's a way of developing a closer relationship with God by reflecting prayerfully on sacred text. Too often one is just reading the words or memorizing but not really absorbing. St. Benedict encourages us to listen to Scripture with "the ear of one's heart" and ask ourselves, what is our invitation, our challenge and our inspiration?

Questions? Contact Corina, churst@broadmoorchurch.org or 719-473-1807 ext. 113


JOIN THE VIBRANT, MUSICAL LIFE! NO AUDITIONS! NO CUT OFF TIME FOR JOINING. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT LYNN HURST AT 473-1807 X116 OR lhurst @broadmoorchurch.org Al l our choirs are beginning work on music f or t he Advent / Christ mas season. If you have ever want ed t o give any choir a t ry, now is a great t ime! We woul d l ove t o have new chil dren, yout h or adul t s join us at any t ime.

Pleaseconsider joining us now for this joyous season. Chapel Choir (2nd - 5t h) - Wednesday - 6:30 pm Yout h Bel l s (6t h - 12t h) - Sunday - 11:15am Sanct uary Choir - Thursday - 7:00pm No Rehearsal s t he week of Thanksgiving


George and Friends

Pikes Peak Ringers directed by Kevin McChesney

The 4th annual evening of beautiful music featuring


Tuesday, Nov 19, 7:30pm

George Humphrey, Tenor Betsy Hoover, Mezzo-Soprano James Roser, Baritone Katherine Johnson, Soprano Judeth Shay-Comstock, Soprano Abe Minzer, Piano

Free & Open to the Public

Friday, Nov 22, 7:00pm

Free-will Offering

Tickets $10 Contact Elizabeth Velez @ 303-319-0886 John Garrett at john.garrett.v2@gamail.com

EclecticCeltic a Prelude to Christmas

Benef it Concert f or ONE SIMPLE VOICE Featuring Joe Uveges wit h Sean Hennessy Friday, November 8 5:30pm - 7:00pm Silent Auction and Hors D'oeuvres 7:00pm - 9:00pm Concert Tickets: $20 each or 4 for $75 available at www.OneSimpleVoice.org or at the door


INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? Contact Missions chair Kathi (329-1949, kathihinckley@msn.com) Join our monthly board meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room.

Thank You!

Thank You! (Times 2)

Durind COSILoveYou, BCC hosted a blood drive through Vitalant on Saturday October 5. Our goal was to have 20 pints and we exceeded that with 28 pints donated. This was a great gift to our community!

Out of your generosity, $3395 was raised to help with Hurricane Disaster Relief and sent to the United Church of Christ's Neighbors in Need.

World Holiday Market The 2019 World Holiday Market is Sat urday, November 2 from 9:00am-3:00pm. Several new vendors arriving this year include a Special Olympic athlete selling US Olympic gear and Raw Tools, a group that fashions metal gardening tools from weapons. They will add unique opportunities to the familiar favorites you already know from past years.

North MiddleSchool Partnership During the end of the month you will see a gifting tree at church benefiting North Middle School. The counselors have requested specific games to help students with reading and math skills and to encourage family fun. You are invited to pick an ornament and provide the game listed, which will be sent home with a student & family who needs this kind of help. This project is a partnership with the STEP grant awarded to NMS for books at the request of Gary Foote.

November: "Our Lord's Dinner" The next Our Lord?s Dinner will be Sunday, November 17 at Sacred Heart church. This is our "Thanksgiving" meal. Mark your calendar! You can also contribute prepared food items, we will publish a sign-up this month.

SOCKtober Results In October, BCC asks for socks for Westside CARES and Urban Peak. For 2019, our number was 355 as of Oct. 24. Thank you so much for this gift!

Did you know? You can donate non-perishable food to our partner, B-Street Pantry, by leaving donations in our shopping cart in the lower level entry.

BCC has an activeMission Team that is making every effort to beout in our community. You arealways welcometo join us. 6

Church Fellowship and News Arts Committee "The Colors of Autumn" The BCC Arts Committee will be showcasing the works of artist Susan Marion, throughout the month of November, in the fireside room. The exhibit is titled, "The Colors of Autumn".

Senior Fellowship Fall/ Winter Luncheon

Ladies' Luncheon Carl os Miguel ?s Wednesday, November 20t h, at 11:30 AM Everyone is invited to enjoy a social time and good food at Carlos Miguel?s on 110 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. at 11:30 AM. To make your reservat ions, call Joan Capesius, 576-2621 or cell phone 719- 321-1167 by noon on Tuesday, November 19th . If you would like a ride to the restaurant, meet me at the church at 11:00 AM. I will leave the church at 11:05 AM.

Nov. 15, 11:30am Seniors are invited to a luncheon to be held at The Warehouse, 25 West Cimarron Street on Friday, November 15 at 11:30am. The luncheon will take place in the private dining room located to the right after entering the main entrance. We will order from a limited menu that will include a salad that can be topped with chicken or trout, and a variety of sandwiches. We will be entertained by 35-year professional magician Dick Bowman (also known as Professor Higgins) who served as president of the Society of American Magicians in 2017-2018. We are in for a treat. Parking at the Warehouse is limited. Please plan to carpool with friends or come to the church parking lot at 11:00am to carpool. We will leave the church at 11:10. A sign-up table will be available in the narthex on Sundays, Oct. 27, Nov. 3 and Nov. 10. We look forward to seeing you on Nov. 15.

BCC in Prayer Natalie Adams, Mary Kanas, Ed Dillon, Mary Elizabeth Miller, Fred Boswell, June Williams, and the families of those who have passed on to God's Realm.

GUI DELI NES FORBCC PUBLI CATI ON For the Belltower, inf o must be received by t he 15t h of t he previous mont h. All submissions are subject to review, editing, and placement. Send to churst@broadmoorchurch.org, by the due date.

Snow Policy

Latitudes & Attitudes Book Group

In the event of extreme weather conditions (snow, etc.), church offices and programs will follow Cheyenne Mountain D-12 closures. This guideline affects classes, activities, events and business at the church. Television stations KOAA, KRDO, KKTV list D-12 closings. Radio stations KRCC and KRDO report closings on their websites.

Nov. 19, 7:00pm @BCC EDUCATED by Tara Westover An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University.

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November 2019 Belltower Newsletter  

November 2019 Belltower Newsletter