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el l t o w er A u g u st 2019

Save The Dat e: Homecoming Sunday -- Sept ember 8t h! Don't miss t he chance t o cel ebrat e t oget her once again at our church home af t er a great summer.

Events this month: Aug 7 -- Summer Concert: Wirewood Station Aug 8 -- Baby Boomers' Tapas In The Vineyard

In this Issue: Minister's Musings - Pastor Anne .........1 Music Ministry ..........................................2 Poverty Near You. ....................................3

Aug 11 -- Board of Community Life, Board of Christian Ed.

Faith Formation for All Ages..................4

Aug 13 -- Board of Missions

Missions & Outreach ...............................5

Aug 14 -- Summer Concert: Underground Clarinet Quartet

Church Fellowship & News ....................6

Aug 15 -- Journeys Group

Art & Finances ....................................Back

Aug 19 -- Executive Council Aug 21 -- Women's Fellowship Luncheon: Caspian Cafe

8:30am Worship in the Meditation Glen 9:30am Fellowship on the Deck 10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary

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Your Minister?s Musings God took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order...God said, ?It?s not good for the Man to be alone; I?ll make him a helper, a companion.?So God formed from the dirt of the ground all the animals of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the Man to see what he would name them...; but he didn?t find a suitable companion. ~ Genesis 2:15,18-20

All nine stood as separate islands of humanity, bodies still, faces blank, eyes directed to the east as if awaiting the rising sun. Nothing broke the stillness of the morning? no conversation, no scrolling screens, no earbuds from which one would normally expect to hear the boom of the bass or the wailing of some artist. Then as if on cue, a large yellow bus rolled up, the doors opened and the individuals became animated enough to climb aboard. But still there was silence. As I walked past, I was struck by the seeming lack of community. Although an introvert myself, one who can glide through life with little interpersonal communication, I did think that there might have been some interaction. After all they were taking a common bus to a common location where community is fostered in sports teams, dances, classrooms, and other extracurricular activities. But no . . . not even the ubiquitous phone was in evidence. It causes me to wonder whether we have lost some of our humanity. Have we become so insular that we have lost our ability to communicate face to face? Do we truly believe that we are bowling alone? Is God?s observation at creation that ?it is not good for man to be alone? no longer true? Did Joan Baez get it wrong when she sang ?no man is an island, no man stands alone?? God wanted desperately for creation to recognize the power of community, the importance of sharing and receiving. God gifts us with helpers, with companions. So, what are the ramifications of a society in which every member works independently, accountable to no one and responsible for no one? I wonder . . . Grace & Peace,

Congratulations to Dillon Duarteand Lexi Grabinger on their upcoming wedding.



473-1807 X116 OR lhurst @broadmoorchurch.org

Music & Arts Camp Wrap- Up WOW!....What a GRRRREAT Music & Arts Camp! During the last week of June there were 30 energetic children and youth and 21 wonderful adult helpers at our 2019 Music & Arts Camp. We learned the amazing stories from the Book of Daniel and a fun musical, Daniel's Dangerous Dilemma. There were many fun activities that filled each day from 9:00 - 3:00: two musical rehearsals, classes in drumming, orff and singing, many art activities, really fun Babylonian-style games, a dramatic story time based on Daniel and Ashpenaz (yes, he is in the Bible), and time for creating scenery and drama. We hope you saw our show on Sunday, June 30. A BIG thank you to all those who made this week possible. It is truly a great experience and one that will be remembered by all!

Mark Your Calendar! Choirs Begin in September Chil dren's choirs will begin on Wednesday, Sept 4. Music & Movement (4yrs - 1st grade) meets from 5:30 - 6:15 and Chapel Choir (2nd - 5th) meets from 6:30 - 7:15pm Sanct uary Choir will begin on Thursday, Sept. 5. Rehearsals are from 7:00?8:30 pm. All are welcome, but we really need MEN! Senior Bel l s will begin on Thursday, Sept. 12. Rehearsals are from 1:15-2:00pm. This group is open to anyone. Broadmoor Bronze Bel l s will begin on Thursday, Sept. 12. Rehearsals are from 5:45?6:45 pm. We need one or two new players. You must be a proficient music reader. Yout h Choir & Bel l s (6th grade & up) will begin on Sunday, Sept. 15. Rehearsals are from 11:15am?noon.

Aug 4: Joe Uveges

Sun da y Summer Mus ic ia n s :

Aug 11: Greg & Nancy Brown, hammered dulcimer & oboe Aug 18: Acme Bluegrass Aug 25: Jenny Yopp, cello


"Evicted"- - What Can WeDo About Poverty? Mat t hew Desmond makes some suggest ions in his book, Evicted, Poverty and Profit In the American City as t o what church communit ies and individual s might do t o t o rel ieve and reverse some of t he issues t hat t hose who are deepl y impoverished f ace on a dail y basis, especial l y t hose hardships rel at ed t o t he housing crisis. Unsurprisingl y, one of t he great est hel ps is t o give our resources, but it may not be exact l y what you t hink! Many of us have ext remel y val uabl e skil l s and t al ent s t hat can change l ives signif icant l y. "... Financial advisers, l egal counsel ors, social workers, and l if e coaches can al l provide much needed support ", says Desmond. He al so ment ions ment oring programs f or chil dren t o hel p t hem l earn t o val ue educat ion, and overal l , making sure t hat we are l ending a hand when possibl e rat her t han just a dol l ar. These are t hings t hat speak t o t he val ue and wort h of a person rat her t han just acknowl edging t he probl em. Af t er t he UCC promot ed reading it , some f ol ks f rom BCC met on Jul y 29 t o discuss issues, emot ions and sol ut ions t he book brought up. Here are some int erest ing rel at ed st at ist ics about Col orado Springs: ? 18% of local children under 18 live in poverty. 7% of local seniors over 65 live in poverty. (censusreporter.org) ? Obtaining an accurate count of the number of youth experiencing homelessness at any given time in Colorado Springs is very difficult. Youth will often intentionally avoid being identified as ?homeless? for fear of being labeled or ostracized by their peers. (urbanpeak.org) ? Data collected by El Paso County school districts for the 2017-2018 school year showed 449 families and 1,117 students without permanent housing. That data also includes those staying with friends or family, staying in trailer parks and living in motels.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Point In Time Count (PIT)


Faith Formation * For Every Stageof Life*

Kindness I n theClassroom PK-5 Curricul um For the 2019-2020 program year, your Board of Christian Education is excited to do something new! We will be using lessons based on those written by Random Acts of Kindness, a small nonprofit that invests in making kindness the norm. We will pair scripture and bible stories with lessons about respect, empathy, courage and self-care to create a strategy that equips kids with a foundation in what really matters. If you would like to help teach and care for this class once per month or as a substitute occasionally, please get in touch with Corina. We will be changing up our classes a bit this year and would love to have some more adults on board!

YouthMinistry This Fall, our 6-12th grade youth will watch the "Jesus: His Life" documentaries from History Channel to start off the year. We had so many kids busy this summer that we did not get the chance to get together for this awesome opportunity. Later in the year, we will continue the UCC "caffeine" lesson series during youth worship. We are looking for a couple individuals (ages 21-121!) who would like to give time on Sunday morning to help teach this group. This could be once per month or more often if desired. Call Corina for info!

Adult Faith Formation Opportunities At BCC: There are several t hings coming down t he pike! Beginning the week of October 14, we will ask YOU to host, teach, or join a small group that interests you. Start thinking about what you might like to t al k about, pray over, enjoy together or l earn! ANYONE can lead a group, and it can be casual or structured. You can go bowling once a week or dive deep into the psalms. The point is to grow in relationship together! We can provide ideas for group studies or fun weekly gatherings that feel like a good fit for you to take the lead. We also currently have our Monday "Soup Salad and Scripture" group and Thursday men's study, "Bagels and Bible" that we would love for you to join anytime. St ay t uned f or ot her great opport unit ies f or adul t l earning and connect ion t his Fal l !

At La Foret Conf erence & Ret reat Cent er, Bl ack Forest : Eart h, Sea, Sky: A Heart and Soul Immersion in Ancient Cel t ic Spirit ual it y / / August 9th-11th. Join priest, healer, spiritual teacher and author, Fr. Brendan Ellis Williams, CSJC, to explore deep-rooted threads of Celtic story, spirituality, theology and contemplative practice. Cost : $420 (lodging and all meals included) or $280 Commuter option (lunch and dinner included The First New Test ament : Paul and t he Earl iest Gospel Tradit ions / / October 14 - 16 Using Paul?s letters and the canonical gospel accounts of Jesus?life and ministry, Rev. Dr. Eric C. Smith will help us think through the lives and faiths of the first followers of Jesus, who took the religion of an executed Jewish teacher and turned it into a major religion in the Roman Empire. Cost : $290 (lodging and all meals included) or $150 Commuter option (lunch and dinner included) Quest ions? Cont act Corina, churst @broadmoorchurch.org or 719-473-1807 ext . 113


INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? Contact Missions chair Kathi (329-1949 kathihinckley@msn.com) Join our monthly board meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room.

Our Lord's Dinner Update The latest meal was July 21. BCC served 125 plates and 25 to-go boxes with grilled cuban sandwiches, potato salad, mixed berries and ice cream. We had more than 17 volunteers, which made the evening go very smoothly! We are so grateful to those who came to help, and encourage you to sign up ahead for the next meal! The next Lord?s Dinner will be Sunday, Sept ember 15t h at Sacred Heart Church. Please sign up at the Missions table (near the Fireside Room) to help with food prep and cooking, serving, or cleaning up. Thanks for your help providing a healthy meal for our neighbors!

The STEP Grant application process is coming to a conclusion. We will soon be announcing how these funds will be awarded. STEP is an acronym for Stepping up To Energize Partners. The purpose of the STEP grant is to partner with our members and neighbors in bringing God?s love to our community and the world.

COS I LOVE YOU! Saturday, October 5, 9-noon. Churches from all over Colorado Springs come together to volunteer in a variety of ways to make our city better. Last year was BCC's first time to participate. This year we will again help out from 9-noon. A new opportunity- you will be able to donate blood for COSILoveYou through the Vitalant blood donation service which will visit us at BCC.


One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is a Christ ian ef f ort t o empower, provide wat er, suppl y f ood, and give rel ief f rom disast ers. Thank you for your generosity! We sent a check ($1,607.50) for the One Great Hour of Sharing collection. You are such a giving congregation!

Back to School Collections From August 18 - 25 BCC members are asked to bring Back to School supplies and packaged snacks for students at our partner school, North Middle School. The list will be available on the Missions Table. Our Mission Board has also agreed to continue BCC's partnership with Westside Cares Backpack program by purchasing items they have requested.

World Holiday Market Saturday, November 2. World Holiday Market returns! We?ll need lots of volunteers for this fun day which opens our church home to nonprofits from all over Colorado Springs and around the world. Each vendor is a nonprofit organization raising funds for their projects through the sale of unique, handmade items.

Check out theMissions Table for moreinformation and opportunities! 5

Church Fellowship and News

Book Group: Latitudes & Attitudes Book Selections for 2019-2020 Reading

Ladies' Luncheon Wednesday, August 21st , at 11:30 AM Everyone is invited to enjoy a social time and good food at Caspian Cafe on 4375 Sinton Rd. at 11:30 AM. To make your reservat ions call Joan Capesius, 576-2621 or cell phone 719- 321-1167 by noon on Tuesday August 20th. If you would like a ride to the restaurant, meet at the church at 10:50 AM. We will leave the church at 11:00 AM.

Soup, Salad & Scripture Mondays: Lunch at Noon, Study at 12:30pm Otto Fellowship Hall This Bible study group is open to anyone! Bring a brown bag lunch and join in the conversation and discussion of the lectionary with Pastor Anne.

Join us any time! Submissions for Distribution If you would like info distributed by email, in the bulletin, as a poster, through the Belltower or any other means, it MUST be either 100% print ready and sent as PDF or JPEG, or you must give us your text through email or hard copy 2 weeks before the send date to design. It is difficult for us to make changes to documents you have created outside of our software.

CARD SALE! Women?s Fellowship has gone out of the card making business so is selling ALL remaining cards for 25 cents each!!! So, get some while they are still there!! Hurry Hurry!! This sale runs for August and September. Thank you for all of your support and cards over the years!!!

Sept . 17 -- THE LIBRARY BOOK by Susan Orleans. Chronicles the Los Angeles Public Library fire of 1986 to showcase the larger, crucial role that libraries play in our lives. Nov. 19 -- EDUCATED by Tara Westover. An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University. Jan. 21 -- SOLDIER GIRLS by Helen Thorpe. Helen Thorpe follows the lives of three women over twelve years on their paths to the military, overseas to combat, and back home. Mar. 17 -- THE PROMISED LAND by Ari Shavit. The saga of two brothers and the woman they love, a devastating love triangle set against the tumultuous founding of Israel. May 19 -- SHANGHAI FREE TAXI : Journeys with the Hustlers and Rebels of the New China by Frank Lanfitt. Langfitt wanted to learn about China by talking to a variety of individuals from all walks of life, so he tried to become a taxi driver in Shanghai. Latitudes and Attitudes meets at BCC at 7:00 P.M. on the above mentioned nights. Sometimes we may need to change the dates, so check with MarySue Wildman for the latest updates. mwildman6@aol.com or 719-634-8942. New members are ALWAYS wel come!

BCC in Prayer Mary ELizabeth Miller, Fred Boswell, Shirley Campbell, Natalie Adams, Phyllis Baker, Mary Kanas, and the families of those who have passed on to life eternal.

Baby Boomers 1946-1964

Tapas in the Vineyard at High Valley Farm 14 Alsace Way Thursday, August 8, 6:00-8:00 pm RSVP-Ron & Libby Kinder (eakinder62@gmail.com) or 719-649-1210 Please bring a hearty appetizer & a bottle of wine to share!!!


Giving I s Easier Than Ever! Online Giving - Left your checkbook home? Want to contribute to the church today? You can now TEXT your contribution and have it applied to BCC. The number to text is 719-309-4498. The first time you will be asked for your name, address, email address and credit card/ debit card information. You may then just text an amount (i.e. 25) and hit ?send?. Your donation will be automatically added to your church contribution records. In the near future, we will open it up to apply to other accounts. On the computer at home and want to continue the missions of he church? Go to: http:/ / www.shelbygiving.com/ broadmoorchurch You will need to do the First Time Registration and you will be ready to enter your contribution. Bookmark this page to make it easily accessible. Using your new ShelbyNext phone App?? Check out the ?Give? function on your Profile Page! Connects directly to your giving records.

Art Display The BCC Arts Committee invites you to view their Summer Exhibit, titled "Watercolor Photographs", by our very own church member & photographer, Joe Hunter. Joe and his wife Peg have done extensive traveling and are so kind to take us along on their journeys through photography. Joe's photographs can be seen in the Fireside Room throughout the summer.

315 Lake Ave, COS 80906 * (719) 473-1807 * www.broadmoorchurch.org * Find us on Facebook!

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