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el l t o w er SEPTEM BER 2019

For everyone born, a place at the table... Homecoming Sunday is September 8. Welcome home! In this Issue: Minister's Musings - Pastor Anne..........1 A Place at the Table, Fall 2019...............2 Faith Formation For Every Stage........3-4 Music Ministry........................................5-6 Missions & Outreach................................7 Church Fellowship & News.....................8 Book Club....................................................9 Leadership Team.....................................10 Community Opportunity.......Back Cover

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10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary 11:00am Fellowship in Otto Hall

Your Minister?s Musings Jacob looked up and there was Esau, coming with his four hundred men; . . .. He himself went on ahead and bowed down to the ground seven times as he approached his brother. But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept. . . . Jacob said to Esau, "If I have found favor in your eyes, accept this gift from me. For to see your face is like seeing the face of God. ~Genesis 33:1ff

Jacob had done Esau wrong . . . he had tricked his older brother into giving up his birthright and he had stolen the blessing their father was to give to the eldest son. Jacob was sure that his life was in his own hands, that no one was going to look out for Jacob if Jacob didn?t do it! How many times in our lives have we thought we could do things on our own? How many times have we struck out, leaving our families, leaving our friends, leaving our God . . . just because we thought we had all the answers, all the resources, all the wisdom needed to make it on our own? Many too many times . . . if we are ?normal.? Most of us know well the path taken by Jacob; we have decided that it is up to us to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, to do whatever had to be done in order to climb the ladder of success. And too many times, in our desperation . . . we leave God back there in that little church of our childhood. That?s what Jacob did; however he now finds himself on his way home, having to face the consequences of his dishonest actions of so many years before. Just prior to the events in our narrative, Jacob spends the night alone. On the bank of the Jabbok he wrestles with his doubts, his fears . . . and God?s promises. There, he is forced to recognize that he doesn?t have all the answers . . . that, despite all the material wealth in his life, what he really wants . . . and needs is a blessing from the very God with whom he has wrestled half the night. With new insight and a blessing, Jacob is ready and able to continue on his journey home? home to his family, home to his friends, home to God. There on the road, despite all that Jacob had done to wrong his older brother, Esau runs to meet him with open arms of compassion and grace; and Jacob knew that seeing his brother?s face was ?like seeing the face of God.? The question is . . . have we been able to wrestle with our doubts, our fears, and God?s promises? Have we recognized that what we really want . . . and need . . . is a blessing from God? Can we, with new insight and God?s blessing, continue on our journey home? home to our family, home to our friends, home to God? Will we look with new eyes upon our ?brothers and sisters? and know that we too are seeing the face of God? Isn?t it time to ?come home?? Grace & Peace,

On September 8, Broadmoor Community UCC will celebr ate those who have ?come home.? Who will you invite to ?come home? with you? AND . . . Who will you welcome with the open ar ms and kisses of compassion and gr ace, offer ing them 'a place at the table'?

Formal Membership at BCC When you formally join this amazing church family, you promise to support it with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, and your service. The congregation, in return, promises to walk with you on your journey. If and when a member chooses to move on, the congregation hopes to bless them formally during worship. We at BCC would love to have you join us on our journey. In that vein, there will be a M ember ship I nquir y 101 pair of classes to be held following wor ship on September 15 and 29. Please contact Pastor Anne (acubbage@broadmoorchurch.org) if you are interested in joining OR in acting as a companion for our newest folks.


A Placeat theTable Who should be excluded from God's love, and by extension, ours? No one. In a world full of disagreement, family estrangement, political tension, and isolation because of sickness, work, or emotional pain, we may struggle to find "our place" and "our people". The Kin-dom of God says otherwise. The weak, the weary, the stranger and the sinner are honored guests in heaven's dining room, as they should be on earth. Whether you find yourself at the doors of the sanctuary or a thousand miles away on most Sundays, we are holding space for you. Join us this fall, a place will always be waiting for you at the table, in the pews, in our leadership and in fellowship with one another. Pray with us for healing of the world's divides, one table, one conversation, one lit candle and one seat at a time.

"For everyoneborn, a placeat thetable, for everyoneborn, clean water and bread, a shelter, a space, a safeplacefor growing, for everyoneborn, a star overhead. And God will delight when wearecreators of justiceand joy, compassion and peace: yes, God will delight when wearecreators of justice, justiceand joy!" - Shirley Erena Murray


Faith Formation * For Every Stageof Life*

Women's Retreat - - SavetheDate! Nov. 9, 10am - 2pm Childcare provided with registration! Join fellow Broadmoor Community Church women to worship, discuss, enjoy a fresh lunch and each other's company! Details coming soon, stay tuned!

Youth Ministry Schedule Sept. 8:

Homecoming Sunday

Sept. 15:

Welcome 2019-2020

Sept. 22:

Jesus: His Life Ep. 1, Joseph

Sept. 29:

Jesus: His Life Ep. 2, John the Baptist

Oct. 6: Oct. 13:

Family Worship Jesus: His Life Ep. 3, Mary

Youth Opportunity: Missions Sept . 15 is the next Our Lord's Dinner. BCC youth are needed! Come together to serve a meal to our houseless and food-insecure neighbors. Teens must have a 1:1 ratio with an adult, but if a parent cannot attend, please contact Corina to arrange an adult partner.

Fall Retreat Details for Youth Why go to Fall Retreat? Fal l Ret reat is a special opport unit y f or your camper t o bond wit h t heir yout h group at t he beginning of t he year. At fall retreat, youth groups bunk together and spend a significant amount of time in their cabin groups going deeper on the theme of the weekend. It will create memories that will last a lifetime and strengthen the bonds that will enrich their youth group all year.

How much does it cost? This year there is a difference in price for early bird registration versus registration after August. The earl y bird price is $150. St art ing Sept ember 1st , regist rat ion wil l be $175. La Foret does have scholarship funds thanks to donations, and extra help can be requested from your church if you need financial assistance.

General Questions should be directed toward Corina Hurst, Faith Formation Coordinator at BCC Questions about payment, registration and more should be directed toward Logan Bennett, who can be reached at logan@laforet.org. Register at https://laforet.venue360.me/public/events/homepage

Questions? Contact Corina, churst@broadmoorchurch.org or 719-473-1807 ext. 113



Choirs - Exciting News! ComeJoin theFun ? Stay for theLearning Sanct uary Choir (Every Thursday 7:00?8:30 pm, begins Sept 5) The adult choir sings in the 10:00 am worship service September through May, and for special services throughout the year. No previous singing experience or tryout is required. New members are always welcome!

Broadmoor Bronze Bell Choir (Every Thursday 5:45?6:45 pm, begins Sept 12) This is a select group of adults who ring in worship services and special programs from September through May. Intermediate level music reading skills required.

Senior Adult Bell Choir (Every Thursday 1:15?2:00 pm, begins Sept 12) This group is open to all retired church members and friends. It is an opportunity to exercise your brain and eye-hand coordination while having fun with friends. New members are welcome at any time.

Private Piano Lessons Lynn Hurst has 1 opening for private piano lessons this fall. Please contact her at 473-1807 x116, or 648-2508, or lhurst@broadmoorchurch.org as soon as possible.

SANCTUARY CHOIR ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS Have you been want ing t o sing in our wonderf ul Sanct uary Choir but have been af raid of t he "audit ion"? Wel l , guess what ? There is NO audit ion! We would love to have you give us a try. We have a great time singing and fellowshipping together. And even if you can't commit to every week, come join us as you are able.

Children?s Choirs Begin Wednesday, Sept ember 4 Again t his year? We are inviting the children from Chapel of Our Savior Church to join us! Come and make new friends! Music & Movement (4 years old?1st grade) 5:30?6:15 pm in West Wing 3 Chapel Choir (2nd?5th grade) 6:30?7:15 pm in West Wing 3

Yout h Choir & Bells Begins Sunday, Sept ember 15 Yout h Choir (6th?12th grade)

11:15 am?12:00 pm The choirs are open to all children and youth. Church membership is not required, so bring a neighbor or school f riend.

Again t his year? We will offer the opportunity for you to sing with the Sanctuary Choir in our Once-a-Mont h choir. Rehearsals will be at 9:00am on the Sunday we sing. Watch for the dates to be published soon.

The Import ance of Children and Yout h Choirs There are so many wonderful activities for our children and youth to choose from as we begin this new fall season. Why should you add church choir to that list? Music is an important aspect of a child's and youth's physical, emotional and spiritual life. Our choirs offer: - a joyful experience in church while building strong friendships - the opportunity to lead in worship - basic education in music and a foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and inspiration through music - basic Christian education and an understanding of God through music Our children and youth choirs are important to the ministry of this congregation and the christian development of our children and youth. Please consider enrolling your child or youth in a choir this fall. Make it a priority for them to be in ministry through music.


Summer Concert Report The Summer Concerts in the Glen were a great success this year! Great music, great food, and an abundance of people hanging out and having a good time at our church. Here's a little bit on just how well the concerts went and the impact on the church: - A total of approximately 1,300 people were in attendance at the six concerts and all were outside! - 708 hamburgers, 320 hotdogs, and 84 veggie burgers were cooked. - Impact on the church budget was zero dollars. All costs were covered by sponsorships and donations. - Many new people and families were introduced to BCC and our culture of radical hospitality! We hope that you got a chance to experience a Concert in the Glen as well!

A BIG Thank You to t he Summer Concert Team! A big round of applause goes to: Marcia Wil cox for picking up the food, preparing it and cleanup; Eric Leeper, Chris Lambert and Harry Gaut sche, our master chefs of grilling; Lorin Nel sen for setting up, running, and putting away our outdoor sound system; Leigh West in and Tom Briggs for set-up and serving every week, MaryAnn Bomgardner for greeting. And thank you to the many members of t he congregat ion who volunteered their help. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. These concerts would not be possible without your help! I have heard many wonderful comments from visitors about the beauty of our setting and the generous spirit of our church in hosting these concerts. This has become a trademark for our church. Also a big thanks to the corporate sponsors this year: Tiemens Foundation ? Second Opinion Audio ? Automated Business Products

New Choir Room Piano We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful 1938 Steinway piano for the church. Work is being done on it now and it will arrive at the church sometime around mid September. The piano is being given by Jim Cameron in memory of his wife, Diane, and will be dedicated shortly after it arrives. The Steinway will be placed in the choir room and the Yamaha piano in the choir room will be moved to the Fellowship Hall to replace the smoke damaged piano. Thank you, Jim, for your very generous gift that will enhance our music ministry for many years to come.

Fall Concerts in theSanctuary Friday, September 20, 7:00pm St ephanie Brink & Friends There's A Place For Us Saturday, October 12, 7:00 pm Chamber Orchestra of the Springs Singing and Soaring Sunday, October 20, 3:00pm Mira Mintcheva & David McArthur, duo piano Sunday, October 27, 3:00pm Abendmusik Tuesday, Novemer 19, 7:30pm Pikes Peak Ringers

NEW! Family Music for babies / toddlers This is a class designed for parents and their babies/ toddlers to take together. This 30-minute weekly class helps you learn how to play musically with your baby and includes singing, chanting, moving, dancing , listening and playing simple instruments with your toddler. I would like to offer this class if there is enough interest. Please contact Lynn Hurst if you would like to join us or know of someone who might be interested. 473-1807 x116 lhurst@broadmoorchurch.org


INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? Contact Missions chair Kathi (329-1949 kathihinckley@msn.com) Join our monthly board meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room.

September 15 - - Our Lord's Dinner As of now, we hope to provide a great meal of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, a veggie side and dessert. Please sign up at the missions table ahead of the date so that we know how many hands to expect! There are 2 different times: you can choose to arrive to either cook and set up, or serve and clean up. Details are provided on the sign-up clip board. WE CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU! Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we can provide a delicious, healthy meal to our neighbors.

STEP Grant Finalized The Mission Team is happy to announce FOUR recipients of the STEP grants. (STEP = Stepping out To Enable Partners) 1. Gary Foote and his team will purchase books for the students of North Middle School. 2. Kathy Brady will be using STEP funds to provide transportation for our Westside CARES neighbors through gas gift cards and bus tickets. 3. Bridgette Lambert will be bringing specialized mental health training with NAMI to BCC. 4. Martha Barton will be adding to the matching funds challenge issued by Urban Peak. Each grant is for up to $1,000. More detailed information about each of these projects will be coming soon. When you see these folks, ask them about their ideas! The Mission Team is so grateful for the BCC members who brought their passions to us. We are amazed at all the good work being done, and pray that these gifts can make a difference.

November: "Our Lord's Dinner" The November Our Lord?s Dinner will be Sunday, November 17 at Sacred Heart church. This is normally our "Thanksgiving" meal. Mark your calendar!

Mesa House The men at Mesa House appreciate our assistance providing a hot dinner once per month, and we could use your help! Please schedule a date to warm up a meal from the freezer (or cook your own) and deliver it to Mesa House on a Friday. You could even team up with someone who lives near you -- one cook and one deliverer! Let's wrap our love around these wonderful recovering men and show them that they matter!


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Check out t he Missions Tabl e f or more inf ormat ion and opport unit ies! Did you know? You can donate food to our partner, B-Street Pantry, by leaving donations in our shopping cart in the lower level entry.


Church Fellowship and News Ladies' Luncheon Ol ive Garden It al ian Kit chen Wednesday, Sept ember 18t h, at 11:30 AM Everyone is invited to enjoy a social time and good food at the Olive Garden on 513 N. Academy Bld. at 11:30 AM. To make your reservat ions, call Joan Capesius, 576-2621 or cell phone 719- 321-1167 by noon on Tuesday, September 17th. If you would like a ride to the restaurant, meet at the church at 10:50 AM. We will leave the church at 11:00 AM.

PraiseMusic "Jam Sessions" If you sing or play an instrument (guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, trumpet, you name it!) you are invited to come play some worship music! We will meet in the sanctuary to practice and have fun. Email Tammie (tammie-clark1@hotmail.com) to find out when we next meet, if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Card Sale Condolences to the family of Phyllis Baker, who passed this August. Services will be announced soon.

Women?s Fellowship has gone out of the cardmaking business so we're selling ALL remaining cards for 25 cents each!!! Hurry! This sale runs for the rest of September. Thank you for all of your support and cards over the years!!!

BCC in Prayer Pet Lovers' Fair & Pet Blessings

Natalie Adams, Mary Kanas, Ed Dillon, Shirley Campbell, Fred Boswell, and the families of those who have passed on to God's Realm.

Save the Date: Oct. 6, 2-4pm The weekend of the Feast of St. Francis, patron saint of animals and the environment. Come volunteer or enjoy the fair! Bring your pet, furry, feathered or scaled to join the fun and be blessed by Pastor Anne. We will feature a food truck, pet-friendly vendors, Dahlia the Dalmatian, some pretty horses, children's activities and more!

Donatethrough Amazon Smile Amazon.com donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to BCC. To get started, follow this link: https:/ / smile.amazon.com/ ch/ 84-0524944 or email info@broadmoorchurch.org or talk to John Davis

GUI DELI NES FORBCC PUBLI CATI ON For the Belltower, inf o must be received by t he 15t h of t he previous mont h. All submissions are subject to review, editing, and placement. Send to churst@broadmoorchurch.org, by the due date.

Arts Committee In support of our Homecoming Sunday on September 8, the BCC Arts Committee will showcase the works of "Local Color" artists Dottie Lirette, Pam Holnback and Mary Gorman. Their exhibit can be seen through September/ October in the Fireside Room.

Calendars for TESSA Bring your spare 2020 calendars to the church office to be given to the women at TESSA.



Your BCC Leadership Team

Jen Dor f f M oder at or

Rick An der son

St eve Bailey

Kat h i Hin ck ley M ission Boar d

Bob Sim m on s Vice-M oder at or

Er ic Flor a Tr easu r er

Lau r a M u ir -M ellin i

San dy Du vall

Tim Gagn er

Dou g Weddell

Debbie Uh l Boar d of Ch r ist ian Edu cat ion

Ran di Ham m er Secr et ar y

Dick Han es Fou n dat ion Boar d

Scot t Dor f f Asset M an agem en t Boar d


Community Experiences and Opportunities See the stairwell bulletin board for community experiences like lectures, connecting with other churches, and concerts. If you have something to add to the board, please contact our office.

Rocky Mountain ConferenceNews Are you interested in finding out more information from the UCC Rocky Mountain Conference? Sign Up for the RMC Newsletter: (www.rmcucc.org/ ROOTS)

Soul Link Retreat ?Blessings in Disguise: Finding New Life Through Hard Times? Sept. 21, 9am ? 2pm. $30 by Sept. 18 or $35 at the door. Lunch included, scholarships available. There is much in life that can make getting through the day feel like an insurmountable task. What can help us not only survive but thrive in the face of hurtful events is to recognize ?dark gifts,? unwanted realities that serve as catalysts for the growth of our soul. In our time together, we will explore those trying circumstances that have played a part in our becoming, hopefully, persons who are deeper, stronger, more compassionate and wise. Contact: Tom Stella (648-3939) tomstella37@gmail.com

Financial Analysis as of July 31, 2019

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September 2019 Belltower Newsletter  

September 2019 Belltower Newsletter